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Enjoyable Scenes to Write

Ryano Ra

Verdant Vitality
Hey, I haven't started up anything in the Author's Cafe in such a long time.

Well, here, we can discuss favorite scenes we love to write in our fabulous fanfictions, and compare those to others and such. You can post small portions of the scenes you wrote as examples and allow others to see what type you actually mean. This is a more enjoyable thread for us to talk about, for we can compare which scenes we like and which are more boring and bland. ^^ Let's begin.

For some strange reason, I find that writing scenes in the desert are so exciting. Usually, I describe how the temperatures are soaring high, a weak human is traveling and doesn't know if they'll make it out alive, or something of that area. Writing about deserts and dunes and sandbanks is so exciting to me because they can be featureless and waterless, leaving more room for description of an action or the sky. I especially like writing small sets of description, rather simple lines, where the temperatures are boiling and the sky is dark and cold. ^^
I like writing exchanges between trainers before battles. But i dont mean 'Hi, whats your name' but things with good lines, for example (this part is still indraft)
The two boys stared in shock at the peices of paper the Crime Leader produced from his desk. There was no dening it. There fathers name was infact that of the man standing before them. Yuuki crushed the paper in his fist. "I dont care (hideing), You might be my father, but I will still stop you."
Yuki looked at the person beside him. he took a step foward. "(hideing name), It's time..." He tore the cirtificat in two, "Its time for your Judgment day!" The three trainers reached for pokeballs, but an explosin stopped them.
(From Ties Bound By Battle, Draft Chapter, 'Yuki and Yuuki learn the truth')
Things when it gets Dramatic, when theres no humor, but you can feel the tention. Thats what I like


Don Ledianni
Hmm..Enjoyable scenes to write? Rather than spoil the story, I'll just tell everyone what great scenes I found enjoyable to write. As you guys know, I write superhero type stories with action, drama, comedy, romance and scifi stories. Here are some scenes I enjoyed writing:

1.) Mateo/Aquita's love scene flashback from Chapter 4. This was good because it showed how much the two really cared for each other and reminded themselves of their love and how strong it is even after the king's death.

2.) The Death of Baxter. The way I did it was action packed, emotional and funny at the same time. That's tied though to the massive superbattle in Chapter 7.

There's a couple others but I don't want to spoil things as the story isn't done yet. As I said, I like writing action, drama, comedy, romance and scifi. Hell, it's all good in comic form and my story does read like a comic you'd get on the stands today.



My favorite? The parodies that are found on TV in Dust to Deceit. From the Green Lanturn to 1337 TV, I sometimes need to actually think of what the best choice play on words I should use to make a parody.

I also enjoy writing battles. Although I haven't written too many Pokemon battles for Dust to Deceit yet, that will change soon enough.

Saffire Persian

Now you see me...
I like to write dark scenes - even angsty scenes - with a ton of introspection on the characters part... I find I write better when I'm focussed on as few characters as possible. ^^

Eternal Daydreamer

Surrender to the Sea
Hm. My favorite scene to write was the first interaction of Kylee and the sisters in Not So Sensational. It was fun to see how the sisters would react if a total stranger waltzed into their kitchen.


Fluff. :3

Without a doubt, hinting at love between characters, but keeping it neurtal and un-gaggingly sweet is a HUGE challenge. It's like a Toxin. Too much can kill, but a little can heal. ^^ *dance*

Plus, I'm good at it too. It's gotta be a wee angsty though, or else my PURE fluff makes people GAG. xP


I like writing parts where I can put a little comedy in a dramatic situation. A.K.A Maxie. Lol.

I also like writing little paragraphs in the fic that have nothing what so ever to do with it.

And, I like writing drama. The finally and the introduction of characters.

Sincearly Klaus

As always, be kind to the mime.


Well-Known Member
Pure horror scenes, whether it be a massive spider-king chasing a girl through mining tunnels or a pack of Cacturne stalking a weary traveler across the Mauville desert or a group of crazed religious fanatics nailing Mew to a cross. XD Yeah, I'm psycho. <<;


Me, something beautiful, like silvery wind made from a Beautifly that blew across the area, along the lines of that and all. Beauty=Lovely=Style=Fashion=Hott


Just me
I love writing my precious Scyther. :3 (Which, erm, becomes kinda apparent in chapters 27-30 of The Quest for the Legends... *hides extremely Scyther-based chapters protectively*) Whether he's being depressed or just getting drunk, I love writing anything with him.

I also like to write death and extreme fear or panic. And philosophical monologues.

Oh, and subtle political hints.


Put simply, I love to write:

Death Scenes - The emotion of someone beloved in a story dying, or simply the dying off of a character can stab the reader with a dagger out of the blue they did not expect. I like stabbing =D

Explanation Dialouge - Where a problematic situation or conflict is explained to a character with lesser knowledge of the plot than of a higher, respectable character. Dunno why, but I can get reeeaaally deep with explanations.

