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English Names dicussion


I don't see a thread so I make one.

Wow, these names are so fitting, That's all I can say really.


the other white meat
i demand (okay, i ask nicely) that serebii change his avatar!


Salingerian Phony
I already knew the second would be the Main Street Colosseum. The English-language announcer proclaimed it.


Well-Known Member
I hada feeling Jo would have an "e" added on to it. And it makes more sence for it to be called Gateway, really. Main street makes sence, and I like Taylor for a name.


herd u liek mudkips?
I thought Taylor was a boy's name.

Congratulations, Serebii, on your purchase of Poketopia and your new position as leader of Gateway Colosseum.

I can't wait to find out Marin's name.

I would laugh hilariously if Mysterio's English name was Ray.

And I saw Main Street in an English demo video on IGN.


herd u liek mudkips?
The Castle Colosseum is now known as the Courtyard Colosseum. It's leader Rutagaa is now known as Kruger.

What kind of name is Kruger?

The Sunny Park Colosseum (Name stays the same) Leader is Ribbon, named so because she wears lots of Ribbons. Her English name goes along the same theme, except with sashes instead of ribbons, hence Sashay.

I'm guessing Marin's name gets revealed tomorrow, along with Luin's? Either Luin or Rapura. And then Rapura/Luin and Dai, perhaps?


Moose with the Pen
I can't wait to find out Marin's name.

I would laugh hilariously if Mysterio's English name was Ray.

Agreed on both accounts *_* especially for Marin's name.

And Taylor's nice. It reminds me of this androgonous character I had. But Tiru isn't androgonous, so it's a bit weird. Sashay is pretty too. Kruger is...alright?

And lulz@ Serebii's comment on Joe.


Torterra Firma
Anyays, Marina and Rosie were revealed today... I wonder what the slight change is that Joe (SEREBII, people!) mentions. Probably green haur instead of White for Rosie.


Brains for brawn
Taylor is a fine name, except that it was given to a girl.


Beyond repair


Every time I hear "Tiru" I'm about to spew.


It's TEIRU or Tail. "Tiru" is one of Joe's TERRIBLE ROMANISATIONS.

It's Tail, not Tiru.

Well, it's Taylor now.

And Joe's Japanese name is Joe as well. I have no idea why Serebii spels it Jo.

So obvious puns.

I believe that Luin's name will be Carlo
Bold's name will be Eric, Volt or Virgil.
Dai's name will be Gordon, I think.
And Mysterio... maybe Magnus.


herd u liek mudkips?
Why can't people call Taylor "Tiru"? There's no law against it.

My opinions so far:
DAY 1: Joe and Taylor. I was hoping for Joe. Taylor? I don't like it, but Genius Sonority (They're making this game, am I right?) deserves points for giving "Tiru" an unexpected name.
DAY 2: Sashay and Kruger. Also a good day. If Ribbon wears ribbons, then Sashay wears sashes. Good translation. Kruger? I don't get it, but a good name anyways.
DAY 3: ...And a huge letdown occurs. There must be a million people who've named their Roselias and Roserades "Rose" or "Rosie". A Roserade cosplayer named Rosie? WAY too predictable.

But I was even more disappointed with Marin's name. This is because, in addition to Pokemon already having more than one water-type trainer named Marina, I think Marin is one of the cutest girls in Pokemon, which is why the name Marina disappoints me so much.

Day 1, Day 2, and the Colosseum names are all great, IMO. But Day 3? No points in originality there, Genius Sonority.

PS: Tiru Tiru Tiru. Tiru.


herd u liek mudkips?
"I don't want to get a life because it feels like I'm leading three already." - Terry Pratchet

I now that there is someone named Freddy Kruger in a movie called Nightmare on Elm Street. I know nothing more. I don't watch movies. I use my TV for better, educational purposes. After all, being educated is learning, and I learn what my opponent's team is when I fight someone in a Pokemon game, so playing XD or Colosseum on my Wii would be educational, am I right?

Anyways, I think Boruudo and Dai's name's are going to be revealed tomorrow. Then, the next day, Luin and Mysterio.

I hope Luin's name is Jack. And if not, then I hope Dai's name is Jack.


Salingerian Phony
I've seen Borudo's name romanized as "Bordeaux" as well; it was what one of the frequent YouTube uploaders called him.

And I managed to dodge naming Roselia "Rose" or "Rosie." I trained it from a Budew, and it happened to be male, so I gave it the on-the-spot nickname of "Dewey."

Since Tiru is incorrect, and "Teiru" is the correct name, "Taylor" makes a LOT more sense now. I just hope that Kruger's name is something better-punned than a re-spelling of "Krueger." I don't know what the Japanese puns are for the other folks, so I can't make any educated guesses.


Torterra Firma
Antways, New-Dawn-New-Day, With Borudo as Voldon and Dai as... Terrel.

Voldon: Good idea for a name, but sounds strange.
Terrel: What. The. Hell. This is a (fake) person, and you gave it a name I would give a dog.


Well-Known Member
I saw rosie before I knew her jappanese name, I knew the english was gonna be Rosie somehow, Great name for her.


Beyond repair
Why can't people call Taylor "Tiru"? There's no law against it.


It's careless Joe who doesn't romanise the names properly.

Her name is TEIRU, which is Japanese spelling of English word "Tail". So, Taylor WAS expected name because it's a pun on Tail.