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Error! No data found [PG13]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by George~©, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. George~©

    George~© All Gravy

    A great and legendary pokemon was once said to roam Kanto as the guardian of Stability. It kept order, and created peace. It kept the three legendary birds of Kanto in check, so that they did not ever quarrel. Rumour has it that this pokemon itself was a legendary bird, however it had never been seen before. Only one person recalled seeing it, and he was only a boy at the time. His name is Dato, but more commonly known nowadays as the proffessor, being a top archaeologist. What drove him to become an archaeologist was a mere rumour, but there was a connection to him and that rumour.

    When he was a boy, he lived in Fuschia city. He loved the safari zone and the pokemon that lived there, and would most of the time go there in his free time and play with the pokemon. He had a special favorite, a Scyther. It was his best friend, and he assumed them to be inseperable. However, one day, he managed to look around the entire safari zone for it, but he couldn't find it. He was in tears, and thought someone had caught it. At the time, someone, or something, was watching him. It was almost like a plea for help, but a cry came from the forest. It sounded like Scyther.

    Rushing for the woods, he longed to see his friend. He had such a smile on his face, and it was short lived. He looked in his friends eyes, and something was different. They seemed lifeless, and he looked deep into its eyes and saw nothing. Beside him was a glitchy box, which seemed like it was manipulating his friend. He approached the box, his urge to get his friend back completely taking over. He touched it, and his mind went blank. Something was happening.

    He awoke on a beach. There were various other pokemon surrounding him, and they all seemed to be lifeless. He recognised it from pictures, it was the abandoned beach on Cinnabar. On the news, there had been many stories about disappearances there, assumed to be by an angry water pokemon. He looked around, and noticed a black, glitchy area around the edge of the island. He approached, not remembering what had happened at the Safari Zone, and looked at it. Suddenly, he saw flash visions, of a distorted world. It was nothing like the distortion world that he had heard of from the Sinnoh legends. This wasn't a place that defied physics. This place was merely the world he lived in, but a torn up, glitchy version of the world.

    In the center of this world, a giant, white pokemon, cried in agony. Its wings were being enveloped by a Black Substance of sorts. It tried to break free, firing water guns at the black substance, but it was unharmed. The substance eventually enveloped the pokemons entire body and head, and began to glow. A pair of Red eyes, suddenly appeared in his vision, and he lunged backwards, in shock. He had just seen the Fourth legendary bird pokemon, die.

    30 years had passed since this incident. Technology became overwhelming, especially for archaeologists. The mysterys of the world of pokemon were slowly beginning to come together, but one mystery that nobody knew about, still lingered. Nobody but Dato, The Professor. Geological Surveys had detected a Gravitic anomale, right on the shore of Cinnabar Island. The abandoned shore. Dato immediately took an interest in this, and wondered about the mystery.

    With an assembled team of highly trained Archaeologists, they managed to excavate a passageway, into an underground tomb. Dato and three others, entered the passageway. The walls were lined with an ancient language. One of the team was able to translate this.

    "Be aware, this is the tomb of _______, the Legendary Pokemon. Only those who wish to know the truth, enter. Only those who wish to know the secrets of the world, enter."

    The name of the pokemon was illegible, as if something had scraped it off the wall. Dato's suspicions were right. This did have something to do with the pokemon he had seen. The passageway was long, and dark. Dato felt strange as he neared the end of the passageway, as if something was watching him. At the end, there was a door, which, in the ancient language, said:

    "Only those who know of ______'s death may enter."

    Dato was the only one of the team, and possibly the only person alive to know of the pokemons death. He placed his hand on the door, with no hesitation. He was able to enter the tomb, but the others were not. As they entered, a black mist enveloped the doorway. They walked through, and somehow ended up back where they were before. Dato was alone inside the tomb. However, his curiosity and determination, would be the downfall of Kanto. The tomb was like an egyptian Coffin, in which it was said that the pokemon rested. He opened it. There was nothing there. It was just a pool of a black, tar like substance. Dato was confused for a while.

    The red eyes appeared again. This time, not in his visions, but in the black pool itself. It rose up from the pool, and took the form of a large, bird like figure. Dato lunged back in fear, cowering to the corner of the room. He pulled out his pokedex from his back pocket, to analyze the creature..

    "ERROR! No data fou-"

    The pokedex short circuited in front of him, and Dato threw it to the ground in pain.

    Nobody knows what happened in the tomb, but it unleashed a curse on the world. The walls collapsed around the Achaeologists, and they were killed. The team that were doing analysis outside, went to examine, and tried to help their accomplices. As they approached, the black substance oozed from the rocks, and changed colour, into a mix of purples, grays, and blacks, all in a glitchy, pixelated fashion. Pokemon nearby were attacked, and enveloped in the substance. Their eyes began to glow red, just as Dato had seen in his visions. They turned on the Archaeologists, and they were killed.

    Another 10 years have passed since the incident. Cinnabar has been overrun by corrupted pokemon, and the substances. They call them, Missingno, since the pokedex simply short circuits whenever they are analyzed. They have now spread throughout Kanto, and strongholds have been set up to prevent Kanto from being overrun anymore. Computers and electronic devices have been recently discovered to give of an electronic signal which attracts the pokemon and the substances to the area, and they have been banned from use by the Governing board of Kanto. The mechanisms in Pokeballs, also trigger this, but have not been banned from usage, since they are needed to protect the remaining pokemon that have not been corrupted. Almost every single wild pokemon has been corrupted, and trainers have to defend themselves with whatever pokemon they already have. Pokemon PC's are innaccesible, because of the signal. All contact with the outside world has been cut off, and other regions are now innaccesible.

    You as a survivor of the attacks, must now play out your story. People cannot become Corrupted, as they react differently to the transformation. They are simply killed. You may choose from any of the starting locations, apart from Cinnabar island, and Fuschia City.


    Your first post should be an introductory post, introducing your character's appearance, personality, and how he/she lives. You should also put in Bold the name of your character, location, and rough time you are doing something at. Based on where, when and what you are doing, I will RP something happening, which in turn, you must react to. Remember, don't be too reckless, it could very well mean Corruption for your pokemon, or death for you.

