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'Ello... again.

Kimmi the Awesome™

¿pɐǝɹq ɐuɐuɐq
I left well over a year ago, but I decided to come back!

For anyone that doesn't have a clue, I'm Kimmi, 18, and a photography major/lab aide (aka dark room slave) at a local college. I really like piercings (I have 8), cats, Jirachi, and anything that's lime green. I registered in 2004, but I vanished for random obnoxiously long stretches of that.

So... yeah. Hi. :3 *wave*
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I remember you lol. I don't know if you knew me... I used to be Chaos Emerald.

Welcome back!


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Super Mod
I remember you! :D

Good to see you back here at SPPf. Hope you decide to stay this time. ;3

I used to be darkwithrobots, but I don't know if that'd help any.

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Nobody remembers you. Everyone's just saying that to make you feel good.

There's my prick moment for the day.

I remember you. Didn't you make... like, everyone's banners way back in the day? Good to see you back, because we need more of the old members. D8