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Enter Elesa, Electrifying Gym Leader! (710


Meh... I was a draw or a win for Pignite, it even was doing more damage but Zebraika was basicly not hurt at all from the first two fights.


Sick of dealing with idiots.
And Bianca's fathers Darmanitan is in Zen Mode. Oshawott comes out on his own, at least it's a good match up.


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Thanks for the translation Serebii.
That confirms that Ash will win XD.
I wish Oshawott would evolve in this episode!


So, Ash challenges Bianca's father and says he'll return to Pallet if he loses, but if he wins, her father needs to let Bianca do what she wants. Interesting
Tks for the translation.

Her father seems to probably havbe been a traveling trainer so his Darmanitan should be pretty strong, if Oshawott loses I'm fine with it.