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Error! No data found [PG13]

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by George~©, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. George~©

    George~© All Gravy

    Partially Inspired by 'The Black Glove'. He made a brilliant RP a few months ago which sadly died due to him being inactive. It was GM'ed, and I have mimiced a few Idea's he had.

    A great and legendary pokemon was once said to roam Kanto as the guardian of Stability. It kept order, and created peace. It kept the three legendary birds of Kanto in check, so that they did not ever quarrel. Rumour has it that this pokemon itself was a legendary bird, however it had never been seen before. Only one person recalled seeing it, and he was only a boy at the time. His name is Dato, but more commonly known nowadays as the proffessor, being a top archaeologist. What drove him to become an archaeologist was a mere rumour, but there was a connection to him and that rumour.

    When he was a boy, he lived in Fuschia city. He loved the safari zone and the pokemon that lived there, and would most of the time go there in his free time and play with the pokemon. He had a special favorite, a Scyther. It was his best friend, and he assumed them to be inseperable. However, one day, he managed to look around the entire safari zone for it, but he couldn't find it. He was in tears, and thought someone had caught it. At the time, someone, or something, was watching him. It was almost like a plea for help, but a cry came from the forest. It sounded like Scyther.

    Rushing for the woods, he longed to see his friend. He had such a smile on his face, and it was short lived. He looked in his friends eyes, and something was different. They seemed lifeless, and he looked deep into its eyes and saw nothing. Beside him was a glitchy box, which seemed like it was manipulating his friend. He approached the box, his urge to get his friend back completely taking over. He touched it, and his mind went blank. Something was happening.

    He awoke on a beach. There were various other pokemon surrounding him, and they all seemed to be lifeless. He recognised it from pictures, it was the abandoned beach on Cinnabar. On the news, there had been many stories about disappearances there, assumed to be by an angry water pokemon. He looked around, and noticed a black, glitchy area around the edge of the island. He approached, not remembering what had happened at the Safari Zone, and looked at it. Suddenly, he saw flash visions, of a distorted world. It was nothing like the distortion world that he had heard of from the Sinnoh legends. This wasn't a place that defied physics. This place was merely the world he lived in, but a torn up, glitchy version of the world.

    In the center of this world, a giant, white pokemon, cried in agony. Its wings were being enveloped by a Black Substance of sorts. It tried to break free, firing water guns at the black substance, but it was unharmed. The substance eventually enveloped the pokemons entire body and head, and began to glow. A pair of Red eyes, suddenly appeared in his vision, and he lunged backwards, in shock. He had just seen the Fourth legendary bird pokemon, die.

    30 years had passed since this incident. Technology became overwhelming, especially for archaeologists. The mysterys of the world of pokemon were slowly beginning to come together, but one mystery that nobody knew about, still lingered. Nobody but Dato, The Professor. Geological Surveys had detected a Gravitic anomale, right on the shore of Cinnabar Island. The abandoned shore. Dato immediately took an interest in this, and wondered about the mystery.

    With an assembled team of highly trained Archaeologists, they managed to excavate a passageway, into an underground tomb. Dato and three others, entered the passageway. The walls were lined with an ancient language. One of the team was able to translate this.

    "Be aware, this is the tomb of _______, the Legendary Pokemon. Only those who wish to know the truth, enter. Only those who wish to know the secrets of the world, enter."

    The name of the pokemon was illegible, as if something had scraped it off the wall. Dato's suspicions were right. This did have something to do with the pokemon he had seen. The passageway was long, and dark. Dato felt strange as he neared the end of the passageway, as if something was watching him. At the end, there was a door, which, in the ancient language, said:

    "Only those who know of ______'s death may enter."

    Dato was the only one of the team, and possibly the only person alive to know of the pokemons death. He placed his hand on the door, with no hesitation. He was able to enter the tomb, but the others were not. As they entered, a black mist enveloped the doorway. They walked through, and somehow ended up back where they were before. Dato was alone inside the tomb. However, his curiosity and determination, would be the downfall of Kanto. The tomb was like an egyptian Coffin, in which it was said that the pokemon rested. He opened it. There was nothing there. It was just a pool of a black, tar like substance. Dato was confused for a while.

    The red eyes appeared again. This time, not in his visions, but in the black pool itself. It rose up from the pool, and took the form of a large, bird like figure. Dato lunged back in fear, cowering to the corner of the room. He pulled out his pokedex from his back pocket, to analyze the creature..

    "ERROR! No data fou-"

    The pokedex short circuited in front of him, and Dato threw it to the ground in pain.

    Nobody knows what happened in the tomb, but it unleashed a curse on the world. The walls collapsed around the Achaeologists, and they were killed. The team that were doing analysis outside, went to examine, and tried to help their accomplices. As they approached, the black substance oozed from the rocks, and changed colour, into a mix of purples, grays, and blacks, all in a glitchy, pixelated fashion. Pokemon nearby were attacked, and enveloped in the substance. Their eyes began to glow red, just as Dato had seen in his visions. They turned on the Archaeologists, and they were killed.

