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Emboar vs. Infernape vs. Blaziken

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Burakoru, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. battle171

    battle171 New Gen, Go!

    Frankly, I always liked Blaziken the best (and it's OU in Gen V due to the Dream World). Infernape is OK (not as good as Blaziken, due to Blaziken now being able to outspeed it thanks to Quick Feet, plus, I like Blaziken's design a lot better), and I kinda like Emboar (just not as much as Blaziken or Infernape), after all, you can always eat it when your hungery. It does taste like bacon, you know :)
  2. travisjb90

    travisjb90 Well-Known Member

    I like all three but I really like Emboar. It is just a really cool Pokemon. I like how it looks and it has really cool attacks. I like the others too! They are really awesome.
  3. Neekerisanni123

    Neekerisanni123 Kanbei <3 _ <3

    Blaziken forever. \o/
  4. Ace of Shades

    Ace of Shades Well-Known Member

    Blaziken it's a chicken!!
  5. rocky505

    rocky505 Well-Known Member

    Movepool goes to Emboar due to it being able to scald the other two. However Blaziken wins it due to massive attack power from both sides and a great ability and for being original.
  6. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    I like Emboar and Blaziken.

    Infernape never appealed to me...
  7. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Same here. Emboar's cool. Blaziken's cool. Infernape, not so much.
  8. Uncle_Starburst

    Uncle_Starburst Well-Known Member

    Liking Blaziken and Infernape more is too mainstream thus I go with Emboar.
  9. Ravenous14

    Ravenous14 Elite Trainer

    Blaziken surprisingly got Speed Boost in the gen shift, classing it in high ranks, probably not as high as Infernape's, but yea...

    I like Emboar aswell, it's original, it has the same mythological background behind Infernape's design, and imo has a fairly decent movepool

    no complaints with any of them, you guys are too judgmental lol
  10. 7420Cola

    7420Cola Shelgon Rocks

    Im sorry but the winner is Blaziken
  11. ez1234555

    ez1234555 legendary trainer

    i agree

    that "walking bacon" is emboar and if u think he fat well me too show me a picture of fat emboar (if u join my group the group name is proof that emboar is fat serach it)
  12. ez1234555

    ez1234555 legendary trainer


    like the quet but i hate darkrai
  13. cookies kill you

    cookies kill you Like a boss

    the flaming speed boosting karate chick
  14. Dattebayo

    Dattebayo Banned

    Due to being banned to ubers, Blaziken is the winner.
  15. Psynergy

    Psynergy Strong Winds Staff Member Super Mod

    agreed, as well as being the one with the coolest design, in my opinion.
  16. Skydra

    Skydra Well-Known Member

    I always liked Blaziken more than Infernape, and then Emboar goes down below Infernape, so I didn't need Speed Boost to shake my opinion.
  17. knetz07

    knetz07 The Forsaken

    I love the fire/fighting starters... They're all cool, but I think Blaziken appeals to me a bit more than Infernape and Emboar.
  18. Rommath

    Rommath ▲_▲

    Blaziken. Original Fire/Fighting starter, better design than Infernape imo, gets a great Ability via DW, and my starter on first play-through of Ruby, and again with Emerald. :)
  19. Seem

    Seem Hollen i ven.

    I love Blaziken, but Infernape is one cool monkey! haha!
  20. bel9

    bel9 n3w 2 sppf :3

    Infernape all the way. He is my favorite fire starter. I hate Blaziken.
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