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Your comic makes as much sense as why Tarzan didn't have a beard.
Seriously, there is not point or plot or story in this. I think I see umbreon as Eon but that's it. I mean seriously, what the ****?

I rather not review this until later so for now, work on it.


Teh Cyndaquil
I don't understand it. BUT I THINK YOUR DISSING UMBREON! *Twitches*

Medical Meccanica

give me the booty
umbro said:
I don't understand it. BUT I THINK YOUR DISSING UMBREON! *Twitches*

I'm still getting a plot together, and the first few episodes will be plotless crap. But the comic was poking fun at Umbreon fans, and there are a lot as you can see from this post.

It's also for drawing practice - emotions and not drawing full-body.