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Enraptured [SU]

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Hydrangea, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Actually a cat in disguise Staff Member Moderator

    An original zodiac roleplay
    roleplay thread (coming soon) | discussion thread (coming soon)

    The Red String of Fate

    Fate. An interesting concept to say the least. Many denounce it as just some silly folktale, or a madman’s idea of the world, but there is certainly some truth to the tales of before. Our world, like many others, rests on the principle of belief. Without believing in something there is nothing, and without the belief of the masses many things would fade away into our collective forgotten unconscious.

    Magic was one of these instances, of course many people had forgotten the principles and properties of magic over the years, as many people began to worship other gods that didn’t use magic as much as the gods of the past. People let it fade away, not knowing how to continue the use of magic as they once had. In our modern society, magic has died out, thanks to the beliefs of the people fading into obscurity once again. The same can be said about any folktale, or even the belief of fate. Without the people to support it, it dies, similar to a child struggling to get its footing within our confusing and disorienting world.

    Unfortunately, the belief of soulmates and the binding of one person to another through fate and the gods was one of the beliefs that was squashed down by the masses. Many in our recent society believed that the concept was far too foolish to be true, why would the gods pair us with anyone? Especially someone that we had probably never met before? It was a stupid fairytale according to the masses, they believed that the gods should not tamper with their love life and rather that they should be allowed to choose their future husband/wife. As the beliefs faded, so did the gods that controlled the fates. This lead to humanity choosing for themselves… and ultimately choosing wrong. Divorce rates began to rise as humanity chose partners that would never truly fit them. Humanity crumbled without belief, even now the people are weaker than they have ever been before. However, humanity is far too stubborn to admit that they are wrong and as such the world continues turning. Life goes on, the same as before.

    One thing that humanity still holds onto, or at least some humans, is the belief in astrology. Many people hold their zodiac signs extremely dear to them, the star they were born under guides them through life and towards their beliefs. Even now, the starsign within you reacts strongly to whatever you do and see. Your sign guides you towards what is right, or what is wrong in it’s eyes. Thanks to the belief that humanity holds in them, they continue to grow in power. Unlike the other elements of the world.

    Present day Japan, all is right in the world. It’s the same as it’s always been… or at least it was. Twelve students come together at just the right time, realising too late that their strong beliefs may not have always been a good thing. Especially considering that they now possessed magical powers and were seemingly bound together by some invisible force that made them feel connected to a fellow classmate that they had never quite spoken to before.

    … It seemed that they had helped the gods wake up, and they were ready to finally unleash their dormant powers. Whether this was a good thing or a bad thing, had yet to be known.

    Current Story

    It is currently 20xx (modern day), people live their lives as they please with little care in the world. People don’t pay any mind to the beliefs of old, and they would prefer to keep it that way. However, students and the young generation have taken an interest in magic and some pagan beliefs. As such, some of the wonders of the old world are coming back stronger than they were before. We have the young generation to thank for the constellations regaining their full power, as well as certain branches of magic coming back into power.


    Obviously all Serebii rules apply.
    - No bunnying. Ever. Unless you have permission.
    - No OPing or God playing.
    - Any doubts about a post, let me know before you post to avoid edits, which tend to mess things up for other RPers.
    - Extreme inactivity will result in removal. Real life does take priority over this so if you’re going to be away for a while, notify me in advance. I’ll normally let you know in advance if your reaching a limit.
    - This RP is rated PG-14 for suggestive themes, language and violence.


    Our story takes place in Tokyo, Japan. However, I don’t really expect you to be from Japan if you’d prefer to make a different sort of character. The characters must be students, preferably high school graduates who have moved onto college studies. The only rules I do have related to character are the zodiac signs and birthdates, which will be explained later. It is also important to keep in mind that due to the overarching plot of red string of fate, you will be paired with another player’s character once the roleply really starts. This will be completely random and it is very possible you may hate each other, I’ll most likely be PMing you with your pairing and your hypothetical temperament towards them --- considering certain signs don’t exactly see eye to eye.

    The Magic

    This roleplay has magic, but really only magic used by our characters. Based on your sign, you will have access to one element.

    Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
    Earth (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo)
    Air (Gemini, Aquarius, Libra)
    Water (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)

    However, I will also allow you to pick a second element from the likes of anything you can really imagine would fit. (Besides of course these initial four elements) This element is a little more personal to your character and would probably fit their backstory. This, paired with their initial element would create a third special ability magic. (Water + Poison = Acid Rain, as an example). Please write a minor description of your combined power.

    * For clarity sake, I'd like to mention that the third power is simply that. A single strong ability rather than a full set of elements like the other two. Your two initial elements would have all sorts of uses, but the combination would simply be one stronger than average ability.

    The Signs

    Your character must loosely follow these traits, however you are free to add anything else you may like. You may also add anything else that really describes the signs.

    March 21st - April 20th

    Adventurous and energetic
    Pioneering and courageous
    Enthusiastic and confident
    Dynamic and quick-witted

    Selfish and quick-tempered
    Impulsive and impatient
    Foolhardy and daredevil ​

    April 21st - May 21st

    Patient and reliable
    Warmhearted and loving
    Persistent and determined
    Placid and security loving

    Jealous and possessive
    Resentful and inflexible
    Self-indulgent and greedy ​

    May 22nd - June 21st

    Adaptable and versatile
    Communicative and witty
    Intellectual and eloquent
    Youthful and lively

    Nervous and tense
    Superficial and inconsistent
    Cunning and inquisitive ​

    June 22nd - July 22nd

    Emotional and loving
    Intuitive and imaginative
    Shrewd and cautious
    Protective and sympathetic

    Changeable and moody
    Overemotional and touchy
    Clinging and unable to let go​

    July 23rd - August 21st

    Generous and warmhearted
    Creative and enthusiastic
    Broad-minded and expansive
    Faithful and loving

    Pompous and patronizing
    Bossy and interfering
    Dogmatic and intolerant ​

    August 22nd - September 23rd

    Modest and shy
    Meticulous and reliable
    Practical and diligent
    Intelligent and analytical

    Fussy and a worrier
    Overcritical and harsh
    Perfectionist and conservative ​

    September 24th - October 23rd

    Diplomatic and urbane
    Romantic and charming
    Easygoing and sociable
    Idealistic and peaceable

    Indecisive and changeable
    Gullible and easily influenced
    Flirtatious and self-indulgent​

    October 24th - November 22nd

    Determined and forceful
    Emotional and intuitive
    Powerful and passionate
    Exciting and magnetic

    Jealous and resentful
    Compulsive and obsessive
    Secretive and obstinate​

    November 23rd - December 22nd

    Optimistic and freedom-loving
    Jovial and good-humored
    Honest and straightforward
    Intellectual and philosophical

    Blindly optimistic and careless
    Irresponsible and superficial
    Tactless and restless​

    December 23rd - January 20th

    Practical and prudent
    Ambitious and disciplined
    Patient and careful
    Humorous and reserved

    Pessimistic and fatalistic
    Miserly and grudging​

    January 21st - February 19th

    Friendly and humanitarian
    Honest and loyal
    Original and inventive
    Independent and intellectual

    Intractable and contrary
    Perverse and unpredictable
    Unemotional and detached​

    February 20th - March 20th

    Imaginative and sensitive
    Compassionate and kind
    Selfless and unworldly
    Intuitive and sympathetic

    Escapist and idealistic
    Secretive and vague
    Weak-willed and easily led​

    Sign Up Sheet

    Sexuality: (I said your partner would be random, but at least it should be of your prefered gender)

    Astrological Sign:
    Magic: (Initial sign magic, personal magic, and then your extra combined power)
    Weapon: (In case we get into battles with gods/monsters you may want a weapon)


    [B]Sexuality:[/B] (I said your partner would be random, but at least it should be of your prefered gender)
    [B]Astrological Sign:[/B]
    [B]Magic:[/B] (Initial sign magic, personal magic, and then your extra combined power)
    [B]Weapon:[/B] (In case we get into battles with gods/monsters you may want a weapon)

    Aries: Tyler Kingston | Fire + Electric Magic (Plasma) [Monster Guy]
    Gemini: reserved for Schade
    Leo: Hunter Bancroft | Fire + Gravity Magic (Black Hole) [Requiem's Eclipse]
    Virgo: Phoebe Eliot | Earth + Spirit Magic (Golems) Samayouru
    Libra: Suzy Yorke | Air + Light Magic (Sunlight) [Hydrangea]
    Scorpio: Sylvia Edelstein | Water + Dark Magic (Mist) [*Jean Grey*]
    Sagittarius: Cole "Ghost" Brooks | Fire + Shadow Magic (Ethereal Flames) [TikTok13]
    Capricorn: Baron Vonage | Earth + Gravity Magic (Spire) [InnerFlame]
    Aquarius: Cyan Crawford | Air + Ice Magic (Blizzard) [Vern]
    Pisces: reserved for Sketchie
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2017
  2. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Actually a cat in disguise Staff Member Moderator

    Name: Suzy Yorke
    Age: 21 (College Student that transferred to Japan)
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Astrological Sign: Libra
    Birthday: September 29th
    Magic: Air + Light = Sunlight (Support spell, offers healing to all allies and blinds her enemies for a few moments. The bigger the enemy, the less time they are blinded. This spell can be used to quickly flee if a battle gets too hard)

    - Her air magic involves blasts of air and the ability to create large gusts to lift herself into the air
    - Her light magic strong magical blasts of light as well as a few minor healing spells.

    Weapon: Threaded Cane

    Appearance: Suzy could be described as a very attractive young lady by some people, her rounded and soft face makes her appear full of youth and makes her appear very approachable and fragile. She stands at around 5'4" and weighs about 150 pounds, making her pretty much the perfect weight for her height. She has very pale white skin, which is usually prettied up with makeup --- some light pink blush and a little bit of concealer so no one would ever be able to tell that she actually has a couple blemishes. She has large green eyes, reflective of her emotions, which, as of late she doesn't exactly like to show a whole lot of. Her eyes are accented by the black winged eye-liner that she absolutely adores to apply, as well as her dark hipster framed glasses, she's near-sighted so it's very rare that you'd see her without her glasses. She has pale blonde hair, short and curly to make it easier to style. It has a fluffy look, making people want to touch it and play with her cute little tassels. Her body type could be described as hourglass, meaning she has wide hips and shoulders but a skinny middle. Her breasts are a little above average, sitting at about a D cup. Suzy is missing her left arm due to an accident she suffered when she was a child, she's a little self-conscious of her missing arm and usually wears clothing to cover it.

    For clothing, Suzy likes hipster fashion and she herself could probably be described as a hipster. Her clothing style is simplistic yet cutesy, she can usually be seen wearing a cream-coloured dress, it's quite light and summery but due to her deformity she would heavily prefer to wear a black jacket on top of it as well; however if it gets too hot she will take the jacket off, usually leading to shock and wonder from others. For accessories she wears a light brown scarf around her neck, as well as tall white stockings and little cream coloured pumps on her feet. However being fashionable she has a few other outfits she loves to wear. One in particular is a cream coloured sweater with an upside down moon on it's surface, along with this she wears brown shorts that are frayed at the end and white ripped tights. To accessorise she wears a brown hat, her usual scarf, and some cute brown boots. She carries a cane that she uses as a weapon, it was made by her father.