    Another 10 years have passed since the incident. Cinnabar has been overrun by corrupted pokemon, and the substances. They call them, Missingno, since the pokedex simply short circuits whenever they are analyzed. They have now spread throughout Kanto, and strongholds have been set up to prevent Kanto from being overrun anymore. Computers and electronic devices have been recently discovered to give of an electronic signal which attracts the pokemon and the substances to the area, and they have been banned from use by the Governing board of Kanto. The mechanisms in Pokeballs, also trigger this, but have not been banned from usage, since they are needed to protect the remaining pokemon that have not been corrupted. Almost every single wild pokemon has been corrupted, and trainers have to defend themselves with whatever pokemon they already have. Pokemon PC's are innaccesible, because of the signal. All contact with the outside world has been cut off, and other regions are now innaccesible.

    You as a survivor of the attacks, must now play out your story. People cannot become Corrupted, as they react differently to the transformation. They are simply killed. You may choose from any of the starting locations, apart from Cinnabar island, and Fuschia City.

    .:Starting Area's:.

    Pallet Town:
    Should be renamed, Ghost Town. Virtually nobody lives here, and all the greenery and the peaceful atomosphere, has turned into a ruined, inhabitable place. No trees or grass will ever grow again. There are people who live here, but are confined to the shadows, and a few secret underground hideouts. These are nowhere near advanced though, and have little space. Corrupted pokemon lurk here.

    Vididian Village:
    An attack a few years ago had left the cityruined, but is gradually returning to a habitable state. There are no longer large buldings, but instead, small huts and some makeshift houses built from the ruins of the city itself. There are guard posts on the outskirts of the village, by Pallet town and the route to the Indigo Plateau. Corrupted pokemon sometimes appear here, but not particularly often. Viridian Forest has been destroyed to allow easy access to Pewter Stronghold.

    Pewter Stronghold:
    The second largest civilised area in Kanto now. Thanks to Brock, the towns imposing leader, it has been well defended, and the location helps too, being far from Cinnabar and with no surrounding water. Huge walls have been erected around the City for protection, and people are searched as they enter and leave. Corrupted Pokemon are rarely seen.

    Cerulean Village:
    The village has been cut off from Pewter City through mount moon, and the cape is innaccesible. The village has recieved frequent attacks, and now only a very small community lives there. Everybody knows everybody there, and they will act as one giant family. The town recieves frequent attacks from all angles, and Corrupted pokemon appear atleast once per day.

    Saffron Crossing:
    The city has been flattened for easy access to Vermillion and Celadon, after extremely frequent attacks from the Lavender Boneyard. You can live here, but you must justify why you live here. There are ruined houses on the outskirts, which are somewhat habitable. Corrupted Pokemon aren't as frequent now, but every year, there is a massive attack on Celadon Fortress, using the Crossing as an access point.

    Vermillion Base:
    The town is habitable, but is mainly used as a military base. Special privelages will be given to those who are in the resistance force, such as a reliable food supply, and better accomodation. Those who aren't are looked upon as cowards, and will only recieve help from those willing to give it. Also their houses are closer to the shores, where Corrupted Pokemon can access. Corrupted pokemon are somewhat frequent, but are most of the time killed before they can get near.

    Celadon Fortress:
    The largest city in Kanto. Its specified as a fortress due to the huge walls that were built for pure defence. The city is quite intact, and the only danger really is the annual Lavender Boneyard Attack. This is where the governer of Kanto resides, and where the important government buildings are. Like Pewter, people are searched as they enter and as they leave. The city isn't designed to look great; it is designed to be safe. There are no fancy attractions like their used to be, but instead it resembles a medieval town. This is also the only place to buy pokeballs... not like you'll need to. The odds of finding a normal pokemon are about 1/200. Corrupted pokemon are rarely ever seen, although sometimes they can come though the sewage system, in which case they will be attacked immediately on sight.

    .:Other areas:.
    (You can go to these areas(Some at your own risk), but you cannot start off in them.)​

    Indigo Forest(Dangerous):
    What used to be the route to the Indigo Plateau, is now a huge deciduous forest, and Corrupted pokemon are frequent here. There is one man that lives here. People refer to him as 'Survivor X'. Nobody knows his name, as he attacks anything and anyone on sight. Infact, the only people that know he is there are the ones who were attacked and seriously injured by him.

    Mt. Moon(Very Dangerous):
    You really don't want to go in there...

    Cerulean Cape:
    Was abandoned after a few attacks, but it has quietened down recently. However, this is still an access point for Corrupted Pokemon, and Corrupted Water Pokemon will always attack if you are noticed.

    Power Plant(Very Dangerous):
    The place is still full of electrical energy, and corrupted pokemon basically inhabit the entire area. It is extremely unwise to go anywhere near here.

