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Electric Soldier Porygon! (038)


May Fanboy
Pikachu slips up once and causes 600 something kids to black out. Some hero! And to top it off porygon (And his entire family) get booted off the show.

But I understand why they banned it. I saw it on youtube today, and even on that little screen it caused my head to hurt. Why can't they just slow down the blasts and show it on TV again?


Jigglypuff Lover
I saw a animation of this episode,the infamous scene as a .gif image! It was the day when my Jigglypuff plush arrived in the mail.
I fainted that afternoon at the doctor's office from the infamous scene.
Some of the kids who watched it when it aired fainted like I did.
What a coincidence!


Well-Known Member
Everybody knows now Pikachu is the real criminal behind this. However, due to Pikachu being the Main Star Pokemon they couldn't banned pikachu so they blamed Porygon. "No big Loss" They probably said. Thats ancient history, they need to grow up and give him another shot.


I'm watching this on Youtube right now, with English subtitles, and its a good episode. I haven't gotten to the seizure causing part yet, but from what I've heard, Pikachu caused the flashing, but Porygon was banned. Although, has it had any cameo random short appearances?

Man, I REALLY want Porygon, Porygon2, and Porygon-Z to appear in the anime...

TV-Tokyo/Pokemon USA, please let him come back!


Shoop da Whoop
i watched this episode a while ago and it was quite good, and i think its pikachu and porygons fault i mean if pikachu didnt use his thunderbolt that missile would hit ash and co.. (possible making the same type of flash) it was a very flashy episode though .. they should of toned down the flashes and aired it a long time ago but wat are you going to do now.


Coming Ta Town
sigh. This was a great episode for Team Rocket. One of their cooler, more creative plans.


kiss my greens
I've seen loads of pictures about this episode, and I have to say that, had it not been for the seizures, we wouldn't be missing much. It's just another filler, guys!

Though I have to say, there've been some funny parodies of it done on other shows XD;


I liek mudkipz
I watched this episode last night, it made me feel terrible. It's a very good episode. But I hate Meowth's Japanese voice :D


Destiny Calls
I too re-watched it last night, but it was of a higher quality. It gave me a terrible headache but I thought it was because I'd been watching four of the previous episodes before that (The Kangaskhan Kid to Ditto's Mysterious Mansion) so I reapeated the 'scene' four times.My headache got worse, so it is understandable why it was banned. However, I don't see what they can't make the flash one shade of blue and add like a glittery explosion around it.

Starlight Aurate

Just a fallen star
I just watched the episode. I always closed my eyes at the seizure moment and other flashy moments, as soon as a red-and-blue flash appeared, I would turn away and close my eyes. But I think I will watch the seizure part now, because it was bad quality and computer screens aren't as bad as TV screens.


Well-Known Member
I finally decided to watch the infamous scene a few minutes ago......Nothing. I even watched it two more time to make sure. I'm immune to it. How exactly did is cause seizures though? It is a pretty quickly scene.


In my nightmares
How on earth did that cause seizures? 0_o It was a mildly harmless scene. I watched it in Japanese and it was a cool episode though.
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