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Elite Four National Dex teams?


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Can someone tell me them?
P.S. I need all of the Elite Four (including your rival)
Edit: Oh, I almost forgot, can you also give me the pokemon's levels?
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Lorelei: Dewgong level 64, Cloyster level 63, Piloswine level 64 (replaced Slowbro), Jynx, and Lapras level 66.

Bruno: Steelix level 63, Steelix level 66, Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee level 65, Machamp level 68 (his 2 Onix have evolved).

Agatha: Gengar level 66, Crobat level 66, Arbok level 68, Misdreavus level 65 (replaced Haunter), Gengar level 70 (her Golbat has evolved).

Lance: Gyarados level 68, Kingdra level 66, Aerodactyl level 70, Dragonite level 66, Dragonite level 72 (one of his Dragonair evolved, and the other was replaced by Kingdra).

Rival: Heracross level 71, Alakazam level 69, Tyranitar level 72, and depending on who you chose at the start;
If you have Bulbasaur: Gyarados level 71, Exeggutor level 73, Charizard level 75.
If you have Squirtle: Gyarados level 73, Arcanine level 71, Venusaur level 75.
If you have Charmander:Exeggutor level 73, Arcanine level 71, Blastoise level 75.


Fear the Deer
Dewgong Lv.64
Cloyster Lv.63
Piloswine Lv.63
Jynx Lv.66
Lapras Lv.66
Not too different
Steelix Lv.65
Hitmonchan Lv.65
Hitmonlee Lv.65
Steelix Lv.66
Machap Lv.68
Onix are now Steelix
Gengar Lv.66
Crobat Lv.66
Misdreavus Lv.65
Arbok Lv.68
Gengar Lv.70
Golbat is now Crobat, and Misdeavus instead of Haunter
Gyrados Lv.68
Kingdra Lv.66
Dragonair Lv.66
Aerodactyl Lv.70
Dragonite Lv.72
Heracross Lv.72
Alakazam Lv.73
Tyranitar Lv.72
If you chose Bulbasaur:
Gyrados Lv.73
Exegutor Lv.73
Charizard Lv.75
If you chose Charmander:
Exegutor L.73
Arcanine Lv.73
Blastoise Lv.75
If you chose Squirtle:
Gyrados Lv.73
Arcanine Lv.73
Venusaur Lv.75
Hope I helped!


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Thanks! Now, what level do you think I should train my new team up to? I was thinking 85...


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with a team of 6 LV 85 pokemon u should cream them