    Diglett Tunnel:
    The only "safe" way to get from one side of Kanto to the other. Diglett and Dugtrio are the only pokemon that have avoided corruption, by spending their entire life underground. Be wary though, as they are easily startled.

    Rock Tunnel(Dangerous):
    It is incredibly Dark, and not all have made it through to the other side safely. Even if you did make it through, you would then have to go through the Lavender Boneyard... which is impossible.

    Lavender Boneyard(Very Dangerous):
    It is rumoured that the corrupted pokemon can corrupt the dead pokemon at lavender town, and use the body as a vessel. This is a rumour because nobody has survived the Boneyard to see if it is true.

    Fuschia Ruins (Extremely Dangerous):
    You would have to be completely insane or just incredibly stupid to even think of going here. This is the main access point of all Corrupted pokemon and Substances.

    Seafoam Islands (Innaccessible):
    Fuschia and Cinnabar are extremely Dangerous. There is no way that anyone could ever reach here. If you did manage to get here, you'd wish you hadn't got there in the first place.

    Cinnabar Island(Extremely Dangerous):
    The island is completely overrun, and is said to be where the main Missingno resides. There is no point in trying.

    This RP is based off of the facts revolving around Missingno in the original Pokemon games, just extended. I will be the GM, and I will decide what happens to you as you carry on your story. You can request for certain events to happen if you so wish, but if I don't feel like it would do well to the
    RP, then I won't do it.


    - All standard SPPF rules apply here.

    - This RP is PG13. If you don't like some of the aspects of the RP, or you think I'm being too hard on you, then don't join.

    - I have stricter rules on Bunnying and Godmodding. NEVER roleplay another players characters speech. This will result in a warning. Acceptable Bunnying is when someone doesn't post for a while, and you NEED to advance the plot, in which case, you can roleplay their character following yours, or moving somewhere. For example 'He and Genericheroinename ran towards the whatever.' In this case, 'He' is moving the other character with him.

    - I want to see absolutely NO Godmodding. I don't want to see, 'Shuckle dodged the ninjasks attack easily, and proceeded to Wrap Ninjask, suffocating it.' This not only inplys that Shuckle can dodge a Ninjask, but that it can catch a Ninjask with its tentacles after dodging a hit, and that the ninjask could not easily slash at the tentacles and get away. This will also result in a warning.

    - Please Roleplay in the third person. It is less confusing to read 'He/She' than it is to read 'I'. We are seperate characters, and we want to be put in the position of our own characters, not yours.

    - In the case of romance, please no 'Love at first sight' nonsense. This is an RP, not a dream fantasy about meeting your one true soulmate. Ease into it, or gradually get to know eachother. Etc.

    - I know the rules sound harsh, and the way that I have described the locations make it sound incredibly difficult, and thats what it is meant to sound like; but this RP is made for the more experienced player. If you're finding it hard, but you really want to stay in the RPG, tell me, and I'll try to be a little more sympathetic on your character. Although if you choose to do something stupid like go to the lavender boneyards after asking this, I will show no mercy >:).

    .:Sign Up Form:.

    Name: (Everyone needs a name.. First and Last please if possible)
    Age: (Anything Between 15 and 30. We can't have 12 year olds fighting zombie like pokemon, nor can we have 80 year olds beating them with walking sticks)
    Gender: (MALE OR FEMALE...)
    Appearance: (What does your character look like? Height? Weight? Clothing must be somewhat old fashioned, since there is not the technology to create fancy clothing now)
    Personality: (How does your character act? Is he a brave, lonewolf hero, who strikes inspiration into the hearts and minds of whoever he talks to? Or... is he a bum..)
    History: (How did your character grow up? Remember, the Incident happened 10 years ago. Introduce as an ordinary person, then explain how you survived the attacks, and how you are still surviving, etc.)
    Other: (Anything not mentioned above that may be of particular importance)


    NOTE: You have a choice here. You can either go for a low amount of pokemon, and not need to use pokeballs as much, if not at all, OR, you can have lots of pokemon (still maximum 6), and have to use pokeballs, running the risk of luring Corrupted pokemon to your location. Be smart, make your own decisions. You can repeat the form below up to 6 times, depending on how many pokemon you have.

    Species: (What pokemon is it)
    Nickname: (What have you named your pokemon)
    Personality: (The same as the character Personality, but doesn't particularly need to be long)
    History: (A little backstory on how your pokemon lived before you caught it, and how your pokemon has coped with the crisis)

    For Moves, go to Veekun.com
    Search for your pokemon. Your pokemon can use any of the attacks listed on the page, but high power attacks will require a lot of energy, and will tire your pokemon quickly.

    .:Character List:.

