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Epic/Hilarious/Stupid Fails in your Life

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And that's why you don't take sppf seriously.


the ash man83

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pretty much half a thread so far wasted on a false story.
attention-seekers/liars/comedians, whatever you want to call them @_@
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Or not :/
Wait, so he was jerking us along the whole time!? Must resist urge to rant.


오션 마스터
I'm not sure but is it still murder if it's an accident?

I think so, but still it's pretty obvious Cipher didn't mean to do it. Simply because of this incident the whole thread will probably be shut down, due to the select few annoying people that have turned this thread into an argument.
Oh and now that this is was apparently a big joke we're all pissed. Woo-hoo


Or not :/
Or assholes.
Sorry, I've literally seen way too many sob stories for attention in my time. I'm a natural skeptic and when someone calls an accidental manslaughter an "epic fail" that's way too lighthearted to be taken seriously.

Not to mention, why post it here? Why now? If you didn't want the reaction, why even bother bringing it to the public where you know every immature troll ever from the Westboro Baptist Church or whatever church the Christian alliance is part of here to the California Church of Satan and the atheist brigade will condemn you for what you've said? Why not bring it to a help thread rather than a "meme thread" as you've so eloquently said? What did you think this would solve? Assuming the story is true, my heart goes out to you but I can't believe something wholly when one considers it an "epic fail."

I've never known a person to ever refer to something like that as a fail. My friend's father died of a problem due to his doctors' malpractice, should I call that an epic fail as well? Or what about my aunt who ran over and killed a child riding his bike past her car while she was backing out of a driveway? Or her not being able to stop her son as he committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree? Should those instances be considered fails? I'm sorry, I'd love to believe the story and send out every condolence I can but when one uses meme terminology to describe something as horrible as a child's death as an "epic fail."

That's all I'm posting on this thread ever again. It's become pointless rabble about nothing but an event that we're not even sure happened, yet everyone is going to jump to one side or another.

Again, my heart goes out to you if it did happen.
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