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Empress Ampharos: Ruler of johto and 5th Gen Doubles

Discussion in 'Warstories' started by jireh the provider, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. jireh the provider

    jireh the provider Video Game Designer

    Forgive If I could not place sprites like you could guys. I just don't know how to ... yet.

    Anyways, on this Warstory tells the story of Johto's priced Electric ruler back in the days of the Egyptians that controled Johto. Her name, was Empress Ampharos. A Pokemon loved by most of everyone by today. A highly feared Empress and tyrant during her reign

    Anyway, enough about Cleopatra the Ampharos. Here is another doubles battle for me to show you guys and girls. I bet anyone of us who played HG/SS or GSC, be honest, we love Ampharos to the point that it becomes an official team member in our slots. And do dirty things with it behind the scenes...

    Usually, she has some very serious competition back then until now. What I'm going to tell you is how my Ampharos have defeated top threats from 3 tiers (one RU, one OU, and one Uber) SINGLEHANDED (b****). The victims of her tyrannical reign were Archeops, Excadrill, and Salamence.

    This video was believed captured by Alakazam who witnessed the power of her Reign.

    Egyptians VS. Holy Roman Empire


    One way I could describe my first was that it reminded be of Evice from Pokemon Colosseum. Cheap Tactic with Skill Swap + Traunt = Slaking will kill me. Though I never thought that both opponents pursued my team. Looks like my plan to halt that skill swap tactic was a waste as my Gardevoir successfully hits Slaking with a strong Focus Blast. I was planning to do Trick room, but I skipped the idea and went offensive.

    Seeing that my Gardevoir took a nice amount of damage, I gambit to keep attacking Slaking or any approaching pokemon with Focus Blast while my Serperior sets up reflect since I find my enemy to be more Physically inclined - Alakazam. Though it bummers that she took a crit. But seeing Archeops taking slaking Slaking's place, Cinccino comes to play to take it out

    I was expecting for Archeops to stay and finish off Serperior with Dragonite setting up or attack my Cinccino. But I am surprised to finish off Alakazam with Cinccino instead by Rock blast, which is meant for Archeops, not Alakazam. But from seeing Dragonite on the field, I wanted to Serperior to destroy the Multiscale that Dragonite has with her HP fire. Even if she fell, she did quite a good job. I still got my trusty chinchilla to finish off Dragonite or Archeops.

    Guess what, I made the king of Bananas pissed. I'm not letting Cinccino fall just yet. I'll only attack ones it slacks down, so I protected her. As much as I want Serperior to set up light screen, she wasn't fast enough against dragonite. With Multiscale out and no lefties on Dragoite, Icy wind from Walrein will hurt big time.

    To be honest, I'm lucky that Dragonite ignored my key sweeper and went against Walrein instead for Cinccino to finish off Slaking. Plus, poor Dragonite, are you hurt by Ice type moves now without your precious Multiscale saving your A**! Yeah, dragonite is doomed!

    The instant I encountered Excadrill, I was thinking of using Meloetta in this fight for the first time. Gladly, not only Walrein a Rock Slide, he finished Dragonite. B****! But also slows down Excadrill. Good enough that Meloetta can finish excadrill all on her own. But with this progress, the table turns for the worst next turn despite me having the upper hand.
    Walrein: You call me suck, DIE!

    Do you know what I felt on these 2 turns? a big what of opportunity and plans wrecked like an Avalanche by Flinches. Just imagine 2 Jirachi Iron heading both of your pokemon as you cannot move at all. That is plain crazy.

    Simply, I don't wanna lose here and scout archeops. I'm still surprised that its sticking with stone edge. My guess that its either feinting another item instead of the scarf. And I was wrong learning from the next turn.

    Since my favorite normal type's down, I'm like bummers. I'm finished! So I just tried playing every remaining card that I had as I let Ampharos strengthen her defense.

    I was on a tough spot on who should I Confuse Ray. After a debate, I hate eating a critical edge more than a flinching rock slide. Lucky also that I dodged the Stone Edge. So on the next turn, I make a gamble that Archeops will get hurt so that I can set another Cotton Guard to take on earthquakes from my three opponents. Sorry archeops, my plan works. I thought that I still got a chance. Yet I have a huge chance of losing. I was like win or lose, I must defeat at least two of them.

    This turn was a triple bonus. Not only did I paralyze Salamence, Archeops failed to attack me as I finished him with Discharge. I was thinking if Salamence is Scarfed that time since its EQ locked. I mean, I took an Earthquake bravely.

    So Excadril returns even more furious now. I got very nervous from this turn until the last as I confused excadrill. I am surprised that my enemy is willing to sacrifice its Excadrill. I mean, that's detrimental if you ask me.

    Unfortunately, her attacks me last time before I finished him. Which makes my remaining HP a fear factor for me. I'm afraid that Salamence can finish excadrill work with its earthquake. BUT! I lived! Barely! I mean, even if the hax that I needed desperately never came from my expectations. It surprised that Ampharos just became faster than Salamence despite my low speed.

    For my last hope, I was having serious hope that her HP Ice is strog enough to finish Salamence. On one case, if it fails, paralysis better kick in. If it attacks, I'm done for. Empress Ampharos dies from the Roman Salamence. Luckily, my Ampharos proves herself as Mighty Empress!

    Now that I shared, if any of you are reading, I challenge you guys to have a low tier Favorite pokemon change the tide of your battle singlehandedly like I do.

    If not, this (playing as Cleopatra)is how I imagine my Ampharos mock the three pokemon she murdered as queen of Johto. Seriously, maybe I just haven't found another trainer who has a weak yet successful build set like mine ... just yet.

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