    .:Character List:.​

    Finitevus Von Asphodel (Flameswy) - Pallet Town
    'Crumbs' (DragonRush) - Celadon Fortress
    Mei-Mei Campbell (MeltingCORE) - Pallet Town
    Renner Voisin (Endarkened Gardevoir) - Celadon Fortress(?)
    Amy Lynch (Aura Wolfe) - Celadon Fortress
    Leif Gregory (FiretheAbsolLord) - Pewter Stronghold(?)
    Kiya Heart (Ashbug22) - Pewter Stronghold​



    Night is now falling over the ruined region of Kanto. There are no sounds within the forests, and the surrounding oceans are calm, as if all life has been purged from there. The sky is now a dim shade of red, and as it gradually darkens, the entire region becomes silent. For the people of Kanto, it is a signal; hide, and don't come out until you can see everything clearly. Because you never know what may come for you in the night...
  2. Endarkened_Gardevoir

    Endarkened_Gardevoir Darkling's Lullaby

    Renner Voisin
    Celadon Fortress
    7:12 PM

    Most people, sane or not, didn’t like night watch. Trying to keep awake, tying to watch for anything that might be moving out in the darkness. Running the risk of Corrupted bird Pokemon making a testing strike, yeah, night watch wasn’t something people in Celadon Fortress enjoyed. Thus the man on the south wall was grateful when he spotted a familiar patch of dull red.

    “Voisin! ‘Bout time you showed! Wasn’t lookin’ forward to standing a double if you didn’t.” He carefully didn’t meet the younger man’s eyes. Oh, the doctor’s could say all they liked, PTSD and mental trauma and that shtick, it didn’t change the essential fact that Renner Voisin was three Pidgey short of a flock. Renner climbed the ladder for the lookouts with ease, and then scrambled up on the very top of the wall to perch for a better view. Most people would have offered a few pleasantries about the weather, how’s your family, but not Renner.

    “Think they suffer? Corrupted I mean. They say the process looks painful, but do they suffer afterwards, or is what they were just… wiped away?” The other watcher shrugged, somewhat used by now to the bouncing trains of thought in Renner’s thick skull. He stepped over the ragged edge of the trailing leather trenchcoat, making a note to tell his wife to offer to patch it up again in exchange for firewood cut down by Viperation the Bisharp, and began gathering his stuff. He also didn’t mention that Renner had probably seen the process closer at hand then most men and survived it.

    “Don’t know. All I know is they’re inclined to kill anything that they can’t make like them, us first and foremost. Good watch, Voisin.” Ignoring the faintly mocking smile sent his way, the guard vanished down the ladder, leaving the watch to Renner. The redhead scanned the dark beyond the walls, whispering to himself now that the other was gone, touching the heavy scar at his temple as if to entreat the lost memories to return.

    “The moon is rising, time is passing, time that flows, hold your course.” So far, there was nothing interesting out past the walls but a few Corrupted Rattatta going about their business, far enough from the walls that Renner felt no need to call Laceration or Absolution out to chase them off. Still, he felt agitated, alert and wary. He calculated the time of the year, trying to recall how close it was to the annual Corrupted attack. Not close, he finally concluded, but not far either. Wouldn’t surprise him if there were tests of the walls tonight.

    But until then, he’d watch and wait.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2011
  3. MeltingCORE

    MeltingCORE Well-Known Member

    Mei-Mei Campbell
    Pallet Town - Underground Hideout 2B

    The musty air was moistened by the tinge of sweat from many bodies packed into a small area. Kerosene lamps lit the space with a dull yellow glow. A young mother wiped her chestnut hair out of her eyes and caressed her sleeping daughter's head. A man was walking around, handing pieces of bread to people from a wicker basket. Two teenage boys rolled a battered ball back and forth, occasionally glancing at a curly haired girl in the corner.

    The girl clutched a map of the Kanto region that she had managed to barter for, making marks for possible pathways to a big city (like Celadon) in a precise, feminine hand. With her other hand, she pressed against a yellow beanie that sat on top of the raven and bleached mess that was her hair. The boys who kept glancing at her whispered to each other, trying to decide whether her features were attractive or not. (even in the Corrupted Era, teen boys still had hormones.) She had a flat nose that sat on a rather round face. Her thin lips were smeared with dark red lipstick. But her eyes had a wide almond shape with pretty grey irises. Complexion wise, her skin was pale and splattered with freckles. Those boys didn't care about her clothes though because eveyone's clothes were the same. Mismatched or handmade. Or both. Her clothing items consisted a pale yellow blouse with ruffles around the chest area, a tan skirt that reached below her knees (with scalloped edges) and a pair of boots.

    Her name was Mei-Mei Campbell (a name thought to be cute) and she was a resident of what was left of Pallet Town. She had been in Underground Hideout 2B for several weeks since 1A had a scare with the Corrupted Pokemon. It was rare for Corrupted Pokemon to find their way underground but a swarm of Rattatta managed to wheedle their way in. 1A was cleared out in a wary maneuver that left 1B, 2A, and 2B even more crowded. Mei-Mei didn't plan to stay there much longer though. That was why she was scanning the map of Kanto with a determined expression.

    A male Persian lay beside Mei-Mei. His fur was ruffled since keeping himself safe and looking out for his Trainer was more important than looking groomed. It's not like there were any female Persians around anyways. He was laying in a position that allowed him to rest but jump up at any given time. Hovering almost directly above Persian was a Rotom who was placidly looking ahead. Mei-Mei had let it out of it's Pokeball for awhile since she knew it hated to be in the tiny capsule. But now looking at it, Mei-Mei figured it was more bored than anything. And having it out seemed to be distracting for the other people around Mei-Mei since it couldn't stay still and thus sporadically hovered around, "wings" flitting up and down. Mei-Mei also feared it would cause trouble if it's level of boredom further increased. It was in it's nature to act like a doofus and bug people it didn't even know. She pulled it's Pokeball out and gave a warning whisper.

    "Sorry Rotom... it's time to go back."

    It turned to her with a irritated look. It emitted a sad "cry" before it was captured by the Pokeball's tendrils. Mei-Mei put the Pokeball in a small backpack she had, next to her Scizor's Pokeball, shaking her head. Rotom made that noise every time it was put into it's Pokeball. Mei-Mei knew it did it on purpose, trying to make her feel bad about cramping it into that minute space that she would never see. She just sighed, flopping herself over so she was parallel to Persian. She began to pet his side. She took one more look at the map before turning her eyes towards the ceiling.

