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Enter Galactic! (537)


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I think I saw this episode once!
Dawn didn't know what a golbat was lol one of the good episodes I must say.
Saturn's voice is sexy. *_*
Aha, I'm so glad I was finally able to catch this episode as well. My love for the Galactics is like extreme now.

Too bad this one only had Saturn in it. I really wanted to see Mars in an episode. o:

But I enjoyed this episode a lot. I love how the twerps accuse Team Rocket of being 'friends' with all those bad, but-more-awesome-than-them teams, haha. And Croagunk and Toxicroak were hilarious. And I never realized how creepy and ugly Toxicroak really looks till I saw it in this episode. xD Damn that thing is hideous!

But GO GALACTIC. <3 8)
I'm glad I caught this marathon now.


I watched this episode for the 6th time today, and I must admit I still feel the excitement when Pikachu Thunderbolts all those Golbat. :D


I saw it now. I expected for more battles like: Ash vs Saturn, Reggie vs Saturn, or even Ash vs Galactic Grunts.
But in the end what we got is Pikachu and Electubazz vs a Golbat that like a wild Golbat.
I thought it was quite epic. I LOVED the pikachu thing XD!

Gawd team galactic rocks. I mean really, the only time TR's ever done something that big was in a movie.

I thought this ep was quite 'gripping' I mean I was afraid to Blink because I was scared I would miss it. 5 stars XD
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Epic episode and interesting cliffhanger of sorts. Toxicroak and croagunks expressions were a little...creepy.


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i just like how pikachu and electabuzz became buddies:D
if only ash and paul can be like that(even though ash tries)


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This espiode was ok.I guess TG grunts only have golbats.


Nah, they all just have an unlimited supply of those bats. The commanders each have one as well.

Really now?

I loved the dub title, as odd as it may sound. The Japanese title was also boss.

I liked this. Maylene, Jenny, Reggie, they all showed up to help.

Loved the rivalry between Croagunk and Toxicroak too. It was interesting. 6/10


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Very nice episode. I liked Pikachu and Electabuzz's Teamwork and I also like the little rivalry between Croagunk and Toxicroak, their battles are really good.

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Good episode, it was nice to see they didn't forget Maylene and Reggie would still be in the area (They did the same back in Johto in Morty's town *Forgot how to spell the town* and when the bells were stolen he appeared again).

Piplup's reaction to Dawn saying "Don't worry, I got an new move/plan or whatever coming" and Piplup is like "We are?"

Croagunk and Toxicroak, interesting another evolution stand off (Like Pikachu/Raichu, Meowth/Persian, Poliwhirl/Poliwrath, Piplup/Empolen).
I wonder what Paul's reaction was to the screen suddenly going static, he probably got annoyed that he had to wait for Electabuzz as well.
Interesting to see Pikachu and Electabuzz teaming up to defeat Galatic's Pokemon too. Toxicroak looked like it was in pain when facing Croagunk lol. Interesting Dark Pulse (Good to know that's what Spiritomb had used in an earlier episode),
Good episode, it was nice to see they didn't forget Maylene and Reggie would still be in the area (They did the same back in Johto in Morty's town *Forgot how to spell the town* and when the bells were stolen he appeared again).

Ecruteak City.

So AshnCo. finally meet Team Galactic.
It was cool to see Maylene and Lucario one last time!
Overall, an alright episode. No the best episode, but not the most horrible episode.

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Team Galactic appeared rather late in the sinnoh seasons


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see Team Galactic again. It was great to see Toxicroak for the 1st time. You could tell Croagunk was becoming very jealous of it. Too bad the Croagunk vs Toxicroak battle wasn't finished. It was cool to see Air Cutter and Dark Pulse for the 1st time. Croagunk and Toxicroak are definitely my favorite Poison-Type Pokemon.