    Personality: Suzy is a diplomatic individual, she never follows exclusively her own drum and tries to hear the thoughts of her peers and group. She never believes that her opinion is the only possible option to approach any sort of situation, she always offers others to speak and hears their options. She courteous and polite, always apologising when she bumps into others and saying sorry when she frightens them due to her singular arm. However, she would most certainly prefer if you didn't point out her arm because she gets a little frustrated and angry if you point it out before she has a chance to tell you. She's a hopeless romantic, clinging to the idea of having a soulmate so tightly upon first hearing the legend. She's a charmer, that's for sure. However she is somewhat confident in herself due to her deformity, not quite sure if she's actually pretty. She's never really been told she's beautiful despite her charming and charismatic nature and as such has an indecisive attitude about her own appearance.

    Suzy can be somewhat sassy, and sometimes has snarky and sarcastic responses to questions. However, she's a pretty down to Earth and easygoing at heart. She tends to not let little things bother her and will usually brush off things that are small, her motto has always been 'don't sweat the small stuff' which she definitely tends to stick by. She enjoys making friends, as she had very little interpersonal contact beyond her adoptive family before entering college. She finds it easy to make friends that to her sociable nature and friendly easygoing personality, and as such people tend to flock to her and feel at ease and comfortable around her. Her easygoing nature could also be described as peaceful, as she dislikes causing conflict and prefers keeping everyone happy. She puts others before herself and always ensures that the happiness of other people comes before her own. She is a bit of a perfectionist, often putting herself down as in her eyes she'll never be what she aims to be. Her idealistic nature can also be attributed to her sappy romantic side, as she wishes for a perfect world that will never quite come into fruition.

    She's artistically inclined, wanting to make the world beautiful like she wishes herself to be. She loves poetry, reading and writing her own. She also loves art, actually going into school to become a proper painter and artist. She studied in her home city before being sent abroad to study nature and learn proper painting techniques in Japan; she now hopes to learn the old techniques of scrolls and classical painting. She plays the violin, but she has found it quite difficult due to her now deformity. As such, her inventor father made her a rest that she can put on the remnant of her arm so that she can rest the violin and continue playing. She loves to read and would consider herself quite intelligent, which is probably why she comes off as somewhat snarky and sarcastic to some people. She loves talking about things she loves, and can sometimes act quite immature about these things when prompted with them in conversation.

    Unfortunately for Suzy, she's a little too easygoing for her own good. Her opinion can be easily changed and she's been called gullible a few too many times. She falls for pranks easily, often believing anything she reads without actually thinking about the consequences. She's been told that she should be more sceptical, but she has great trouble in doing so. She quite indecisive about her own life, she has trouble keeping a favourite colour in her head, or deciding what hair style and colour would look the best. This is why the hipster style of fashion fits her so well, as she can experiment as much as she wants. Suzy's biggest downfall, however, is her flirty and self-indulgent nature. Even if she had a boyfriend she would probably still flirt with anyone that she could, she loves making herself feel powerful by doing it but also to simply fuel her own desires. She loves giving herself anything indulgent, including chocolate, sex, and expensive jewellery and other objects. Nothing is too good for Suzy.

    History: Suzy was born to Amelia and Samuel Clarke, her parents were young, foolish, and unable to keep their new daughter. Her mother had strong morals, not believing in doing things like abortion or terminating the pregnancy in any way. As such, Suzy was carried to term and promptly given away. Her parents were merely high school lovebirds and had no money to themselves nor their newly birthed daughter --- and they did this in the baby's own best interest. Suzy wasn't named at this time, nor did her parents really wish to know anything about her beyond if a couple was hoping to adopt her. They didn't want to get attached, in case they wished to keep her. Her parents were relieved when they learned that their baby was being adopted by a fairly well off older couple, a couple who could not have children of their own but were going to love and cherish Suzy. This couple, Jon and Leah Yorke, adopted the baby and named her Suzy. The Clarkes went on living, never really showing back up in Suzy's life. They were just happy she had found a forever home that would love her always, giving her what they could not.

    Jon was an inventor, adoring making little things that help make the lives of people easier. He makes prosthetics for children, as well as devices to make the lives of the disabled a little easier. He designs new wheel chairs, crutches, and other such devices. As such, the Yorke family was fairly well off and certainly lived great lives. They spoiled Suzy from a young age, as the two were never able to have children of their own and were making up for the time that they felt they lost. Leah was an author, and the family lived happily in their small lakeside home in Maine. From a young age Suzy showed interest in art, probably helped by her mother's artistically inclined degree. Suzy wished to pursue art in the future, which was something she held onto until she entered college.

    Life went on fairly normally for the Yorke family, until their trip to California. It was Suzy's first big holiday, and she was only eight at the time. During the drive up the car struck another vehicle, by no fault of Leah, who was driving at the time. Their car was hit by another car, a drunk driver as the police report later concluded. The cars struck one another head on, causing the Yorke's family car to be totalled. Luckily, no one in the car died that day. Jon suffered a minor concussion when his head hit the dashboard, Leah broke her arm and nose, and Suzy... Suzy got the worst of the accident. Suzy wasn't wearing her seatbelt when the car struck the other vehicle, as such she was thrown from her seat and through the windshield. Miraculously, she survived --- but her arm was forcibly torn from her body from the impact. Being rushed to the hospital saved Suzy's life, but not her arm. The wound was cauterised, but remained a simple stump of what it once was.

    Suzy was extremely depressed about the entire accident, she blamed her parents, and herself. She didn't know who to focus her aggression on, as such she stayed in bed most of the day, not knowing how to live now that she had lost her arm. She was aspiring as a violinist, but now she was unable to play. Jon offered her many times to build her a prosthetic arm, but she constantly refused. She didn't want his pity, she didn't want anyone's pity. Her depression lead her to drop out of school, as her parents couldn't get her out of bed and they didn't want to force her to do anything that would make her uncomfortable.

    Suzy was forcefully yanked out of her depression by faith, but not the kind you would expect. She began doing research on her laptop around the time she was fourteen, this research lead her to discover pagan beliefs as well as a newfound interest in the stars. She became very interested in astrology at this time, learning that she was a libra and her life represented balance. She assumed this meant that everything would everything would eventually balance itself out and make her feel... normal again. She became stronger, learning to live with her new deformity and figuring out how to adjust. She felt better, and her faith kept her sane. She learnt about the red string of fate, and hoped that it were true. Her romantic heart wanted to desperately find a soulmate who would love her no matter what.

    Now, Suzy is twenty-one. She's entering her second year of university and wished to transfer to Japan to learn the old techniques of scroll art and traditional Japanese style. However, upon arrival and meeting a few other students she found herself about to do strange things... and she also felt bound to someone else.

    - One Armed, as previously stated. Refuses to use prosthetics.
    - Loves music
    - Loves art
    - She already had a previous passion for Japanese art, so being able to transfer there was a dream come true.
    - She could be described as questioning, but she will only truly admit that she likes boys.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2017
  3. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Ooh, cool! Can I reserve Scorpio? :3

    Name: Sylvia Edelstein

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Bisexual (Pansexual, even? She did snog a door drunk, and if there was a token "mascot" character...)

    Astrological Sign: Scorpio

    Birthday: October 30

    Magic: Water + Darkness = Mist

    - Sylvia's dynamic battle style means that she tends fight offensively, and to shape her magic (whether Water or Darkness) into bladed weapons she could control or utilize herself in close combat or even use them to power up her fists and legs. This is of course, especially what she does whenever someone disarms her.

    - Sylvia's water magic manifests as either very hot or very cold, never in between. Her water also only hurts and destroys, it never heals or restores. With it, Sylvia is able to create water out of thin air, allowing her to attack with water-powered punches, water-powered kicks, and create blades and weapons out of water. While she rarely uses torrents and blasts, she does utilize them, just not commonly. Outside of weapons, punches and kicks, Sylvia's favored manifestation of her Water magic is the maelstrom. She can surround herself with a personal one of her own that whirls so quickly while protecting her and allowing her to fight physically from within. She could also trap someone in a maelstrom of their own, hindering them (and perhaps even drowning the foolish) until it dissipates. Having power over water naturally makes her able to breathe in it as well.

    - Sylvia's darkness magic allows her to hide in the shadows and attack unseen, fitting for her no holds barred and dirty tendencies in fighting. She also has the capability to shape the shadows into weapons and utilize them in battle, whether by controlling them, throwing them or by directly wielding them (she especially likes pissing off anyone who disarms her of her scythe by conjuring up her own shadow scythe). Similar to how her water magic works, she could also use shadow-powered punches and kicks. Unlike her water magic, which runs very hot or very cold, Sylvia's darkness only manifests as very cold to those who come in contact with it.

    - When her powers combine, Sylvia creates a cold, dark mist that surrounds as well as clings onto her opponents, chills them to the bone and drains them of their energy, weakening them slowly as visibility goes down, rendering them less able to strike back. It also is capable of causing some weaker, smaller opponents to start seeing things within it, though nobody truly knows whether Sylvia's mist really does have hallucinogenic properties or have tendencies similar to Fey magic...or whether the mist simply is just that cold and dark that it consequently enfeebles the mental faculties of those who are particularly affected by its energy-sapping abilities.

    Weapon: Scythe

    Appearance: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Though rough around the edges and the furthest thing from elegant, it's hard to deny that Sylvia has striking looks. Perhaps not the kind of conventional, sweet summer beauty that most people prefer, but rather, the type that makes one look twice, to see if they missed something. She stands at 6'1" and has a lean yet muscular body type, with long legs, a toned torso, strong arms and very large breasts that she isn't shy about at all. Her skin is very light in tone, and her hair is dyed a deep blue color, with long bangs that cover the left side of her face. She usually wears it twisted and clipped up, its ends fanning out into spikes that crown her head. However, during the rare occasions that she lets it down, one could see that it's longer than it looks - nearly until her waist. If one flips up the fanned-out hair, they could see that she secures her hair with a large black hairclip adorned with a black velvet ribbon, its ends hanging down to the top of her neck. Don't try to ask what her natural hair color is - you most likely wouldn't get the truth (but it's actually a light strawberry color). Her striking icy blue eyes, surrounded by long, thick dark lashes, ringed underneath with faint black circles (due to lack of sleep...she hardly sleeps actually), and set on a rather angular face, look intimidating to most people, yet somehow also have the tendency to be expressive and at times even betray her emotions. Her eyebrows are of medium thickness with a strong arch and her nose is aquiline, reflecting her half-Jewish ancestry, and pierced on the right nostril with a dark metal hoop. She has more piercings in fact - one on her navel, and a whole line of them (about 5-6) going down each ear, in order to accommodate her many earrings. She has tattoos as well, all of them done in black ink; a tribal wolf at the base of her neck, barbed wire on her left arm, a stylized scorpion on her left hip, and a pair of skeletal dragon wings on her back. She also has a gang tattoo (or rather gang tattoos) and rather than hide them, she actually shows them off - they're a set of four numbers, one on each of the fingers (except the thumb) of her left hand, just below her fingernails, which are usually painted black. As she's a smoker, her teeth aren't the nicest-looking. It's not rare to see Sylvia bruised and scratched on her face and body from fighting or brawling, and she doesn't bother hiding it when she does.

