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Equivilent Exchange(A FullMetal Alchemist Fanfic)

Discussion in 'Non-Pokémon Stories' started by Every Heart, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    Chapter 1

    "Did you hear about what happened?"

    "No, what?"

    "You know the Elric kids? Those two we play with sometimes?"

    "What about them?"

    "I heard their mother died."

    "Wow. That sucks. Now they got no one."

    "Well what about us? We are good friends with them, right?"

    "No, not really. Just more like....regular friends."

    Sammy glared at his older sister. They were walking along a bridge back home. The sun was setting above the town of Reseembool. The bridge creaked under their feet. Sammy stepped in front of his sister.

    "Don't you even care?", he asked furiously.

    His older sister, Kinra, rolled her eyes up towards the orange sky. "Of course I care. When did I say that I didn't?", she asked as she threw back a sheet of long black hair out of her somewhat pale face. Now her yellow eyes with their creepy red tint were exposed.

    She tried to move past him, but Sammy threw out an arm. "Your not acting like you do.", he said accusingly.

    Kinra placed a hand on one of his shoulders. She leaned down so that she could look eye to eye with him. His bright blue eyes stared into her yellow eyes. "I do care. I just show a different way of caring."

    She then straightned up. She ruffled his short brown hair before walking off. "I hate it when you do that!", Sammy screeched as he ran after her. They soon began chasing each other towards home. After a while, they stopped to catch their breath.

    Kinra collapsed in the grass. "I'm tired. You?", she asked.

    Sammy sat down next to her. "A little. I hate how our house is so far away.", he complained.

    Kinra looked down at the small white teeshirt she was wearing and her jean shorts. "Do you think Mom will be mad when she sees us with these grass stains?"

    Sammy laughed, "Probably. Hey, lets bring her and Dad a present. Today is their....uhh...ani....what's it called again?"

    "Aniversary of their marriage"

    "Oh right, so anyway, lets make them something.", Sammy suggested.

    Kinra nodded as she took a stick from off the ground. She began to draw a circle into the ground. "What do you think that they will like?"

    "Maybe one of those metal flowers you made yesterday. I know Dad would be proud if he saw it. My Alchemy sucks though.", Sammy said bitterly.

    "You're only 8. Your just learning.", Kinra said without looking up from drawing the circle required.

    "But you're 9. Not too older than me.", Sammy said as he crossed his arms in front of him.

    "Look, I'll just say that you made it when we get to the house. If that will make you feel better.", she said as she tossed the stick into the river in front of them.

    "I can't take credit for something you made Sis.", Sammy said.

    "Don't be so modest. The metal flower was your idea.", she said as she took out a rod of metal from her pocket. She placed it in the middle of the circle. She placed her small hands on the outer edge of the circle. The circle started to glow a yellow color. The metal started to bend itself into the shape of a flower.

    Kinra removed her hands and picked up the flower. "See? Now we can take it to them!", she said as she stood up. Taking her foot, she wiped the transmutation circle off the dirt path.

    "Why do you always do that Sis?", he asked as he too stood up and they both began walking up the hill towards home.

    "Just for liability reasons.", Kinra said without looking at him.

    "You made that up, didn't you?!?", Sammy asked as he ran up the hill towards her.

    Kinra laughed, "And if I did, what are you going to do about it?"

    "Come back here!", he said as he started chasing her. They soon reached the hill where their house stood. Their house was very secluded and was the smallest house in Reseembool. And it was suppossed to be the prettiest. Which was why the sight before them made them stop walking.

    The house was on fire. Flames bellowed into the air. Kinra and Sammy started coughing from the smoke. "Mom? Dad?", they called. They recieved no answer. Kinra turned to Sammy. "I'll check the inside, stay here!", she told him.

    He nodded as Kinra ran to the house. The door had fallen off its hindges, so Kinra ran through the opening. Coughing, she looked around for any sign of life. There was none. She ran towards the back of the house, where her and Sammy's rooms were.

    They seemed to be the only rooms untouched by the flames. Kinra looked around in her room. She picked up a backpack that was laying up against the closet door. She grabbed a few material possessions, such as photographs, clothes, and other things.

    Kinra crossed over into Sammy's room. As she packed some clothes into his bag, she also grabbed a few of his favorite stuff. Including a small doll that he kept under his mattress for saftey. It was a stuffed cat he named Cheeko. She stared into the button eyes for a moment before the noise of a support beam falling awoke her to her senses.

    She packed it into the bag and ran out without glancing at the walls, covered in blood that she had not noticed. All of a sudden, a crack from above was heard. It fell and smashed her in the face and the left arm. Staggering, she pulled herself out from under the beam and ran out of the house.

    Sammy was waiting on a hill opposite of the house. Kinra handed him Meeko. He hugged it to him for comfort. He then noticed Kinra. "Kinra, your arm...and face....", he choked out.

    Kinra looked down and noticed a small pool of blood from her arm and face. The reflection of the blood showed a long gash across her arm and a small gash on the cheek.

    Kinra shook it off. "Forget about it. At least you are ok.", she gasped.

    Sammy wrapped a skinny arm around Kinra. Both their clothes had smoke and fire burns in them. They stood and watched with tears in their eyes as their house collapsed into ash and smoke. The metal flower that they had made lay forgotten in the grass.

    It would be 4 years later when they found out what had become of their home and parents.

    But 4 years later would be a time filled with turmoil.

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