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Emboar vs. Infernape vs. Blaziken

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Belly Slide
Personally, I think Infernape is best because it's faster than the others, but that's my opinion, what's yours?


Push It To The Limit
Infernape is best IMO. Being able to outspeed all of them while having a diverse movepool is the key. Being classed as a possible Uber is also another nice niche. My last point is compared to the other two, Infernape's design is simple, but diverse at the same time. Infernape hands down.

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I've never had much of an opinion about any of these three Pokémon in the past, but I have recently built a team that includes an all-out attacking Blaziken, and after using that team in a good number of battles, Blaziken has definitely become my favorite of the three fully-evolved Fire/Fighting-type Pokémon, as this Pokémon can be incredibly destructive with its Flare Blitz, Hi Jump Kick, Night Slash and Stone Edge attacks, allowing it to hit pretty much every Pokémon in existence with at least either a neutral hit from its incredibly powerful Flare Blitz or Hi Jump Kick, or a super effective Night Slash or Stone Edge, backed up by its very high Attack stat. It is also an incredibly fun Pokémon to use in my opinion, especially when I switch it into a Ferrathorn, a Choice Scarf Genesect locked into Ice Beam or another Pokémon which cannot threaten it much, and then I fire a Hi Jump Kick or a Stone Edge as my opponent switches either to a Pokémon which resists Fire-type moves, only to watch as that Pokémon loses a large amount of its health if not get taken out instantly, while my Blaziken acquires a Speed Boost in the process, using the turn in which the opponent switched their Pokémon out to do two things at the same time. Equally fun is when I send Blaziken in against something it is normally slower than, but would be faster than after one Speed Boost, and then fire an attack as the opponent switches to a Pokémon which would be faster than Blaziken after a Speed Boost, such as an Excadrill in a Sandstorm or a Kingdra in the rain, thinking I was going to use Protect on the turn in which they switched, only to have their fast sweeper taken out by an unexpected attack on the switch. As such, Blaziken is easily the most useful of the three Pokémon mentioned in the title of this topic in my opinion. In fact, I'd say it is overall one of the most useful non-legendary Pokémon in existence.
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Infernape is my favourite.

For no competitive reason I just like its design and Monferno *fapfapfap*

I also just recently realised that Blaziken is quite ugly and Emboar is too fat. You'd think a fat Pokemon would have good defences but this thing falls to a Bug Buzz (exaggeration).

Infernape is just too bada** for Pokemon.


Raiden Maximus
If not for Dream World Ability, I would have picked infernape as well, being the faster without any speed aid.


Serperior = Awesome!
I would have to say Blaziken cuz hes just awesome lol


I wasn't even there.
I base them on how they are in the anime. Emboar hasn't been shown yet, Infernape is, as mentioned above, a spotlight stealer, but Blaziken is a total badass. Be it May's, Harrison's, or Rafe's.


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Infernape, no competition.


Show Me Ya Noobs
Blaziken, it's a chicken that cooks itself, ffs. Thats awesome.

Infernape's a gay old monkey, not an ape, since it has a tail.

And Emboar...the jokes getting old. Third Fire-Fighting in a row, and its not even good. Thanks for trolling us, GF.


Mew Trainer
Blaziken its the original fire/fight plus it powns with blaze kick
infernape doesnt look that good monferno looks better
and like most others said emboar is the 3rd fire/fighting in a row and the looks have been decreasing for them since..


I like bacon!
I don't like that "walking bacon" it's UGLY, FAT, has LOW speed, PATHETIC defenses and outclassed by "fried chicken" and "roasted ape". Infernape rules!!! Actually, I choose Blaziken. BLAZIKEN RULES!!
Haha! No one voted for the "walking bacon"! Haha!
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