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Escape From PokeTopia: RP Thread

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Keldminrachi91, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    Here's the plotline for my easy reference and for the easiness of access for you guys!

    After many years of being owned by humans, the Pokémon grew tired of their lives, which seemed to be he same every day. They were tired of being forced to battle and be hurt; to be fed crushed berries and put into cutesy little bows and itchy costumes to dance and use moves in front of many people. They still remembered their life in the wild before being confined into Pokeballs, and all they wanted was freedom from all of the madness. They wanted OUT from human clutches, and they wanted it right then and there, but had no way of escaping; if ONE human can catch them once, it can certainly catch them again if they escaped.

    The Pokémon finally got that day of freedom they longed for when N persuaded many people to release their Pokémon. The day when every Pokémon had been released from their Trainers was known to Pokémon as [TABLE]Liberty Day, a day celebrated by Pokémon every year.

    The massive release of Pokémon was not necessarily a good thing, because even though most of them knew how to survive, plants could not grow fast enough to feed all of the Pokémon, so they spread around the Eartto find food.

    In some Pokémons' search, they journeyed to a place that could take in and successfully inhabit and feed many Pokémon and shelter them from the world. That place is PokeTopia.

    At that time, PokeTopia was located in an abandoned city. The Pokémon lived in the skyscrapers, parks, on the streets, and basically anywhere that would provide shelter. Everything was good. The Pokémon interacted, and soon PokeTopia had a solid number of Pokémon inhabitants, growing every day.

    However, after N had died, many people began to miss having Pokémon around, so they began to find and capture them again. Eventually, humans began approaching PokeTopia, so the four leaders hid PokeTopia from human sight, and decided that opening the gates of PokeTopia was too dangerous, so they sealed them shut, and have never let a Pokémon in or out of PokeTopia since.

    To keep Pokémon from even thinking about leaving or the outside world, they made up a story that was partially true. They said that when they had escaped from the humans, they followed them with their Pokeballs and tried to capture and confine every last one of them. They said humans were evil, and that they were always trying to pry their way into PokeTopia to capture them, and that they destroyed the Earth searching for them, so other than PokeTopia, the Earth is uninhabitable.

    (The real story is that PokeTopia is just hidden from human sight, and humans are really roaming the Earth in search of Pokémon. The Earth is also like it was before all the Pokémon were released. But your character won't know that.)

    However, some energetic young Pokémon don't believe the stories they are told. They don't think that humans could have destroyed the Earth without finding them. So, these Pokémon decide to go explore the world outside of PokeTopia.

    There's just one problem; the rulers refuse to let anyone through the gates of PokeTopia.

    This is where you come into the storyline. You (along with my character and other peoples') will journey out to the outsides of PokeTopia to experience for yourselves what the rest of Earth is really like.

    PokeTopia is divided into four sectors; Northern PokeTopia, which has lush green forests, Southern PokeTopia, with unsuitable living conditions that some live under anyways, Eastern PokeTopia, which is almost completely underwater, and Western PokeTopia, which is mainly above the ground.

    Northern PokeTopia: Imagine a lush, green forest. Many trees, flowers, berry bushes, and grasses cover the ground. There's a long, clean, shallow river bending its way through the ground, which is nutrient-rich. Many Pokémon live in nature-made houses, such as large pathways under hills or leafy canopies in the trees. The Pokémon inhabiting Northern PokeTopia can often be seen dancing, gardening, and playing throughout the land.

    Southern PokeTopia: On the other hand, Southern PokeTopia is the complete opposite. The skies always have a cloud cover, the dirt is black, and there's not a tree in sight. Most of the Pokémon are forced to live on the streets, which are littered with trash and filth. They scrounge the garbage for licks of crumbs and eat what most consider inedible to merely survive.

    Eastern PokeTopia: Eastern PokeTopia has three islands: Gani, Suchan, and Relan. All of the islands have white sand and a few markets, but are very quiet. The three islands are the only land located in Eastern PokeTopia. But, despite having very little dry ground, Eastern PokeTopia is buzzing with action; just underwater. The submerged portion of Eastern PokeTopia is very vast, being just short of 75 miles deep and exactly 150 miles wide. Mainly, Water- type Pokémon dwell here, and consider Eastern PokeTopia their own little paradise, even though supplying Northern + Western PokeTopia with fresh water can be a tough task.

    Western PokeTopia: The only thing visible at ground level of Western PokeTopia is a rope. The rope seems to come down from nowhere, as it leads to the main part of Western PokeTopia: the skies. Despite the clouds only being made of water vapor, the Flying- types of Western PokeTopia have a fairly large fort set up for Pokémon who wish to see the world from 50 feet above the ground. The Flying Pokémon that inhabit Western PokeTopia appreciate the company of land Pokémon, and enjoy opening up their land to them.

    In the exact middle of the circular PokeTopia, the four legendary rulers of each area of PokeTopia reside and keep order in their areas.

    Celebi: The ruler of Northern PokeTopia is Celebi, and she is very kind hearted and believes in the preservation of all of nature's creatures, from Pokémon to plants, and thus doesn't like to fight. She would rather talk it out and make an agreement. She doesn't like to be called a 'ruler'; she prefers the thought that all Pokémon are equal, and is very easy-going about how she 'rules' Northern PokeTopia.

    Keldeo: Keldeo, the ruler of Eastern PokeTopia, is very brave and a powerful fighter. He is often in his Resolute Form, and enjoys a good battle every now and again. He enjoys being a ruler, although his ability to think things through before acting is very lacking. He often charges in head-first without thinking about the consequences first. He does deeply care about the Pokémon he rules over, and is always willing to give his life for Eastern PokeTopia, if the need arises, although he can be somewhat childish at times.