    Sylvia favors the color black in just about everything she wears. She favors an edgy, subversive and dark style, and she has a taste for black leather, as well as spikes, chains, safety pins and dark, macabre motifs. She's not ashamed of her body either, and tends to wear revealing clothes often. She's especially weak for black leather jackets and black leather vests that have sharp spikes, chains and the dark, dangerous imagery that she loves. She hates frilly "little girl" clothing or sophisticated "ladylike" clothing, however, and actively avoids them. Her top is a cropped black leather vest worn on its own as a shirt. This vest has gunmetal skull pins adorning it, as well as a buckle closure around her neck, and it comes down to her ribcage in length, exposing her toned abdomen, as well as some of her tattoos. She pairs this vest with a black belt with gunmetal spikes and a skull buckle, and tight-fitting shredded black leather pants with rips down both legs. For her shoes, she usually wears knee-high black steel-toed lace-up combat boots decorated with buckled belts that have gunmetal studs. On her hands, she wears black leather fingerless gloves, and on her head, she sometimes wears a black leather newsboy hat with a skull print. She has many other outfits of course, but generally, they are all black. Her tops tend to have rips, safety pins, dark imagery, some bondage elements or any combination of them, she favors short shorts, leather pants and the occasional miniskirt for bottoms (she hates long, flowing skirts and dresses) and all her shoes are military, heavy metal or rock-inspired boots of some sort. She's also one who's bold enough to even wear a bullet belt to class or out and about. As for jewelry, outside of her piercings, she tends to wear either a dark metal chain or a black leather choker around her neck. Sylvia is, unsurprisingly, not one who particularly enjoys dressing up for formal events.

    Personality: Sylvia is strong-minded, intense, tempestuous and fearless. Growing up in poverty, living the life of a street criminal (with the tattoos to prove it), and having had a stint in prison on top of that, she already knew from a young age that life would never be easy and that she might as well face everything head on and muscle her way through instead of running away from her problems. Hence, she's hardly fazed by anything and never, ever backs down from a dare or a challenge, often claiming that she's "seen worse things" or "done worse things" all the time, because she sees stepping back and giving up as a sign of weakness. This can lead her to think she's invincible and go looking for trouble when she shouldn't be. She gravitates towards danger and the wild side, to mixed results of course. A tomboy by nature, she's very rough around the edges and doesn't care for traditionally feminine ideals and pursuits, and prefers to settle things with might - her fists, a shag or a fight, rather than diplomacy...she's not much of a negotiator and doesn't care for those kinds of "smooth skills" anyway. Her manner is brash, crude and straightforward, being the type who swears a lot and when she does crack jokes, expect them to be either dark, sexually inappropriate or both. She's quite the irreverent as well, with the tendency to break social norms and throw etiquette and bearing out the window, even if she's in the presence of someone much higher-ranked than herself. She's casual, without much care for using titles and instead prefers first names or hell, nicknames that she comes up with (which aren't always exactly the most flattering). This young woman is blunt and never minces her words, she speaks her mind, has her own opinions (to the point of forcing them onto others at times) and doesn't care much about the implications and the consequences when she criticizes someone or insults them. On the one hand, this may turn some people off immediately, but it also means that she's not about to lie to anyone's face for trivial reasons. She also has more than a few problems with authority as well, and would much rather break rules than follow them, especially if said rules are unreasonable or stupid. She's daring like that, and prides in that trait...which does unfortunately make her judge those who are more cautious, calling them "wimps" and "pussies" very casually. It's easy to see that Sylvia's indomitable will and unyielding nature makes her one who hates being controlled, manipulated or being under anyone's thumb for that matter. She often refers to herself as "nobody's bitch", and many consider her to be too pigheaded, proud and forceful for her own good. Expectedly, she definitely has a fiery temper that is easily triggered and that she isn't afraid to show in many ways.

    Sylvia is a person of action. Sitting pretty, reading, and things along those lines bore her. Elaborate plans? She doesn't have patience for making them. Theories? She's no rocket scientist. She'd much rather be in the thick of things, and actually experience stuff rather than listen to stories. Nothing good happens when people just sit there and keep thinking and talking amongst themselves after all. She didn't keep herself alive by becoming a scholar. Impatient to a fault, she fearlessly jumps into the fray and acts before thinking, consequences be damned; a real Leeroy Jenkins. And when this passionate, determined and hot-blooded young woman sets her mind or body on doing something, she never, ever gives up until she manages to accomplish it. She's willing to try many things, as long as they sound exciting, dangerous or both, and even though people would try cautioning her, she probably would turn a blind ear. She has her own mind, thank you very much. She extremely revels in fighting and showing people up. She's very strong and violent, and doesn't hesitate to show it...be it in beating up someone during a pub brawl, especially around guys who test her patience, or doing things in bed. She's also confident in her abilities, and only gets more pumped if people try to talk her down or underestimate her - tenacious is her middle name, and the more she's expected to give up, back down or give in, the more she wouldn't, and would instead fight back and show up whoever has the nerve to expect that from her. If she threatens you with physical injury...chances are, she would follow through and more, being even more bite than bark at times. She's also not above flirting, seducing or having one-night stands...she has a very prominent sexual, lascivious side and is very confident in her body. Her tendency towards doing dangerous things and her lack of filter, coupled with her dramatic looks and dark beauty, make some people see her as alluring and a breath of fresh air. She usually makes the first move, rather than wait...only submissive and weak-willed girls wait while batting their lashes and drinking their watered-down pink cocktails after all. It doesn't help that she hates the idea of safe and predictable "vanilla" too. However, she only partakes in such as long as it's her own idea, her own choice and that it won't get serious, of course. Nothing good comes out of romance after all, and Sylvia's issues with romance don't help one bit. If anyone tries to coerce her or force her, though? She will make them regret thinking that she could be anyone's bitch.

    Sylvia tends to be cynical when it comes to people and their motives, and is generally slow to trust others...especially those she deems as "too smooth" and "silver-tongued", as well as those she thinks just want her for her body. Thus, she could come across as hostile at first impression to most people. She is not at all shy or reserved, however. In fact, she's exciting to be around as long as you have a taste for the far-from-safe and the profane. She makes a great fighting partner, drinking buddy or gambling mate, as long as people are willing to deal with a person with a lewd sense of humor, who's an arrogant winner and a sore, violent loser. Shallow, fleeting interactions such as those, she doesn't have much of an issue with, and she gladly initiates and joins in...what's difficult for her is really allowing herself to make deep connections to others, or to even allow herself to lean on someone for that matter. She refuses to give her full trust quickly, having been betrayed one too many times in the past. Romance is an even bigger issue for her - she's disillusioned towards it, knowing most men are out to use others...and she also knows that heartbreak hurts. She isn't immune to attraction, but she actively, even compulsively, pushes those thoughts away and denies said thoughts repeatedly. She knows that at least, being alone means nobody can hurt her or try to use her. This does not mean that she doesn't get jealous...she actually does, and she's especially jealous of those who can love and trust freely, the lucky ones who never had to get hurt so cruelly and coldly, the way it happened to her. Sylvia is also one who doesn't take betrayal well. She never, ever forgives or forgets, and holds grudges for very long periods of time, and she doesn't let up either, not even when someone tells her it's pointless and a waste of energy. But when someone does earn her trust? They'd be proud to call Sylvia a friend. She still wouldn't mince her words and she still gets snarky, but she would never leave them behind. She would stand by and go through anything, no matter how dangerous or difficult, for someone who manages to gain her trust and friendship. Just don't expect her to play vulnerable around actual friends though, she's really not that type...she's more the type who looks after people in her own rough-handed, tough-love manner, which she thinks makes people learn to be stronger. Sylvia is not one who tolerates emotionality, especially when taken too far. She finds it difficult to accept idealistic and heart-based ways of thinking...she doesn't have much in the way of morals, and doesn't exactly understand why something as foolish as idealism exists in the first place. She thinks it doesn't really have a point but to make people have unrealistic expectations about everything...unrealistic expectations that can only disappoint in the end.

    A streetwise, independent and tough young woman, Sylvia knows her way around things and doesn't like it when people offer to help her out, seeing it as a slight to her own capabilities. She prides in being able to stand on her own and is one who thinks that she can handle her issues and problems on her own, and deal with them in her own way...they're hers for a reason, and she's no damsel and she's the furthest thing from a fragile flower. Thus, she keeps her problems and issues to herself, preferring to be secretive about them and deal with them on her own as best as she could, and even when she's stuck in a rut, she isn't the type to ask for help or depend on someone. She especially dislikes it if self-righteous people try to impose that there's only "one right way" to deal with certain things. Her past experiences, as well as spending most of her formative years as a criminal, gave her a knack for sniffing out bullshit and lies. And she will call anyone out if she thinks they're trying to mess with her. Of course, with at least a black eye or a cracked jaw for good measure. That being said, Sylvia is a terrible liar, something that she is very aware of but hates admitting. This is partially due to her expressive face and eyes - try as she might, it's difficult for her to hold a straight face or a cold, even voice. Her temper also makes her an epic fail at being cold and calculating. You see, while emotionally-charged situations make her uncomfortable and test her patience, and while she would much rather die than spend an evening listening to people cry their hearts out, she is not emotionless. Very much the opposite in fact, if her tempestuous disposition and her expressive face are any indication. Her emotions run very deep, so deep, and she feels them very strongly. She may not be a crier, but she does have feelings...which she feels much stronger than most, and which she only shares to those she truly can trust. She does laugh from time to time after all. It's just that she scoffs at the idea of showing vulnerability and being vulnerable in particular, knowing that the only things that can come out of being so are being used and manipulated, betrayal, and helplessness, among other undesirable things.

    While clever for the most part and most definitely not stupid, Sylvia lacks in book smarts and is the furthest thing from scholarly. She does, however, take interest in the dark side of things, the occult and the taboo, being one who has no religious beliefs whatsoever, and who thinks that whatever happens, happens. She also has a talent and strong interest in mechanical work, being a mechanical engineering student herself. She's good with her hands as well as under the hood, and even better speeding on her motorcycle or anyone else's car.

    Like any normal, sane person, she also appreciates good food and drink, particularly meaty dishes and strong alcohol. She has a very high alcohol tolerance that could make many grown men cry, in fact. When she does manage to drunk, though? She becomes even more sensual than she already is, being prone to heavy flirting (even with inanimate objects), taking off her clothes, speaking in a lot more innuendo and much worse things.

    History: "Your surname is Edelstein...never forget that." Those were the last words of Renate Kraus, Sylvia's mother and the only parent she knew, as she died when the girl was just four, succumbing to gunshot wounds during a particularly violent gang standoff in the dangerous Gurtel area of Vienna. Thus, from an early age, young Sylvia's life was hard. She never knew or even saw her father, the only thing she was sure about him was that he probably was ashamed of her and Renate, or that he thought she did not even exist. Young Sylvia didn't know where to go or what to do at that moment. Renate had struggled to feed her and had even taken up a dangerous job just to do so. A man that she recognized as one of the gangsters involved in the standoff found her on the street a couple of hours later, and decided to take her in, if only to shut her up and protect himself from the possibility that a witness could get him arrested. Thus, the girl was immediately thrust into a life of risk and danger. The man happened to be Alberich Schwanz, a notorious gang leader and the local drug lord. When she was five, Alberich thrust a small gun in her hands, and told her that the only ones who stayed alive on the streets were the ones who knew how to take care of themselves, and who knew their way around. At first, the young girl didn't understand why so much was expected of her, but then she was repeatedly reminded of her mother and her death. Did she want to die that way? It was then that she "got" it. Things were far from easy, even though she technically did have a roof over her head and food to eat. Alberich was demanding, stern and didn't hesitate to use his fists when dealing with her. Even more violent was his chief enforcer and right-hand man Graeme Oprano, an exiled Irishman with a penchant for smoking weed and using heavy bats to deal out punishment. At first, Sylvia was often on the receiving end of most of Alberich's words and Graeme's beatings, but as time went on, she toughened up and became iron-willed. She soon got a reputation for being particularly fierce and gutsy, the one who never backed down during a fight, the one who always bit back at Graeme whenever he hit her, and who just hated the notion of giving in to anyone, most especially to a particularly annoying little boy named Alois, who was Alberich's son, one year older than she was (and whom she totally didn't like). It helped that she had no qualms fighting hard and dirty from that young age either, which was something that got her in trouble in school, but was openly encouraged by Alberich, Graeme, Alois and the other members of the gang whenever they practiced. She soon knew how to load and shoot a gun, as well as fight hand-to-hand with a distinctively brutal yet agile style. Not only that, but she also became particularly good at pickpocketing and smuggling drugs, her striking looks and allure, even from a young age, often unwittingly helping her out in that respect.

