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Elite 4 levels


Master of water
I mean that R/B/Y had big level elite 4,G/S/C had like 40-50 and 3rd
generation had big level elite 4,so what do you think D/P will have?


55-65, definetly looks to be a tougher game


the chill of night
That would be too hard. maybe: 50-55


mabey longer game with more places to train



Ultimate Destoryer
it'll probably be like starts in the high 40's and then then in the mid 60's (if the difficulty is cranked up).


Concrete Bluesman
It'd be cool if instead of being able to train higher than the elite four you have to learn tactic, so they're 90-100. Maybe you would have to collect more badges, or it could be higher than the elite four and you have to beat the Kanto and Hoenn elite fours to get into it....That would be cool, as well as traveling to Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn. Even the Orange Islands since they havent been in a gb game yet.
60 to 75
Like second round E4 in FR/LG


aka Arbok
I hope it would be 60-70, when you're own Pokémon are even around those levels.

But i think Gamefreak would make it again around the 40-50, maybe 60...


Well-Known Member
I hope something like 55 - 65. Maby higher if it's a really long game.


A Talking Pokemon
I'd love for the Elite Four to be at Lv. 90, and the Champion at Lv. 100, though I know this won't happen.


Scary Faerie♥
I want it to be level 90 and then have a whole new region in the underground and their elite four to be in the 160s. But they would have to increase the level limit which probably won't happen.


Well-Known Member
Wdf?90?100?Thats too high,by the time you beat the elite 4,your basically almost done training your pokemon...........
I hope its something like fr/lg except its 54-64


I'm hoping for a longer and tougher game so around 65-75. Some might say it's too hard but the elite 4 should be elite, not just some random trainers who's teams you can sometimes wipe with a single pokemon.
Also a reason to ditch the elite 4 mono types
Wtf?!160?!It depends on how much they have you do before you see them.Lv.60 Minimum.


Korobooshi Kojiro

A really cool idea would be after you beat the Elite Four, the next time you battle their Pokemon are in the level range of your strongest Team member.

That even means you could fight lv. 5 Dragonite's and Flygon's, lol.
It should range from 60-70, with the champion's strongest Pokemon being lvl 70.

It would make training easier and the game a lot more challenging.