    Latios + Latias: The Lati siblings are the dual rulers of Western PokeTopia. They each have a different style of ruling, and combined them to rule over Western PokeTopia together. Originally, Latias was the sole ruler of Western PokeTopia, but she was younger than her brother, and couldn't keep track of the large mass of Pokémon zipping around the clouds, so her brother had to stop governing Southern PokeTopia to help his sister. When he left, Southern PokeTopia broke into a war (a very minor one, I might add) so none of the other sectors of PokeTopia became involved. Eventually, the two sides of the split Southern PokeTopia wore each other down so much that neither side could continue fighting, so both sides went into poverty, which only Celebi has mentioned and seemed to notice. Latias's rule was even lighter than Celebi's, so minor havoc broke out in Eastern PokeTopia. Latios brought much more rule, and is much more strict with his rule when compared to the other rulers.[/TABLE]

    *Important Info concerning NPCs:
    If you need to control a character, please PM/VM me. Some NPCs can't be controlled, some of which will be revealed later in the RP, but for now, there are five NPCs. This list will be updated as the RP goes on.


    ??? (to be revealed later; all I can say is that he/she is leader of the leaders)

    Red means uncontrollable
    Green means controllable

    Alright, time for the RP Thread rules!
    1) No godmodding, bunnying, or any other means of controlling someone else's character.
    2) No cursing; this is meant to be a G-rated RP, and because some on this board are younger, cursing or rude gestures will not be tolerated.
    3) Please don't make 1 sentence posts. I require everyone to make posts that are at least 7 FULL lines long; more is fine.
    4) If you are posting something OOC (Out Of Character), please put it in parenthesis & bold or italics; not both. It should look like this:
    (Hello Bob)
    Or this:
    (Hello Bob)
    5) At the top of all your posts, please put something similar to this:
    Bean the Eevee
    Southern Sector
    Tackle, Helping Hand, Wish

    6) If you have 2 characters, please put them in separate posts, UNLESS both posts are ready, which is when you can do something like this:
    (Insert post here)
    ~ ~ ~
    (Insert post here)
    Do not combine them into one post by switching back and forth between the characters and do not edit your first post to include the second character, unless you would be double posting without doing so.

    Also, here's a refresher for those of you participating:
    Players List:

    Northern Sector- FULL! No more entries, please.
    1) Malorie the Sandile (SpyroxPikachu) Accepted
    2) Millie the Ralts (TheSketchQueen)- Accepted
    3) Una the Hoppip (TotalPotato)- Accepted

    Southern Sector- FULL! No more entries, please.
    1) Bean the Eevee (Keldminrachi91)-Accepted
    2) Damien the Venonat (wayjun)- Accepted
    3) Bah-Kuu the Drowzee (MugoUrth) Accepted

    Eastern Sector- FULL! No more entries, please.
    1) Snappy the Squirtle (ger9119)- Accepted
    2) Chio the Azurill (YDT) Accepted
    3) Taylon the Buizel (TheSketchQueen)- Accepted

    Western Sector- 2 spots left
    1) Chandler the Litwik (Aakash98)- Accepted
    2) Gracena the Solosis (wayjun)- Accepted
    3) (ger9119)- Reserved (for second character)

    Also, here's the first post list.
    Keldminrachi91- Bean the Eevee
    SpyroxPikachu- Mallorie the Sandile
    TheSketchQueen- Millie the Ralts
    TotalPotato- Una the Hoppip
    Wayjun- Damien the Venonat
    MugoUrth- Baa-Kuu the Drowzee
    Ger9119- Snappy the Squirtle
    YDT- Chio the Azurill
    TheSketchQueen- Taylon the Buizel

    ***NOTE: To those of you who have already posted, please post the top of your next post in a color that no one else has for their color. This means that if I have mine in lime green, no one else can do lime green. If you don't pick a color, I will pick a random one for you, but please use the color I give you, as it makes it easier on me.

    **Note- If your name is on here twice, don't correct me because this is not a mistake! This is so I can put the characters everyone entered into the blanks.

    Now, I just wanted to get the thread up, since we will probably be starting soon (only a few spots left), but ABSOLUTELY DO NOT POST until I give the okay post, which will be my Pokémon's first post. If you post before me, you will not be allowed to post in the RP for a week, and you will be behind everyone else, who will probably be approaching the PokeTopian Gates by the time you can post again. The same penalty goes for breaking any of the above rules (except for the last two, which I will understand if you forget a few times, but if I notice it happening frequently, then I will give you the guilty look and ban you for a week)

    ***For the first post, I will keep a list on this thread of who makes their first post within 3 weeks after mine. If you aren't on the list by the end of the 3rd week, I will PM you telling you to post within the next week, and if you don't your character will be deleted from the RP.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2013
  2. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    (OOC- Remember, the Pokémon will start inside their Sector of PokeTopia, and will not know who any of the other characters are, and will also be leaving PokeTopia as a group. Don't try to leave PokeTopia, because that would put you ahead of everyone else, and essentially in charge of the whole RP. Plus, you don't know where the sealed entrance is, and it is set in a specific place for Plot purposes; we will all reach it as a group.
    *Also, I will be controlling all NPCs that I created, so please ask (via VM/PM) if you need to control one. If it something like your Pokémon's friend that was created by you, then you can control them, since they will only be possibly a part of the action for the first few posts.*)

    Bean the Eevee
    Southern Sector
    Tackle, Helping Hand, Wish

    "Ahh, what do we have here?" Bean said aloud, going through her normal garbage run. As she was digging, she found half of a sugar cookie to add to her stockpile of the day, which included a slice of stale bread and some Oran berries. She began digging a small hole in the hard, dry dirt in front of her, which took a while. When she had a suitable sized hole, she buried all but a berry and covered the hole up. She walked into the ally and sat in the darkness, enjoying her treat. Mostly what she found was all but inedible, so a berry, which was a rare find so late in the day, could be considered valuable, especially with the added benefit of healing.

    She finished the berry and discarded the stem, then went to dig up her stockpile. She had learned from experience that you can't leave something as valuable as food lying around out in the open; even underground storage was unsafe, as many Ground-types got plenty of food from stealing it from other Pokémon who buried it underground. She still clearly remembered the Dugtrio that had taken an entire week's food stash. She pushed her food next to the trash can she had been digging through, and continued digging, constantly checking her rations. Then, she found something she became very excited about; a discarded copy of the PokeTopia News Union. She picked it up and skimmed through the usual articles, usually about the leaders and all the good things they do. Things they called "truths of the outside world".