    She'd have to continue planning a route tomorrow morning.
  4. George~©

    George~© All Gravy

    OOC: Forgot to say, I'll do the GM once most people have posted. If two characters meet, you may continue to post to strike up a conversation.

    Also I'm doing the NPC's, unless you have some NPC's that you have mentioned in your history that you are still in contact with.
  5. Ashbug22

    Ashbug22 Master Trainer

    OOC: Working on my post right now but what is a NPC? I havent ever been in a rp with a GM :D
  6. George~©

    George~© All Gravy

    OOC: Non Playable Character. As in, characters that doesn't have a Sign Up, but can be roleplayed in small bits. Like a side character.
  7. Ashbug22

    Ashbug22 Master Trainer

    (OOC: Okay thank you! Feel free to control any of the people I mentioned in my history in you feel the need.)

    Kiya Heart
    Pewter Stronghold

    Far from the sea on the edge of Kanto lies the Pewter stronghold. It is far from the source of corrupted pokemon yet it still lies within their grasp. Here, trees and valleys that lead two different directions surround jetting tall walls. These strong walls line the crumbling city that was once Pewter. The walls are in better shape than the city due to their constant repair organized by Brock. They are built out of rock and bits of metal collected by people and pokemon put to work to protect the strong hold. Within Pewter strong hold lays many building that range from 10% destroyed to 100%. Most no longer have roofs and only have a few walls. People often put tarps over these to continue to live in them or use various items to build make shift homes. Here, people are actually living better than most of Kanto. Everyone with a job is guaranteed a ration of water and food along with their children if they help their parents with their work. People still retreat to their make shift homes at night out of fear but it is far safer within these walls that almost anywhere else in Kanto.

    In the deepest region of Pewter Stronghold, past most of the make shift homes, the crumpling gym, and up a slight hill lays the well in tact pokemon lab and the partially standing museum connected to it. The night is quickly falling in deep red tones, casting an ominous heated glow on the strong hold. A young woman of age nine-teen stands outside the pokemon lab watching the sun sneak away from this accursed region, to perhaps a happier one. She is one of the last folks who dare be outside as the sun falls, aside from a few wary watchmen atop the walls. The red light of the setting sun seems to suet her features. Lucifer’s curls fall playfully down her back and over her capable shoulders while gleaming auburn in the red light. Her golden, large cat eyes stare intently into the sun as if waiting for something to happen. The expression of intensity pierces and burns away anything that these golden orbs perceive. Their only capable competitor to them: the sun itself.

    The young woman begins to stamp her foot wildly. The thickening silence of the coming night makes her as savage as any corrupted pokemon beast. Many things made her savage now a days. The confining walls. The fear they represented. Mostly the “just trying to survive” attitude was the worst part. The young woman gave one quick tempered jerk of the head at the thought. She wanted action; she wanted to fix the problem. Suddenly she heard a small sound near her which caused her to jump quickly from the wall she was leaning against. Her hands were kept low to her side, near the knife she kept strapped under her bright red dress, against her upper thigh. It was Brock standing with his arms crossed. The young woman eased back down and smirked at the town’s authority figure.

    “Kiya, really how many times do I have to tell you that it’s a lot safer for you to go inside at sunset so you don’t get caught in the dark? I mean look, the sun is almost completely gone.” Brock said with concern and the new authority tone he had developed over the years.

    The young woman in red, Kiya, smirked even wider. “Don’t you have better things to do on a Friday night than patrol the town?” Kiya laughed as if people still did things on Friday nights.

    “Oh yes, you are hilarious” Brock said sarcastically. “Seriously, I know you and your Dad do a lot around here… But no one is above the rules.” Brock said more sternly.

    Kiya bite her lip and continued to stare into the sun. She loved the sun. What a shame not to see it off every night. “Okay, Okay Brock. If it’s really that important to you” Kiya said. Despite the way she spoke to him, she actually had a lot of respect for Brock, like everyone in Pewter did. Not that she would ever let him know it directly.

    “It really is. Stay out of trouble Fire, your leadership is essential to this place.” Brock said to the girl he knew quite well. He especially knew how narrowly she walked the line of good and evil, right and wrong. It was very hard for her to be a good person though she was raised that way. She naturally felt tuned to wrong doing. The only thing that keeps her a hero on the streets of the Pewter Stronghold is her will power and the support of loved ones.

    “You got it” Kiya smirked as mischievously as ever before tramping toward the door to the pokemon lab, her home. The home she had been raised in before was destroyed by a corrupted pokemon attack.

    “And Kiya” Brock said before she went through the door. “I know your nature… I know you’re feeling cooped up. But please don’t do something stupid. Pick one of the billion village guys that follow you around like lost puppies, and settle down like Maya and the other girls your age. Tomorrow is never certain now a days so you have to live now. Don’t go off and be some kind of hero…” Brock said in concern. He knew her well enough to practically read her mind.

    At this Kiya laughed heartily. She really could not help it. Her of all people “settle down”! He had to be delusional. Brock frowned at Kiya’s almost hysterical laughter. “Oh Brock. You couldn’t be serious?” She said still laughing. His grave face told her he was not. “Thanks for your concern old friend, but I am not the settling down type. I applaud the wishful thinking though” Kiya said trying still to comprehend such a life. Brock looked at her gravely, as if he was going to give her some sort of lecture but Kiya was done and shut the door with a crafty smile.

    Inside was so much worse. No sun, no sound, nothing. Kiya looked over at the long row of white cabinets. They looked like normal cabinets. No one ever really looked in there because there was only storage there. Kiya however looked at them now with a flutter of delicious excitement in her veins, coursing through her body like a drug. In these cabinets she hid a small pack with a map of Kanto and a few other traveling supplies she had collected over the years. As soon as she found a way to fix this messed up region, she would take action. Despite the dangers or the concerns of her loved ones, she would take action. She had to. Everything in her blood compelled her to. Being a hero here would only subdue her for so long. She had the soul of a traveler, explorer, heroine… or perhaps that of a villain? What would happen to her willpower away from the people she held dear to her heart like her father Eric, her best friend Maya or her friend Brock? She was too reckless to care right now. Just like her mother who abandoned her when she was born. She hated being so much like her Mom, but she would fight those tendencies. She would do what is right. It didn’t matter if it made her as reckless as her Mom, something needed to be done. Plus, she would be doing this to save Kanto after all… right? She just needed a plan.
  8. flameswy

    flameswy Lord of Light

    9:00 PM, Wilderness to the north east of pallet town

    It began with a tulip. His earliest memory was of some one much larger then him kneeling down and affixing a black tulip to his shirt. In the background, a voice says, "A little somber, isn't it?" He can't remember anything else after that. It was just a long faded memory. He supposes it was before he joined the orphanage. How old would he be then? Twelve? Thirteen? Young anyway. If he had ever been young.