    Finitevus Von Asphodel (Flameswy) - Pallet Town
    'Crumbs' (DragonRush) - Celadon Fortress
    Mei-Mei Campbell (MeltingCORE) - Pallet Town
    Renner Voisin (Endarkened Gardevoir) - Celadon Fortress(?)
    Amy Lynch (Aura Wolfe) - Celadon Fortress
    Leif Gregory (FiretheAbsolLord) - Pewter Stronghold(?)
    Kiya Heart (Ashbug22) - Pewter Stronghold



    Lastly, to clarify:

    Incase you didn't already know, a GM'ed RP is where I post a reply to whatever you have just done, depending on the quality and content of your post. So if you roleplay your character as wanting to fight, then I'll roleplay a pokemon attack, if the quality is good. However, it will be based around the current situation, and interesting events I have in my head.

    Last edited: Oct 26, 2011
  2. flameswy

    flameswy Lord of Light

    Name: Finitevus Von Asphodel (Just fin for short, but don't call him that in the RP or he'll get rather upset unless he knows you.)
    Age: 30
    Gender: male

    Appearance: Tired and older looking then he is, Finitevus has high Anglo Saxon cheek bones, and a thin face. his eyes are sloped down into a constant frown, and his nose is large and triangular. His eyes are a dull gold, but his large brow and thick eyebrows shade them to a dark brown. He wears the very best clothing he can scavenge, favoring Victorian wear and suits. gloves are a necessity, as he feels honor bound to protect his pianist hands at all costs. his basic out fit consists of-
    a tall silk hat, (top hat) A black great coat which he wears over a grey dress shirt and casual belted dress slacks. dress shoes on his feet and black socks, although this is one part of his regalia he is rather tired of. (sore feet) and thus would be willing to swap for something more comfortable.

    Personality: rather cold and irritable, Finitevus is a quiet and unhappy man, but not because of the state of affairs these days. he believes in grey morality, and is highly religious. he likes to think of himself as an old school gentleman, but often will forget his noble intent unless reminded. buried deep in his psyche, there is a hidden viscous streak. He also has a very paradoxical personality, being both very empathetic and apathetic to those around him. his emotional intelligence is high enough to read most people like books, but he rarely cares enough to do anything about it. Fin is a follower of music, mostly classic and fancy's himself a pianist, despite being sub par to say the least. he is fairly skilled at the violin though,but has not owned one in a couple of years. His relationships to his pokemon are some what strained, as he is one of the sort of people in the world that see pokemon as tools to accomplish ends. this leads to many arguments with trainers he meets, but as of the story he has not changed his view. he usually sums it up like this-

    "If you really care about your pokemon's well being, you should treat it like a machine. cuddling and coddling will leave it totally unprepared for any challenge. those who can not rise to the occasion, fall to the dust. the choice is yours, anyway... I could not care less how you train."

    History: Finitevus comes from a broken home out side of pallet town. he grew up as an orphan, along with his two brothers he took care of from a very early age. he managed to support all three working as a lab assisted for many years, right untill he next oldest brother was old enough to work. he saved every last penny and managed to afford a farm, which the middle brother, ( Prometheus, ) watched after. when every thing was moving smoothly, fin decided to try hils life long dram of becoming a pokemon trainer. he choose bulbasaur, he ripped throught the kant league, earning three badges with out a single loss. unfortunately, his bulbasaur died in a freak accident during a battle in cleadon city. blaming him self, fin left the league never to look back. he had challenged the hoenn league prior to this though, and earned the first four badges over there as well. fin took his remaining winnings money in hand, and entered the wonderful world of real estate, which left him rich quickly, thanks to his smooth business skills.

    Away on a business trip in hoenn, Fin arrived back in pallet town on the day kanto closed down. He hurried back home to find the farm ruined and abandoned, with no sign of where the other two had gone. hes managed to survive so far by hiding out on the edge of wild, eating the crops the the farm that have managed to survive a little with out care, and training his old pokemon to be ready for the inevitable day he would have to go look for his brothers. This little piggy wants to woop some Missingno bum.

    Other: Finitevus was born with very low blood pressure and hemophillia. he was never very strong, but he is fast and has good reflexes and a sharp mind.


    Species: Agron
    Nickname: Horatio
    Personality: Horatio is a solid wall. unfeeling, unbending, unbreaking, he is everything fin isnt, and fin needs him to lean on for stability. he is some what of a loaner, but whos to say this isnt a learned behavior from his trainer? all of fins pokemon seem to be, to some extent.
    History: Caught as a aron in petalburg, Horatio was just a stop gap pokemon till he managed to single handedly defeat brawly when all of fins other pokemon where overwhelmed.

    Species: metagross
    Nickname: Iron leggs
    Personality: gentle despite his bulk, iron leggs is very intelligent, only possibly out witted by his trainer. he is also very lethargic and slow moving, even when in battle and has always had difficulty getting up.
    History: iron leggs is a mute metagross that fin obtained nearly dead from the GTS. he managed to bring it back to health, and its been loyal ever since. it has been with him the longest after horatio, and is likely his strongest pokemon.

