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elyvorg's Sprite Requests

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somewhat backwards.
Could I have a seelping Buneary Chao please?
i am sorry. i did that post like 2 days after i joined serebii. anyways

can i please have a blaziken trainer? im thinking that rival from FRLG will go well but its up to you
You were banned before? What fun, you're banned again.
Hi! May i have a repose of an Empoleon please?

Hi there thanks for telling me what pose you want. >>; Oh, and for requesting while closed. Banned.
Hello! I'm sure your very busy, but since I dont see any red writing, I'll give you a choice of which would be easier for you to do! ^^

My First request is a mix.

Base Pokemon: Jynx
Second Pokemon: Gardevoir.

If you don't want to do that, than please do a re-element.

Pokèmon: Jynx
Type: Water.

You can choose either one, I would like it in my siggy! ^^

Thank you,

Mr Dreavus
You don't see any red writing? Should have looked harder. Banned.
Hey I was wondering if your interested in hiring some workers if not I'll understand. Tell me if you are and I'll post what I can do.
...I swear there is something in the first post saying I'm not looking for workers. No?
Hi Carrie! :p SNAPS here! Just sayin' hi.

:D b
Please say hi somewhere else -_-;
I want to marry you Elyvorg.

I'm going to use this in a Tc, Okay with you?
Finally, a justified post! Yes, you can so long as you credit me.

And with that sudden explosion of people who can't read first posts, I've been reminded that I actually have two requests done that I never got round to posting. Sorry for the delay >.<;

Shiny Ninetales Trainer:


Typhlosion/Arcanine mix (hey look! I don't just do trainers =O):


YOU MAY NOW REQUEST (unless you were banned, in which case don't post)

*goes off to add everyone to the ban list*

Edit: I've added a new rule. Read and follow it, or be banned.

...however I will let Oiracul off as he probably posted before I finished adding it.
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Grovyle is far superior to me.

You did add the rule after I posted, but I put it in anyway ;)

Pokemon-based Trainers
Male/Female: Male
Pokemon to base him/her off: Shiny Gallade.

This is the LAST, Promise, Last Pokemon-Based trainer I will request. Your so good :#
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^I pity da
Grovyle is far superior to me.

Can I have a Dark Type Feraligatr re-element using the D/P sprite?


somewhat backwards.

Northern Lights

Grovyle is far superior to me.

got that right! XP


pokemon: Shiny Ninetales
pose: Mightyena

thnx, also thnx for my previous request it is ...*thinks for word*... there isn't one good enough



Leaf Storm
Grovyle is far superior to me.

Can I have a Pokemon based trainer
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Leafeon
Sorry, but when's my Honchkrow guy gonna be done?
hey elyvorg, may i have a milotic and/or garchomp trainer please (any base trainer)
oh sorry, didn't see your closed sign

oh, and did you follow any tutorials when learning reposes cos i've been searching everywhere, do?did you have any good ones?
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