    The man sighs, standing up in the ruin. This used to be his home. Him and his brothers... Another memory races through his mind as he looks over the four pokemon laying about him. The day he first set out on his journey. "It was raining." He remembers aloud, causing the nearest to look dully up at him and blink. He returns its gaze unflinchingly, and pushes his long graying bangs back. "Here big brother! Take this sea shell!" his brother Felix's childish face smiling up at him. He had nodded and accepted the rock with due gravity and pomp, planning to throw it into the bushes a few miles into his journey.

    "And look how that turned out, huh?" He pulls his fraying lapels back into shape, and picks up his hat. "Here we are, twenty something years later and still together. I guess I'm just bad at letting go of things." He grimaces into the sunset, holding the hat down as the wind picks up a little. "Except the things that matter, of course." He sighs, and nudges the pokemon with his foot. It raises its self up with its arm scythes, hissing faintly and blinking irritably at him. He nudges the other three awake, and leads them back through the tall swaying grass to a old wooden skeleton of a house. They walks through the dusty doorway and proceed to the ruined stairs. The human rummages in the rubble for a second for a steel ring, and pulls upwards opening a trap door.

    "In then, all of you." He makes a tired hand waving motion, beckoning them in. three lumber down, leaving just the tank like turquoise monster. The man gives him a hopeless look, and pulls out a worn and dented ultra ball, returning it. Then shakes his head and follows the others down, gently closing the door after him. Inside the cracked concrete basement, the man fumbles for a box of matches, and lights a small ceiling hanging oil lamp. It flickers momentarily, then brightens the cell like room to a dull yellow.

    The man looks about with a sigh, surveying all his material possessions in the world. A heavy wooden wardrobe full of scavenged blankets and coats. A dresser of shirts and slacks. A tall mirror leans against one wall. A old mattress lies on the floor in one corner. A rickety table holds a map of the region, and a few worn down pencils lay about it randomly. A couple books of music lay on the floor by it, along side a broken skeleton of a piano that has been partially (poorly) repaired. Three long kitchen knifes lay onto of the wardrobe, along with a couple dozen cans of food and a teapot. Two faded china tea cups lie next to the tea pot, both cracked. A pile of wild herbs gathered from pallet town field outskirts are hanging from the ceiling, drying into medicine, tea leaves, and a few more questionable subsistence's. But everyone has to make a living some how, don't they? Anyway, with his forging he probably ate just as well as most people living in the settlements.

    A deep sinkhole against a far wall is filled with a murky dusty water, in which his long serpentine pokemon lounges tiredly. A couple boxes of nails and some old steel pipes lay next to it, along with a heavily scored wall. A small improvised hearth is in the furthest corner from the bed and wardrobe, and a few embers stutter there giving off a little smoke. The man sits heavily on his bed, and rubs his face. The pokemon lumber to their corner, and lay there tired. None of them are used to the constant training the last few years has brought, and they can feel the weariness in their bones. The man looks up and watches them drift back to sleep for a while, then fetches a heavy tome from under the mattress. "The complete works of Jules Vern, volume one." He yawns, and opens to a large book mark. A few other books lay under as well, including a heavily underlined copy of the bible, a basic guide to mechanics and steam power, and a few wilderness survival guides.

    The man reads for a few hours, then gently replaces the book mark, hiding the book under the bed again. He places his hat on top of the wardrobe, and stares at the lamp for a few minutes before getting up.

    "It's time to leave this place."

    he blows the light out.


    The next morning he woke up a little before the sun, easily opening his eyes and looking over where the pokemon lay sleeping. "Slothfulness is a sin. Get up you lot. We are going." The three creatures rise slowly, ready to move on their owners command. The man pulls his hat down from the wardrobe and places it squarely on his head, looking over to the mirror. Then he pulls down the three knives and hides them in his great coat, in poorly sewn in leather sheathes. he throws the cans of food in the wardrobe on top of the blankets on its floor. The teacups and pot are carefully placed on the table. "Horatio, grab the wardrobe and follow us please." he unhooks the lamp and pushes the trap door, which opens with a bit of shoving.

    He leads the milotic and kabutops out, then beckons the aggron up. It's carrying the wardrobe in it's hands, lifting it slowly up the stairs. He searches his many pockets for a pokeball, and releases the metagross. "Iron legs, help him please." The metagross seizes the box in its iron claws and pulls it the rest of the way Up the stairs. "You will be carrying that Iron legs, alright?" The pokemon nods, and Horatio helps push it onto the flat back. "Wonderful." The man checks his coat, putting his hands in all the pockets one by one. "knives, check. herbs, check check and check. pokeballs, check. hand kerchief, check. Scarf check. I've learned everything in those wild plant books, so we should be ready to go." He closes and buttons up his coat again in the early morning chill, and leads his party towards pallet town ruins.

    An odd company in the sea fog. A tall man with a tall hat carrying a sputtering lamp on a chain, leading a armored aggron. A scarred milotic slithers along behind, as best it can. A kabutops rubs its scythes together, sharpening them and staring dully at the ground. In the very back floats the metagross, a wardrobe precariously balanced on it back.
    "Say good bye to home. You may never see it again." As the man says this every time they make a trip to pallet town to speak or trade with the refugees, his words are met with uninterested silence. He returns them all to there balls but metagross, and climbs on top of the wardrobe. "Take your time. But stay as high as your electro magnetic field lets you. I do not like this fog." Iron legs makes no response, but levitates about ten more feet of the ground. "Good. We should make good time. Try to keep your eyes open, I am going to think."