    Species: milotic
    Personality: Caring ang maternal, not to mention the only one who doenst mind meeting new people/pokemon altruist is the third oldest pokemon on fins team. she helps hold every thing together, and soothes frayed nerves.
    History: obtained as a feebas, altruist was derisively used as cannon fodder for the rest of fins party for a long time. when he finally managed to evolve it, the derision changed to awe and it has been with him ever since. (fulfilling basically the same role how ever, as a special wall.)

    Species: kabutops
    Nickname: Armegedeon
    Personality: Alien and dead, Armegedeon seems to have no mind or soul of its own. fin used to be in awe of this pokemon, but it has drifted more into disgust, and a little fear though he wont admit it to him self. the way it drains blood is nauseating, and Armegedeon seems to view every thing warm blooded with a kind of dull reptilian loathing. it gets along with none of his other pokemon, or humans. despite being fins second or first strongest tied with iron legs, fin keeps it hidden in its pokeball most of the time.
    History: Armegedeon was a parting gift from his youngest brother when he left, and he revived it as quickly as possible. when he first held it he was filled with joy at the smooth and elegant shelled creature that stood before him. he trained it like a frenzied man for month's, until the final powerfull pokemon stood before him. eager to try it out in battle, he challenged the next trainer he saw, a random green horn rookie. Armegeddeon ripped throught he team like a chainsaw through butter, and then finished it by attempting to drain the blood of the trainers charmander. they were able to save charmanders life barely, but fin was shocked by the event. thats when his fear and disgust began to grow.

    Right, I'll go work on this stuff....

    And uh, I did read the rules, as dragon rush said.

    Last edited: Oct 6, 2011
  3. George~©

    George~© All Gravy

    Flameswy: Rejected.

    1. You didn't read the rules.
    2. Personality is far too short, minumum 100 words.
    3. Can you spell your words better please.
    4. You wouldn't have been able to get a boat back to Kanto, as all connection with the outside world is cut off.

    This needs serious work. I'll accept your sign up when you have fixed these issues. I know you haven't read the rules, because there is something missing.
  4. DragonRush

    DragonRush Member

    The little something is not missing. You should read the Kabutops personality closer.
  5. George~©

    George~© All Gravy

    Which I said should be put 'In the other section of the Sign Up'.
  6. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    Considering you have strict rules on other things, it amazes me that you need this pointless rule to affirm yourself that people are following them. If putting a needlessly useless phrase in their post is what you accept that they have read the rules, what happens if they bunny or godmod in the RPG? You are the GM, it is your responsibility to determine if someone has read and is following the rules. Don't rely on a pointless catch phrase to do it for you. Not to mention that people who are fully capable of reading and following rules find it utterly demeaning to be forced to write it, and are more likely to be put off joining. I know I instantly reject an RPG; no matter how good it is; if it is a requirement.
  7. George~©

    George~© All Gravy

    Point taken, I guess. The requirement was originally there because I'm no mind reader, and reading it assures me that there won't be problems in the RPG. A lot of people who are unfamiliar to RPG's would simply skip over the rules assuming them to be standard rules, however this isn't designed for beginners, and I didn't take that into account.
  8. flameswy

    flameswy Lord of Light


    So, am I accepted or not then?

    I mean, if not I'm happy to drift over and check out the other RP's, but since I already applied here it would be nice if I didn't have to go through making a new character.

  9. George~©

    George~© All Gravy

    Just change the boat thing in your history. Like I said, you can't have arrived after the incident, as you would have been attacked. Change that and you'll be accepted.

    EDIT: Accepted

    Now hopefully somebody else will see this and join, it doesn't seem to be getting a lot of attention...
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2011
  10. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    I'm actually a little interested in joining (nothing certain yet), but I was thinking or making a pair of siblings traveling together. Would you accept two sign-up, should I make one a NPC or should I drop the idea all together?
  11. George~©

    George~© All Gravy

    That sounds fine, but when I post I'll be GMing for both characters together. Should I reserve you a spot?
  12. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Yes please. I'll get working on it right now.
  13. DragonRush

    DragonRush Member

    Name: Crumbs

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: A lean, athletic looking man with an extremely shady demeanor. Crumbs stands at 6'2'' and weighs right around 190. If he had taken care of himself up to societal standards, he would probably be a very handsome young man. Instead, years of living within the underbelly of society has given him a nasty disposistion. He has a very thick head of jet black hair, as well as a very thick, ungroomed beard covering most of his face. Crumbs actually does have a nice, tan complexion, but this is only due to genetics, as he spends most of his time in the shadows and darkness. The only hint of anything bright in Crumbs are his emerald green eyes, although when one actually takes the time to peer deep inside of them, goodness is the last thing that they would find. He wears all black clothing to attract as little notice as possible. His old, dirty black sweatpants and hoodie are covered by makeshift armor crafted out of the numerous Pokemon bones littering the land. He also wears an old black ball cap and drapes himself with a magnificent Reaper Cloth his mother left with him in Celadon when she went to help with the resistance. Also ties a black bandana over his face to conceal most of his features. When people glance upon him in his clothing, all they really see of Crumbs are his bright green eyes. On the rare occasion anyone should see him out of his gear, he is heavily tattooed with a tribal pattern from his shoulders to wrist, with spider web tattoos covering his elbows.