    "Yeah, right. I'll be none of them have even been outside of PokeTopia. Truths of the outside world? More like lies." Bean thought, who had never believed a single word the leaders spit out about anywhere beyond the PokeTopia boundaries. She continued skimming, and wasn't surprised with what she found; lies, lies, and more lies. She tossed the paper aside and continued scrounging, while the paper flapped through the wind.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2013
  3. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member

    Snappy The Squirtle
    Eastern Sector
    Tackle, Tail Whip, Aqua Jet

    It's been a few days since Snappy has left home he was laying down on a small portion of beach at one of the farest points of the Eastern Sector as he tryed to stay hidden from his father while he figured out a way to escape PokeTopia. At the moment he was all alone on the beach as he looked down into the water and said " I'm hoping father isn't mad at me it was just my time to set out on my own adventure i'm going to miss him dearly and my little hut on Gani Island " This was almost like Snappy saying goodbye to his past life and hoping that his father will be proud of his choices. A small school of Magikarp passed by him at first he grew nervous but then remember that Magikarps most of the time stick to themeselves and wouldn't alert his father that he is here " Wheww that was a close one for sure I should really explore this portion of the island to see if I can gather up some supplys for the journey ahead".

    Snappy walked into a small section of the island where there were palm trees and other small plants that could have berries and other things that could be used in the future durning his adventure. He looked up one really tall palm tree and noticed it was filled with alot of berries at first he tryed climbing but couldn't get a good grip on the tree and fell right back down " Well that kinda hurt, there has to be some sort of way i can get those berries down" Snappy said as he tryed thinking of a plan to get the berries down and then he remembered what his father told him about using aqua jet so he climbed up a small tree and Aqua jetted up to the big one and he tossed as many berries as he can to the floor and aqua jet back down. " Looks like i got a decent supply of berries that could last me a couple of days" he said as he was surpised he was able to collect so many in a short time and was even more surpised that he actully did it all by himself.

    "I should really find a way to store some of these berries" Snappy said as he rememeber that his father taught him to make a pouch of sorts using a stick and two really sturdy palm tree leafs. He gathered up the leafs and the stick just from looking on the floor and made one the best he could but it clearly wasn't as good as his father's and he said" This will have to do for now" as he placed some of the berries inside the pouch and carryed the rest by hand to eat at the beach. Snappy walked back down to the beach and layed down looking up at the blue sky while eating a berry and said" Well this seems like the good life, lets just hope everything is as good outside of the Eastern Sector and outside of PokeTopia".
  4. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Bah-Kuu the Drowzee
    Southern Sector
    Poison Gas, Psybeam, Hypnosis, Psych Up

    Bah-Kuu had just drank the potion that changed his life. ...What? You don't know what this means? Bah-Kuu is a pretend sorcerer who uses spells, AKA Poison Gas, Psybeam, and Hypnosis, and mixes potions in a pot, AKA whatever he finds off the streets. And after he brewed a certain potion that he himself drank, his life would never be the same.

    Bah-Kuu was upstairs in his bedroom, located in a random building in the Southern Sector of Poketopia. He had just came downstairs where his parents were. "Well, how's our little wizard holding up," was spoken by Bah-Kuu's mother. "Don't talk like that to me, Pinocchio," Bah-Kuu started. "A warlock of my status deserves to be bowed before. Now bow!" Bah-Kuu's mother did so. Bah-Kuu's father did as well. Bah-Kuu's eyes eventually wandered over to the stove.

    "You, in the back! You're not bowing!" Both his parents looked back in surprise before turning to each other and back to their son. "Uh, Bah-Kuu mah boi, that's a stove," his father suggested. Bah-Kuu snapped his neck toward his father. "Is this how it is, Toucan Sam?" he asked. "In my kindom, we do not look highly on treason! I am a powerful warlock, and you will face your punishment!"

    Immediately Bah-Kuu cast Hypnosis on his father, putting him to sleep. As he was falling to the floor, the mother reached over to grab him. She then looked dumb-founded at their son. "And now you will say goodbye to your precious dreams!" Bah-Kuu raised his arms up toward his father before... doing nothing. In his mind, he was using Dream Eater. In reality, Drowzees can only learn Dream Eater via TM. Afterward he lowered his hands and started out the door. "Live with your punishment, mortal!" Bah-Kuu emitted a ghastly laugh before disappearing from the building. ...Bah-Kuu is Coo-Coo.
  5. TotalPotato

    TotalPotato Vegetable of Doom!

    Una the Hoppip
    Northern Sector
    Splash, Synthesis, Aromatherapy, Encore

    Una's eyes slowly scanned the hill from the bottom upwards. She was still a way off yet, but she could easily see the dense, dark-green forest clinging to its base. But the higher her gaze travelled, the patchier the landscape became, and it wasn't long before any trace of dark green disappeared altogether. Una sighed. She'd have to go around.

    "Gah! I'm too small for anyone I talk with to take me seriously, I'm too cowardly to get a good night's sleep even when I'm tied tightly to a tree, and now I'm too light to get over this hill without being blown away! And all in less than two days!" She'd left her brothers and sisters yesterday morning, but she still hadn't picked up any knowledge that would really help her. Una was desperate to see what lay outside of PokéTopia, but she had no idea how to get out. The reactions she'd gotten from Pokémon she'd asked so far ranged from dismissal to horror, so for the time being, she was heading north. If she went far enough, Una figured that she'd find a barrier, float above it, and emerge in virgin territory. A place that no Hoppip had been in years.

    Last night had been awful. Away from her siblings, night seemed a lonely and terrifying time. She'd chosen the sturdiest branch she could find to tie herself to, and logically, she shouldn't have had to worry about the wind... but the closeness and security she was used to were gone. Doubts had flashed through her mind - "What if I'm wrong?", "What if something attacks me?" and "I really miss everyone..."