    The metagross is used to his owners whims, and says nothing. Not that he could anyway. Its master was always thinking. Weighing odds, measuring actions, and planning futures. The man had failings, the metagross was sure, but he loved him all the same. He is aware of the sad irony of the mans existence, and he know's he will do every thing in his power to help me accomplish any ends. After all, the man's brought closure to many others, many times. He deserves as much himself.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2011
  9. George~©

    George~© All Gravy

    OOC: The others can catch up, I'll do you guys for now.

    Renner Voisin:
    'As night falls darker and darker, you realise that nothing is coming tonight. Atleast, nothing corrupted is coming tonight. You turn and look back over the city, but still feel just as alert. However you can hear a cry. As you look down, you see a pink, round, pokemon of sorts. This one is different however, in colour and the way it is acting, and appears to be looking for food.

    What will you do?

    Mei-Mei Campbell:
    You're in for a hards night sleep. You hear rumbling overhead, from the footsteps of corrupted pokemon. They appear to know your location, probably from using your pokeball. However, they don't know where the entrance is... yet. It would be wise to not go outside, but sleeping isn't going to happen.

    What will you do?

    Kiya Heart:
    Something doesn't feel right. You can hear dripping from a tap nearby, which you didn't leave on before you went out. If that wasn't enough, you then hear the labs bathroom toilet start to flush itself. None of this is normal, especially the faint cry that you can hear in your ear.

    "Gri... Grime..."

    What will you do?

    (Remember the Godmodding rules, you can't beat a pokemon instantly, and you can order your attack, and then I'll decide what happens from there)

    You have every right to be wary of this fog. You gradually realise that this is not a natural fog, no. This is Mist. There are pokemon that can see through mist with ease, and whatever it is, seems to have seen you. It has lured you into its trap, and it has caught you. Occasionally, Metagross will see an odd shade of grey in the mist, but can't make out the shape. Whatever it is however, it is bigger than Metagross.

    What will you do?
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2011
  10. Endarkened_Gardevoir

    Endarkened_Gardevoir Darkling's Lullaby

    Celadon Fortress
    11:59 PM

    The cry caught Renner's attention, caught and held it. For a few seconds, even the feeling of chaotic motion left him as he bit down hard on his lip, evaluating. It was small, harmless looking, though he knew better than to believe that even of uncorrupted Pokemon. He was on watch, technically not supposed to leave the walls unless to sound the alarm or if something worth the risk of leaving it unguarded appeared. Normally Renner carried no empty balls, but he had been planning to leave soon, heading either to Pewter or Pallet to trade for information and supplies, and he'd bought one for the trip at an outrageous price, but he'd been hoping to run into something without Corruption.

    "Screw it." He muttered to himself as he pulled the ladder up and dropped it down on the outside, before tapping one of his balls, looking down at Absolution the Espeon. "If this turns out to be a mistake, scream as loud as you can, got it?" Absolution nodded, and Renner climbed down the ladder, looking hard at the little pink thing. It didn't look Corrupted, but he couldn't see it's eyes very well from here. One hand hovered between the empty Pokeball and Laceration's, while with the other he cautiously held out a potato he'd cooked for a late night snack if manning the walls got too boring.

    "Heyla, little one, hungry? I'm not going to harm you, you can have this. I'm just hoping to Darkrai you're not going to chew my hand or face off because you're Corrupted. Being killed by a small pink Pokemon would make me the laughingstock of the dead." Alert for ambush, and turning his head for careful glances behind him to make sure nothing was heading for the ladder, Renner waited for the small Pokemon to make up it's mind or prove it was Corrupted.

    Laceration would probably pitch a fit if it wasn't and he caught it, but tough luck to her. More Pokemon meant more risk, yes, but more variety in being able to deal with attackers. And it was kinda cute, even if he was a guy and not supposed to find pink things cute.
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  11. flameswy

    flameswy Lord of Light

    Iron legs lowers his bulk to the ground, decelerating. Fin's eyes snap open immediately, and he looks sharply down at Iron legs, Mouthing his question. Iron legs was a poor mental psychic even compared to pokemon like Girafarig, but it was enough for him to read his trainers mind in close proximity. It raises a hand to stop him from saying anything, and scratches a couple words in the dirt. I see something. Its big. Fins nods, frowning. Big means slow. Usually, anyway... "Iron legs, use agility."

    Iron legs closes his eyes in concentration. He opens then and flicks his eyes about the scene rapidly for a few seconds, twitching a little. "Good work. We should be ready to run now, if things turn bad. Try sunny day. Lets see whats hiding." Fin narrows his eyes, and tightens his grip on the wardrobe, the other hand sneaking into his coat.

    Metagross shudders, and begins to shine with a powerful red and orange glow. Heat waves emanate around him and his trainer, and then begin to swell about him, burning away the mist and increasing the might of the early morning sun. Fin grimaces at the syrup slow retreat of the mist. "Get ready to run."
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  12. Ashbug22

    Ashbug22 Master Trainer

    Kiya Heart
    Pewter Stronghold, The pokemon lab
    11:11 pm

    Kiya stopped dead in her tracks as she heard the tiny, insignificant noise of the dripping tap. Well, it would be insignificant if her Father wasn’t always such a conservation freak about things like that. Then an even more ominous noise for someone who might think they were alone in a home: the sound of a flushing toilet. The next thing that hit her was a horrid, ungodly smell. Kiya coughed, gaging a little as she covered her nose and mouth. Then from behind her Kiya heard “Gri… Grime…” . She couldn’t tell how far the sound had come from but she knew the cry: Grimer. They occasionally lurked about the sewer systems.

    Kiya once had to go down there on something of a mission from Brock. Grimers and Muks had been steeling random items from villagers. Kiya was sent there with a team to find out why but they never found anything. Kiya shuddered at the memory. She had literally been knee deep in… it. The stench was horrid and she bathed for days afterward. At that strange moment in time Kiya had an idea. The sewer system was supposed to be safe, was it not? That could be a way to travel from place to place in absolutely necessary… Then Kiya remembered that there was likely a wild pokemon in here with her, alone. Which begged the question as to where her father was? Was this just some wild grimer… or did it come with a trainer? Was someone trying to break in?

