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Epic/Hilarious/Stupid Fails in your Life

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Seeker of Purity
did u srsly kill a little girl? srsly?


Nothing to be done
Korusan said:
You're a killer. A child killer. I hope you're happy with yourself.

Guys, stop. This really hurts. I'm trying to get this epic fail off my chest. I can, sometimes I can still hear her, you know? It just, it hurts, and I just want some support.

Rubitora117 said:
did u srsly kill a little girl? srsly?
Why would you ask that? You don't go up to people who have had tragedies like this and say, "Seriously?"

I'm sorry, guys. I really am. Some fails are hard to come back from, but I thought sharing this fail was a first step toward something better. I just, what can I do to help it get better?


aka Lamia
Perhaps it's best to just move on from that story...

I made my own shelving and yeah it collapsed. Nail varnish spread on the floor everywhere and I even broke my DS. No one was surprised with my DIY skills... or the lack of them.

Flame Mistress

Well-Known Member
@Cipher: Don't worry, things like that sometimes happen... Like I once almost fed my friend white paint, thinking it was milk (the paint was in a cup).

@Calamity: Same thing happened to my dad, instead he made a huge dent in the floor.

Flame Mistress

Well-Known Member
Exactly. Thankfully, I noticed how grainy the "milk" seemed to be (it was actually paint mixed with water, forgot to mention that). Maybe I was an idiot to use a glass instead of a bowl. Maybe she was an idiot for thinking it was milk. Maybe I was an idiot for the same reason as well. Who knows.


gone gently
Who mixes white paint with water and leaves it around the house in a drinking cup? That's irresponsible.


Nothing to be done
I agree with Profesco. And to be honest, I'm a little shocked and appalled at Flame Mistress's admission.


Nothing to be done
Oh my God, stop it.

I just want that epic fail to be over. I'm sorry I even posted it. I'm reporting you if you say it again.

Ug, I almost wish we could just close this thread because of how painful the memories of that epic fail are.


Prince of Darkness
Went to 'Nam. I've seen things man! Things you've never seen before!


Nothing to be done
Lol. But you forget, Flame Mistress was an idiot for mixing the paint and water in a glass instead of a bowl.


I epically failed by accidentally killing a child. Flame Mistress could have done the same.

You think that's funny? You think just because this is the Internet, you can let that slip by with an "lol"?

Well, laugh out loud about this:

RulerOfUnova said:
I called my Spanish teacher 'senora' when he was a male when I first met him... He did have quite long hair, so I assumed...
Everyone used to call Jacqueline Flores "little senorita" before she drank that cleaner. Her father ran a taquerria just outside the suburb; she was bused in for the gifted program. She was at the end of first grade, just about to take her first Spanish class.

Those are all the things I found out afterward.

Maybe when you have a real epic fail in your life, you'll understand. It's just that after that, no other fail can seem epic. They're just petty. Petty fails. When you have a truly epic fail, nothing seems the same. It's not like walking outside with your shoes off, or mixing up a name. It's not the kind of fail that can be thumbs-upped, thumbs-downed, liked or lol'd. Its the kind of fail that sticks with you. That's what an epic fail is.

So next time you post a fail that doesn't end with a life in the balance, think again about what you call it. Think about where you post it and what kind of reactions it really deserves. Because what you just did, Money02, was a fail. Not an epic kind, but just a sad mistake that barely warrants mentioning. I would hardly pause to give it breath.

What you did was a petty fail, man. Petty fail.
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