    Mercifully, conditions had been calm recently, but Una had lived for long enough to know first-hand how unpredictable the winds were. So she stuck to the woods, sure that she'd be able to snag her leaves on a tree if a sudden gust came along. Well, fairly sure.

    A mass of vegetation abruptly began to writhe. It was huge, and more than a little unsettling. Una was about to turn tail and run when the clump of green turned around and extended a vine up to reach some fruit. Una exhaled. It was something she recognised - a Tangrowth, only this one was bigger than any she'd seen before. "Maybe she'll know how to get out of here," thought Una. "She must have lived for a long time, judging by her size." The closer Una edged to the Tangrowth, the more frayed her nerves became. This Tangrowth really was a giant; possibly seven times Una's own height! She couldn't stand it any longer; Una had to calm herself down. Coming to a halt, she began to glow, gradually warming her body under the focus of the sun's rays. As soon as her extremities were sufficiently toasty, Una ended Synthesis. Confidence boosted slightly, she greeted the Tangrowth.

    "H-hello! Can you tell me how to get out of PokéTopia? I've been heading north, but I..." Una hesitated. "...I'm not sure that's what I'm supposed to be doing," she finished lamely. The Tangrowth delicately dropped the fruit on the ground, where some expectant Spinarak immediately started to eat it. Una was touched. "She seems nice."

    "Oh dearie me!" came the reply. "You're all alone, aren't you? Did you run away from your family?" The Tangrowth extended her vine-like arm and waggled a finger in reproach. "Now, we all get a little moody at your age, but I'm sure it wasn't as big an argument as you think it was, hm? Let's get you back to your siblings now, before they get too worried." A vine slowly slithered towards Una, but she jumped back as if it were an Ekans.

    "H-hey! I'm serious, you know! You've got it all wrong - I didn't ha-MMPH!" Tangrowth had shot vines from her body before Una could react, clasping her close. The powerful vines blinded and gagged Una. "What just happened?" Una thought. "She seemed so gentle a moment ago!" She squirmed, but she couldn't break free.

    "Sorry about the rough treatment, darling, but trust me, you'll be much safer and happier back where you belong. Let's find your family, shall we?" Una's innards lurched as Tangrowth began hurtling herself along. "She must be swinging through the forest!" Una thought. "Did she even listen to anything I said?!" Alarm set in. If she was taken back to her siblings now, Una wasn't sure she'd be able to muster the courage to leave a second time. Her panic gave her a manic burst of strength, and she wriggled her way free enough to shout "HELP! I'M BEING KIDNAPPED!" before her mouth was covered again by Tangrowth's vines.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2013
  6. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    (OOC: I'm gonna assume they have paper. Because PMD has paper too.)
    Millie the Ralts
    Northern Sector
    Growl, Shadow Sneak, Helping Hand

    Millie lied against a tree, eating a pecha berry and staring off into space. Feathers was flying around when she noticed Millie. She landed and sneaked up to Millie, still in deep thought. "Kyaaaa!" Feathers shouted, starting Millie and sending her Shadow Sneaking to behind another tree.

    "D-don't do t-that!" Millie stammered. Feathers hopped over while laughing.

    "Sorry," Feathers chuckled,"It was just to perfect to miss." Millie nodded a reply, then started to concentrate at the floor. Feathers cocked his head. "Mill? What 'cha thinkin' about?"

    Millie looked up at Feathers and sighed. "I've b-been thinking, Feathers..." she said in an airy voice. "What... what if the rumors are true? What is Michael did find the way past the wall?"

    Feathers eyed Millie. "Mill, don't tell me..."

    Millie stared at Feathers with her icy eyes. "Yes, Feathers. It's true. I'm going to get past the Poketopia wall."

    "Mill..." Feathers sighed, "There's nothing past there. The world's been destroyed, demolished. I don't know where your brother went, but it's certainly not past those gates."

    Millie shrank. "I... I've got to go," she said in her soft voice, and Shadow Sneaked away. Feathers flew after her, trying to follow her spastic movements. "W-wait, Mill!" Feathers shouted to Millie. But in seconds, Millie had disappeared into the forest.

    When Millie arrived at her hut, her older sister Madyline was waiting for her. "Hey, Millie, where were you? Hiding from the rest of us? I didn't know you wanted to play hide'n'seek!" Madyline teased. Mille cowered and walked inside. Her older brother Mark snuck behind her, and quickly pulled her long green hair. Millie shrieked, while Mark laughed and Shadow Sneaked away. Millie ran to her room and quietly closed the door. She took down a map of Poketopia and started planning.

    (OOC: Coming soon, Taylon's post!)
  7. YDT

    YDT Positively Ecstatic

    Chio the Azurill
    Eastern Sector
    Soak, Splash, Bubble, Tail Whip

    "Now pass me the red one!" Kent instructed reaching his claw back to Chio. Chio handed Kent a leaf with some tamato paste, which he began smearing on the rock. They had been there for around 30 minutes now and Chio thought he knew what Kent was trying to draw here, he chuckled at the idea.

    "Why do you guys have to do this stuff." Lia complained while holding her wing over her nostrils, the smell of berry juice sitting out in the sun is not too pleasant. Lia didn't really care for Kent and Chio's antics. She thought it was childish to pull pranks on other people, especially the lame pranks that Kent come up with. She never really tries to stop them though because they are her friend, but she always crosses the line with actually helping them.

    "Because if we don't, then this place is gonna get way too dull." Kent replied with a snicker, Chio bounced up exuberantly nodding his head in agreeance. Lia, just rolled her eye making a 'tsk' sound. Kent was right though, not much ever did happen on the island. Very few kids live on their part of Gani island, its almost like a retirement area. Kent continued to paint for a few more minutes before finally finishing up. He handed the leaf of berry paste back to Chio and took a step back to look at it.

    "What does that say? K...K...Keld...Keldeo is studid? Keldeo is Stupid... Guys, you really suck at this." Lia remarked, shaking her head and rubbing her temples with her wings. Kent burst into laughter after Lia read out loud what the stone said, Chio joined in happily bouncing up and down on his tail.

