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"Ello Folks

Discussion in 'SPPf Help & Newbie Lounge' started by Warlord, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Warlord

    Warlord Da PKMN Breeder

    Hello everyone on Serebii's Fourms, Im Warlord! (Or you can call me my real name, Edward)

    Im new to the fourms, but not new to pokemon. Iv'e been playing since Ruby and Saphirre. (I haven't been around since the begining, though I Have played Gold) I am also new to competetive battling and need a little help designing my team.

    Hmmm..... what else is there to say....

    Well I like duskulls ;355;

  2. Eivana

    Eivana There Is No NiGHTS!

    Hello. My name is Eivana. I am just hanging out, so have fun. If you want to be friends, send me a message or drop me a profile comment. There are a lot of nice people here, so just make sure you read the rules.
  3. Warlord

    Warlord Da PKMN Breeder

    Hi Eivana,

    I lurked the boards before I joined to see what it is like and everyones friendly. I also read the rules too.
  4. dawsoc

    dawsoc Yes, I'm still alive

    hi,welcome to the forums!
  5. Leafeonxx

    Leafeonxx New Member

    Hi! Welcome to the forums! I'm new here, too. :)
  6. Warlord

    Warlord Da PKMN Breeder

    Thanks for the welcome-s people. :D

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