    By day, she was allowed to go to school (at least, until she was almost twelve years old), but when the sun went down, she was a criminal. The things Alberich demanded from her grew and she began taking on more dangerous tasks, to the point that Alberich made her stop her schooling at the end of her primary school years, claiming that it was a waste of time at that point. Now, smuggling drugs, beating people up, fighting and even stealing, she was adept at, but she was absolutely no good at working in the rolling meth labs. Ever the demanding drug lord, Alberich saw that as a weakness and often reprimanded her, reminding her that had it not been for him, she would've died on the streets years ago. At that time, Sylvia was already beginning to grow up, and the particularly depraved Graeme, in addition to his beatings, began to sexually abuse her as well...and Alberich condoned it, even having a go at it himself from time to time. The girl never made things easy for them, however, and always fought back as best she could, earning herself the mocking nickname "little scorpion" in the process. It didn't take long for Sylvia to grow resentful of her treatment. Sure, these were the people who fed her, but she was no idiot. Everything she did never seemed to be enough, and the senior members of the gang always found fault in everything she did. Sure, living on the edge suited her, and she had a taste for danger, but that didn't mean she liked having to report to Alberich, Graeme and the others. There were two bright spots in her life, however. One of them was working on her superiors' cars and motorcycles - she found her love for mechanical work this way, and often saw it as a sort of escape. She picked up on it pretty quickly, and was soon relied upon to work on the vehicles, which relieved her, as it meant not having meth lab duties anymore. The other bright spot was Alois, who grew up to be a clever, skilled and handsome young man. He had become her best friend after overcoming their initial rivalry and finding out their styles complemented each other. He was the planner and tactician, she was the fighter and muscle, and though he tried his best to stay on his father's good side, he also took the time to be with Sylvia and looked out for her, managing to keep Graeme and his father off her back at times, and soon enough, they fell in love with each other. They did their drug runs together, their operations expanding to parts of Germany and the Czech Republic, where the trade was lucrative. He even joined her whenever she was sent out to deal with and dispose of non-payers. Basically, Alois was reason enough for her to stay. Besides, things could always be worse, could it?

    Unfortunately, "worse" came earlier than she thought, and it all started with a stolen party invite. When she was sixteen, Alberich sent her out to eliminate an important man who, for years, hadn't been paying for his drugs. The perfect opportunity had presented itself, he assured her, as he produced an invitation to the fiftieth birthday celebration of a man named Abel Edelstein, the wealthiest man in Vienna. No, Abel wasn't the target, Alberich assured, but rather, one of his guests. The surname didn't escape Sylvia's notice, however, as she remembered what her mother had told her as she was dying. Your surname is Edelstein...never forget that. Was there even a remote possibility that she could be related to the Edelstein celebrating his birthday? She brushed off the thought, however, knowing better than to allow herself to dream. It was a common enough surname, her father could be anybody off the street. Besides, it wasn't as if he had been there for her anyway, whoever it was. Alberich gave her a beautiful gown, matching shoes and jewelry, telling her that she had to blend in, unless she wanted to be arrested, and accomplish the task before the clock struck midnight during the party, if she wanted to live and escape with them...unless of course, she wanted to be arrested or turned in. Alois took the time to coach her as best he could on how to pass off as a wealthy teen, and for the time being, Graeme kept his hands off her, not only because of Alois' efforts, but also because the gown Alberich had purchased was low-cut and had no sleeves.

    The day came sooner rather than later, and for the first time, Sylvia found herself in the wealthiest part of Vienna, attending a grand party that she wasn't meant to be a part of in the first place, with a few weapons strapped to her thigh and hidden under her gown. Once she was inside, she knew that to carry out the task sooner rather than later was best for her. She knew who her target was, and she had every opportunity before midnight. However, something...or rather, someone just had to derail her from her task, and he unexpectedly took the form of the guest of honor, Abel Edelstein himself. Among all his guests, one in particular caught Abel's eye - the teenager who looked uncomfortable in and unused to her finery, yet whose eyes were like his own. In a way, she also reminded him of a woman he loved many years ago, one whom his parents didnt approve of, and was ultimately the reason why he never married. Sylvia was surprised that Abel Edelstein approached her himself and made the time to talk to her, a stranger whom he probably never expected to show up and someone who was supposed to be killing someone in the middle of his own party. She was uncomfortable at first, but Abel was a warm-hearted man, and in the hours she talked to him, she grew comfortable enough to smile and laugh around him...and comfortable enough to forget what she had to be doing for a few hours. Unlike Alberich, Abel was genuine, kind and more than decent, even though she knew she was a total stranger to him. It was because of him that she impulsively decided at that moment not to go through with her job. Screw Alberich, that bastard, she thought as she told Abel that he had no right to be talking to someone who was sent to the party on a stolen invitation to begin with. Abel tried to ask what was wrong, and Sylvia merely showed Abel the gun and knives she was hiding, telling him that she was being set up, that he shouldn't be trusting her at all, and someone in the room was a target and that said person had to leave as soon as possible. Abel, at that moment, hugged Sylvia tightly for reasons she did not know, and asked her who was behind it...he did not believe that the young girl could plan an elaborate crime all by herself. Sylvia mumbled Alberich Schwanz in his ear. However, unbeknownst to Sylvia, Alberich had sent Graeme to follow her inside in disguise, as he didn't trust her, and Graeme saw what she had done. He immediately framed her in front of everyone, exposing her weapons while showing his lack of them. Who, indeed, was the real criminal? The one holding the weapons, wasn't it? Graeme tauntingly reminded everyone of this as he gripped Sylvia by the neck. Angered and sick of his abuse, Sylvia wrenched out of his grasp, held up her gun at Graeme and shot him, killing him instantly.

    In the end, Sylvia was arrested by the guards, and as she was sixteen, she was old enough to be thrown into prison. For a few months, she languished inside. Perhaps it was a foolish thought, but a part of her thought that Alois or one of her superiors was going to pose as a relative to bail her out, if only because the latter would more than likely want to shut her up, to protect Alberich. She was right about only one thing - Alois did show up. Yet, she was terribly wrong about the rest. He didn't bail her out or even try to break her out. He just told her to "hang in there", and that he had to follow his father's wishes. This made Sylvia furious. Was Alois that spineless and cowardly after all? Spineless enough not to be able to make his own decisions? She cursed at him, reminding him that he would regret being such a coward. All he did was shrug and bid her good luck before leaving, without once reassuring her, or even looking at her. Languishing in her cell, Sylvia felt her heart break. Did she really mean that little to him? Had she been played with for all the time they were together? For a while, she lost her will to live, and even suggested to the prison guards that they could just stop bringing her food and starve her, for all she cared. They, as well as the other inmates, had other thoughts about her, however, and not exactly clean or nice ones. In the end, she eventually lived to see her own release, but it did not mean that she left unscathede. The only thing that kept her going was revenge - revenge against her former gang as well as against anyone who would try to use her in any way again.

    Three months into her incarceration, a familiar older man showed up at the door to Sylvia's cell and held out a hand to her as the doors were unlocked. It was Abel Edelstein himself, and he had personally bailed her out and had her records wiped. He assured her that everything was taken care of, and that the man named Graeme Oprano had a criminal record that proved he was indeed linked to Alberich Schwanz for a long time. Stunned by his gesture, Sylvia did not want to believe what she was going through. Was it a trap? An illusion? Or was she perhaps, dead and dreaming? She knew she wasn't, however, when she felt one of the guards, one of the most cruel ones, shove her outside roughly. At that, Abel hugged her tightly for the second time. The girl didn't know what to say. Even after what she had shown him months ago, he somehow came for her and freed her? What kind of person did that for someone like her? She looked at the older man as she held back the tears that threatened to fall for the first time in her life - looked into eyes that were strangely like her own. "I'm your father, Sylvia. Fate brought us together, of that I am sure. I loved Renate very much," he said, and though Sylvia was hesitant at first, she hugged him back before he took her home with him.

    Sylvia no longer lived at the beck and call of an abusive drug lord, and with Abel turning out to be a very doting father, she began to live life like a normal teenager - though she never lost her tough and strong-willed nature, something which her father actually loved about her. He supported her love for motor vehicles and encouraged her to get full licenses as soon as possible, as well as got her some of her own. Outside his business, Abel had a personal interest in astrology and shared it with Sylvia, who was more than intrigued, though she did not believe in the romance aspect of it. He told her all about the different signs, their corresponding symbols, and even showed her how to draw star charts. Sylvia also returned to school once more...though much older than most of her classmates (thanks to her father pulling some strings), and managed to finish secondary school, although she was already twenty-one at that time, and go on to study at university. She was never the best student, yet somehow managed to get by, and she had a bad reputation in general - she was known to beat up people who got on her nerves as well as anyone who tried flirting with her in ways she didn't like, yet was also notorious for having a number of alleged short affairs with fellow students, as well as teachers. She's currently in her junior year of her mechanical engineering course, and has gone with the option of taking her junior year abroad. Feeling like she wanted to see new things, she chose Japan.

    Currently, she's enjoying her year abroad. While not the best student, and by no means popular thanks to her looks, she enjoys the unique bar culture the country has to offer, as well as doing dangerous things at night, especially participating in racing, both with motorcycles and cars. The country introduced her to the drift scene, and she's now currently building her own drift car using money she earns from hustling on her own (deciding that this time, she wanted to handle it on her own) to participate in such illegal races. Living in Japan also exposed her to some stories, one of them being about the Red String of Fate. Sylvia knew that such a story was hogwash, however. Only stupid, hopeless romantics believed that each person was destined to end up with someone, and Sylvia, with her cynical and bleak view on love, didn't believe in such a thing. Perhaps a tiny part of her still longed for someone to love her the way she was, but she doubted that anyone like that could even exist. She had already succumbed to rotten judgment once, and her pigheaded, unyielding self wasn't about to believe in such a stupid fairytale. Fairytales were only for the naive, after all.

    She didn't realize how very, very wrong she was.