    "What is this?" The three of them turned around to see a Torkoal, it was old man Chester. Chester had been living on that island for as far back as the three of them could remember, no one was really sure how he go there. He was at a rather big disadvantage being stuck on the island all the time, which was probably why he was always so grumpy. He would probably try to give the three of them a beating, if he could manage to catch them that is.

    "Run!" Kent ordered, as the old Torkoal started reading the rock. Lia had already bolted for the water, Kent quickly scuttled after her with Chio trailing behind. Chio tripped, just as Chester finished reading the rock. Chio quickly scurried towards the water as the Torkoal starting attempting to summon up some fire. Kent turned around and stuck out his tounge at the old guy as the three of them got away.
  8. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Malorie The Sandile
    Northern Sector
    Leer, Rage, Bite, Fire Fang

    Malorie sat in her burrow, thinking of what she wanted to do for the rest of the day. So far she had eaten, picked flowers, went burrowing, and had a late afternoon catnap. She pondered, maybe it would be best to wander a bit, meet some people. She had been somewhat lacking in companionship.

    You see, Malorie had been attempting an escape for quite some time. Ever since her older brothers died. Something in her gut told her that the tree, hadn’t fallen naturally, but had instead been shoved by some odd force. And this, this pissed Malorie off to no end. She thought about burrowing her way out, and she’d been working on a tunnel for quite some time, trying to find a way out, a way to a better life.

    “Mal!” Someone shouted, she looked in the direction of the voice. It was one of her younger siblings. Due to the deaths of her three eldest brothers, she was now the eldest sibling; and she despised it. But then again, she despised everything.

    “Leo, what are you doing here? Go back to mom! I’m busy.” She practically spat in his direction, wanting to remain in her solitude. Her brother looked slightly hurt.

    “Mal, mom wants you to come home.” He said, a worried look in his eye. “She said that we hardly get to see you anymore... we miss you.” He continued looking up at his older sister. She rolled her eyes, before sighing and looking at him.

    “I’ll be home... soon, okay?” She said, she knew she was lying through her teeth. She wasn’t going home, not now, not ever. Her brother brightened up a bit and nodded.

    “O-okay!” He grinned and ran home, Malorie sighed.

    “What a poor naive kid...” She said quietly, before walking off, going to find her next meal.
  9. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Taylon the Buizel
    Eastern Sector
    Aqua Tail, Slash, Sonic Boom, Quick Attack

    "A-one, a-two, a-go!" Taylon screamed as he dove off a tree and into the crystal water. As soon as he stopped descending at a rapid pace, he shot up like a rocket, breaking the surface of the water. He blew up his floatation sack and sat there, looking at the white beaches of Suchan, his home. Taylon yawned. It was early in the morning, and the sun had just come up. Taylon deflated his floatation sack and dove under the surface. He propelled himself along with his tail, looking around at the other pokemon.

    Taylon sat down on a rock and pulled some seaweed from the seafloor. He nibbled on the tips of the seaweed and watched the other pokemon play. One specific group aught his eye. A couple prinplup were cornering a small corsola. Taylon raised and eyebrow and swam closer.

    "You're gonna pay, runt!" one of the prinplup growled.

    "I-I didn't m-mean to! I-I'm s-sorry!" the corsola whimpered.

    The prinplup were getting closer and closer to the corsola, until corsola hit a rock wall. The other prinplup grinned. "Nowhere to run now, shrimp!" he shouted, as the two prepared an Iron Wing.

    "No! Stop!" Taylon screamed, rushing towards the three. He stopped in between the prinplup and corsola and grabbed the prinplups' wings before they could hit corsola. Taylon turned his head down, hiding his dark marks.

    The prinplup glared at Taylon. "Wha'daya think you're doing!?" one of them screeched.

    Taylon looked up at the two, his deep dark eyes burning into them. "No... what do you think your doing?" he growled. The prinplups cowered when they saw Taylon's unusual markings. "It's not very nice, ganging up on someone." Taylon quickly Slashed at them. "Pick on someone your own size!" he shouted, "Actually, don't pick on anyone at all!" The prinplups swam away as fast as they could, and Taylon turned back towards the corsola. "Are you okay?" he asked.

    The colrsola nodded. "Thanks to you I am," she said nervously. She blinked, then stammered, "W-wait! Y-you're that o-odd m-marked b-buizel!" Taylon looked down and nudged the ground with his feet. To his surprise, the corsola jumped on him in a hug. "You're not bad at all," she said. "My name's Mimee. What's yours?"

    Shocked, Taylon replied, "My name is Taylon..."

    "Yay!" Mimee shrieked. Taylon smiled. "I have to go now, Mommy will be worried about me. But come visit me!" Mimee said happily as she waved goodbye. Taylon watched as the little corsola bounced off into the distance. Remind me, self... he thought, if I ever make an attempt to get out of here... bring Mimee along.
  10. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    SpyroxPikachu, please refrain from using the word "pissed". If you would please substitute it for something like "made her very angry", "upset", or even (this is my least favorite of the ones I came up with) "ticked". Please edit your post and take this as a warning. The only word I allow that isn't one of the nicest words would be stupid, or saying shut up, but not in a mean way. I don't care if your character has had the absolute worst life, and they feel the need to release their anger through words; there will be no cursing at all ever in this RP. And this goes for everybody, too. If anyone else curses (and yes, I do consider hell, and piss curse words), then you will be banned from the RP for a set amount of days, possibly even permanently. Take this as your warning.