    Personality: Distant, ruthless, and dangerous. Nobody knows much about Crumbs, hold from a couple fellow theives lurking in the big fortress. Most all of the love he knew as a child has evaporated into hate, and he sees others only as pawns. He does, however, have an extremely tight bond with his Pokemon, probably a large reason for his success in his line of living. No one should ever look for sympathy or help from Crumbs, unless it suits himselp personally. Even then, however, people need to be wary, as once he has benefitted from somebody he is quick to turn on them or dispose of them, taking whatever they have for himself. In this war, Crumbs only helps one side; himself. Although a truly nasty person, he is extremely intelligent. He is very quick to diagnois situations that arise, and equally as quick as finding away to escape or benefit from them. He has a very deep, soul less voice, and the only sign oflife comes from his laugh, which is almost childlike in sound. The emotion one feels from it, however, is anything but childlike and jovial, but closest to absolute insanity. He has done many things he regrets at an early age, likely pushing him to this level of loathing and lifestyle, but instead of trying to chnage and better himself, he has embraced it and become something fellow humans should fear. He himslef fears nothing; except, of course, for Missingno.

    History: Once a very promising trainer, Crumbs (then known by a different name), was traveling Kanto with his mother, Karen, a member of Johto's Elite Four. They both specialized in dark-types, and his dream was to follow in the footsteps of his beloved mother and take over her posistion in the Four. He used to be such a happy child, something his mother loved, although she warned him that to truly become a master of the dark-type, he would need to find a little darkness within himself in order to truly unleash his potential. That darkness was found soon after the attacks.

    He and his mother were in Celadon continuing his training. They were going to meet Erika to give Crumbs some insight on battling technique with his Nuzleaf, Kudzu. That is where he was when the attacks hit. Karen was quickly made aware of this, prompting her to bring Crumbs to a close friend in Celadon. She said a tearful good-bye, saying it was her duty to go help the resistance, whatever the cost. She left him with a duffel bag full of valuable training equipment that she had been saving for the journey and quickly flew to Vermillion, saying she would come back as soon as possible.

    Days went by and tension within the city began to mount. All communication with the other cities had been dropped when it was announced that electrical emmissions would draw the Missingno. The death toll mounted on the coasts, and many people attempted to flee, never to be heard from again. It was around a month after the attack that the family he was staying with began talk of leaving town. The looting had begun, and the once orderly city of Celadon was suddenly lawless. The only fear of the family was the lack of well trained Pokemon to defend them on the way. That night, while Crumbs was fast asleep, he woke to find the father looting through his bags for his PokeBalls. Crumbs immediately went into a frenzy, and his Deino (Drogon), who always sleeps at Crumbs' side, attacked. Drogon went too far in his attack, however, and took the man's life. Crumbs was very scared and confused and frantic, so he grabbed his bags and ran with Drogon on his heels.

    He wandered into the shadiest part of the city, where all the low lifes would gather, trying to avoid detection and punishment. He ended up being jumped by three grown men trying to take his bag and Pokemon, but was saved by two other men with a Cacturne and Weavile. They took Crumbs, battered and bloody, back to their 'home'. Their 'home' was an abondened building that had been completely fortified on the inside. If somebody was going to get in, it would take a lot of effort, and by all appearances the house had already been looted anyway. It really wouldn't have been worth anyone's time. The two men were named Cookie and Cracker, nicknames they created to destroy their old identities. They were decent people, but had turned to theiving and getting by once the war had started. When they asked his name, he created Crumbs. He has lived and trained there ever since, living a dirty life.

    Other: Known around the city as The Lord of Bones due to the armor he wears, and the fact that hardly anybody knows him as Crumbs.


    Species: Shiftry
    Nickname: Kudzu
    Gender: Male
    Personality: As nasty as his trainer, Kudzu is a very cruel Pokemon. He is an excellent theif, and aids Crumbs in many raids and loots. Hates anything that doesn't have a nasty side to it, and an excellent battler, mostly relying on trickery rather than brute force in battle.
    History: Crumbs' first Pokemon, Kudzu was given to him as a Seedot from his mother. Was his best battler and most loyal Pokemon, and he was a Nuzleaf when the attacks started. During a raid on the department store with Crumbs, he accidentaly came in contact with a Leaf Stone and evolved into a Shiftry.

    Species: Zweilous
    Nickname: Drogon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Very angry and powerful. Drogon has a nasty temperment and will attack anything on sight, even himself. His heads will start to attack each other at random, resulting in violent collistions into walls and anything else in his way. He is very loyal to Crumbs, but he hates all other people ever since the night he attacked that man. He does not care for other Pokemon either. The most powerful in terms of brute strength.
    History: Drogon was given to Crumbs as a Deino by Lance, the Champion. He was very closer to his mother Karen and had been given the Deino as a gift during a visit to Unova. He was Crumbs' second Pokemon. He evolved into a Zweilous after the attacks during a battle with Cracker.

