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electronic music thread

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Argon Wartortle, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Argon Wartortle

    Argon Wartortle Farewell, SPPF...

    As the title suggests, this thread is for discussing Electronic Dance Music, or EDM and ALL its sub-genres. Like a dubstep track you want to suggest to other people? Great! Love music from artists like TwoThirds, Rogue and Insan3Lik3? Brilliant! Think dubstep and EDM end at Skrillex and Benga? Leave now! Just a side note, you can discuss Skrillex here, but seriously. Do not post here if Skrillex is the only word that you think of if someone mentions dubstep. Also, posts like "Dubstep is rubbish, go do something productive with your lives" are not allowed. Have fun!
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2013
  2. Hammerheart

    Hammerheart Son of Wōden

    I'm not really sure what EDM constitutes. I'm quite into Uplifting Trance, does that count?
  3. Estellise

    Estellise freeze!

    I actually love dubstep, despite what people say about it. I don't listen to a wide variety of dubstep (mainly just Skrillex and Excision), but if anyone could suggest something that would be great.~
    As for electronic, I absolutely LOVE Deadmau5! I personally think 4x4=12 is his best album.
  4. Argon Wartortle

    Argon Wartortle Farewell, SPPF...

    Yeah, uplifting trance is good. EDM is generally stuff that has an electronic feel to it. Things that are made with a computer and a midi keyboard I guess. I think that's what separates dubstep from EDM.

    @Auraria I personally got into dubstep after listening to Tristam, but I strongly reccomend Pegboard Nerds-Self Destruct and for a heavy drop, Stephen Walking-Strong Arm.
  5. John Madden

    John Madden resident policy guy

    popping in here just to mention gui boratto and wolfgang gartner and then leave
  6. Sietse23

    Sietse23 *Brainfarts*

    Can you discuss DnB here too?
    And anybody heard the new album of Datsik? I think it's pretty epic.
    I'd recommend to listen to Savant, he makes very much and very good music, in one song (Sledgehammer) he used classical music, something that sounded like glitch hop, up-tempo electro, banjo and something else.
    Also this week there will be a new Rogue, Pegboard Nerds(?) and soon a new Tristam song on Monstercat.
  7. Zantera

    Zantera Well-Known Member

    I listen to quite a lot of electronic music, but "mainstream"-dubstep does very little for me. Things like Knife Party or Skrillex where it's pretty much the same **** in every song (with a drop kicking in etc) becomes really dull to me. There are some stuff classified as dubstep that I like though, Submotion Orchestra, Burial and Clubroot for example.

    I think there are much better electronic genres than Dubstep though.
  8. Hammerheart

    Hammerheart Son of Wōden

    In that case, I think I'd have to say Soundlift was probably my favourite artist.

    Having him on facebook annoys me a little, he's always uploading images of text which are quotes, but from himself, and he's given up on trance now, but he always moans about the trance scene. But it doesn't alter the fact I think he makes brilliant music.

    THRILLHO nothin' at all

    i am here to spread the good word of downtempo


    this Ninth Wave album is my album of the year for 2012, it even beat out a Steven Wilson project!!!
    another excellent Trifonic song from his first release: Parks on Fire

    and finally, some BT (which the guy from Trifonic worked on): The Antikythera Mechanism

    while i am only interested in popular dubstep to a minimal level, i have seen Skrillex and Flux Pavilion live, they were good fun. hopefully I'll get to see Pretty Lights at some time too
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2013
  10. Zazie

    Zazie So 1991

    My current favorite electronic acts are Skinny Puppy, ohgr, Switchblade Symphony, Wolfsheim, old Bella Morte, Depeche Mode, Andriod Lust, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, etc.

    From what I have heard also enjoy a bit of house (mostly of the jazzier or funkier varieties) and downtempo as well as really cheesey european dance music. I would listen to some more ragga/jungle but I know aomse of the artists associated with that are violently homophobic, so I kind of shy away from it.
  11. Flamer

    Flamer Well-Known Member

    I'd have to agree with you on the statement in bold. I'm not massively against Dubstep, but there's a lot more interesting stuff going around at the moment in other genres. Friction, Wilkinson, Cynatific, Rudimental and many many more all putting out great tunes in the past couple of months. Loving that the Shy-FX remix of DJ Fresh's Goldust is getting some serious radio play over here in the UK too.

    Gotta disagree on the slating of Knife Party. Saw them live at a UKF event about a year ago and they were really great. All the experience from touring as Pendulum has really served them will. Certainly knew how to get the crowd going. Was one of the most exciting shows I've been to in recent times. Think there's a video of the set on YouTube somewhere. Might change your mind on them ;)

    Don't really have anything against Skrillex either to be honest. When he first popped up he was doing some really interesting stuff. A victim of his own success if you ask me. All the imitators have certainly diluted the sound, although he hasn't helped himself particularly by re-hashing the same tricks over and over.
  12. Estellise

    Estellise freeze!

    Lovely mix, but it was kinda long for my tastes.
    I forgot to mention My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult... I like quite a bit of their songs, though, it's a shame they're not as well known (or at least they're rarely brought up.)
    Self Destruct was okay; I actually really liked Strong Arm... I prefer the heavier drops when it comes to dubstep.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2013
  13. AyameTori

    AyameTori Midas Touch

    Ohh glad somebody made this~~~~~ I love these genres of music, I like more of the older EDM, does Justice and Daft Punk count? skrillex is goood too and Zedd
  14. Argon Wartortle

    Argon Wartortle Farewell, SPPF...

    Yep, older EDM can be discussed here. :)
  15. PsychicPsycho

    PsychicPsycho Well-Known Member

    Don't know exactly what constitutes dubstep/EDM. However, I've got a couple CDs, namely Korn's Path of Totality and Skindred's Union Black, that I understand include dubstep elements, and I really enjoy both.
    I still find it weird to think about him as Skrillex. I knew of him back when he was Sonny, and was the frontman for From First to Last. I haven't heard much of his stuff, although I've thought about looking into it, since I particuarly like the songs in which he guest DJs on the Korn album I mentioned.
  16. Argon Wartortle

    Argon Wartortle Farewell, SPPF...

    Thought it worth mentioning, I found this EDM track I really liked, TwoThirds-Tonight ft. Holly Drummond. Let me know what you think!
  17. From First To Last are an incredible band. I preferred them with Sonny too. Path of Totality was a major letdown for me. I got really hyped for it when I first heard "Get Up" (because that song is awesome) but the rest of the album...pretty lackluster, in my opinion. Skrillex also recently put out some new songs which are really cool. Definitely showing his influences more (i.e. Burial and Aphex Twin).

    Has anyone heard of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs? His album, Trouble[/] was easily one of my favourite electronic music releases last year.
  18. Of course it requires talent to make. Why wouldn't it? Because it's made via a keyboard or a laptop? Just because you don't like it doesn't mean the entire genre is trash.

    THRILLHO nothin' at all

    gotta agree with -Shinigami- here. it's not even close to being one of my favourite genres, but you can't say it doesn't take talent to compose and put a song together. don't post further in the thread if you don't enjoy the content the thread is based on. it will only end badly for you
  20. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Dubstep isn't one of my favorite genres but hell, there are definitely dubstep/Drum and bass/Electronic bands I really like. Example; Pendulum, sweet lord. Pendulum is really great. Savant is pretty cool too, as well as DotEXE. Not really into Skrillex or Deadmau5, don't care much for what they produce.

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