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Eight Ain't Enough! (388)


Team Awesome
I finally watched the second half, and it only took an extra day. :p Anyway, AWESOME fight. Swellow and Pikachu rocked in this episode, and I'm glad Ash finally got his eighth badge. Team Rocket was great too in this episode. I especially loved James as Juan. It was neat when he hit on the girls, and LOL when he kept the Juan voice while blasting off. It was great to see Wobbuffet out of his pokeball the entire episode again (like the Ho-oh episode) too. :D

Overall, 9/10, again because I'm not that into gym battles. Bring on the wynauts next week! :D


Moon Prism Power!
A while ago about after the episode Ash beat Wattson for the badge i stopped watching this show but then from time to time i watched some of it. So in consequence i missed a lot of the episode but i've been watching them since it came on cartoonnetwork. Well, i just saw this episode this morning on Kids WB and this battle with Juan was so awesome. So much intense fighting and strategies and it has probably become my favorite battle that Ash ever had. Ash's Pikachu and Swellow were awesome. But what also really impressed me was Juan and his skills in battling and also his beautiful Milotic. This episode was way impressive. Loved it.

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I love Milotic, it's my favorite. And I was happy to see it on the show, even though it wasn't very well drawn. But I did not enjoy the way Pikachu defeated it at all. And not because I'm playing favorites, I just see it as physically impossible. Pikachu flipping Milotic over its head in midair? I don't care what kind of momentum it had, it just wouldn't work. It'd be like watching a Psyduck pick up a Gyarados. This episode was subpar at best.
dis was a great battle episode, is wallace in the anime??

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
So the cable summary for this episode has an interesting mistake...

"In fierce battle Ash sends out his last Pokemon, Pikachu, to fight Adan's Milotic."

...Adan? How did the cable summary people find out that name?


Ash always wins. Except when he loses in one of the last battles of the pokemon league.


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Yes Ash won his Eighth Badge, what a exciting battle for Ash to win his last badge in, Misty would be proud of him doing so well in in a Water type gym. Speaking of Misty it's too bad she didn't get to see this battle she would have been very excited by it. Juan definitely made Ash think on his feet not giving an inch to Ash, though Ash was able to pull it out in the end by using Pikachu's momentum to flip Milotic into the water and then use a maximum Thunder attack to finish it off, also poor Grovyle getting pawned by Luvdisc like that. Well now it's on to May's next contest and the Hoen League for Ash I wish them good luck.


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This was a cool battle. It was really cool to see Pikachu flip Milotic like that. I saw someone complain about no Torkoal. It's a water gym dude. >_>


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Ash winning was uber cool, and so was the battle. I think it would've been better if it was just a Double Battle - Juan's Pokemon would've made awesome combos together.


Great gym battle.

i was surprised when Grovyle lost, how come?

And the animation was bad.


Well at least the final gym battle in Hoenn allowed the Gym Leader to showcase 5 Pokemon instead of the normal limit of 3 :/

I liked it. Juan really challenged Ash to the point were either one could have lost. Ash won the battle of course, but I found that I respect Juan as a gym leader after they ditched Wallace.

A good 8/10


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This episode was very cool. It was cool to see a Milotic for the 1st time. I'm glad Ash won the Gym Battle. He really earned it in this battle. Pikachu vs Milotic was the best battle of the matchups. It was rough seeing Grovyle get KO'd by Luvdisc in the battle. It was cool that Corphish was the Pokemon to defeat Luvdisc. It was cool to see Swellow able to hang on after being hit with Wishcash's Hyper Beam to defeat it wish Aerial Ace.

You might notice that those posts were made in 2006, a considerable length of time before DP introduced Wallace in 2008.

Agreed. Most of these episode threads have posts made from back when the episodes actually aired.

Nobody had any clue that Wallace would actually appear in the anime somewhere around 3 years later.