    Species: Zangoose
    Nickname: Habu
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Very serious. Habu is not overcome with evil tendcies like the previous two. He is a very receptive Pokemon and is always on the lookout for threats. Although he plays a key part in raids and theivery, he views it more as necessity of survival. Extremely fast and vicious in battle, he acts as a protector for the group.
    History: Habu was the first actual capture by Crumbs. He found him in a heated battle with hundreds of Seviper on an expidition to Hoenn. It appeared as though he has stumbled upon the mating ritual of the serpents, and he was being thouroughly abused by the group. Crumbs managed to get him out with Kudzu and Drogon, and he wanted to travel with Crumbs from then on.

    Species: Dusknoir
    Nickname: Scrooge
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Somber and unflinching, Scrooge is the epitome of a ghost. He really has no personality, and he just sort of floats around and follows Crumbs at a distance, appearing if there is some sort of trouble. Can become invisible, as well as creating the illusion that Crumbs is as well. A very key member of theiving missions. Even those that know Crumbs are mostly unaware of his presence.
    History: Wandered into Celadon as a Dusklops once the attacks started, he was attracted to Crumbs because of the two reaper cloths that his mother had left him in the bag. Crumbs started noticing him after about a week, and he gradually kept becoming more and more attatched to him. Crumbs eventually captured him with ease, and one day he had evolved into a Dusknoir without Crumbs noticing, although his second cloth was missing then on frrom his bag.

    Species: Scrafty
    Nickname: Capone
    Gender: Male
    Personality: A pranskter, Capone is by far the most jovial of the group. His pranks can be very wicked and dangerous, however. He always has a sly smile on his face and walks around with a noticeable swagger. He is the muscle of the group, and is commonly used in roughing people up and breaking into buildings. Very strong in battle.
    History: Capone was won by Crumbs in an underground poker match as a Scraggy. He was a lackie owned by a rival theif in Celadon, and was put up to gamble with when the other man ran out of goods. After the match, the other man became irate and accused Crumbs of cheated, ordering Capone to attack him. Capone was ready for a change, howver, and beat up the rival, deciding Crumbs was his new master. Evolved during a break-in to overpower a Rhydon gaurding the goods.

    Species: Aerodactyl
    Nickname: Rodan
    Gender: Male
    Personality: A tenacious creature, Rodan is very powerful and picks on the weak. He will torment anything, and barely listens to Crumbs, although Crumbs has come a long way in gaining his respect. When the situation turns dire, however, Rodan is the one that you want on your side, and will do anything for survival
    History: Stolen in his PokeBall during a raid. Crumbs thought he had grabbed a bag of empty balls when they robbed a man's house, but they all turned out to be filled. He kept Rodan because he wanted a Pokemon that could fly and loved his power, but he traded the other ones to fellow dregs of society for supplies.
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  14. George~©

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    DragonRush: Accepted.

    At first I was skeptical about the Looting thing, but I quite like it. I'll be sure to have interesting things planned for Crumbs.
  15. Aura Wolfe

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    This sounds interesting, but one quick question: would a Ditto in this game be able to turn into a Pokemon using very detailed drawings from multiple angles as a guide? In the games, Ditto can only turn into the Pokemon in front of it, but I think it can be used in a much more creative manner in PRP's.
  16. George~©

    George~© All Gravy

    That sounds fine, but no legendary's please, even if they are copies.

    Also, I'll probably start the RP in the week that(if) we get around 5/6 participants. Gives me time to evaluate and mod your introductory posts, and anything else that would need doing.

    EDIT: And also, 2 people have signed up with 6 pokemon. You're both going to need pokeballs for your pokemon, which will make it a lot harder for you, due to them being electrical devices. Just bare that in mind before we start the RP, incase you want to change anything.
  17. flameswy

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    Yeah, I think I'll drop one or two.

    I don't really have anything planned for bisharp, and there's probably one more I can afford to drop...


    yeah, I cut ninetales and bisharp.
  18. MeltingCORE

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    Good sir, I applaud at your in depth RP story. Will join and try to make my character interesting enough.

    Name: Mei-Mei Campbell
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Mei-Mei is a small person for her size, standing at exactly 5'0" and weighing in around 120. She has a Caucasian complexion that is a splatter field of freckles. Her face is rather round with big, pale grey eyes and a flat nose. She usually has dark mascara on if she can find it. Her lips are thin and she finds wearing strangely colored lipstick (such as blue) to be a treat. Her hair is a wavy mess of striking black and bleached streaks. It falls to around her chin, sometimes more if she properly brushes it out. Her basic outfit components: a pale yellow blouse with ruffles at the chest, a tan skirt that reaches below her knees, the edges are scalloped, and a pair of black boots. This was the outfit she was wearing on the day of the incident and has kept it with her since. Her other clothing items are similar to this with a hoodie or two thrown in there. The only thing clothing wise that stands out on Mei-Mei is the yellow beanie she always wears. It usually catches people's attention because of it's bright, obnoxious color. People in the past have told her it looks stupid but she doesn't care.