    ...Well, what a lovely post. Having to tell people most likely older than me to watch their language. Just like middle school.
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    ((OOC: You put “ the sealed entrance(s) is/are […] places”. This tells me/the rest of the rp-ers that there is more than one. You *might* want to fix that. To other people: for the love of whatever deities that you do or do not believe in, please fix your grammatical errors. Otherwise, I will attempt to sic the influenza on you. Should we create a discussion thread? Should I go for the current color or a different shade of purple?))
    Damien the Venonat
    Southern Sector
    Giga Drain, Tackle, and Supersonic

    A few fragments of old paper littered the back alley. Things did not normally last long in the Southern Sector, but what survived for longer than expected had grown to have toughness, in mind or body. Paper had neither, but could provide the path to either. Damien reached out with a foot to catch a remnant of newspaper, but it was old and he had read it before. Nothing changes in the Southern Sector at a reasonable pace; one must come to expect the posts of the gangs’ leaders to be the only thing that differs from year to year. To him it was lamentable, but, at least, he did not have to be apprehensive because of a looming war or societal change. That stagnant world of his would kill him before long, he predicted, but there was a small kernel of hope that there would be respite in escape.

    Although it was wise for Damien to move frequently, since he had angered no few people, his cache of emergency “food” was difficult to move without being stolen or otherwise lost. It had been a few days since he had changed the location of his stash, but doing so was not imperative until he was on the verge of being discovered. Appearing as a lump of fur had its advantages. Damien had decided to remain there and not reconsider his choice of staying, for moving posed more problems unless those he had angered knew where he was and were determined to do something about the varmint.

    ’Such as those who wish to harm me…they won’t,’ Damien half-thought, half-wished. He had been discovered previously once – it was his desire to not be squashed as before. A few paces in front of the alley there were a few Pokemon doing some pacing. ‘Profanity. I’ll have to make a premature relocation,’ he thought, ’unless, of course, they are vacillatin’ ‘bout makin’ a venture into here.’ Fleeing was almost an option, but that would be difficult, because he had chosen this place for his nest while hungry. It had only three exits. Perhaps he would have to find a new location for a nest.

    The Pokemon mulling about decided to leave, but not without some grumbling from one. Damien recognized that one and attempted to bend his antennae in such a way as to hide them beneath his fur. He partially succeeded, but that tipped one of his articles of “food”. That unidentifiable semi-consumable rolled far enough out of the alley to alert the leader. Or so it seemed. The piece of Damien’s cache was disgusting enough to resemble a piece of trash. Trash littering paths was common enough, and something spherical could easily have rolled out of a trash pile.
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    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    (OOC: Sorry this isn't an actual post, but YES, we need a discussion thread. Immediately. Also, guys, take wayjun's advice and USE GRAMMAR.)
  13. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    ((OOC-Yes, heed wayjun's advice and use proper grammar. I understand that everyone makes a mistake here and there, but please try to limit mistakes as best you can. A good way to do this is to proofread your work before you post it. Typing it up on Word also helps, as it will catch some obvious grammar mistakes you may have made. Personally though, I think a combination of the 2 works best. For example, type it on Word and correct your obvious mistakes, but the ones that Word catches that you aren't sure about, proofread and ask yourself Does this make sense?

    To everyone else- Mod permission for a discussion thread has been granted, so I should have that up soon!))
  14. Corrosion

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    ((OOC: I know that it ends abruptly, but I am really tired. ._.))
    Gracena the Solosis
    Western Sector
    Acid Armor, Psywave, and Reflect

    “NO! I cannot allow that!” Gracena’s mother’s telepathic voice echoed in the Solosis’ head. Gracena had merely wanted to travel away from the Northern Sector, but her parents would not grant her permission to do so.

    “Why? I am intelligent enough to escape these lies of “safety” and “security” that come from living inside this jail!” Gracena retorted. She had gone over this argument before. The next line would be her parents saying that they desired to only keep their daughter safe, not constrain her. She was ready with many plans, courtesy of her practice in methodical prank-devising, but her parents were slightly unpredictable.

    “We know. We just want you to be safe. I acknowledge that you are a curious, growing young lady, but, young lady, I do not intend to let you outside of this Sector,” her father said. He worried that reprimanding Gracena would not be enough to prevent her from leaving, but he would do his best.

    “Dad! Just allow me to travel to a different Sector! Please?” It was going according to the Solosis’ plan – she would be grounded and put in her room. From there she would escape via her window, and run away before her parents could realize.

    “No,” he said, shaking what would have been his head if not for the fluid surrounding his entire body. Yet…he was hesitant. His daughter needed firm boundaries, but her sister had already left. If Gracena had evolved, then he would have permitted her to travel to a different Sector, but at this point, she was far too weak to explore, in his opinion.

    “Fine.” That was Gracena’s answer. She did not intend to obey them, but she could give a satisfactory answer if it was required of her. She wondered why her parents would not let her leave – was it for her safety; for staying out of trouble; or was it that they truly believed that nothing existed outside of the walls? ’No matter, I can probably escape when they leave me alone.’ With that, she floated back to her room, leaving her parents no little bit confused and a bit worried.

    Gracena’s room was bare, for she spent most of her time outside, but it had a few essentials. Because of her coating, she had no need for a bed, but there was a desk with pencil, paper, and a few articles of food. The Solosis looked out the window, and did not see anyone near, so she telepathically gripped the latch, turned it, and opened the window. Another quick glimpse revealed that her neighbor was exiting his house, but he was old and would likely not take notice of her. Something else stopped her from leaving her house – why were her parents not suspicious of her being (relatively) complacent and returning to her room? Surely they knew of this exit and would be appearing soon, she suspected. ’Does this mean that they actually approve of me going to a different Sector, if not escaping PokeTopia entirely?’ she wondered, but did not stop.
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  15. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    Bean the Eevee
    Southern Sector
    Tackle, Helping Hand, Wish

    Bean continued with her task of rummaging, which included digging through the trash and (accidentally) being covered in garbage. Not the first time today, that's for sure. She shook herself and most of the loose trash fell to the ground with ease, but what few things didn't she had to pry off. It was mainly paper covered in Oran berry jam, but it might as well have been glue. It took Bean a good ten minutes to get the paper off her coat, then another twenty minutes to get most of the jam off. The little bit left was so deep in her fur, she wasn't going to even attempt to lick it out, although it did have a good flavor compared to the usual stale bread and dry berries.