Plot Twists - 'Nuff said. I like torturing teh readers D:


Well-Known Member
Let's see, subtle comedy:

Emerald Lands said:
“Well here we are, our room!” went Drake, showing Suila.

“Wait, we’re sharing a room?” Suila immediately questioned, looking sort of worried.

“Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry, just wear your T-shirt and underwear to bed, there are only blankets, so it gets kinda cold at night”,

“Ummm, slight problem with that,”

“What, you’re not wearing a t-shirt?”

“There’s that, and I’m also not sorta wearing the other thing…..”
^Favourite comedy moment I ever wrote.


Emerald Lands said:
“Please, don’t hate me Drake, I have never agreed with what my father’s been doing. Please, other than Tac and my mom, you’re the only one who has ever cared about me!” Suila was crying, her makeup smeared by the salty tears running down her face. The anger inside Drake died down. He hated Archie for what he had done to Nylf and Nylf’s mother, but he cared so much for Suila right now. He didn’t know what to do. Seeing her crying like this, he knew she was nothing like her father. He moved closer to Suila, and wrapped his arms around her to help comfort her. Even though she was crying, she still felt warm against his chest. As he gently rubbed her hair, he quietly said,

“Don’t worry Sui, I’ll always be here for you. We’ve only known each other for a week, but you’re the best friend I’ve ever had who wasn’t family or a Pokemon. You’re nothing like Archie. He’s an evil man who would do anything to get what he wants, but you’re ,well, you, and that’s all that matters to me.”
They were both looking directly into each other’s eyes, and Drake carefully wiped away Suila’s tears, then broke their embrace before they both did something they would regret. He slowly headed down the forest path, and beckoned Suila to catch up. She sniffed, smiled, and ran after him. Drake was smiling as well, but only on the outside. Inside, he was kicking himself. He had grown so close to Suila in such a short period of time, but he knew this meant nothing. She was going out with Tac, and that meant he and she would never be more than friends. Once Suila caught up, he patted her on the shoulder, and said reassuringly,

“Don’t worry about your family Suila, my granddad has a saying, ‘The matter of one’s birth is irrelevant, it is what one does with the gift of life that determines who you are ’,” Suila smiled at this, and hugged Drake tightly.

Well, maybe not never……


31 Day Promise said:
As this song played, Ash clutched Misty closer to his chest. She didn't mind, she was enjoying the slow dance, but of course the both of them were blushing brighter than Ho-oh's Sacred Fire or Sacred Blast attacks. Ash had clutched Misty closer on impulse, owing to the thoughts that had been going through his mind. For a long time, ever since he and Misty had said goodbye in Hoenn, and how sad she had been when Togetic had left, he often worried she would forget him, that their friendship would just die. And the day Pikachu had gotten amnesia and joined Team Rocket, this had only worsened his fears. He had wished every night that Misty would never forget their friendship, and that he would never do the same. And now, as he clutched her close to him, feeling every one of her heartbeats, (Which were oddly fast), he knew that he shouldn't have worried. Misty meant to much to him to just be forgotten, and she felt the same way. But then another thought sprung up. Were his feelings for Misty still just friendly?

It felt to the pair of them that the moment couldn’t end. That it would last forever.

Ahh Nylf has got the warm and fuzzies. Those are me three favourite moments I ahve ever written, well that and all Ho-oh moments:

The 31 day Promise said:
<“They were right when they said the path of true love never runs straight. There’s always a few bumps and turns along the way. Though I must say, Ash and Misty are quite the exception. Their path’s running right along a mountain range!”>

And with that thought in mind, Ho-oh descended into slumber once more. Till tomorrow….

The 31 Day Promise said:
"Hey Ho-oh, how you're doing!" yelled Ash

<“Wazzaf***isgoingonwhattimeissityouletChelolyslee pinMew, oh hey Ash"> Ho-oh drowsily replied.

“Why are you here Ho-oh?” Ash inquired, trying to keep his voice down, but still be able to have Ho-oh hear what he’s saying.

<“Just a run-of-the-mill check Ash me lad. You know how it’s been since the Mallain incident a few months back. Have had to keep a closer eye on kids with big destinies. Anyway, I needed a break, and from what I‘ve seen the tournament looks to be very interesting.”> Ho-oh replied, looking very smug (You can just tell he loves his work and talking about stuff no-one else knows).

“How do you know what the tournament’s gonna be like? It’s not for another two days.” Ash inquired, quite puzzled.

<“ You forget, I can see into the future!”> answered Ho-oh, with a massive grin that clearly implied Future Sight was one of his favourite powers. (Can you blame him?)

“Well you’d better find somewhere to hide, everyone else will be awake soon, no thanks to Pikachu!” he said, glaringly angrily sideways at Pikachu.