    - Very much a heavy metalhead, absolutely hates classical and bubblegum pop music.
    - Is only a university junior despite her slightly older age. She's taking her junior year abroad in Japan.
    - Enjoys a lot of vices - smoking, drinking, drag racing (motorcycle or car), cheating at cards or at pool, and one-night stands.
    - Loves mechanic work...it's very therapeutic for her.
    - Owns two motorcycles - one dirt bike, a BMW 1200 Adventure, and one typical sport model, a Ducati 1299 Panigale. Both are black.
    - Speaks fluent German (a given, as she's Austrian), and has also picked up a considerable amount of Irish slang from being around Graeme for too long.
    - Has Jewish ancestry on her father's side. Neither her nor her father practice the religion, however.
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    May I reserve for Gemini then?
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    of course~
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    I'd like to reserve Aries if you'll have me...
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    Can I have a reserve? I'm not sure who I'll be using. Maybe Aquarius? Yeah, let's do Aquarius.
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    Name: Joseph Rheam
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Gay™ (kinda a little bisexual? but his attraction to females is so minimal that he pegs himself as Gay.)

    Astrological Sign: Pisces
    Birthday: February 23rd
    Magic: Water + Star = Astral Projection (Silly boy can teleport through liquid. Sploop through one puddle, splash out of another one. He can take his whole body with him and anything he's touching (true teleportation), or he only takes a spiritual, non-corporeal version of himself/what he's touching (true astral projection). The AP can take him throughout the solar system, he just needs liquid to use it and he probably shouldn't take his physical body there. Also, while astral projecting, his body is in a sleep like state, and very vulnerable. Think entering the spirit world kind of vulnerable.)
    Weapon: Shield

    Appearance: Joseph is on the short side, only reaching about 5'6", but he's built like a fairy, lithe and spritely. Disney princess hands and feet, a light bounce in his step, the boy seems to fly as he walks. He has a sweet, triangular face with soft but defined features. He has a small, straight nose that tips up a little, rosy cheeks, and soft pink lips usually drawn in a smile. His most defining characteristic are his eyes, big and bright and the color of a clear blue sky. You could even find stars in them. His loosely curled and wavy hair is cut into a long undercut, and is usually dyed in whatever color he's feeling. Currently, he's just exited a purple phase, so his hair is a light blondey-peach from the dye wearing out. (His natural hair color is a soft blonde, as evident by his not dyed eyebrows.) His ears are pierced all over the place, an industrial piercing on both ears, several lobe piercings, tragus, helix, single cartilage, yeah. He also has a bridge piercing, septum piercing, and snakebites. (Neither of those piercings are on the avatar because the avatar maker is lacking.) All of his piercings are usually silver or iridescent, regardless of his color.

    Joseph is very monochromatic. Not that he only likes one color or anything, but he kind of goes in phases. One week he'll wear all green, the next two weeks he'll wear all red, then he'll wear purple for a month. Currently, he's just entered a very blue phase, but he hasn't dyed his hair yet to reflect it. Joseph is not a fan of tight clothes except for the occasional pair of skinny jeans, and even then they're kind of loose. He's all for baggy shirts, sweaters, and unbuttoned button-ups. Pajama pants are considered socially acceptable in his book regardless of time of day. He mostly just wears converse and slippers. If he needs to be fancy, he has a single fancy outfit for each color group (ROYGBIP).

    Personality: Joseph is a bit of a Peter Pan, though this will be contradicted later in his personality. He can be very childlike, somewhat naive. He has a very idealistic and dreamlike view of the world, and would rather escape to a madeup fantasy utopia than deal with the horrors of reality.

    Peter Pan.
    Imaginative and sensitive
    Compassionate and kind
    Selfless and unworldly
    Intuitive and sympathetic

    Escapist and idealistic
    Secretive and vague
    Weak-willed and easily led

    History: born in new york i guess probably loses both of his parents and live with an older sister maybe
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    A RPG BASED ON ZODIACS OMFG I'm so in. My Sun sign was already taken ( I REALLY WANTED AQUARIUS)...so Ill take my opposite sign Leo.
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    Name: Tyler Kingston
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Gay

    Astrological Sign: Aries
    Birthday: April 16th
    Magic: Fire + Electricity = Plasma (The combination of his two elements means Tyler can surround himself with plasma, which is a super hot, ionized gas. His Plasma Aura temporarily gives him increased strength, and durability, as well as giving him the ability to fly.)

    His fire magic is pretty straightforward. He is able to create and control fire. He can throw fireballs, shoot streams of flame at opponents, or throw a fire punch, He is also immune to heat and flame himself. The flames he produces are blue.

    He is also able to manipulate electrical currents, and is able to generate electricity in his hands. He can shoot lightning bolts, or give people electrified punches. His electric magic gives him enhanced speed, which lets him run really fast, and leaves a trail of electricity that can shock those caught in it.

    He is able to coat his sword with either fire, or electricity.

    Weapon: A sword

    Appearance: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Tyler is tall and lean, standing at 6'2". He has a boyish face, though he still possesses a firm jaw. He has a small nose, and large, expressive almond shaped eyes, which are an electric blue color. He keeps his hair short, and doesn't really do much with it as far as style is concerned, letting it fall how it wants to. This usually means it's messy more often than not. His natural hair color is platinum blonde, but he dyed his hair with all the colors of the rainbow. He was born with lightly tanned skin, not pale, but not bronzed either, that is maintained by spending a lot of time outside in the tropical sun. He is an athletic boy, and is in good shape. He has a toned physique, that he got from years of training and being active. He is quite proud of this, and likes to show it off by wearing tight tank tops a lot. Apart from on top of his head and eyebrows, he has no hair on his upper body or face. He has a swirling, multicolored, Chinese style dragon sleeve tattoo going down his left arm.

    Tyler's choice of clothes tend to vary. He likes to look good, but at the same time he likes to be comfortable as well. He doesn't really have a style, and just wears what he thinks looks cool. He does like bright colors, and wears colorful clothing, and really does not give a damn whether the colors clash or not. His current outfit consists of a form-fitting tank top with a low neckline, that fades from blue to light red, which shows off his physique. Over this he is wearing a pale red denim vest. The back of the vest has a rainbow colored skull and crossbones design. He also has a pale red cap on top of his head. On the bottom he wears a pair of faded blue jeans with rips in them. On his feet, he wears a pair of light red sneakers with blue splatters splashed all over them. Tyler wears more jewelry than a man normally would. They're hella expensive, and I got the money, is how he justifies them. He has several piercings in his ears, and in each hole, he wears a stud earring in one color of the rainbow. He also wears a beaded bracelet that matches his rainbow earrings around one of his wrists, and a rainbow colored chain necklace around his neck. Both hands are covered by blue studded fingerless gloves.

    Personality: Tyler is a rash, hotheaded young man who has trouble sitting still. He's impatient, and prefers to actually do things, as opposed to sitting there reading about other people doing things. As such, book smarts aren't really his forte. However, he is capable at thinking quick on his feet, He is brave, sometimes recklessly so, and he enjoys the outdoors and physical activities, he is also physically strong because of those activities. In addition to physical activities, Tyler enjoys art as well. He likes to draw, and paint, and always carries around a sketchbook with him if the urge to draw ever strikes him. He mainly got into art because he knows his parents would think it's a waste of time. Tyler is the type of guy that likes to shoot first, and ask questions later, and not give a damn about the consequences. Nothing ever got done just sitting there thinking about stuff.

    Often immature and mischievous, he disregards rules, and can often be a troublemaker. He can also be very blunt, and isn't one to sugarcoat things, which usually ends up offending people. When it comes to voicing his opinions, he's not exactly the most polite person, often speaking his mind and never hesitating to shoot down anyone for any number of reasons. He speaks in a crude manner, and has a tendency to swear a lot. He has no problems breaking the rules in order to get things done. Despite his lean appearance, Tyler has a big appetite, and he likes to eat a lot. and he likes to eat a lot. He's not picky, about the foods he eats, and is willing to try anything once. He's not picky, about the foods he eats, and is willing to try anything once. He is lucky enough to have a high metabolism so that he doesn't get chubby easily, plus he excercises a lot anyway. His willingness to try anything extends beyond food, and likes to experiment in other activities, as long as they're exciting to him. He's very competitive, and hates to lose. He is not afraid to resort to dirty tactics if it means a victory. He is an arrogant winner, as well as a sore loser. Often coming to blows with people he has lost to.

    At times, he is lazy, and he often procrastinates to get work done. Despite this, he is very stubborn, and once he's set his mind on something, he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. He is very confident in himself. He thinks he is awesome, and he likes to show off his strength. So much so, that he often comes across as arrogant, he has a tendency to brag about his accomplishments, and he often underestimates others and overestimates himself. It is not difficult to get him mad, and he will not hesitate to hurt people verbally and/or physically if he is provoked enough. If one is patient with him, and he comes to respect someone, they will find he is one of the most loyal friend you could ever ask for. He will stick by you, and defend you no matter what. Although, he will still laugh at you if you did something stupid. While he does have masculine interests, he also openly likes cute things. He does not care if anyone has a problem with that, and if they do, they can eat a fist to the face. Butterflies and rainbows can be just as badass as skulls and dragons.

    He is a big flirt, and he frequently hits on guys he finds attractive. There is usually butt grabbing, and a lot of general touching involved in his flirting. He does this, even when he knows the other guy isn't gay. Even though he loves hot guys, he isn't always polite in his interactions with them. He gets a laugh out of teasing statight guys, and making them uncomfortable. He isn't exactly serious about looking for a relationship, and his flirtations are mostly him playing around. He also likes playing games, and he can often be found at the game arcades, casinos, and bars spending a lot of money to play, and gambling it to make more money. Besides playing in the casinos, his favorite pastimes are playing any kind of sport that lets him show off, and winning. He is a nicknamer, and he often gives nicknames to new people he meets. Tyler generally tries to keep an optimistic attitude about things. After all, being angsty all the time isn't going to accomplish anything. There are several types of people he can't stand. Mostly rich snobs, stoic loners, annoying know-it-alls, and generally anyone he perceives as thinking they are better than him. He purposefully tries to irritate these kinds of people when he meets them, to get a reaction out of them. His biggest insecurity is feeling like he's not good enough, and that he doesn't belong anywhere. He hates being reminded of this fact, and it is the reason why he lashes out when he's upset. All in all, though hotblooded, Tyler is a cheerful young man, and he's a loyal friend to those willing to put up with his antics.

    History: Tyler was born to a wealthy upper-class family in Miami Florida. Since birth, Tyler was expected to live up to the family name, and behave a certain way. Tyler just wasn't comfortable with this. As a child, Tyler was a bit troublesome. Aside from sports, and art class, academics were not his forte. He spent class time doodling instead of paying attention and taking notes. He didn't get good grades, he often got into trouble with his teachers for speaking his mind more than he should, and his parents got a lot of complaints about his behavior which caused them quite a bit of concern. While he may have gotten into trouble a lot, he found it easy to make friends due to his outgoing personality. He quickly became popular on campus with othet students that found him fun to be around.

    When puberty started, and the hormones kicked in, he realized he liked boys very quickly. He flirted with boys freely, and would do so even when he knew the other guy wasn't gay. This earned the ire of some, but Tyler didn't really care. For as many that said no, one would say yes. He had many affairs in his young life, but nothing serious and lasting, which he was perfectly ok with. He was having fun, and wasn't interested in being in anything serious at such a young age. His parents were the conservative type though, and they weren't exactly comfortable with their son being gay. They hoped it was just a phase he was going through, and things would change when he met the right girl. Still, they tried all they could to move that process along. They tried to pray the gay away, setting him up with girls they knew, they sent him to gay conversion camps in the summer, nothing worked. Their efforts to convert their son only made him more rebellious. He would make out with boys in front of his parents to spite them, and sneak off to go to casinos and bars to gamble and get a drink. He had friends who made very convincing fake IDs for this purpose.