    She continued tackling the trash cans with no lids; the ones with them were sealed too tightly for an Eevee to get off. She found multiple Pokémon News fliers, but to her they were as valuable as an old bone that was licked clean. No, wait; they're not even worth that, because Bean could at least suck on them. She actually did so frequently; often when she couldn't get a good meal she would gnaw on a bone. She sort-of tricked her stomach into feeling full, at least enough to sleep at night, though the false sense of a full belly wore off by the next morning.

    After scrounging up the few edible pieces she could, she began to eat. To be more accurate, it could be considered a feast. Half a loaf of bread, some day-old crackers, a half-eaten piece of toast with Oran berry jam, and a few bones was a very large clean-up for Bean.

    She hadn't gotten too far into her meal before two Pokémon passed her; a Nidoking and a Nidoqueen. Normally, Bean would have slunked into the ally within a minute, but this time, she didn't even take the time to hide her food to even the slightest measures. She knew that Nidoking, although the Nidoqueen was unfamiliar to her. Nidoking was often prowling the Southern Sector streets, and because of his large size, he took food from almost any Pokémon he saw. In truth, Bean was scared of him, even though she doesn't like to admit it.

    Bean stepped on her own foot, tripping before she reached the safe darkness of the ally. Nidoking obviously saw her, but continued walking. He stopped a few feet away and told Nidoqueen to continue on; he would catch up in a minute. He turned and approached Bean, who stood up, ready to defend her hard-earned food.

    "Relax, kid. Last thing I want is to have a boatload o' food in my arms when I'm at the PokeTopia town Meeting. You might wanna consider packin' it all up and headin' out, 'cause I heard them Diglets are gonna be stealin' any food left for 'em, an' they'll be searchin' everywhere for whatever, so my advice would be to hide it in a box or somethin'. But ya never really know who'll find it, that's for sure." He said, before turning and walking to catch up with the Nidoqueen he seemed to be accompanying to Central PokeTopia. Bean ate a few more bites and then decided to heed Nidoking's advice by storing it above ground, out of any Diglet's or Dugtrio's reach. After looking around for a few minutes, she decided that on top of an old stack of boxes would be a good place. The boxes were just in reach for her, so, taking one piece of food in her mouth at a time, she jumped, set it in a small crack, hopped down, then repeated the action until her uneaten bread, crackers, and bones were all safely stored. The one thing she brought with her was the smallest bone she had found that day. I'm surprised anyone from the Southern Sector is allowed to come; normally only the citizens of Sectors with rulers were told to attend. This ought to be good, besides all of the "Outside PokeTopia is dangerous" and "We are here to shield you from the outside horrors" malarkey they always tell us. I'd better head out now, because Nidoking is only early for stealing your food. And, maybe in all the hustle I'll be able to slip out the PokeTopian gates. Bean was unsure about the last part. Even though this would be her first meeting, from the gossip in the Southern Sector she had overheard, the meetings were far from chaotic, and were always guarded by some Pokémon. Although I do wonder if anyone else has the same suspicions about their stories as I do.

    ((OOC-Anyone still active will need to start heading for the meeting))
  16. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Bah-Kuu the Drowzee
    Southern Sector
    Poison Gas, Psybeam, Hypnosis, Psych Up

    Bah-Kuu's daily routine: Head into the outside world and find ingredients for his... ahem... potions. Of coarse his potions were generally useless, as all they ever did was leave a sour taste in Bah-Kuu's mouth. ...Or in one case, make him insane.

    Eventually, he made it to an alley where he saw a bunch of objects stacked on top of a box. "Hmmm... he he he." He didn't know who put the items there, but he didn't care. All he knew was that there were bones amongst the pile. Without even thinking, Bah-Kuu stole a bone. "He he he. It's mine! No one else!" But of coarse, there were passerby's. One in particular, a Grumpig, was giving Bah-Kuu the stare.

    "Dude, you need to calm down. You're scaring people." The Grumpig seemed very turned off by Bah-Kuu's obsession over the bone, but didn't say another word to him. He just trailed off. In fact, a lot of passing Pokemon were heading the same direction.

    "Hey! Why are you standing there, weirdo?" Another passing Pokemon, a Hitmonchan, was just as perplexed by Bah-Kuu as the Grumpig was. "You're supposed to go to the town meeting! Come on, dumb dumb" Bah-Ku was not pleased with how he was treated. "You fiend!" he yelled. "Don't talk to me that way! I will..." Before he could finish, the Hitmonchan put his fists up, threatening to punch Bah-Kuu. ...Surprisingly, Bah-Kuu backed down.

    Still, Bah-Kuu was intrigued. Town meeting? Bah-Kuu had never been to one, but apparently he was supposed to go there. Well, he figured since it was different from his usual routine, that he might as well go. Bah-Kuu followed the torrent of Pokemon to the meeting.
  17. TotalPotato

    TotalPotato Vegetable of Doom!

    Una the Hoppip
    Northern Sector
    Splash, Synthesis, Aromatherapy, Encore

    Una waited, but there was no response to her cry for help. She was livid – how could no Pokémon whatsoever do the right thing and come to her aid? A kidnapping's not something you ignore!

    As time passed, the steady rhythm of Tangrowth's swings calmed Una down a little, and she began to think a bit more rationally. Maybe no other Pokémon had been around when she shouted. She certainly hadn't seen any aside from those Spinarak; they were never going to help, having heard the whole conversation. Or maybe other Pokémon just weren't that nice. After all, nobody had yet offered Una any assistance in her quest to escape PokéTopia. It kind of felt like the world was against her at this point.

    All of a sudden, Tangrowth's forward motion stopped, and Una felt herself descending slowly. A soft resistance from below told her that Tangrowth was back on solid ground. "Has she found my family?" Una's mind began to work at a mile a minute. "No way. We've barely been moving for an hour, right? It took me more than a day to get as far as I did!" But when Tangrowth retracted the vines covering Una's eyes and mouth, there they were. A score of Hoppip, floating around and splashing in the river, just as—

    "Are they your brothers and sisters?" Tangrowth asked, interrupting Una's reverie. The answer had come to Una before Tangrowth even finished her question.

