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ELEMENTAL ENERGY SPOILER & RULINGS or VWXYZ's playability just shot through the roof

Discussion in 'Alternate TCG Discussion' started by Phaedra, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. Phaedra

    Phaedra IS THAT PAM GRIER??

    This spoiler was compiled by the one and only Familar Stranger, on Pojo's boards. Note, this is only 99% accurate.

  2. Phaedra

    Phaedra IS THAT PAM GRIER??

    Elemental Energy Rulings

    This was taken from the UDE Judge's List. I know a couple people who are going to love a few things in here...

  3. Phaedra

    Phaedra IS THAT PAM GRIER??

    BTW, to mods, I apologise for the triple post; however, there was no way I could fit both of those posts in the same post. Besides, it's easier to read this way.

    Anyway, here's my opinions of the set, now that we've got some clarifications to rulings and such:

    Elemental Hero Wildheart - Ba-DAMN, he's every bit as badass as I thought. But geez, it sucks that he gets stopped by freaking WABOKU. Ugh, I can forsee rulings issues with those cards already.

    Hydrogeddon - Damnit. Sucks that you can't suicide him and get mass advantage. Eh, maybe if you used a Waboku beforehand...

    Dark World Monsters - FINALLY WE GET SOME CLARIFICATION ON THIS. Now people might just shut the **** up about the Dark World monster's effects. Oh, there will be whining~ And yes, I still plan to make a deck based on these guys.

    VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon:

    More opinions later.
  4. Eon Chao

    Eon Chao Phoenix Clan Samurai

    *crys as he's spent his Elemental energy money on L5R's Lotus edition*

    Damn after I invested in L5R this comes up :(



    Must get playset of these.

    Wildman: Cool about time E-Hero's got a decent low level monster after how much Bubbleman was changed.

    Level Modulation Spell: I like...alot...it'd be nicer if we could ignore the special summoning requirements but hey...you can't win them all.

    Ojama suport rocks as well....

    This just leaves one thing to say:

    Ichi! Hyaku! Sen! Manjoume Thunder!​
  5. *looks at the sommoning conditions for VWXYZ Dragon Catapult* Dear god, this thing will get restricted for sure. No drawback to its effects. At all. Where the hell did Manjoume get a card this broken?!:p I wonder when the next update to the ban list will be...?

    The Ojama decks are on the rise(MANJOUME THUNDER~!), while the Gravity Bind decks take a nosedive with the additions of LLAA, Nanobreaker, and Weed Out(say goodbye to Sonic Duck, Triangle Power...and Mokey-Mokey SD while we're at it.). The LVL decks get a little push as well, providing an extremely easy way to summon the big LVL monsters, like the upcoming Armed Dragon LVL...10.:eek:

    IMO, Shining Flare Wingman(and Flame Wingman, too) should only be summoned via Polymerization. Even though it'll take longer, you get more out of his effect(and damn does he need it!).^_^ In the end, SFW gains 1500 attack points for 5 E-Heroes in the grave(x300)--4000 attack total!:D It may be worth it to run 2 in a E-Hero deck.;)
  6. The cards....are just becoming to powerful....X_X I remeber why I quit the game now....VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon is just....Mega hard to bring out. But still, people will find a way to play it.
  7. Haruka's Swimsuit

    Haruka's Swimsuit Bomberhead 18-kin!

    The worst part is, unless KONAMI/Upperdeck limit it, people will be playing two or three of those *******s at a time. (It's possible, all you need is a couple of Return From the Different Dimension)
  8. Eon Chao

    Eon Chao Phoenix Clan Samurai

    Thing is though unless someone specifically plays a deck around it then its not a problem and although VWXYZ is good it has troublesome summoning requirements to begin with. Yes its very possible to pull off but its not gonna be a cake walk.
  9. Alfonso

    Alfonso Derpgull

    I play Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth. A friend of mine plays Gate Guardian. We both know how hard they are to bring out, so that makes getting them out even better.

    It'll be the same with this. :x
  10. Phaedra

    Phaedra IS THAT PAM GRIER??

    3 out of 4 Elemental Energy Special Edition Promos Revealed

    They are, as follows:

    The Creator
    Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys
    Silent Swordsman LV5

    The fourth card is still up in the air, but chances are it will be a RDS card (likely Perfect Machine King... sigh, PLEASE let it be MSLV6). I'm surprised they didn't include SOD in this; then again, the other Ultra Rares in the set are either commonized or available as promos now, so... yeah. So much for an easier to get Horus LV8.

    By the way, all cards are Secret Rare, breaking the tradition of Secret to Ultras used in all previous Special Edition promo sets.

    You can see pictures here: http://www.pojo.biz/board/showthread.php?t=224092
  11. Eon Chao

    Eon Chao Phoenix Clan Samurai


    Sacred Phoenix! Silent Swordsman LV5! The Creator!....admitidly I only need the Creator...come on Silent Swordsman LV3....make my Silence Deck easier to build.
  12. Phaeton

    Phaeton Lit

    The dark world/realm monsters just a friggin awesome, I mean anti hand D.? mass swarm?

    it's tizzight
  13. TTar-X

    TTar-X <-Don't wake him up!

    VWXYZ is out of this world. This past saturday I bought 5 EEN packs and won 3 after winning a small tourney at a local mall I visit, and I got 2 VWXYZ's(1 super the other ultra), and 2 Cyber Bladers(both super) LoL go figure, what are the odds. Anyways I don't think you have to worry about VWXYZ being restricted/ban; it takes an enormous amount of effort to bring out that beast. if you face a real good duelist you'll not bring it out. You would have to build a deck around that card if you want any hope of summoning that monstrosity. I'm interested to see somebody find a way to bring it out; earlier today I almost brought it out, but I was missing Z-Metal Tank D-:

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