    Kiya slowly reached for her belt, grabbing one of her three poke balls. One contained her beloved Dragonair, Star Shine and the other was an empty ball given as a gift. It was meant to be used to capture whatever pokemon hatched from the egg Kiya kept in her bag, which was also a gift from her father. Both items were quite rare now a days. Pokemon just weren’t so prone to egg making, nor did they have a many partners for such an opportunity. Pokeballs were only sold now in Celadon Fortress for who knows what kind of price. The ball she grabbed let out a red steam, releasing a mighty, well trained Charizard.

    Most young women would be scared in a position like Kiya’s. Most would freak out, or run, or scream or maybe even hide. However, for Kiya the prospect of danger brought new vigor to her. “Let’s do this Charmer” Kiya spat in a sudden crazed wildness, she was ready for a good fight. Charizard seemed as rearing to go as Kiya, while it quickly became tuned to its trainer’s emotions. Kiya turned around in a quick, deliberate spin to see what sort of thing would dare challenge a savage beast like her.
  13. FireTheAbsolLord

    FireTheAbsolLord Bad Username

    Oops, I'm a bit behind, but it isn't a problem if I start at say...11:00, is it?
    Leif Gregory
    Pewtor Stronghold
    11:13 PM

    The day had come and gone like how leaves fall from trees in the fall. Meaning, the day had vanished into night rather quickly. So quickly infact, that Leif lost complete and utter track of time. He was late home, making his parents upset, getting him into trouble. However, this took place an hour ago.

    Leif lay, tossing and turning back and forth in his attempt to go to sleep. He couldn't sleep though. Thoughts plagued his mind. Thoughts of Bonsai, his Cubone.

    Leif's father had learned today about Leif's lack of training, and thus was forcing him to train Bonsai constantly, until he was a Marowak. The thought sickened Leif. Yes, it would be nice to have Bonsai evolve, have him stronger. But he would be bigger, unlikely Leif would be unable to carry him anywhere, like they always would when Bonsai got tired. Mostly, what if Bonsai wasn't the same? What if he was...different?

    The more Leif thought about it the more he drifted off slowly into sleep. Though he realized, and jumped up. He knew if he fell asleep that he wouldn't have much of a choice. He would have to evolve Bonsai. No argument there what so ever.

    Leif slowly moved away from the room. Bonsai, who slept outside it, jumped up and tried to speak. Leif grabbed him and covered his mouth, moving away from his house. Leif was an okay kid when it came down to it. Most of all, he had never ran away from home. He had never thought of doing it, he liked his life really. But to think his father...forcing him to evolve Bonsai? Leif wasn't even sure if he could, or how he could.

    Then reality smacked him in the face. He had no where to go. If he was even aloud to go out, where to go? He couldn't move toward Mt. Moon, that would be idiotic. He was taught that even as a young boy. He had seen people go there, rarely, and never come back. Viridian was an option, but where would he go apon that? Even so, Pewter was much more safe.

    Was it all worth it in the end? Was it worth it to run away just so Bonsai wouldn't be able to evolve? Just so that everything would be the same? The obvious truth was that everything wouldn't be the same, though that flew over Leif's head. He ignored the facts.

    Leif slowly moved towards the entrance and exit. A man turned to face him. Leif's heart thudded, and he realized he had no idea what to say.
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  14. George~©

    George~© All Gravy

    OOC: No. Its night. Also its fine to start late.

    I'll do my thing when more people do theirs. Or when I'm less tired.
  15. DragonRush

    DragonRush Member

    Celadon Fortress
    12:02 AM

    "Dude, seriously. Why would you even think to attempt that?"

    "Why not?"

    Cracker gave a snort of disbelief, "Because that guy is loaded man. He practically runs this place now. With him holding all of the food, he has this city by the balls. You make a run at him, there's no doubt that they're going to come at us. I know people don't know you, or us for that matter, but the people that do know us are pretty aware that we don't exactly have a glowing reputation."

    "No one has found this place since you have so graciously opened you're doors to me. Ten years. That will not change."

    Cookie responded with high pitched laughter, "It will when we hit Jumbo Jim! I mean, I'm down for sure bro, but just saying. I think we all know the risk here. But let's do it I've been itching for a jack, man. Cracker's down too, he's just always been a softie."

    The two started to get into an arguement after that. Crumbs, however, paid no attention. He rubbed his hand through his thick, dark mop of hair and peered out of a slight gap in his boarded up window. It was surely dark enough, and people were not late wanderers in these times. It was extremely common for people to vanish without a trace now, whether it be some lonely widow that had lost everything to the tradegdy, a heroic moron thinking he could save the world, or simply somebody who was just looking, hoping, for a way out; a saving grace. Not likely. The sooner people learned to take care of themselves the better. Crumbs had learned that early. It is only you in this world, so eat, or be eaten. Crumbs would surely be eating very well by the end of the night.

    "Alright, shut up," he bellowed in his deep, echoing voice. The two stopped bickering at once. Very satisfying to Crumbs. He had quickly become the dominant force within the group, although the others were older. However, they were extremely pitiful beings. Cracker was a very tall, wirey fellow with a face that reminded you of an ugly Sneasel. He was always nervous, and sweaty, very discomforting to anybody trying to hold a conversation with the fellow. His friend Cookie was no better. He was massive. And by massive, it means fat. He must have weighed some 350 pounds. If you knocked him off balance it would take at least a day for him to get up. He also had a pockmarked, homely face and a droopy eye. There was always a little drip of slober on the corner of his mouth as well. And he was always laughing. At what, Crumbs could not know. Probably how disgusting he was. Where they were disturbing and weak, however, Crumbs was powerful and menacing. One cold stare from him could stop a pack of Mighteyna in its tracks. He stood 6'2" and was blessed with an exceptional body structure. While Cracker and Cookie were made of bone and fat, Crumbs was made of lean muscle.

    The two deformaties stared up at Crumbs with aprehension and admiration, and Crumbs stared down at them, a glint of malice in his emerald eyes, "It is time, my friends. I know the place is heavily guarded, but we have planned this for weeks. Cracker, I know you will go along as planned, as you are a weak person who needs to prove himself in my eyes. And Cookie, you have been in ever since you heard we were stealing food. Besides, your job is simple. Leave here exactly twenty minutes after I do. Bring the carts, along with Capone and Habu, and wait in the back ally on the block south of the manse, behind the shelter. When Kudzu gives you all the signal, head towards the manse and we will meet you and begin loading. If I doubtfully encounter trouble, Kudzu will give you the other signal, although it is more for the benefit of my loyal Pokemon. You may both flee if that were to happen."

