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Emerald Eyes - A Poem (WizardmonxGatomon) Rating: All Ages

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Kutie Pie, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie 桜咲くこの坂を今も上っている

    Okay... this is my first time posting a poem right here in the Shipping Fics. And just a heads-up, I know it doesn't look like a shipping poem at all, it actually is. I'll take any form of critcism you throw at me, as I need to improve on my poetry (this is my first one I made randomly, after all). And in case you may not remember, this is a Digimon shipping.

    It's told by the eyes of Gatomon, so it's first person (like most poems I've read).

    I hope you enjoy it!


    *~* Emerald Eyes *~*

    There once were emerald eyes
    From beneath a tattered hat
    Yet from these he never cries
    For sincerity to come from that

    They were filled with light
    However, he worked for a villain
    Supposed to be blank, they were bright
    To show me we all can

    He was very wise
    To those around him
    But in our Master’s eyes
    He was just another servant

    There once were emerald eyes
    From beneath blonde hair
    Yet from these he never cries
    For true hope to appear

    We struggled to be free
    By failing, on purpose, the plans
    But to him, it was for me
    His one and only friend

    During a fight for freedom
    We were harshly separated
    Master forcefully took me with him
    As I cried for my dearly departed

    There once were emerald eyes
    Hidden mostly in shadow
    Yet from them, the tears were dry
    If there’s any love, I will never know

    I was taken hostage
    Just to identify the Child
    But I had a small amount of courage
    To help keep the truth mild

    Soon, Master came for me
    Announcing a girl prisoner
    I feared it was Kari
    Yet I was wise to believe in her

    There once were emerald eyes
    That I adored and craved
    I relied, in vain, on his hidden cries
    So our friendship can be saved

    At first I lied
    To help protect her identity
    It took just one cry
    For me to reveal Kari

    I stood up for her
    Turning against my Master
    But he had more power
    Than even disaster’s

    There once were emerald eyes
    Filled with much bravery
    With no signs of his cries
    Still disappointing me

    My Master threw at us an attack
    While we gasped from below
    I knew he had that knack
    But we never expected him to take the blow

    As he laid there, weak and dying
    He thanked us with one last breath
    We leaned over him, sobbing
    As we witnessed his death

    There once were emerald eyes
    Once filled with beauty
    From these, he shed the tears dry
    As a last gift for me

    It has been years since he passed
    And my heart has grown empty
    Kari over time healed fast
    But to this day, I’m still weary

    As I lie awake tonight
    His death replays in my mind
    I’ll never end this fight
    Until it is peace I find

    There once were emerald eyes
    That had sparkled in the sun
    The tears that were cried out dry
    Will forever belong to my beloved Wizardmon​
  2. Hey Kutie Pie, it's me. I used to be The Dark Evolution, but I had a name change. I can only use one word to describe this - wonderful!!
    Gatomon and Wizardmon are my favourite Digimon as well, so we've got something in common. When I saw the episode in which Wizardmon died, I cried for hours. Wizardmon was the bravest Champion level Digimon I've ever known.

    Off topic: When are you going to come and read my story?
  3. Very beautiful and tear jerking. I almost cried. I really like how desciptive it is for a peom. And it flowed very well. The ending was just saddening. I feel so bad for Gatomon. Well I hope to see more peotry from you. Good luck in future writing.

  4. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie 桜咲くこの坂を今も上っている

    YAY, TWO REPLIES! *hugs*

    Psychic Umbreon: Hallo! *hugs* I sort of recognized you from the signature (and yes, I will eventually get to your story) *cough* Okay, anyhoo... Aww, you cried when Wizardmon died for hours? (Hey, who didn't?) Poor thing, I'm sorry. I don't remember the episode (much) but yes, I was terribly upset as well. *curses writers for killing off the best Digimon ever* And yep, they're my favoritest EVER! Next to my favorite Digidestined, Kari. (Whoo!) What a similiarity! Thanks for replying! *hugs*

