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Epic/Hilarious/Stupid Fails in your Life

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Neighbor? Neighbor!
"Can I let the dogs in?"
I open the door just as the dog jumps on the glass.
Epic fail.


Or not :/
Me asking a guy who I liked out, only to find out that he was straight. Oddly enough, we're best friends now.


The game
On the first day of school I played dodgeball. A ball hit my waist and my pants fell down.
Herpity derpity herp derp le herp.


aka Lamia
I was running for the Bus to go somewhere to meet people and at one point I got too close to the corner of this building. My knee met the bricks and it started bleeding quite heavily. I now have bandages, and that little trip was cancelled. 3:


What did you say...?
On the first day of 5th grade, I was really nervous. Not only was it the first day but also my first year living in Missouri. So I get to school with my backpack, lunchbox, etc and right when I walk in, I fell and hit my head on the door.

Derp de derp le herp


Loose Cannon
once when i was about 2 i got stuck in the cat flap. it was a troubling time.


What did you say...?
Lol. Just remembered my most recent!

I was in my homeroom class in school. I was leaning back in my chair (Guess what happened) and fell back ._. It hurt! But that's not the worst part! While some people were trying to help me up (My foot was stuck.... ._.) My best friend yelled "Somebody T-Bag him!!" ._. Great froend huh? ._.


Well-Known Member
I forgot my password for this site three days in a row.
I spaced out staring at my crush.
I dropped my giant science textbook on my foot.
I was shaking the Ranch dressing bottle, and I hit myself in the head. Twice. In the same day.
I gave my Salamence a Choice Band set with Dragon Dance.
I called Captain America's shield a "Frisbee Thing".
How on earth do I get straight As in school???


Expect Epic: CB
I was discussing the word dictator with my Lang. Arts teacher, and as an example, I said "You are a dictator." The words were out before I realized my mistake, and I quickly gasped and put my hand over my mouth. The whole class laughed, and thankfully my language arts teacher. That would be a lot better then saying that to my evil gym teacher or something.


stop trying to be god ☆
When I was trying to jump over a fence and I tripped right as I was jumping. I now have scars :3


Rock Ultimate
i walked out of my house, walked a few steps, then realised i forgot to put on shoes.


litwick ninja
Asking a Mormon to a dance on a date.

I now know why a lot of people hate mormons.

it sucks. iim forced to go. thats a fail in my life


Rock Ultimate
now i've been hit in the neck by a frisbee.


aka Lamia
Thinking I could use my friends Oyster Card thing. It was extremely awkward when I got checked, seeing as the picture on the card is of a man. I had to pay. :{


Nothing to be done
My last year of high school, I left some industrial cleaner sitting on my kitchen counter. My little sister had a friend over, about seven at the time, and she poured some of it into her chocolate milk without knowing what it was.

Later that day, the friend came down with horrible stomach cramps. I let my family know and we debated whether or not to talk her to the hospital. Her parents were at a play and we wouldn't be able to reach them for another two hours. It took us forty-five minutes to realize that the cleaner had been left out and tampered with.

We called poison control and drove to the hospital. The doctors took her in to have her stomach pumped but said there might have been intestinal and lung irritation that could be causing internal bleeding. They asked me what the cleaner was. None of the rest of my family could remember. I told them it was a tile-cleaner.

But it wasn't a tile-cleaner. We didn't even realize until we returned later. It was for glass ware, which was more corrosive and would have required separate treatments. That girl didn't survive.

It took me a long time to come to terms with that. I left that cleaner out. I couldn't remember what it was in time. My misinformation and carelessness may have cost that little seven-year-old her life. I guess you could call that one a truly epic fail.
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Flame Mistress

Well-Known Member
^ Is that a true story?

If so, and if the girl did indeed die, well... I feel really sorry for her ;_; Can't blame it on anyone, though.
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