    "No," Una replied with some relief. Tangrowth seemed unconvinced. With a vine wrapped tightly around Una's body, the giant Pokémon walked forward with unexpected gingerliness.

    "Hello, dears!" Tangrowth greeted the group of Hoppip warmly. "Do you recognise this wee lost one?" A bunch of Hoppip gathered around to get a closer look, but none of them had seen Una before.

    "Well, thank you anyway! Have a lovely day!" Tangrowth said in a sing-song voice, before smothering Una with her vines and swinging through the forest again.

    Tangrowth found several more groups of Hoppip, but none of them turned out to be Una's siblings. Some of the trees, clearings and riverbanks looked familiar to Una. Perhaps she had drifted to these places with her family before... or maybe she was mistaken. It was difficult to remember everywhere she'd lived – her family had always followed the whims of the winds. She wondered where they were now. "Maybe they're looking for me," she thought. Until now, it hadn't crossed her mind how her departure would affect her siblings. Thinking about it, she reasoned that they'd keep going as they always had. "That's what any other Hoppip would do," she decided.

    Una soon felt Tangrowth stop again. Having braced herself for another Hoppip-to-Hoppip confrontation, she was surprised to see no Hoppip at all upon her partial unbinding. Instead, she was turned to face her captor.
    "We're not having much luck finding your family, are we?" Tangrowth asked. Without waiting for a reply, she went on, "I actually have something rather important to attend to today, so we might have to call this off..."

    "Yes!" Una was jubilant. "Okay, I've lost some time, but I can get back to where I was easily enough..."

    "Wipe that grin of your face, missy," Tangrowth said sternly. "You may think that you can survive just fine on your own, but I've raised enough children to know that kids your age have more bravado than brains. I'll just have to take you along to the meeting with me. Luckily, we've been heading roughly in that direction anyway. A lot of Pokémon are expected to be there, so who knows – maybe those cute white flowers of yours will ring a bell with someone!"

    With that, Tangrowth bound Una once again and set off with renewed urgency. Una's initial reaction to the new plan was one of horror. If they were going further south, it would take forever for her to reach the northern barrier. But the more she thought about it, the more she began to like the idea of going to a big meeting. She was almost certain her family wouldn't be there, since she had never even heard about any meetings before now. If there were a lot of Pokémon there, surely one of them would rescue her from Tangrowth's clutches. Maybe someone would even give her the information she needed! And despite the situation, Una was buoyed a little by the compliment about the small white flowers that she was so proud of. After all, it was the first time that any non-family member had noticed.
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    ((OOC: Someone help me with organization? I wander from one topic in a paragraph to the next. Also, Keldminrachi, what do you mean by “lines”? Sentences or line-lines of Serebii’s wacky formatting?))
    Damien the Venonat
    Southern Sector
    Giga Drain, Tackle, and Supersonic

    Damien sneaked closer to the opening of the alley. The Pokemon who had appeared to be searching for him had walked off, but he was still wary – their absence was not a certainty. He wandered back to his cache of food, wondering if he truly had enough to last him until his next deal. A few berries of indeterminate age, a crust of bread that had been soaked in dirty rainwater and now had unidentifiable bits on it, and a top of a carrot were all that he could recognize from his stash, but that would feed him. He was fortunate enough to have a very sturdy immune system, and a stomach that could tolerate all of the unsanitary glop he put in there.

    He had heard earlier that week that there was to be a meeting that everyone, and absolutely everyone, was invited to attend. He desired to sneak in, but if his enemies espied him and found his lair, then he would probably be pushed off of his mortal coil. The event likely had security and a “no-fighting” moratorium, but being cautious was the safest option. He had considered not going at all, from the gossip he could acquire information previously unknown to him; bargaining chips to use in the eternal gamble for life in the Southern Sector. To potentially escape from this abyss of hostility he would travel to the towns meeting, for he could slip out into another Sector is he could disguise himself as a resident. His plan was to become clean, but that was impossible in the dust bath that he lived in; sources of clean water belonged to those who could win them, but that was impossible in his condition.

    More Pokemon passed by his alley as he waited patiently. He began to see those that he did not recognize and thus thought that it was safe to join them. The steady stream of Pokemon, a gallery of the Southern Sector’s inhabitants, admitted him without any trouble. Some nearly stepped upon him, but seeming to be unseen was better than being noticed. No one commented and he was on his way. Those the same size as him merely ignored the dirty Venonat as they jostled for a space ahead. Damien began to worry about there being adequate space for every Pokemon, but he had to follow behind the majority because, despite knowing that there was a town meeting, he had no knowledge of its location.
  19. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    ((OOC- wayjun, by lines, I mean lines on Serebii. This is because if I say sentences, than someone will go and post 7 five-word sentences, and if they are just written, at the most it will be ~2 lines.))
  20. YDT

    YDT Positively Ecstatic

    Chio the Azurill
    Eastern Sector
    Soak, Splash, Bubble, Tail Whip

    Chio and Kent laughed as they stopped at the sandbar. The two of them started laughing, they could still see old man Chester smoking at the edge of the water. Lia rolled her eyes, as she leaned back and started swimming on her back in circles. The two of them tried tried to copy her, but the result was rather poor due to their morphology. Kent the jumped up, as if surprised.

    "I just remembered something! My old man was talking about something big happening in the center of Poketopia today. We should go!" Kent explained, he looked really excited. Chio bounced up and down excitedly, splashing all over the place, he always liked Kent's plans.

    "What is it?" Lia asked suspiciously.

    "I'm not really sure, but its bound to be awesome!" Kent remarked, Lia looked at kent.

    "I don't know..." Lia said, Chio calmed a bit and looked a bit concerned.

    "I should go ask my dad first..." Chio explained, looking a bit sad.

    "Your dad would never let you come! Let's just go, I'm sure it will be fun and safe." Kent replied.

    "Well...I guess..." Chio meekly whispered. Lia just sighed, Kent was gonna bother to push her, she would come if she wanted to.

    "Ok, well let's go!" Kent cheered as he started swimming off, Chio started to follow him. Chio looked back and after a few seconds Lia joined also.

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