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Embarrassing things that you have seen/done.


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When I first started driving I almost turned into a car when I was pulling into the road, luckily I could still turn, so no damage or anything, its all good


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I was friends with a girl for a few years, but suddenly we had no classes for a couple years, and we never talked. After 2 years, I decided to do something bold and write up an e-mail, explaining what I thought of the situation and that I wanted to start being better friends again. She replies, saying thing that everything I said was blown out of proportion, we really weren't that great of friends, and that she had no time with her busy schedule to have another friendship. She said it in the most formal, polite way, but it was one of the worst facepalm moments I've ever had, not to mention that it was the most official end to a friendship I know of (plus I did and still do want to be friends with her. It's just too awkward now, a lot because of me...).


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When I was in seventh grade, the chorus from one of the local high schools visited and they were singing for a presentation. This was before winter break, and it was Christmas songs. There was a boy in a snowman suit that came in slight proximity to where I was sitting and I screamed. Luckily, not many people noticed, but one of my friends had a laughing fit. I think that moment is hilarious when I look back to it. :p

Kurloz Makara

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I went into a fangirl fit when I saw a Halo 4 poster in K-mart, and several people saw me act like a child. >.<

That was really awkward.
Saw my friends boss try and open a door with his foot and fall straight on his back, he was of a larger persuasion which seemed to make it 10x funnier lol


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lol, 2 years ago I was in IL visiting with my friends which included my best friend/the guy I like and he decided to make the mistake of trying to tickle me when we were getting ready to go out and I ran to the car and completely misjudged how close he was behind me and I went to shut the door and I did it so fast that I couldn't stop myself from moving and I accidentally smacked him with the car door so hard that he collapsed to the ground. He was completely ok, but he still hasn't let me live it down and brings it up whenever he can.


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i just remembered one.
i got a falf-gallon carton of orange juice ouut of the fridge, and i didnt notice that whoever put it away last didnt put the cap back on (and it was the kind with pulp so u have to shake it before u pour it)...yeah...im pretty sure u can guess where this is going...


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When I was very, very young and had very little understanding of how the world worked, I was at the local Albertson's viewing a father and his son peering into the lobster tank at the fish aisle. The man had a pony tail hairdo, and my first instincts were to point to him and yell, "Look, Mom! A lady man!"

He was furious beyond belief. To my recollection, at the same time in my life I also grabbed an overweight blonde woman's boob in a toy store and asked if she was Barbie.


Falling out a chair in class.
Man my life sucks.


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Crashing into a net pole while I was playing volleyball in gym and then falling over the base of it. Thank god only 3 people saw that


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I do lots of embarrassing things, but due to my poor memory I can only remember a few. I don't think I've seen anyone do embarrassing things though. Once I called for my dad only to then notice I'm in a classroom where parents are no where near. I mistook someone for my cousin since she looks so similar. The last one I can think of is when I followed someone who wasn't my dad in the grocery store. Surely his son would be a signal to me but I thought his son was following me for some reason.


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^ Aww, thats actually minorly hilarious, I think. xD

My life is actually quite mundane however, so...nothing to report from me.


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My mouth gets dry when I'm nervous. So I'll be speaking and eventually my mouth gets so dry that I'm just mouthing words and not even getting anything audible out.

This happens most often when I'm presenting assignments for a class, and people can always tell...it's pretty degrading.
I'm standing there trying to retain my dignity and everyone's snickering at me.


Comes out of Nowhere
I tried to pull a door open once. Its too bad I didn't realize that you where supposed to push untill my mom told me.