    "Alright boss, right behind you!" Cookie giggled.

    "Ugh, I'm going to throw up man, this is crazy bro," Cracker muttered, wringing his filthy hands and shuffling towards the restroom.

    Crumbs pulled his makeshift bone armor on over his sweats, ready to embrace the darkness once again. He pulled his hood over his head and fastened his black bandana over his thick man-beard and peered gleefully into the mirror. This was what he was made for! Kudzu the Shiftry snuck up from behind him and made his presence known through his reflection in the mirror. He ran a thin, spindly branch-finger over the wall and had a savage, nasty look in his bright red eyes, yet a wide, cruel smile upon his hardwood face. He was one in the same as his master, and he loved the darkness as much as Crumbs. Drogon then came rushing into the room, biting Cookie in the face on his way, which sent Cookie into a fit of pained laughter. Truly disgusting creature, this Cookie. Crumbs looked back one last time to see Capone, hood up and smirking, and Habu, serious eyes locked on his master. He knew that they would be ready. With that, he fastened on his reaper cloth and darted quietly out the door into that comfortable darkness, Kudzu and Drogon on his heels.
  16. MeltingCORE

    MeltingCORE Well-Known Member

    (ooc: huh. it looks like it's 11:00 on other people's posts but i started at around 7:20. should i just keep my time around 8:00 or make it further ahead?)

    Mei-Mei Campbell
    Pallet Town - Underground Hideout 2B

    At first it sounding like a slight scratching but it soon became apparent that something was running around outside, something that was most likely Corrupted Pokemon. Persian opened his eyes and glanced up at the ceiling, ears flicked straight ahead. Mei-Mei glanced up and gulped. Weren't the Corrupted attracted to people using their Pokeballs?

    "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!"

    Mei-Mei glanced at Rotom's Pokeball, her heart fluttering.

    "But it was just one Pokeball..." She thought without much conviction.

    But she had only put Rotom in there becuase she was worried about it trying to mess with people which wouldn't be a good thing either. The stress level of all the other people was off the charts. One joke could start a fight at this point.

    "Maybe it's just some Pidgeys...?"

    Some of the others were looking around at each other, as if the answer to what should be done could be found in the other's face. Mei-Mei looked over at the two men who were standing near the entrance point. She started to get up, ready to do something if their expressions so much as flickered to concern.
  17. George~©

    George~© All Gravy

    OOC: Sweet. MeltingCORE, you can be on a different time period if you wish, but if you're planning on meeting other characters, it makes it incredibly awkward.

    EDIT: Woops, accidentally posted this. Don't post yet, wait for it.

    Renner Voisin: (I think you're moving time too quickly for your character, so I'm going to put you on the same time period as DragonRush. Also, first intertwining story, make it an interesting one.)

    The small little pink pokemon hears your voice, and is startled. It turns and faces you, creeping back against a wall. The little Cleffa's eyes begin to sparkle, and as you get closer, it makes a mad dash to the left. I guess any ordinary pokemon would be scared of anything in this world, but how on earth did a Cleffa survive all of this? Cleffa's mad dash is short lived, and runs into a shady character by accident; Crumbs.

    What will you do?


    As your metagross glows, the sunny day it doesn't exactly remove the fog as such, but allows slightly better vision through it. You see the creatures face, but the colour of it means that you can't make out what it is just yet, as every corrupted pokemon yields these colours. However you do see some distinguishing features; it is furry, and its face has two tones. The surrounding is a dull grey colour, whilst the middle, around the eye and mouth area, is purple. The original pokemon had different colours to this, and it is still impossible to tell what it is. However you can tell it is angry that it has been seen, and then you notice something. Tusks.

    You want my advice? Run for your fucking life.


    Kiya Heart:

    You are correct in assuming it is Grimer, and you realise this as the potent smelling monster climbs out of your toilet. It is corrupted. Seeing you and your pokemon facing it, it is won over by the natural instinctive effect of the virus; kill. However, this one isn't particularly smart. Grimer charges electrical energy into its body, still wedged in the bowl, and fires a Close range Thunderbolt at Charizard. You can tell this Grimer is strong, simply due to the sheer energy required to use electrical attacks from a non electric pokemon. The toilet water conducts this, however, and hits Grimer with some recoil. It is hurt, but not enough to scare it off, as it lifts itself out of the toilet during your reaction time.

    What will you do?

    Leif Gregory:

    As you look around the stronghold, there appears to be an indent on the floor. It looks like a footprint. A big one. Surely no corrupted pokemon would be able to get into the walls inside Pewter Stronghold... so you would assume. Whether it is harmless or not, is for you to decide. Whether you follow its direction, is also for you to decide. It seems to be leading by the edge of the city.

    What Will you do?


    As you walk out of your current location, you hear a small, high pitched cry fast approaching. As the pink blob starts to get louder and louder, it gets nearer and nearer, and crashes into your leg, not paying attention. Cleffa seems dazed for a while, but soon comes back to reality, only to be looking up at you, even more scared of you that it was scared of Renner. Speaking of Renner, you look over in the direction of Renner, who stares at you back. Was this his pokemon? Had he scared it off? You are unsure at this point in time.

    What will you do?

    Mei-Mei Campbell:

    The rumbling ceases to stop. People frantically run past you, to look over collapsed parts of the cave, and to get away from the entrances. It was not just your pokeball that had attracted the pokemon; Rotom's unique design has become a great weakness, and you realise this. Rotom sometimes gives off a certain electrical discharge, which is similar to what pokeballs give off. This attracts corrupted pokemon. Rotom is most probably oblivious to this, and is not its fault.

    Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a spike pierces the ground above you. The spike turns out to be one of the Corrupted pokemon, Fearow. However, it, like the Grimer Kita is facing, is not incredibly bright, and gets stuck in the hole in the ground above you. You lunge backwards, as it tries to skewer you on its beak. You have 2 choices here. You can either kill the Fearow, which in turn, the hole will most likely loosen up, and Fearow will fall out. This will leave a passage for smaller pokemon to get in. OR, you can leave Fearow there to keep the hole blocked up, but in turn block peoples pathway out of the tunnels. The situation has become dangerous.