    When he started high school, his parents enrolled him into an elite boarding School, that had very high standards for their students. They thought being in a more structured environment would be good for the boy, as they hoped it would calm him down a bit. This only made Tyler even more upset. When he first started attending, Tyler decided to rebel by misbehaving more than he usually does, with the hope that they would kick him out. His grades got even worse than before due to not even bothering to study, and he mouthed off to the teachers very often, and broke many of the school's policies. His parents got a lot of complaints about his behavior, and he was often disciplined harshly, not that this mattered to him. He didn't get along well with the other students in this new school, either. They thought he was a low class jerk who didn't belong there, and Tyler couldn't stand their snobbish attitudes. He occasionally got into fistfights with other students when he was provoked. Tyler would have been expelled were it not for his family's wealth and influence.

    Tyler eventually accepted that he was going to be stuck there until he graduated and no amount of rebeling was going to get him out. Most of the other students thought he wouldn't get very far in life, and Tyler was determined to prove them wrong. He started studying a little, and doing much better in his classes. However, his behavior still hadn't changed. He still got into trouble frequently for talking back to his teachers (or flirting with the handsome male substitutes they sometimes brought in,) and getting into fights with other students. While doing research for a class, he discovered astrology, as well as an interest in the stars. While he found the idea that the stars influence someone's personality ridiculous, he did find he had a lot in common with his birth sign, Aries. He found Astrology to be a hell of a lot less restrictive than what his parents believed, that was for sure.

    Despite everything, he barely managed to graduate from school. After everything was said and done, Adam decided he wasn't going to let his parents decide how he was going to behave. He started by dyeing his platinum blonde hair rainbow colors, and got a dragon tattoo. While he did attend college like his parents wanted, but he didn't something boring like medicine or law like they suggested, he went to school to study art. Tyler excelled in art school, and enjoyed the freedom that came with being an adult, and living away from home. He got himself his own motorcycle, because that was something else he knew his parents wouldn't like, He decided to take a study abroad program on a whim, mainly to see other places. He went to Japan to study various Japanese art styles, including the cutesy "kawaii" art style. He has been living in Japan for a month, studying with eleven other students, and having a great time.
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  13. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Name: Cyan Crawford
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual (makes things easier when sorting people into pairs lol)

    Astrological Sign: Aquarius.
    Birthday: January 27th
    Magic: Air + Ice = Blizzard
    Air - She is able to create and manipulate gusts of wind. Can use it to cut, air-slash style. Allows her to jump really high and far, but can't actually fly. If she concentrates enough, she can create gusts with pinpoint precision. No hand gesture or spell is necessary to activate this ability - as long as she is capable of conscious thought, it can be used. Usually just uses it as a makeshift fan when it gets too hot.

    Ice - She can create ice out of nothing. She can create walls, thin layers on the ground she can slide on, as well as spires she can use as vantage points or to launch herself into the air if she needs to. She’s also capable of creating small but incredibly sharp shards of ice to be launched at opponents. She creates the ice using hand gestures. Once created, her ice can’t be manipulated, at least not by herself.

    Blizzard - When combined, Cyan’s powers allow her to create a storm of icy shards and large blocks of ice, making it incredibly hazardous for anyone to approach her. It is capable of an immense amount of damage due to the repeated impact of large, rock-hard blocks of ice as well as the cutting power of the shards. It doesn’t last for too long, though, and often leaves her drained after using it.

    Weapon: She uses a pistol. Nothing special, just a normal pistol that shoots normal bullets. She can use her gusts of wind to control their trajectory to a limited degree, though she hasn’t mastered that yet.


    Cyan is of average height, and always sits or stands with impeccable posture. She doesn’t exercise much due to a combination of not having time and just not enjoying it, but she does it enough to maintain a slender form without much in the way of fat. She has a distinctly oriental look about her, with her black hair and whatnot. Her eyes used to be a black colour, but ever since her powers awakened, they’ve been a pale, icy blue. If you look closely enough, you can see that she often has bags under them from lack of sleep. Her skin is a pale colour. Her hair is long and wavy, and always looks nice enough to be presentable (at least in public), but it’s generally obvious that she doesn’t take too much time to comb it. She generally takes time to make sure that she’s presentable, not because she cares too much about her own appearance, but because her fabricated identity of ‘that good student’ requires it. When she’s at home, she’s distinctly sloppier, letting her hair hang out all over the place, allowing her back to hunch slightly, and not bothering to hide the bags under her eyes.

    At home, she generally goes around wearing a pair of crinkled pyjamas with a few paint splotches on them. Outside, though, she has to dress with a bit more care. Her favourite shirt is a dark grey one with light cyan blue coloured polkadots, which she generally wears under a back jacket. She usually wears a grey skirt with grey leggings under it, along with a pair of black trainers, although she sometimes chooses to go around in cargo pants when she feels like it. In colder weather, she always wears a long, turquoise scarf. All her clothes (the ones she wears outside, anyways) are always clean and well-ironed.

    Personality: Over the years, Cyan has learned to hide most of her emotions behind a wall of coldness. To be aloof, and to appear graceful and dignified at all times had been her protection against the unpleasant world she lived in and the unpleasant people she grew up around, and those habits are still deeply ingrained into her. No matter what, she insists on never showing any sort weakness, to anyone, despite the fact that most of the problems she had faced back then aren’t really problems anymore. To most of her classmates and teachers, she’s that ‘aloof good student’ who sits at the back of the room, doesn’t talk unless she’s spoken to, is unfailingly polite/courteous and gets top grades for every subject. Despite this, she prefers to remain relatively inconspicuous, and consciously makes an effort to refrain from flaunting her intelligence in front of other people. She’s a bit of a cynic, easily dismissing the actions of other people as stupid, misguided, or just selfish and evil, though she rarely says that to their face for the sake of politeness. Most of the time, people just think of her as a ‘nice person who gets good grades’, and nothing more.

    She is also very intelligent, and has a cold and methodological mind. While she had once been a very sociable person, she has forced herself to take comfort in solitude and eventually grown to love it. She prefers to do her thinking alone in a quiet space, often with soft music playing in the background (she finds the presence of other people a distraction and a bother). She personally cares little about excelling academically, but the demands and expectations of her parents force her to dedicate large amounts of time to her schoolwork, all the while keeping up with other commitments (by that, I mean a part-time job). Working herself to the bone has become so much a part of her identity that she starts to feel uneasy when taking to much time off. She’s often very tired in the mornings, but does a good job of hiding it. A cup of coffee or two, or three, or five, or ten don’t hurt either. She has a bit of a coffee addiction.

    Despite her cold exterior, Cyan is a surprisingly empathetic person, and is more often than not willing to lend a helping hand to those who ask for it (and only those who ask for it. She’s no neighbourhood ‘Good Samaritan’). Even though she considers herself a cynic and takes pride in that fact, she has a hard time turning down requests for favours or whatever else people may ask of her to do for them, often feeling incredibly guilty afterwards. As such, she tends to put up a sort of wall between herself and others, knowing that she doesn’t have the time to help people out with their problem due to her family’s tumultuous circumstances. The reputation she had once had as a ‘nice person’ had brought her much more trouble than anything else, so she makes sure she doesn’t come off as someone who’s willing to waste their time on someone else’s problems and forces herself to play the role of ’that heartless person' in front of others. As a result of this, she can sometimes seem very callous or high-and-mighty, and over the years she has gotten used to being seen that way as well.

    Nevertheless, she still has a much ‘warmer’ side that only comes to light when you get to know her well. Really well. And that certainly isn’t easy. She’s wary of getting to know other people, and even more wary of letting them get close to her in any circumstance, both in the physical sense and the ‘human mental connection thing’ sense. Even if by some miracle you manage to get her to accept you as a friend or companion or whatever, she can still be very uncomfortable about opening up or showing any signs of insecurity to others, and is prone to lash out on instinct, usually verbally but sometimes physically, if someone tries to gets too close for comfort. However, if you manage to win her over somehow, she can be incredibly loyal, and there is very little she wouldn’t do or sacrifice for someone she considers a true friend, although she finds that sort of dedication a little embarrassing and often goes out of her way to downplay it.

    In her heart, Cyan is lonely and often faced with self-doubt, wondering whether she’s ‘good enough’ for all the expectations placed on her and always fearful that she will fail to meet them. Having forced herself into a persona that’s unnatural for her and with most of her ties with her parents rather strained, she has nobody to confide in, nobody to talk to, and nobody to give her any sort of support. She fears being betrayed if she ever makes friends again, but despite this she still craves companionship. She hides this well, and is perfectly capable of surviving by herself, but it still eats away at her. She’s unsure of how to deal with the emotions of simultaneously wanting and not wanting a close relationship with others, and can sometimes be very awkward and unsure of herself when speaking to people she has grown to like, not quite knowing how to deal with the situation. Once she starts becoming more comfortable around someone, though, she starts becoming a lot more friendly and caring, showing a lot more of the characteristics present in her younger self.

    History: At first, Cyan had a relatively ideal childhood. She was well-liked by her peers, had many friends, and a loving family. She had been very friendly and outgoing back then, and her natural empathy for others made sure that she had the reputation of a ‘nice person’, and as an extension was popular at school. Her home on the slightly-less urban outskirts of Shanghai wasn’t large, but it had a spacious yard and many of the children loved to play there. Many problems did shimmer under the surface, of course - her father’s rampant alcoholism, her older brother’s ever-growing supply of scars and bandages on his right arm - but they never really boiled over. Her father drunk often but always remained jolly and happy, never being abusive or anything like that. The worst of his actions being passing out on the sofa after a laughing fit, leaving the other family members to do the housekeeping work by themselves. Her brother had always been very withdrawn, and kept all of his problems to himself, never getting in someone else’s way. So most of the time, they all just laughed off the many warning signs and continued on with their happy lives.

    The first change happened when the exams for Junior High began to near. People that had once only looked at her as a ‘friend’ started coming to her for advice and favours, both academically and otherwise. Unwilling to turn them down, partly because she was just a typical ’nice person’, and fearing of appearing to be selfish and lose her social status, she made time for each and every person. Slowly, more and more of her schedule became eaten up by running errands or otherwise tending to the needs of other people. At first, she could handle it, and the problem never became too bad, at worst resulting in a few shorter nights of sleep. It was then that she started drinking coffee - her mother insisted that she was too young, but that didn’t stop her from doing so anyways. Besides, she still remained her cheery, friendly, ‘oh what a charming child’ self, so there wasn’t much to worry about.

    A few weeks later, her older brother disappeared, leaving behind a note saying that he was leaving to find ‘her’, and that he resented their parents for never being able to understand him. Needless to say, this came as quite a shock - he was quiet, hardworking, and generally respectful at all times, hardly the type to leave behind an angry note and run off to who knows where. Both her parents were devastated, but they managed to hold it together quiet well. However, despite efforts to keep the news within the family and the authorities, rumours spread, and rumours lead to the family coming under great scrutiny. Soon, Cyan was no longer the ‘nice girl’, but ‘the daughter of the good-for-nothing alcoholic dad’ and ‘the sister of the guy who disappeared’. These rumours, coupled with the fact that her parents, although Chinese in origin, had foreign names and a foreign education all contributed to people suddenly starting to give her the cold shoulder.

