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Emerald Team

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I just found my old team and I need help rating it. All pokemon have leftovers too.

Tentacruel lvl 61
-Hydro Pump
-Ice Beam
-Sludge Bomb

Breloom lvl 57
-Sky Uppercut
-Ice Punch
-Giga Drain
-Leech Seed

Flygon lvl 61
-Fire Blast
-Dragon Claw

Gardevoir lvl 54

Raquayza lvl 75

I need advice on my sixth pokemon.
totally love that you went with gardevoir, but i feel you are neglecting her potential with your current moveset. i'd recommend going with Calm Mind, Psychic, Thunderbolt, and Ice Punch. this gives her fantastic coverage and lets her soak up many special attacks without even flinching, as well as prepares her for some brutal sweeping. love the rest of the team on an initial view, as for your 6th member, i think you could benefit from having metagross or aggron in your team for some added muscle. if that doesn't tickle your fancy, you could consider a ninjask for speed passing; a good moveset for that might resemble this: baton pass, protect, aerial ace, shadow ball (or swords dance). i hope that gives you some fun ideas to play with :)


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^What (s)he said about Gardevoir.

Breloom wants physical moves. Scrap Ice Punch and Giga Drain; and give him Return and Sludge Bomb instead. If you want some extra work, you can go with Spore + Focus Punch too, but I doubt it.

Honestly, Rayquaza looked like a clone of Flygon. Or the other way around. Rock Slide > Thunder btw.

You have a massive Ice weakness for now, so go for something that can soak up Ice for your 6th Pokemon. Metagross, like the above poster suggested, makes a good addition with Agility / Shadow Ball / Meteor Mash / Earthquake.
i'd be a (he) thank you, but more importantly, the original poster should consider improving/improvising gardevoir, she is easily a tyrant with a good moveset that focuses on special attack (i recommend modest nature and heavy EV training of SP. Attack), and utilizing Calm Mind, and of course, Psychic for STABs to really bring out the flavour. so far, i have had absolutely no issues with my gardevoir using the previously mentioned moveset. as i stated prior, excellent coverage and takes advantage of her full potential. now that i think of it, arceus03 is right about breloom; you should consider revising the moveset for more advantage, if you are up to the challenge of breeding it for Adamant or Jolly nature and keeping patience to train and level shroomish up to about...what? level 54 or so to get Spore, it makes a fantastic pair with Focus Punch. personally, being a person that enjoys fast pokemon, i'd consider Jolly nature, as it boosts speed and drops special attack (i've always found breloom better with physical attacks rather than special attacks), that will let you have better chances to get the drop on someone with spore to set up for focus punch. anyways, that's my thought.

i hope we've been helpful so far :)
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