<“He he, sorry ’bout that”> Pikachu went, laughing in an embarrassed manner and rubbing the back of it’s head.

<“Again Ash, you demonstrate your absent-mindedness. Watch!”> and as Ho-oh finished speaking, he raised his wings, and in a ruffle of feathers and a sprinkle of gold dust, he became invisible.

“Sorry, I forgot, how do you do that again?” Ash said, imitating what Pikachu did earlier.

<“It’s alright, and it’s simple. I merely make my feathers match the background colours of wherever I am. It’s how I’ve stayed in hiding for five hundred years!”> replied Ho-oh, smiling (as far as Ash could tell, since Ho-oh was invisible).

“Cool, well see you around Ho-oh!” Ash said, smiling and waving.

<“Yeah see you around Ash!”> replied Ho-oh, and as far as anyone’s guess he took off. And with that, Ash went inside, Pikachu strolling behind him and taking the **** by imitating him every step.

The 31 Day promise said:
As all of them went to bed, Ho-oh landed once more on top of the sign on top of the gym, trying to stifle a laugh. He began to mutter something to himself.

<“ Ash and Misty sitting by the tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”>. Once more he stifled a laugh, then went to sleep...

I love writing stuff to do with Ho-oh, because he breaks the streotype, and is easiest the most fun character to write, as he's completley carefree! Those are all my favourite moments I have ever written. But of course there's more to come, I mean, we're all still writing, and so we can expect many more fun scenes!


Zephyr Trainer
I have a few different kinds of scenes that I like to write.

1. My favorites are like gigantic battles to the death. I like adding twists in the battle as well, like your expecting one thing to happen and... BAM! The things you'd least expect to happen... happen.

2. Major plot twists! Examples of this are in my old fic, I Believe I Can Fly! Which is currently being rewritten. Expected finishing date: late 2006

3. Romantic scenes, I haven't got any of this in the two one-shots I've posted on SPPf, but expect some of this in the future

4. Dramatic scenes, like when a trainer has to leave his/her Pokemon behind, or when someone important dies. If you start to cry, I know my work is done.

5. Humorous scenes, not only do I like to make people cry, I love to make people laugh, too. In some stories, I make jokes everywhere you turn. (Trust me, I'm the master of stupid, yet funny puns), although in some of my stories, I keep it to a minimum, just because some stories are meant to be serious. Like in Spirit of the Marowak, there's a tiny bit of humor, but not much.


Hmm. I'd have to say that I try to make a variety of different kinds of scenes in my fanfics, as not to bore the readers and myself, but I do enjoy to write certain kinds of scenes...

1. Scenes that delve into the character's mind. They can simply be about the characters thought, or can mingle with their mind and what's going on around them, which sometimes adds to the effect of the scene (BIG HINT for LaL Chapter VI ^__^). They're a lot of fun to write.

2. Plot twists. It makes the story a lot more interesting when you take turns that the reader dosen't expect. But if they're used too much, it's just plain stupid, so I use them sparingly.

3. Fight scenes. And I don't mean those kiddy, sugar-coated...THINGS called Pokemon battles or when people are arguing. I mean all-out, no-holding-back battles between humans. Daggers, scimitars, bows and the like. Pokemon would seriously be interesting with truly evil villans, like Team Magma and Aqua. Violence. *huggles Love and Loyalty and Reality's Crossroads* Mine. >3


Well-Known Member
I simply love love battle scenes. Writing about how their attacks either miss or hit the opposing Pokemon. It is the main event in my fanfictions and so, has more description. It provides stories with the action they need.

Sike Saner

Peace to the Mountain
Above all, I LOVE writing transformation scenes. Evolution, spontaneous mutation, whatever. They're always just a great big blast to do - especially when the one doing the transforming is not particularly enjoying the process. Ah, yes...the difficult, even painful metamorphoses. Fun, fun, fun.

I also really like working with the really weird characters - those ones upon whom I look back and wonder, "Where the hell did that guy come from?" They're always great fun to write about.

Ryano Ra

Verdant Vitality
Nice, nice, Sike. ^^ I also like writing about weird characters.

When it comes to writing about characters and scenes, fantasy comes into mind. I love writing scenes about a depressed princess wandering endlessly in a meadow full of rosy foliage and frolicsome Skitty, or a dying warrior in agonizing pain, staggering through moonlit, hot dunes. Also, describing scenes about emotions or feelings or how the character is feeling seems to just flow into my mind. For example, if one of my characters are infected with some great disease or virus, describing what's it is doing or feeling like inside (tearing stomach, banging ribcages, blood-churning bowels, steaming brain, you get the drift. >.o). Those are very, very enjoyable. I will post small scene quotes from stories/short stories I've written just to show examples. ^^