    Despite this, Cyan continued to help others out with their schoolwork as the exams approached. The coursework from school got slowly but surely more difficult and time consuming, and as a result her own workload increased exponentially. Due to her newfound bad reputation, the kids around her saw her as a prime target for stress relief, and her willingness to help them out regardless only made them look down on her even more, reasoning that ‘hey, if we can take advantage of her, and she’s a dodgy outsider anyways, why not?'. After all, she was young, naive, and was taught her entire life to sacrifice herself for others. Despite the verbal and sometimes physical abuse she suffered and all the work she did for herself and for other people, she managed to hold everything together with the help of some of the games/books/manga her brother left behind, as well as coffee from her Mother’s stash. She passed the exams with flying colours.

    It was only after the examinations finished and the process of searching for a suitable middle school began that the stress really got to her. She started becoming unable to get out of bed in the mornings, when she had always insisted on waking up early before. Her parents themselves were becoming uncomfortable with their current position, and all the odd stares directed at them during parental meetings. After discovering that their daughter had been bullied like she had, they made up their mind - they wouldn’t let the same thing that happened to their son happen to their daughter. While Cyan could conceivably have gotten into some of the best schools in China, they instead decided to take this chance to move away and start anew somewhere else - America, where they had came from in the first place.

    Over the summer break, Cyan made a vow never to let herself be taken advantage of again. Her previous experience had left her very cynical and disillusioned, and she spent the time slowly cultivating a new personality for herself, burying her past self deep in the darker parts of her mind and taking on a new identity. Her schooling in America went well - her good grades and her impeccable etiquette made sure that she was accepted into a good school. She didn’t make any friends, and didn’t form many connections with others, but she did well academically and was well-liked by her teachers and peers. Well-liked, but nothing more, and she preferred it that way. Things were going well, but as always, nothing gold can stay, and soon, the next bump in the road came along - her father was fired after getting a hangover after drinking with friends and missing work one time too many.

    Now that her father’s out of a job, the family’s financial circumstances became a whole lot worse. Her mother runs a small 24-hour convenience shop, but soon it became impossible to hire an overnight cashier, so, naturally, the now-jobless Father and Cyan herself took their place, and since her father was often out doing interviews or drinking with his friends, she ended up doing most of the work, on top of her studies. So, once again, she was working herself a bit too hard for her good health. But this time, it was for her family, and for her family she was willing to do so, as long as coffee was ready at hand when she needed a good dose of it to stay awake. Without friends to talk to, she spent most of her free time, which was few and far between, pouring over her brother’s collection of manga and anime, slowly growing more and more enamoured with their stories and art style. Those books and disks were her constant companions, and one of the few things she could always find comfort in.

    By the time she finished her studies, she had made up her mind. Slowly but surely, she was growing sick of her life the way she was currently living it, questioning the point behind it all. Her parents had shelled out all the money for her education and for that she was grateful, but for once, she wanted to do something of her own volition. And that was - go to Japan, and to search for her brother there. The ‘relics’ that her brother had left behind had kickstarted her interest in Japanese culture, and what’s more, she reasoned that Japan was the most likely place for him to have run off to considering his hobbies and the hobbies of his then-girlfriend. After several arguments with her parents, she finally managed to convince them to allow her to go and study there instead of in the United States.

    Once she arrived, she settled down with one of her parent’s acquaintances, a woman named Blanc who taught in Tokyo. She was a nice lady, and shared Cyan’s penchant for peace and quiet. They got along well. Knowing that her parents had expected her to do well in her studies and move on to get a well-paying job so that she could support their family in place of her rapidly aging Father, who was growing frailer day by day, and knowing that she had in a way betrayed their expectations when she turned down the chance to study at some of the best institutions in the world, she made a promise to herself not to let them down. Beyond her studies, she took on a part time job so that she could send money back home (thankfully she was here on a scholarship, so school fees weren’t too much of a worry). It was draining, but she was used to it. By now, she has been in Tokyo for about half a year.

    - She finds being told that her name is ‘strange’ very annoying.
    - Do NOT call her a tsundere.
    - She speaks English and Chinese fluently, and enough Japanese to get along, but it’s by no means perfect.
    - She draws and paints really well. Really well.
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  14. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Name:: William "Will" Renard Gyre
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Gay

    Astrological Sign: Gemini
    Birthday:: June 13th
    Magic: Air + Weather Manipulation = Precipitation

    - Williams wind magic is pretty basic, with him being able to generate gusts of wind of surprising strength and velocity. By changing the air currents around his body, William can dodge most projectile attacks and hits with ease. (To a certain degree. He can't dodge a bullet, Matrix style. unless that's okay,) He can also fly by controlling the trajectory of the air surrounding him.

    - He is also capable of controlling the weather. He can control meteorological tempests, such as lightning, thunderstorms, hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes and droughts. Ranging from a sunny day to a hurricane, Williams powers are very powerful, even though he has yet to learn of the extent of his abilities.

    - As somewhat of a tie-in with the above mentioned weather control, he also has the ability to create localized hurricane weather conditions. This including high velocity winds and large amounts of precipitation over a localized area.

    Weapon: Tempest Dagger: Manipulating the air around him, Will can solidify it into daggers and throwing knives with amazing cutting ability.
    Appearance: William is a tall young man standing at 1,94 Cm tall. He is a lean, yet athletically built young man from doing a lot of working out during his spare time, and he is very proud of his body, not shying away from showing off should he feel like it. His fair skin has a slight tan as he spends a lot of time outdoors. He has naturally pale blonde hair with a slight lime green tint that he keeps short on the sides, and slightly longer on top. His hair is also naturally straight, and he doesn't do much to style it. His eyes are greyish blue in color, and has a kind, mature look to them. He keeps his eyebrows neatly trimmed, in a gentle curve over his eyes, adding to his kind facial expression.

    For clothing, Will isn't one to care about the latest trends and latest fashion. To him, practicality and comfort are the two main focuses regarding how he dresses. However, he does enjoy showing off his physique, and often wear a see-through black T-shirt, revealing his chest and stomach. He wears a simple pair of blue jeans which he has about 700 identical pairs of. He wears black leather combat boots as well. his trademark piece of clothing is his snow-white jacket he always wears. this jacket is a size bigger than him, and slightly loose-fitting. It has deep pockets where he always keep a pack of strawberry pocky's. The jacket also has a large hood that is lined with white fur that he pulls up whenever he wants to "retreat" from a social situation, or to hide a reaction he wouldn't want others to see him express otherwise.

    Personality: William is a rather easy-going young man that enjoys social interactions. Though he would prefer not to be the center of attention, he doesn't shy away if the oppertunity presents itself. He simply likes other peoples company, and he is initially friendly to everyone he meets. He always keep a calm and collected posture, making him seem less all over the place, and more mature. He is patient and intelligent, often thinking things through, and never rushing into anything without proper insight or planning first. The trait "Impulsive" is likely the last word in the modern vocabulary anyone would ever consider using for describing him, and he is well aware that he might come across as too careful because of it. "Better safe than sorry" is a sentence that William has started to use more in his everyday life. He takes life at his own pace, not worrying about whether other people approve of his methods or not.

    William is one of those people that doesn't wear his feelings on his sleeves, making it difficult to read his emotional state. his calm behavior hides a more apathetic side to his personality. He has a tendency of being slightly on the egoistic side. He priorities himself above most other things or people in his life, though he doesn't let that affect how he treats others. He treats people with respect if he is offered respect in return. In those terms, he is a rather simple person. However, William also has a tendency of losing his composure if his plans fail, or does not go accordingly to what he has anticipated. Often resulting in short nervous breakdowns, before regaining his composure.

    Though genuinely a nice guy William has a tendency of being a bit blunt in his way of being. He could point out flaws in someones character, or tell that woman at the mall that yes, yes that dress does make you look fat. He has a bit of trouble reading social norms and situations, and is innocently oblivious as to why people would get mad at him. He always has peoples best interest at heart, and consider himself a constructive critique, even though he fails to understand that most people does not appreciate the level of bluntness he presents.

    All in all, William is a pretty decent chap. Though not without his flaws, he is a loyal person to those of which he seems worthy of his respect, and as long as he is treated respectfully in return. To everyone else, he tends to come across as either fake or cold. Though he tries being an inviting and pleasant person to be around, it can sometimes feel forced if he Really dislikes someone. He is not usually one for romances, as he finds it hard to truly open up to someone, though he figures everything will fall into place once he actually meets the right one.

    History: More or less everything surrounding Williams life has been pretty decent. He comes from a decent family, with his mother working as a mall clerk, and his dad working as a police officer. They all lived in a neat two-stories house with a white picket fence and a decent car, in a decent neighborhood. William also had a decent younger sister, whom he loves dearly. Needless to say, it was a decent upbringing. William was intelligent for his young age, and learned quickly, which made him stand out as intelligent in class. However, as he was also decently attractive, he was not picked on because of his intellect. He grew with the years to become a model student that all the girls wanted to be with, and that all the guys wanted to be. He was captain of the football team, president of the schools "intelligence group", and even though he missed out on being prom king, everyones eyes were on him and his date that evening anyways. He even got nominated "Most likely to succeed" in his high school yearbook.

    Though it would be arguably more interesting to slam in a "Then the accident happened", nothing of the sort did. William lived a nice life, and he was very pleased with where it was going. If he did have to chose a bane though, it would have to be that he didn't really know what he wanted to do when he grew up. He had a lot of opportunities and he knew it, and though his family weren't rich, he would be able to go to more or less any college of his choosing. However, William didn't really have any interests. Nothing he'd want to focus a major portion of his life on. After high school, he got accepted into a college not too far away from where he lived, which suited him just fine. It would mean weekend-trips home to hang out with the family, which he had no objections towards.

    College life was pretty neat. He had accepted a course on international history, and he made a lot of new friends and a small batch of enemies while there. He enjoyed campus life and everything it involved. From everything to pulling an all-nighter watching sports and drinking beer, to sexual experiments; College life had it all. However, it quickly became apparent to him that it wasn't really what he wanted to do. Though he had a blast, he was also slowly getting bored. Bored of the same routines, bored of the same surroundings, bored of his job as a waiter at a local restaurant etc. Not that he was ungrateful. He knew many people would kill to be in his place. Still though, one can't help it.

    However, as the second year of his studies came about, William was presented with the opportunity to study abroad in Tokyo, Japan. Not really overly excited, as he initially disliked traveling, he managed tot talk his parents into letting him go. Hopefully, this would prove to be that little spark of excitement that he felt he lacked.

    - He is very fond of Strawberry Pocky's, and carries a package in his coats pockets at all times.
    - Though i list him as gay here, he is not out of the closet yet as the RP starts.
    - He speaks fluent French¨
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    D'you mind if I throw in a reserve for Sagittarius?
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    I don't mind at all, I'll put you down for it.
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    Oh this looks interesting and I'm a sucker for astrology-themed stuff! May I put down a reserve for Virgo?
  18. Minteh

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    Could I have a reserve for Cancer?

