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electronic music thread


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They're both just the same stuff over and over again.

If you think it's actually the same then you aren't listening very critically. One element of minimal music is its repetition such that its minor elements have an emphasised importance -- this is an element of regular music which you are already familiar with. Minimal music emphasises it even more so.. Dubstep in particular uses it to allow the various frequency ranges and sounds to breathe separately from each other. "Bass & space" is the mantra of foundation/roots/early dubstep.

Adventure Club & the sort are a fair bit more maximal by comparison. Pretty much anything on UKF is that way (though there are a few gems for reasons long-time followers might know :D). I think Pendulum (& Knife Party) really nails the "wall of sound" style. If you know them then you know the contrast on the radical opposite side of the spectrum.

There is music even more minimal than the stuff to which I listen. There's an album by Brian Eno called "Music for Airports" which is ambient and minimal in such a way that the songs are meant to be played in high-noise-traffic areas without masking speech, announcements over the P.A.s, and alerts from user-interactive-devices like kiosks and now personal computer-handhelds.

Steve Reich is one of the pioneers of minimal music. He [accordingly] has some really minimal stuff. Try this 4-minute piece comprised only of clapping. The performers are all clapping different rhythms. None of them ever change. The overall composition itself experiences change because of how the rhythms interact.

Minor history lesson. Forgive me if you already knew!
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nothin' at all

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Me gusta Flygon
New Releases on Beatport today:
David Guetta - Shot Me Down (feat. Skylar Grey)
Dannic - Lion
Flippers - Trombone
Apster - Photobomb
Bassjackers - Crackin (Martin Garrix Edit)
Future Heroes EP (Musical Freedom)
Deniz Koyu - Ruby


This one's out now & it's a beauty.



This is just heaps of German awesomeness right here.


Name_Pending programs a some of his music in an Excel spreadsheet and uses a software that reads it to generate the audio. It seems like this would make it really cold and rigid, but, it comes out rather autonomic and organic. My favorite track right now has to be Askew since it has a mechanical clock-like pulse and I really like the percussive nature of it.


Me gusta Flygon

Blasterjaxx + Pokemon = pure dancefloor chaos :D

John Madden

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popping in here again to link to the Ultra 2014 livestream on account of it's the last day, there's 2 hours left, and one of the two best acts of the day is currently playing

(it's gaia. gaia is currently playing.)
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Me gusta Flygon
I am definitely looking that up.
Im subscribed to Ultra Records, and Ministry of Sound... but both have been lacking lately.

My top played song at the moment is Alexandra Burke's "Elephant (Wideboys Remix)...

Anyone wanna share their top Dubstep, Electro, EDM, Trap, DnB song?

Dude; you need to sub to a whole lot more channels...

My fave song atm is La Fuente's Outlaw.


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Anyone going to Electric Zoo? I went last year (Friday only) and got to see Avicii, Audien, Above & Beyond, Alesso, among others. Oh man if you van make it to NY in August, then you have to come to E-Zoo.

But Security will be tighter this year after last year's two narcotics related deaths.