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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


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Best part of this is that the next Fallout will use the engine, too.

Sweet! Let me tick that off my list of "Things Fallout Should Change".

Lost count on how many more things still need ticking off, all I know is they fill in an entire A4 notepad. Still, it is progress!


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I Want this to be here. So bad. I'd consider murder to get this right now.


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The leveling system is hilarious. Apparently Bethesda weren't happy with how much they dumbed the series down with Oblivion, so they have gone one step further. It isn't even recognizable as an Elder Scrolls title.

I was also going to comment on how Skyrim appears to have taken the Elder Scrolls lore, bent it over a table and arse raped it to death, but then I remembered Oblivion already killed it, so this would be classed as necrophilia.

Ah, Gibbers. Always trying your hardest to find something wrong with any and all Bethesda games which came out after Morrowind. Or was it Daggerfall? I don't remember where your loyalty ends.

: |


It does exist. And it's one of my favorite Easter Eggs from TES4, as well.

and any word on those 10races?

Count how many races were in Oblivion, Morrowind, and Daggerfall. Ten. I think it's safe to assume that the ten in this game will be identical to the ten in the aforementioned three games.


they dont have to neccesarily be those 10 races y'know
they could do a revamp the mystic elves, (highly unilkely i know), i guess. Or a variation of another race or something entirely new



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I was referring to how ****ing retarded that particular member's post was.
And if you're not sold on that, check out the post where he backs himself up.

I never said the guy wasn't retarded. I was under the impression that you didn't believe him, because of your word choice. "Yeah. Right."

That just came across as disbelief to me.


they dont have to neccesarily be those 10 races y'know
they could do a revamp the mystic elves, (highly unilkely i know), i guess. Or a variation of another race or something entirely new


I highly doubt they would remove any of the current ones, seeing as the same ten have been available for three games out of four so far.

If anything, they'd add a few races. But they specifically said ten, so that's not the case.

EDIT2: Scratch that, Daggerfall had eight races (forgot; haven't played it much, and the little time I spent on it was spent years ago), like Arena. Unless you count vampires and lycanthropes (which I don't). Even so, my point about the races still stands.
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once this game is released im going to become reclusive,malnourished and develop insomnia the same thing happens every time a new elder scrolls is released.


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To be honest, I think the gameplay has gotten better with time for the series, but the lore has sure suffered greatly.
To be honest, I think the gameplay has gotten better with time for the series, but the lore has sure suffered greatly.

I couldn't agree more.

Eh, still excited. Guess it's just the fan boy in me.

Also, for those interested and haven't been keeping up to date with the game's progress and what not.

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In accordance with this, I've played all the Elder Scrolls games, though I haven't had the chance to play the expansions for Morrowind, and that depresses me. :V

Anywho, let's get some discussion brewing, hmm?
-What are some things from the previous Elder Scrolls games do you NOT want to see in Skyrim?
-Is there anything you DO want to see from previous games in Skyrim? Or, hell, what's something you WANT in Skyrim?
-Would you like to see some sort of Karma system, like there is in the Fallout series?
-What about sidequests? Collectables, quests that give you certain perks or advantages, things like that?

My answers-

I don't want to see, as an Argonian, an Imperial Guard following me to the bottom of a freakin' lake and stand there and stare at me for 20 minutes and not die. Keep the classes to their descriptions.

I'd like to see an expansion on the Forge idea. Its nice to be able to make your own spells, but for those of us who don't specialize in magic, why not the ability to make custom blades, maces, armor, and the like? Perhaps combining two different materials to make some sort of dual blade, or a bow that can shoot multiple arrows, or something. I also was quite fond of Oblivion's lockpick and repair methods, but I'd kinda like to be able to combine other weapons/armor to repair, kind of like in Fallout, especially when you run out of Repair Hammers and are totally stranded.

As for a Karma system, I could see it going either way. As the GI article stated, there's almost a civil war breaking out, meaning there's different factions, obviously. Going with one side or the other, or staying neutral, can effect the outcome of the entire game. It could make things annoying, possibly blocking off certain quests in one playthrough, but it could give you certain perks and what-not.

Collectables annoy me, but I love scouring the world, looking for something so small that it doesn't stand out so well. You discover more of the land, and possibly something else you could've been looking for, like a city, a cave, a weapon, etc. Same with perks from sidequests. :V


^ whew, big post okay here goes:
*yeah it annoyed me that imperial gaurds could stay under water and never die and that vampires when lured outsided didnt suffer the same penalties that you did

*The forge idea is great IMO maybe do like a house like that place you get in the expansion that has its own forge that you can do stuff with, though if they did what you described, it'd most likely go off a base alchemy skill

*a karma system! i can dig an idea like that. karma and factions can have dramatic affect on you play the game, the ending is different according to your karma/faction
if your evil kill the leader of the faction to gain power or something like that lol

*I never minded collectibles all that much and its often looking for those collectibles that often take you to thos out of the way places, looking for the deadric shrines for example

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As a big fan of Oblivion and Morowind i am definatly getting this on release. I also agree with the ideas that you have mentioned above. A custom forge would be pretty cool.