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Electric Shock Showdown! (014)


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This episode was my favourite for yonks after I saw it. Totally class. We meet Raichu, we meet a kick-*ss Gym Leader, we see Ash and Pikchu getting thrashed, it was full of Pokéshippy moments (like Ash nearly punching Misty), Pikachu turns down evolution, Team Rocket do that frightening cheer where Jessie's face contorts...

Totally legend. What was the deal with that plank with the Pidgey? He attackes a full-powered Raichu with a small flying type. What did he EXPECT to happen?!

Another interesting fact is that in the previous episode, the Mystery At The Lighthouse, when we see Dragonite it is called the only one of it's species and such. Bill hadn't a clue what it was. Face it, back in the old eps Dragonite WAS a myth. And yet in this ep the Pokédex says that Raichu can shock up to 10,000 volts, "enough to render a Dragonite unconscious".

EDIT: I just remembered my favourite moment in the whole ep! It's when Raichu does thunderbolt, shattering the glass and everything and Pikachu managed to be unaffected, and Surge tells it to do it again! It tries twice, then just has a clueless expression on it's face with a question mark beside it! So cute looking!
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I love this episode. T'was the one that gave me my deep hatred of Raichu...


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It was interesting watching the episode last night and watching the part where Ash promised Pikachu, and being a total idiot, that he wouldn't end up the same way as the other pokemon, then Pikachu turned his head away in the hospital afterward. Hmm, I never noticed that before.

Anyway, I'm glad this is the first badge that Ash won completely legitimately. It was much more like his later battles- he took advantage of speed, he got no protests that he didn't win, his strategy was admired. Wow, it was like watching a Hoenn gym battle. And speaking of Hoenn, at least Team Rocket's cheers in Hoenn are nowhere near as bizarre as this one is.


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An awesome epi. Raichu was awesome,Pika not wanting to evolve was kool,TR cheering for ash was funny. An all round awesome epi


"That was really disturbing."
My favorite line from the episode. Would've made more sense if Pikachu would have used Double Loser [Team] instead of Agility though.

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OMG, I really loved this episode. This episode got me so turned on Pokemon when I was kid back then. I managed to find this episode and download it because this one is one of my favorite childhood memory episodes.

To this day, so far Pikachu kept his promise for not envolving, but then again its still potential, because the writers are screwing Ash's past a bit. And also this episode marks Ash's first real win!

The gym leader himself, Surge scared me a bit when I was younger because he was so huge, I always wondered how tall he is. My predictions could be close to 7 foot, but no one knows. But he is the only gym leader from U.S., so its national pride baby! But he was the most funniest character I ever seen. It makes so true how blonds with muscles can't mix too well, and it been kinda proven if anyone since that IQ game show back a few years ago. But I loved his personality, and I loved how he treats women. You don't see everyday where he hugs his challengers. But I just loved him.

But the episode itself, it teaches that anything is possible. Pikachu had its odds against him against a Raichu, but he still did it! (I wish they made Pikachu battled with a high level experienced Raichu somewhere later.) It teaches also that the little people could always through. (yes I consider myself short.) It has so many lessons in it.

But this episode marks a memorable part in Pokemon since Ash won by skill, and Pikachu never want to envolve.

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is there any tread with images of the first episode
cause i realy like the episode when he gets pikachu :):)
if you now where get it give me the link plz!
*thnx in advanced*


Great episode, this is the first epic battle of the series. I love how pikachu was not only strategizing by following ash, but thinking on it's feet and figuring out the field to it's advantage.

I also love how pikachu refused to evolve, I was bugged by it in the beggining because I wanted Ash to have uber powerful pokes, but I'm glad he didn't do it. Team rocket cheering was out of character, but oddly fitting.

One part bugged me though, how did Raichi hit pikachu with TWO thundershocks, a thunder punch, a megakick, and yet pikachu still had the energy to go on. THEN raichu faints from pikachu just attacking his stomach once. I mean I know it was tired after all the energy it used, but it has better defenses than pikachu, it should've had more staying power than it.

SOS! Its Not Healthy..

He Say Whaaa...
One part bugged me though, how did Raichi hit pikachu with TWO thundershocks, a thunder punch, a megakick, and yet pikachu still had the energy to go on. THEN raichu faints from pikachu just attacking his stomach once. I mean I know it was tired after all the energy it used, but it has better defenses than pikachu, it should've had more staying power than it.

That didn't bother me, but in a way, Surge and Raichu battle about tons a trainers a day, you would think you be exhausted after that many battles naturally. But Pikachu got it dizzy during the match, and running out of electricity is was bloody mercy for Surge and Raichu since I would assume Raichu depends on electricity for its defenses.

My god, I never knew there was an unedited version of this episode. I thought I seen everything until this early morning. But this episode had many scenes alterations and very flashy. I have no idea how these kids did not get sick after watching this one. I nearly threw up watching this episode but it was worth it. But anyone ever see the unedited version, I recommend yous to watch it with the light on or with its day. I made the mistake watching it in the dark and it was not even the full screen.n Very flashy and warning....


This episode was alright. I liked it because it was the first gym that Ash had to find strategy for and battle fairly. But pikachu was way to overpowered. He took Riachu out in like one hit and Pikachu was hit multiple times. There's been way better episodes.


Shiny hunter
Actually, Lt Surge isn't the only one who's cursed in English in the Japanese version. According to Dogasu's Backpack, the Pirate Trainer from Mewtwo Strikes Back said, "Oh my God!" in English, in the Japanese version.

Did anybody else notice that Lt. Surge's Raichu used five different attacks in the same battle?

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This is one of my favourite episodes as I remember it well. I was really into Raichu after I saw it even if he did lose! Lt Surge is a top Gym Leader.


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A very good episode, I really got into the the fight between Ash and Lt. Surge. I really enjoyed the scenes of Ash and Pikachu making the choice to evolve or not, it really shows off the talent of the VA's and goes to show that evolving a Pokemon isn't always the best thing. Nice to see Ash actually go in with a strategy for winning, also nice to see Pikachu able to think on it's feet in the heat of battle. Nice to see Ash win his 3rd badge.
It's a wonder I haven't commented on my second-favorite Gym battle yet. Not to mention at this day and age Surge makes for great Bandit Keith joke target practice...in America!:D

BTW, for those who did not figure it out yet--no, that wasn't Thunderpunch Raichu was using in the first duel. The original clearly says Megaton Punch. Just another one of 4Krap's stupid errors and this was before they had the show full time.;)


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This episode was pretty good. Although I remember how scared I was of Raichu when I was little after watching this.


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Great episode, the only thing I am on the fence about is that Ash was given a second chance at a badge after losing the first time. But I did like that Pikachu would not be evolved, and I think that because of this episode many people have decided to not really like Raichu.