    MewtwoReturns: Hallo! *hugs* You almost cried? Poor thing. *gives another hug* I knew I should've put a warning up there. But I read it over, like, a bazillion times and I haven't cried. Well, I was tearing up when I was writing it. (And to think I made this poem out of boredom in school! 8D Really, I was bored and I wanted a poem. I can't wait to do poetry for English!) It flowed well? I didn't notice that... And who doesn't feel sorry for Gatomon? She lost her best friend (and future lover, you can definately tell they have a stronger bond than just friendship) due to the evil Myotismon. Good thing the vampire dies, yay! More poetry, eh? *thinks* I might someday, but I don't know. (If I feel like it, I'll do one from Wizardmon's point of view, whoo! Tap inside his head! All right!) *cough* Anyhoo, back on track... Thanks for replying! *hugs*

    And just a heads up: This poem was actually supposed to be a little... uh... I lost the word... Oh well. Anyway, I did this poem as a little warm-up for the WizardmonxGatomon fic I'm doing. So when I get finished with it (I'm on chapter ten, whee!) it'll be posted here! So keep an eye open for it, folks! I'll PM you when it's up, 'kay?

    ^_^ Well, see you later! Thanks for replying!

    *Kutie Pie* Please be kind to midgets!
  5. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    Ah... that brings to back to the good old days. I used to watch that... until that channel decided to take it off, those selfish (Uh-uh!). Then they placed another one... took it that off... placed another on... took that... and without even finishing each series! >_<

    Back to the poem. Now, I don’t know much about poetry... except that some poems rhyme and there is a different poem type called Haiku but that doesn’t matter.

    What matters is what the people think of your poem. To me, your poem has developed a lot of interest. It is a sad story but I didn’t get emotional while I was reading this but I did feel sorry for the little kitty. If I had a pound (British currency) for each reader who cried, I would treat everyone to a drink.

    Despite that I didn't feel much emotion I think you did it very well.

    Overall score: 4/5
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2006
  6. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    Digimon! Yay! ^^ I don't exactly remember this bit because I haven't seen the show in a LONG time, but never the less, it was very well done. I liked the rhyme structure you gave it, it fit very well and worked with it freely. There are some instances where the beat is off, but it's okay. I think you did a very good job and captured the feeling perfectly. ^^
  7. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie 桜咲くこの坂を今も上っている


    Brain Powell: O_O I didn't know you come in this section! *hugs* Yeah, the good old days of Digimon. The best days... back when they had FoxKids. I don't know much about poems either, but I know enough to make this one. And as long as you felt sorry for Gatomon, that's all of the emotion I need. Heh heh, you'd treat everyone to a drink. Yeah, but I don't know how many cried, and I don't know how much a pound is, so... yeah. Well, thanks for replying! *hugs*

    Encyclopika: Hallo! *hugs* Yay, Digimon! I remembered it by watching AMVs about Wizardmon and Gatomon and the episodes! (All seen on YouTube!) Whoo hoo, I worked it freely! I didn't think I did. And yes, the beat went off a few times, but I couldn't think of anything else to rhyme with. ^^; Yeah... But anyhoo, thanks for replying! Now I know to use this poem in English when we get to poetry! Whee! *hugs*

    Thankies for replying, guys! And if you liked this, then keep an eye out for the fic! It should come soon, I just need to transfer the story from my laptop to the downstairs computer. Yeah... so it'll take a while. But rememberr that patience brings great rewards!

    *Kutie Pie* Please be kind to midgets!
  8. MayShuufan

    MayShuufan Mrs Brendan Birch ^^

    Awwwh that is so sweet, so well written as well. I'm not much of a Gatomon x Wizardmon (would that be Taard or Wizail?) fan but I do support it. Anyway you included how he died and everything so it was good. Well done hope to see another Digimon fic or poem soon ^^ (hoping for Koumi/Mishiro/Mimi x Izzy.)

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