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Escape From PokeTopia: Sign Up!

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Keldminrachi91, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    Sign ups are currently:

    Welcome to PokeTopia! ​

    After many years of being owned by humans, the Pokémon grew tired of their lives, which seemed to be he same every day. They were tired of being forced to battle and be hurt; to be fed crushed berries and put into cutesy little bows and itchy costumes to dance and use moves in front of many people. They still remembered their life in the wild before being confined into Pokeballs, and all they wanted was freedom from all of the madness. They wanted OUT from human clutches, and they wanted it right then and there, but had no way of escaping; if ONE human can catch them once, it can certainly catch them again if they escaped.

    The Pokémon finally got that day of freedom they longed for when N persuaded many people to release their Pokémon. The day when every Pokémon had been released from their Trainers was known to Pokémon as Liberty Day, a day celebrated by Pokémon every year.

    The massive release of Pokémon was not necessarily a good thing, because even though most of them knew how to survive, plants could not grow fast enough to feed all of the Pokémon, so they spread around the Eartto find food.

    In some Pokémons' search, they journeyed to a place that could take in and successfully inhabit and feed many Pokémon and shelter them from the world. That place is PokeTopia.

    At that time, PokeTopia was located in an abandoned city. The Pokémon lived in the skyscrapers, parks, on the streets, and basically anywhere that would provide shelter. Everything was good. The Pokémon interacted, and soon PokeTopia had a solid number of Pokémon inhabitants, growing every day.

    However, after N had died, many people began to miss having Pokémon around, so they began to find and capture them again. Eventually, humans began approaching PokeTopia, so the four leaders hid PokeTopia from human sight, and decided that opening the gates of PokeTopia was too dangerous, so they sealed them shut, and have never let a Pokémon in or out of PokeTopia since.

    To keep Pokémon from even thinking about leaving or the outside world, they made up a story that was partially true. They said that when they had escaped from the humans, they followed them with their Pokeballs and tried to capture and confine every last one of them. They said humans were evil, and that they were always trying to pry their way into PokeTopia to capture them, and that they destroyed the Earth searching for them, so other than PokeTopia, the Earth is uninhabitable.

    (The real story is that PokeTopia is just hidden from human sight, and humans are really roaming the Earth in search of Pokémon. The Earth is also like it was before all the Pokémon were released. But your character won't know that.)

    However, some energetic young Pokémon don't believe the stories they are told. They don't think that humans could have destroyed the Earth without finding them. So, these Pokémon decide to go explore the world outside of PokeTopia.

    There's just one problem; the rulers refuse to let anyone through the gates of PokeTopia.

    This is where you come into the storyline. You (along with my character and other peoples') will journey out to the outsides of PokeTopia to experience for yourselves what the rest of Earth is really like.

    PokeTopia is divided into four sectors; Northern PokeTopia, which has lush green forests, Southern PokeTopia, with unsuitable living conditions that some live under anyways, Eastern PokeTopia, which is almost completely underwater, and Western PokeTopia, which is mainly above the ground.

    Northern PokeTopia: Imagine a lush, green forest. Many trees, flowers, berry bushes, and grasses cover the ground. There's a long, clean, shallow river bending its way through the ground, which is nutrient-rich. Many Pokémon live in nature-made houses, such as large pathways under hills or leafy canopies in the trees. The Pokémon inhabiting Northern PokeTopia can often be seen dancing, gardening, and playing throughout the land.

    Southern PokeTopia: On the other hand, Southern PokeTopia is the complete opposite. The skies always have a cloud cover, the dirt is black, and there's not a tree in sight. Most of the Pokémon are forced to live on the streets, which are littered with trash and filth. They scrounge the garbage for licks of crumbs and eat what most consider inedible to merely survive.

    Eastern PokeTopia: Eastern PokeTopia has three islands: Gani, Suchan, and Relan. All of the islands have white sand and a few markets, but are very quiet. The three islands are the only land located in Eastern PokeTopia. But, despite having very little dry ground, Eastern PokeTopia is buzzing with action; just underwater. The submerged portion of Eastern PokeTopia is very vast, being just short of 75 miles deep and exactly 150 miles wide. Mainly, Water- type Pokémon dwell here, and consider Eastern PokeTopia their own little paradise, even though supplying Northern + Western PokeTopia with fresh water can be a tough task.

    Western PokeTopia: The only thing visible at ground level of Western PokeTopia is a rope. The rope seems to come down from nowhere, as it leads to the main part of Western PokeTopia: the skies. Despite the clouds only being made of water vapor, the Flying- types of Western PokeTopia have a fairly large fort set up for Pokémon who wish to see the world from 50 feet above the ground. The Flying Pokémon that inhabit Western PokeTopia appreciate the company of land Pokémon, and enjoy opening up their land to them.

    In the exact middle of the circular PokeTopia, the four legendary rulers of each area of PokeTopia reside and keep order in their areas.