    What will you do?

    OOC2: I think thats interesting enough. Thank you all.
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  18. Endarkened_Gardevoir

    Endarkened_Gardevoir Darkling's Lullaby

    OOC: That’s fine by me, I’ve altered the time in that post. For me, later at night means around one or so, but different strokes for different folks.

    Renner Voisin
    Celadon Fortress
    12:10 AM

    “Tcha, too fast!” Renner muttered under his breath as the Cleffa ran. He should have known better, to approach it so carelessly with the way the world ran now. Cleffa were baby Pokemon, and this one had more like as not seen it’s family hunted down by the Corrupted. However, the little one didn’t get far, running smack dab into someone’s legs. When it recovered, it looked more terrified of the stranger than it had of him, and Renner couldn’t blame it.

    The other human, another man, was clad in black and bone armor, standing only a few inches taller than Renner, but built solid and sturdy. He wore the armor with the ease of one well used to its weight, and the only clear thing about him were his eyes, beryl colored and bright, out of place amongst all the darkness. Renner didn’t see any Pokemon about, but that didn’t change the fact that there were more like as not. Only a lunatic traveled at night, and only a lunatic’s lunatic traveled with no Pokemon to guard against the Corrupted. His hand no longer hovered between the empty Pokeball and Laceration’s, but between Laceration’s and Viperation’s. On the wall, Absolution watched and shuddered.

    “Bright the night, stranger. Forgive the little one please, it’s had a bad fright. All too common in these times.” Renner tilted his head, hazel eyes wide and staring at the other. Absolution disliked little outside of the Corrupted, but she could not suppress her reaction to darkness, her antithesis. Renner could just see her prowling the wall, refusing to cry out for more help, but nervous. He turned his head back to the stranger.

    “Hypocritical as this may be, one shouldn’t be outside the walls. Even small things are dangerous at night.” Renner dropped most of his attention to the little Cleffa, letting Absolution take over watching for Corrupted. Hand still near the Pokeballs, Renner knelt down, offering the food again.

    “Silly little thing, I’m not going to hurt you.” He froze as much as he was capable of, though the sense of movement didn’t leave him, head tilted just enough that moonlight traced the scar at his temple. Not that he was ignoring the other human, but the little Cleffa was a greater prize, and in more danger left to roam as it could.
  19. DragonRush

    DragonRush Member

    Celadon Fortress

    The night air washed over Crumbs like a breath of fresh air as he darted through the darkness, gleefully contemplating the spoils he would earn out of his night of naughtiness. He was working the plan over and over again in his head, finalizing the finer details of the hei- THUD!

    He stumbled, ever so slightly, when he felt a soft, discomforting figure slam against his sturdy legs. The creature was a disgustingly pink thing, so small and weak Crumbs could not help but shudder in contempt. The thing stared up at him with noticeable fear in its small eyes, something Crumbs was quite used to. Crumbs immediately recognized it as a Cleffa, a diminuative nuisance children tended to view as 'cute'.

    Unimpressed, he took a step forward, focusing on the task at hand. It was then he heard a voice. Male. Tense, but it was not fear he heard. Aprehension.

    "- too common in these times," the new voice uttered.

    Crumbs squinted at the source, seeing a man about his size staring back at him.

    Fool, he thought to himself. You must not be seen.

    Crumbs stared in silence, Kudzu creeping up behind him, focusing his grim red eyes on the Pokemon accompaning the man. An Espeon. Formidable foe, to be sure, but Crumbs had two dark types with him in Drogon and Kudzu. Surely this human could see that it was a battle he could not win?!

    “Hypocritical as this may be, one shouldn’t be outside the walls. Even small things are dangerous at night,” the stranger said. “Silly little thing, I’m not going to hurt you.”

    He knelt down, offering the pink weakling a morsel of nourishment. Crumbs had to plan his communication carefully. He could not afford a confrontation, not now. Too much was at stake. He did not fear other humans, and he surely did not fear this fellow, but there was something about him... Something like himself... Something... Strong.

    "Good sir, you should not allow your Pokemon, particularly one as unequipped as this, stray from you at night. You best return home with him. You never know who you could run into in the darkness," Crumbs said to the man in his deep voice.

    They locked eyes, and Crumbs stared at the man with a cruel glare and a slight smirk. He then noticed Scrooge drifting mechanically nearby, awaiting his master's orders. Crumbs smirk got wider.

    Your move, my friend, he thought. I hope you choose wisely.
  20. flameswy

    flameswy Lord of Light

    The fog thins slightly, and both Finitevus and Iron legs peer into it nervously. Grey... Purple... The usual hues of the infected. but then, Two huge tusks loom into sight. The pokemon trumpets, and Fin snarls. "Always tusks. Why cant I ever be hunted by something that's not sharp?" Iron legs is already accelerating away towards pallet town, but it pulses its thoughts to its trainer anyway. Run?

    Fin nods grimly. "Of course. Do not head straight for pallet town though, we do not want to lure the beast over there." He frowns, closing his eyes. "Just try to keep out of reach. Altruist should be a good match for it, but I do not want to use another pokeball ball with this thing tailing us if we can help it. What if there are more? Just see if you can lose it for now. Magnet rise."

    Iron leg's has hit a quick canter by now, but as Fin names the attack he launches skyward and levitates away at a much higher speed. "Try to head north west. We can always veer south to pallet if we get lost." As an answer, Iron legs just leans forward speeding up as fast as he can go. Fin closes his eyes wearily, and redoubles his grip on the wardrobe.

    What would you do to get out of this situation, Finny old boy? Fin grimaces. Oh, wonderful. My conscious is back to haunt me. A cackle sounds through his head. Prayed lately? Wont you ever leave me alone? HA! Good one. You know how to get rid of me.

    Fin opens his eyes, and looks over his shoulder. Its hard to tell if its still tailing them in the mist. His left eye spasms nervously, and he closes both again. Come on friend, ease your conscious. Do something.... Righteous. Fin winces, groaning. You cant be part of me. I would never use that word.

    Iron leg's worry's about his master. He is used to his random moral conflicts, but at a time like this? They just seemed to get more and more common lately, demanding more and more of the man. The pokemon tightens its concentration. I will save him.
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