    Name: Kallan 'Kal' Bergström
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual (preference towards men)

    Astrological Sign: Cancer
    Birthday: July 7th
    Magic: Water + Healing = Rejuvenating Rain
    Water - She is able to create and manipulate Water. Can use this ability in a variety of ways, namely to slash and cut with streams of water. She is also able to breathe under water for longer periods of time.
    Healing - By focusing her energy she can create a glowing stream of water, capable of healing minor cuts and bruises.
    Weapon: Bow and Arrow

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Kallan is a strikingly tall woman. Standing at around 5'8'', she is taller than the average woman, and towers among many of her friends. Kallan is of average weight, but has a fairly well-toned build, on account of regular exercising. Her upper arms are notable more defined on account of her training with a bow and arrow. Kallan's hair is a pale sandy brown tone, though some might consider it to be dirty blonde. Her hair is smooth and straight, and falls below her waist. However, it can appear a bit shorter at times, as she often likes to braid it, and style it in intricate updos.

    Personality: Emotional and loving
    Intuitive and imaginative
    Shrewd and cautious
    Protective and sympathetic

    Changeable and moody
    Overemotional and touchy
    Clinging and unable to let go


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    Eh, I changed my character after a lot of thought. The Female character wasn't working for me.

    Name: Hunter Bancroft
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual (doesn't have a preference.)

    Astrological Sign: Leo
    Birthday: August 3
    Magic: Fire + Gravity = Black Hole

    Fire Magic - "The Brilliant Flame": involves the typical fire manipulation and the ability to create flames out of nothing. He can also envelope his chakrams in flames and fling them at opponents.

    Gravity Magic - "The Violet Force": involves the manipulation of gravity on objects or living organisms. Hunter can hand pick which things are affected and which are not affected. This magic masquerades as Telekinesis at times because of his ability to add gravitational force to objects and not just manipulate downward gravity. This means he can add gravitational for to say, a building and have someone launched toward that building. He can also create gravity orbs that resemble tesla orbs. These are thrown at opponents and have an area of effect gravity increase. These are especially good for zoning out his opponents and controlling the battlefield.

    The Black Hole - Combining both The Black Flame and The Violet Force, creates The Black Hole. Like the name suggests, it pulls opponents towards the singularity where a devastating burn will constantly bombard the opponent. This is an incredibly powerful ability and Hunter usually faints after using it.

    Weapon: 2 Giant Chakrams.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Appearance: Hunter has a pretty average build for a man his age. His skin is lightly tanned yet, his skin doesn't tan too well and he is paranoid about any burning that may occur. He is about 5'10" and fills out his clothes well. Since he has so much energy he works out a lot, but not to the point of being ripped. He has a deceptively young looking face. He looks about three to four years younger than he actually is. His eyes are amber and are extremely expressive. If you want to know what he is feeling just look at his eyes, they'll definitely tell you. Regardless of how he is feeling, when people look into Hunters eyes they say they can always see his burning passion for life. Though his face looks young, it's still rather masculine in it's structure. Its mostly thanks to it's strong jawline and it's overall rectangular shape. His hair is golden brown. He has an undercut that is always styled to the side. It's a trendy, yet professional take on the haircut.

    Hunter has pride in the way he presents himself and his overall style. He loves professional wear or business casual. You will never see him in anything close to sweatpants or even jeans. His pants of choice are chinos and his top of choice is a nice collared shirt tucked into his pants. Hunter never knows who he might meet so he always dresses to impress. He also just likes the attention his impeccable style brings him. Every now and then he might wear a piece that is a little eccentric, such as a sweater with a ridiculous pattern, or oddly colored pants to show of his more creative side. His overall style is rather tame compared to his more dramatic and in your face personality. Hunter just doesn't want to overwhelm people with both a loud personality and a loud wardrobe.

    Personality: Hunter can't help but always be in the spotlight. Is there a party being thrown? He's probably throwing it. A joke being said? He said it. Hunter has amazing charisma and ability to charm the pants off people. He loves having an audience to admire him and applaud his every move. This doesn't mean he sees his friends as just audience members with no faces - it's quite the opposite really. Hunter treats his friends with warmth and generosity, but only after it is shown to him. He is incredibly friendly so he doesn't have much of a problem getting what he wants out of people. Hunter has no problem attracting friends either because of his boisterous personality.

    Hunter is always up for the next great adventure. He tackles everything with pinpoint focus and an infinite stream of enthusiasm. Hunter has lofty ambitions, but also the determination to get them. He is a hard worker, but if it doesn't directly benefit him, he becomes lazy and, at times, not care at all. This comes off as being egotistical and it's just that. Hunter is self serving and very rarely does things for other people, unless there is something in it for him. The only time he will ever do something that benefits others and not him is if it has do with someone he holds dearly to his heart. Being a Leo, he is incredibly faithful and loyal to his friends. Many liken his loyalty to his friends like a dog to its master.

    He is a natural born leader. Hunter knows how to take control of a situation. Some will welcome this, others will see it as domineering and overbearing. Since he has had multiple leadership positions, he knows that he must be openminded, but only to a point. He has some stubborn views and opinions. It will take a lot for Hunter to ever change his mind on something and if you try to change his mind, get ready for a long debate about how he is right and you are wrong...or maybe even him teasing you for your opinion.

    Hunter is not one to linger on anything negative for too long. This doesn't mean that he doesn't hold grudges. He actually holds very passionate grudges....for a couple of days. Hunter gets over grudges and disdain for people and conflicts fairly quickly, sometimes without talking it out with the other person. Life is meant to be fun and holding grudges prevents that. What is the point of holding grudges? None. However, this also leads him to end in endless cycles of being in toxic relationships. He forgives and forgets so easily, he doesn't learn his lessons. Hunter deals with his emotions through humor rather than fully feeling them. This isn't to say that he never feels emotions, he just masks them with humor. It's his goal to never bring down other people or make them sad, so when he is upset he just cracks a random joke and that's what the tears are about. This defense mechanism makes some people feel like he is building up a wall, making him hard to get to know, while others see that it's him not wanting to burden others with his problems. In reality, it's his way of making sure people don't see weakness in him. A leader cannot be weak and so his emotions need to be downplayed in order for people to still have faith in him.

    Hunter has a big ego. He knows his talents and sometimes can exaggerate them for attention and to make himself sound more interesting as well. Hunter is fully aware of the rarity of his talents and can be quite stuck up about his magical abilities. Being a Leo, he thinks himself as the best. Yet, unlike a lazy Leo, he puts in the work required to be the best. This can lead him to be quite sensitive when people criticize his achievements or power because he worked so hard to get to the level he is at. The problem is...he oversells himself a lot. So, even though he might be objectively good at something, the way he describes it makes him seem even better at it - near perfect at it, actually. Hunter deals in absolutes. Objectivity is wasted on him because he sees it as not living. He believes in making firm decisions. People who try to stay neutral drive him up a wall. He believes that people should have passionate and strong opinions rather than detached and vague opinions.

    Overall, Hunter is extremely friendly, passionate, and dramatic. He is someone who has no trouble making himself heard or seen. He can be patronizing at times, but his heart is almost always in the right place. Hunter's biggest weakness is his tendency to control situations because he deems himself the best at doing so, even when it's almost painfully clear he isn't the best one to lead for the situation. He is someone intolerant of close-mindedness, while being close-minded to ideas that don't align with his own. He has a lot of faults, but his childlike charm and zeal for life almost balances it out.....almost. He's that friend that grinds your gears because of their self-centeredness and not-so-tactful behavior, but at the end of the day they are there for you when the going gets tough and can inspire you to do anything on your worst days. He is driven to be admired and praised. He wants to be the best and won't settle for anything less than that.

    History: Hunter grew up with nothing every going quite perfectly. He is the son of Jeffrey and Mona Bancroft. His father is from the Bancroft family, a long line of highly successful lawyers hailing from the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Mona used to be a drug addict and rebel, but reformed herself into becoming a buyer for a luxury clothing store. The two lived in a expensive Upper East Side apartment together. Hunter was quite the surprise to them as they weren't planning to have children until much later in their lives. They wanted to be near their mid thirties, not their late 20s. Hunter came into the world on Aug 3 under the Sign of Leo. Shortly after his birth, Mona and Jeffrey moved to northern New Jersey to raise Hunter somewhere other than a bustling city. Jeffrey's parents were rather annoyed that they had to trek all the way out to Jersey to see their new grandson, but at least it was a rich area of New Jersey.

    Everything was pretty normal for Hunter. His parents enrolled him in many different activities, but mostly musical ones. Hunter showed great aptitude in music and was a natural. He even has perfect pitch. This normalcy was consistent until he got to middle school. This is when he started experimenting with different types of style, that ranged from goth to preppy and everything in between. He wanted a place to be the leader of the pack, but as he noticed, every social group already had a leader of some kind, so he left to go onto the next one. At the time, it didn't occur to him he could create his own social circle. Middle school was also a time where Hunter started to have feelings for girls...and boys. It was odd, he knew he should like girls, but didn't know about the boy thing. Having a close relationship to his parents, he knew it would be better to talk to them about these feelings rather than keeping them hidden. Honesty is the best policy after all. This is when his birds and the bees talk, as well as the bees and the bees talk, happen. Clearly his parents didn't care what his sexuality was, as long as he was happy and successful. This wasn't the same in school. He tried to flirt with a boy he liked, who happened to be heterosexual, and got bullied for it mercilessly during 8th grade. Rather than dip into a deep depression, Hunter made it his goal to best those bullies and win them over to be his friends.

    The summer between middle school and high school was when the true Hunter started emerging. He became much more physically active as well as developed his own style. He became interested in sports because it was a way for him to be center stage in a masculine world, which contradicted what people thought about Bisexual/ Gay men. When Freshmen year football tryouts happened, he made the team as running back. He also joined choir his freshmen year after years of being interested in music. He quickly showed his talents in both and practiced endlessly to become the best and show those bullies that they should be praising him, not teasing him. By the end of his freshmen year, those same bullies apologized and later became his friends. By the time his senior year came, he was a baritone section leader in choir, the quarterback of the football team, as well as the President of the Choir. He became the leader of the pack that he always wanted to be.

    When college acceptance letters rolled out, he was accepted to plenty of schools. His extracurriculars, on top of his grades, which averaged at a respectable 3.7, earned him great scholarships, but he only cared about two schools to hear back from. One of them was Harvard University and the other was Juilliard. Harvard was both his father and grandfather's alma mater and his father and grandfather were set on Hunter going to Harvard. Hunter himself was more interested in Juilliard. To everyone's surprise, he was accepted to both prestigious schools. Hunter ultimately decided on Juilliard because it his passion to be a musician, rather than a lawyer. Going to Harvard would've been living life half-assed, Juilliard is the less secure option, but he will be able to live life passionately and that's all he wanted. He got into the school as a Composition Major. He wanted to create the best symphonies the world has ever heard.

    Once he got to Juilliard and met people from all walks of life, he developed a passing fancy in astrology. He didn't really believe in it, but it was funny that it always held some truth to it. By his Junior year in college, Hunter decided to study abroad in Tokyo, Japan, as some of his favorite composers are Japanese, such as Joe Hisaishi and Yoko Shimomura. He wanted to develop his composition skills to match the great game composers of today. What he didn't realize is that passing fancy of astrology held a lot more weight then he thought it did.


    - Mona is a Scorpio, While Jeffrey is a Taurus. His father and him have a strained relationship after Hunter's decision to go to Music School rather than the Law School Path. Mona is much more accepting of Hunter's musical path as, like Hunter, she is a very passionate person and believes that people should follow their passions rather than what's practical.

    - He also studies voice and has a beautiful Baritone Voice.

    - He has a small note pad to put down his inspirations for any musical idea he has.
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