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Elite Four Order

Is there any particular order to the Elite Four members? I always figured each of them beat each other, and whoever was the best was higher up, or closer to the Champion. Which makes me think, how did certain Elite Four trainers, like Glacia, not be not be farther up than Drake, whose Pokemon are weak to Ice?

Thoughts, opinions?


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sort of confused, but i will try to answer.

i think it was all random. o_O

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Even if Glacia has a type disadvantage over Drake, remember that the game programmers make it so that Gym Leaders can counter that disadvantage. That's why they would have become gym leaders in the first place, not to mention being able to use strategies to win over any challenge.


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Salamence Alone destroys most of Glacia's team, and the Water/Ice types could be taken care of by his Kingdra.

so it usually goes in order of strength. Shinnoh's was more believable, so was Johto's


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well its not all about types, you got to put in how strong to pokemon are compared to glacias

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Glacia's kinda stink. Especially if you have Steel, Fire, or Water types. Glalie isn't that good. And if you have an Electric that has high Sp. Attack, that takes care of 3 of her team right there.


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Salamence Alone destroys most of Glacia's team, and the Water/Ice types could be taken care of by his Kingdra.

so it usually goes in order of strength. Shinnoh's was more believable, so was Johto's
That is true because i would have thought Lorelei could beat Bruno without much problem way back during Kanto

I'd say it's based on simply who's stronger and maybe they have a ranking system or something and who's been in the longest.

I'd say when a new member is chosen they just battle the lowest E4 member and keep going upwards until they loose and then the last person they beat was their new position

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Flannery's grandpa was an E4. He either retired or was beaten out, so it probably doesn't have to do with how long they've been in.

It's probably by level. Most E4's Pokemon don't have a level above the middle strongest Pokemon of the next E4 member.


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Yeah. In competitive battling, level differences are often overlooked, but in the games they're out in force.

Usually the level hierarchy goes roughly as follows, from lowest to highest:
Top of first gym leader
3-4 levels
Bottom of second gym leader
Top of second gym leader
3-4 levels
Bottom of third gym leader
etc., up to
Top of eighth gym leader
5-10 levels
Bottom of first E4
Top of first E4 = Bottom of second E4
Top of second E4 = Bottom of third E4
Top of third E4 = Bottom of fourth E4
Top of fourth E4 = Bottom of champion
Top of champion = still light-years away from level 100.

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Some people might say it goes by age, but that's not true in any of them.


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Strength for sure.... It was obvious in Sinnoh at least

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It goes in order of difficulty. The more difficult the type is to defeat, the farther back it is. Simple as that.


Lorelei - Ice
Bruno - Fighting and Rock
Agatha - Ghost/Poison
Lance - Dragon


Will - Psychic
Koga - Poison and Bug
Bruno - Fighitng and Rock (with a Steel)
Karen - Dark


Sidney - Dark
Phoebe - Ghost
Glacia - Ice
Drake - Dragon


Aaron - Bug
Bertha - Ground
Flint - Fire
Lucian - Psychic

...Actually, it made more sense with Kanto 0_o... I think it's more based on strategy, but programmed Trainers, even Gym Leaders, almost never seem to use strategy...

Let's just say it's experience and leave it at that.

Hunter Blade

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In Sinnoh the types were also a bit rigged. Nearly every Pokemon can easily learn moves that are good against Bug/Poison/Dark for Aaron, there's more Water-types than any other, along with Grass and Ice, for against Bertha, there's Water, Ground, Rock, and whatever's good against type combos for Flint, and then Psychic Pokemon have hard times against Dark, Steel, Psychic, and Ghost for Lucian. Cynthia's really the only one that's hard the first time through.

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But in those 3 years Agatha quit or died, so Will moved in, along with Lorelei who we never hear from again, and Koga jumps ahead of the other Gym Leaders. Blue/Green/whatever you want to call him basically failed at being champion (although the story goes he only became a Leader because Red beat him), so he took Giovanni's spot after he quit.
in my opinion koga was the hardest gym leader. not only were his pokemon strong but at the time his poison pokemon ripped through my pokes. the story says blue was only a leader because if i can remember correctly, i THINK it says that blue had just become the champ when you beat him.

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I say the order depends on the strength of each member. First is the weakest of them and the 4th one is the strongest. And of course the Champion is better than the whole Elite 4.


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They are led by the Champion, maybe he/she decides the order.

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I forget where, but I think there's something out there that talks about one of the E4 trying to move up by beating the others... it might have been in Special.


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Well, Aaron was trying to beat Cynthia to move up the E4 order wasn't he? In the anime anyway.

I think this is one of the areas that differs quite a lot between the game and Anime. Anime it is obviously based on who is more skilled, but because of the levels in the games it is based on that. Also remember that there have been 3 different leagues with 4 different Elite 4's.

The Hoenn/Sinnoh leagues are in no way related to the Indigo League where Lance resides. Koga obviously moved up because he was the most skilled Kanto Gym Leader when Agatha left (As Giovanni had vanished and Cinnabar island had exploded, meaning Blaine didn't want to leave. And Sabrina is just too into herself to be an E4 :p), and Will took over from Lorelie when she must of retired. Lance moved into the champion spot because no one had beaten him for awhile, so Karen was recruited as the Dark typed E4 member? xD

Just accept the orders of the Elite 4 :p The Indogo league is the only one that can kinda be explained, but the Hoenn and Sinnoh leagues can't.

[/end long post]