    Personality: Mei-Mei is always bashful around anyone new but if she likes you she'll open up and become very loud. But she has a few odd tendencies no matter who she's with. She has trouble smiling and looking anyone directly in the eyes. She has a questioning intonation to her voice and her sentences usually end with "-a". She stutters when she's excited or sad. Her pitch becomes higher when she's irritated. These things would lead someone to believe that the corruption incident left her like this. But no, she's always been like this. She doesn't know why she acts like this... she just does. Her true personality is actually quite fizzy despite the circumstances.

    History: Mei-Mei was eight ten years ago. Her family was a average family that resided in the quite little Pallet Town. Mei-Mei was sent to the local elementary school where she got decent grades until her last few years in school. She could do the work but she was just so lazy, spending time drawing rather than listening to the instructors. Her instructors complained on a daily basis that Mei-Mei would draw on her notes or read a book during their lessons. Mei-Mei knew she wanted to go on that journey that all the older kids were on but she never even bothered to try and train her Pokemon. As Mei-Mei continued to decline, her parents became more and more frustrated. Nothing they did worked. Punishment? "Oh, well I can still draw when your not looking. And my friends are at school!" And her parents certainly couldn't take away her few Pokemon. That was going to far, right?

    Frustrations continued to mount but the day of the incident changed everything. On that day, Mei-Mei was in her room playing with Persian and Rotom. Her father was in his study and her mother was next door. It felt like a earthquake was happening. Panicked, Mei-Mei blindly ran out of the house, worried about her own safety like any scared eight year old. The sight of the corrupted Pokemon drove her on. She ran into a thicket of woods and just kept running until she couldn't run anymore. She collapsed to the ground and pathetically cried for her parents. Were they still alive?

    It's a miracle such a clumsy little girl could have survived such a catastrophic event. Mei-Mei has her Persian to thank for this. It followed her out of the house in a worry and just as confused as she was. In it's worried state it protected her, blindly shooting attacks at anything and everything. The event caused Mei-Mei to grow the heck up. Persian couldn't protect her forever and she knew she'd be alive for a little while longer. So she begun to travel, keeping low and looking for a safe place. Or a big city at least.
    Other: Mei-Mei hates it when people stare at her.

    Species: Persian
    Nickname: No nickname.
    Personality: Persians are known for being a bit snarky and hard to control but years of being around a little girl has softened Persian up. He's calm but forceful when he needs to be. He's very loyal to Mei-Mei.
    History: Persian has been in Mei-Mei's family since she was born. He's not a battle Pokemon but more of a "pet" Pokemon. When the incident happened, he followed Mei-Mei and protected her, channeling a energy he didn't even know he had.

    Species: Rotom
    Nickname: No nickname.
    Personality: Highly curious but sticks close to Mei-Mei. Is a bit ditzy and doesn't think, often causing worry because of it's silly practical jokes which Mei-Mei fears will attract attention. As it is, being a literal electric Pokemon isn't particularly good thing which is why Mei-Mei has pleaded with it not to infiltrate electronic devices like it used to.
    History: Mei-Mei's family went on a vacation to the Sinnoh region one year. (this was the only family vacation they ever had.) Mei-Mei was messing around in the hotel's kitchen late at night (under the watch of the check in lady) when she met Rotom who was causing problems for a man trying to use a toaster. The check in lady angrily tried to shoo it away, saying that it always seemed to break in, but Mei-Mei insisted on talking to it. Like the Rotom, Mei-Mei was very curious about the other. Every day for the rest of the vacation Mei-Mei would find it and play with it. (being careful not to actually touch it.) When it came time to leave, the Rotom didn't want Mei-Mei to leave and therefore came with her.

    During the disaster, Rotom was in it's Pokeball so it was with Mei-Mei all along.

    Species: Scizor
    Nickname: No nickname.
    Personality: Serious. She seems to like Mei-Mei on some level but is still distant at times. She acts as Mei-Mei's other bodyguard.
    History: Scizor was Mei-Mei's father's Pokemon but when the incident happened, she was separated from him. She frantically looked for him. When she couldn't find him she uncharacteristically hid away in fear, thinking everyone else was dead. Mei-Mei found her in her closet. Scizor then had a reason to stop hiding; she could protect her trainer's daughter along with Persian.
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    MeltingCORE: Could you double space between each section please, just to make it easier for me to read? I'll probably accept you, but I need to be able to read it; I keep losing my place. :3
  20. MeltingCORE

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    Sorry about that, just double spaced it for ya. ><

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