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Emboar vs. Infernape vs. Blaziken

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Burakoru, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. LightningRevolver

    LightningRevolver Get Lucky.

    Infernape because the others look like ***!
  2. Sound

    Sound Well-Known Member

    Blaziken by far. Taekwondo chicken-human hybrid certainly beats a monkey and a pig-human hybrid in my opinion.
  3. VoltCannon

    VoltCannon New Member

    My preference goes to Infernape. Infernape has far higher speed than Blaziken and is a better sweeper. For defence they're nearly the same. Infernape outclasses Blaziken's defences by little. For attack Blaziken would be better but if it were to fight a stronger pokemon than it self such as Salamence it could use a strong move like stone edge against it but may fail it's attack due to it's speed and defences and may be knocked out easily because Salamence does have high attack. But if Infernape was fighting against Salamence, It may attack first and cause some damage before it gets knocked out. I am saying that speed is usually more useful than power sometimes. Blaziken's speed and defences can ruin it's attack stat. But Infernape's speed is really good and it's attack stat isn't that bad. But remember about defence too. For movepool Blaziken may be better but slightly due to it's accuracy. One of it's best moves like sky uppercut is ruined by it's accuracy and most of it's strongest moves have recoil. Infernape's movepool is quit weak. Close combat and flare blitz make it's movepool a bit better but these attacks still have something in return. Infernape's movepool is better than Blaziken's for stragetey. For looks I would prefer Blaziken but focus more on it's stats than that.

    Hope this helped :)
  4. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Emboar is the coolest of the three in my opinion, but Blaziken would probably win in a fight.
  5. VoltCannon

    VoltCannon New Member

    Emboar is no match for Infernape or Blaziken. If you were to see it's stats you would probably be dissapointed. It focuses too much in hp and attack. It's sp.attack is okay and it's defences and speed is so poor and it looks quite ugly to me. I mean it's a fighting pig lol.
  6. rckstr

    rckstr Well-Known Member

    Blaziken is uber.
  7. cool123

    cool123 Active Member

    Probably blaziken. He also looks the coolest imo
  8. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

  9. Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama

    Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama Fancy footwork

    Gotta love my fried chicken. :p
  10. Estellise

    Estellise peachy

    Blaziken .
  11. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    Profesco used Hi Bump Kick!
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