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EOS: What pokemon did YOU get?

I was wondering, who did you get for Explorers of Sky?
I want to know if a majority of people had got the same pokemon.
I got a Phanpy. What about YOU?

Excitable Boy

is a metaphor
I got Turtwig on my first try, but restarted and got Totodile on the second.


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I got Shinx with a partner of Cyndaquil. It is a pretty good combo actually. I wanted Turtwig and Cyndaquil, but couldn't get Turtwig.


meow meow meow meow
tehee I got a skitty and a riolu for a partner I think those two are a awesome combo


I actually answered honestly...and got Eevee. I named it after my friend though, and chose Riolu for a partner.


I'm baaaack. >:]
I always seem to get Charmander on all the PMD quizzes when I answer honestly.

But I'm a terrible person and rigged the Sky quiz so that I would get Eevee. >>; And Shinx is my Partner.

Blue Shiny Pikachu 1

Fly So High!!!
After 3 resets I finally was a Pikachu. I chose Piplup as my partner.
I answered all the questions randomly and got an eevee. My partner is riolu. It was my first try. Be happy for me.


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Well I actually got Vulpix at my first try, but because I was soooo itching to try it out with my MD2 starters again, I SR 'til I got what I wanted...

Attained another copy of PMD Sky (which is my bro's, he's not a PMD freak), answered honestly and got Eevee... which is the second time I actually obtained it, first time being Eevee at Red Rescue Team, game got corrupted... ;_;


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I got this on my first try:

Me: Riolu
Partner: Phanpy

Anyone who doesn't think Phanpy is cute has no soul. NO SOUL!

john stewart

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I got phanpy ^_^ ;231;

Kitty Aruseus

The werewolf cometh.
I kept resetting until I got a Riolu. I know. I hate the other new starters besides Shinx, and he's my partner in crime. (not really. Just my partner)


Took me quite a while, but I finally got Riolu as my main Pokemon and my partner Pokemon is Vulpix.


1 more day ^^
I always get or try and get totodile and my partner this time is vulpix but the first time I got shinx.


Shiny get!
I got a Riolu on my first try. Thank goodness for it. In Explorers of Time I wasted a whole day on getting a starter so getting Riolu on the first try was great. And I went with a Vulpix as a partner. Awesome stuff.
I got Riolu on my 1st try.
But I knew around 70% of EOS players would get him / Keep resetting till they got him

So I took it again, and got Shinx