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Entangled Chaos

Yami Ryu

Well-Known Member
o_O seems while I suck at pokemon prolouges... fantasy ones come to me as easy as breathing....

Anyways, meshing some OC characters of mine from a Drakengard Fic to this, an original story that I am meandering about with.

Dee, Chaos Dragons, Shade, Plot and etc @ me/Renegade/Yami Ryu/Gigi/Wing Zero/Renegade Zero/Angelus/etcetcetc
IE; if you steal anything from my story, it means you are weak, pathetic, and don't deserve to be writing chat slang, let alone anything else that requires writing.

Rating PG-13 for now, maybe R later for violence and etc.

Prolouge; The fall of Dee's champions

Wings or not
Skin or scales
Legged or not
Warm or cold
Love them all
I Always will

§ § §
Dee's lullaby

They were coming. Always coming. Greedy, slaughtering specks that plauged us all. They attacked without mercy. They tore into our women and children while we are away. They pilfered our treasuries; stealing our wealth of mortal means after slaying the wealth of our souls. They razed our forests and polluted our waters.

While we suffered, unable to procreate, unable to live, unable to survive, their numbers grew and grew and grew. Untill it was like a sea of monsters in our world. A massive, malestorm of evil that we could not drive back. That we could not stop, nor hinder, nor divert. We were lost in a chaos that would soon bring our deaths.

And they are coming. They howl for our deaths.

We fled to the mountains.

They still came. Screaming for us to go to the eternity beyond.

Those that could, fled to the seas.

And yet they still come. Still seeking for the last few stragglers of our once mighty race.

And yet again, they came.

Our numbers, so few, so small. So weepingly dwindled.

After that day, I fear I am one of the last. If not the last. I hear none of my breatheren's thoughts anymore. There is little to no life left in this world now, and they think it is because of me. Because of what I am. Because of what they fear me to be.

Devil bird they had shouted.

Demon they had cried in fear.

Beast of hellfire and chaos and everything else.

And all I want to do is survive. I do not like being the last. But there is no hope for me. There is no reason to survive.

So here I lay, on the scorched black earth that had once been lively and green. In my homeland that had once supported my family; now long gone. Would I ever see my father and mother and siblings again?

I know not. I have given up dreams of an afterlife having spent an eternity in this hell.

I hear them now. Their chanting reaching me like a great toll of a death bell, sounding above my head. Breathing out slowly, a waft of dusky smoke floats out of my nostrils. I do not want to die, but there's nothing left for me here.

So when the sword is raised, and is screaming; tearing through the air with blood thirsty intent for my neck. I do not fight back.

And as the darkness falls, muting the faint pain I felt for an instant, I do not fight it's pull.


No no no no no, this is not right, this is not right

Dee, love. Give it up. Bow to me. Give into me. Your precious creations will continue to die. And in the end, you will be alone, cold. Abandond by all but me

I won't be fooled by your lies again! You killed my siblings! You betrayed my trust! I do not love you!

Your mind says one thing, your heart and body say another. You will give in. Eventually.

I just wonder if you'll give in before your precious creatures are all gone. Every. Single. Species. Gone.

A quiet sobbing filled the air...