    Celebi: The ruler of Northern PokeTopia is Celebi, and she is very kind hearted and believes in the preservation of all of nature's creatures, from Pokémon to plants, and thus doesn't like to fight. She would rather talk it out and make an agreement. She doesn't like to be called a 'ruler'; she prefers the thought that all Pokémon are equal, and is very easy-going about how she 'rules' Northern PokeTopia.

    Keldeo: Keldeo, the ruler of Eastern PokeTopia, is very brave and a powerful fighter. He is often in his Resolute Form, and enjoys a good battle every now and again. He enjoys being a ruler, although his ability to think things through before acting is very lacking. He often charges in head-first without thinking about the consequences first. He does deeply care about the Pokémon he rules over, and is always willing to give his life for Eastern PokeTopia, if the need arises, although he can be somewhat childish at times.

    Latios + Latias: The Lati siblings are the dual rulers of Western PokeTopia. They each have a different style of ruling, and combined them to rule over Western PokeTopia together. Originally, Latias was the sole ruler of Western PokeTopia, but she was younger than her brother, and couldn't keep track of the large mass of Pokémon zipping around the clouds, so her brother had to stop governing Southern PokeTopia to help his sister. When he left, Southern PokeTopia broke into a war (a very minor one, I might add) so none of the other sectors of PokeTopia became involved. Eventually, the two sides of the split Southern PokeTopia wore each other down so much that neither side could continue fighting, so both sides went into poverty, which only Celebi has mentioned and seemed to notice. Latias's rule was even lighter than Celebi's, so minor havoc broke out in Eastern PokeTopia. Latios brought much more rule, and is much more strict with his rule when compared to the other rulers.


    This is the form you are required to use. Please don't add information into the form or change the order the questions are in.
    ***IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need to reserve a spot, unless a good reason is provided, you will have one week from when the reserve is used before it expires and the spot becomes free to anyone.
    **Please also note that you get one week to fix mistakes the first time I point them out to you. If you don't meet my expectations, I will give you a second chance to fix them, and if I still have problems, then you will be denied.

    Name: What you go by. You are required to call your Pokémon by something other than its species' name.

    Gender: Male, Female, or Genderless. If you want to be something with no gender and prefer to be a gender, that's okay (ex- A Bronzor that prefers to be thought of as a Male Pokémon than a Genderless one.)

    Species: What Pokémon you are. I do have rules that restrict your options.
    You CANNOT be a legendary Pokémon
    You CANNOT be an evolved Pokémon
    If someone is, for say West Sea Shellos (the pink one), someone else CANNOT be the East Sea Shellos (the blue one). Basically, no two players will be two alternate forms of a Pokémon.

    Ability: Choose one ability that your species can actually have. You can have a Dream World ability, but you may not also have a Dream World move.

    Moves: 1 egg move, one Dream World move (if no DW ability), and any moves learned up to Level 5, but no TM moves, Move Tutor moves, or Previous Gen moves. No more than four moves for now; you will learn more later.

    Sector of PokeTopia: Northern, Southern, Eastern, or Western; please think about what each of the areas is like before you slap one on your form (ex-don't put a Charmander in the Eastern sector) Also, there will be a LIMIT of three Pokémon per sector, so if three people sign up for the Northern Zone, then it's full, and you'll have to pick an un-full one.

    Appearance: Anything unique about your Pokémon. Please don't give me two paragraphs on how a normal Pokémon of that species looks like; I would like to know about any unique colorings, markings, etc. Try to get 6-8 sentences; more is fine.
    **NOTE: By 'unique colorings', I do not mean for you to make your Pokémon Shiny; no shinnies allowed, because if one person does a Shiny, then everybody makes their Pokémon Shiny, and pretty soon we have a bunch a wacky colored Pokémon running around in an unfamiliar world.**

    History: What your Pokémon's life was like they left PokeTopia. Good things to include are family, where/how they lived, etc. I want at least 2 paragraphs (I consider a paragraph 5-7 sentences, so 10-14 sentences should be good; more is great!)

    Personality: How your Pokémon thinks, acts, and feels. 10-12 sentences, minimum.

    Other: Anything you feel is important, but doesn't belong anywhere else. If nothing, leave this field blank.

    And now, here's my entry!

    Name: Bean

    Gender: Female

    Species: Eevee

    Ability: Adaptability

    Moves: Helping Hand, Tackle, Wish

    Sector of PokeTopia: Southern

    Appearance: Bean is, in most aspects, a normal-looking Eevee. She stands at a foot tall and has the fluffy tan colored fur with a lighter colored fur around her neck. Bean is about the thinnest Eevee you'll ever see, and she only weighs about 7.5 pounds; the average Eevee weighs about 15. Her eyes are a very dark, chocolate brown. One of her ears is significantly shorter than the other, so she often keeps her head tilted to one side to even them out. Her coat is far from the feel of most Eevee coats, as Southern PokeTopia doesn't exactly have Beauty Parlors dotted on its streets. Bean is actually quite strong for her size, but is still overpowered by many other larger Pokémon. Bean also has a crescent-shaped mark on her underbelly.

    History: When Bean was born, she was born in Northern PokeTopia, and lived there for about 6 months. She had been an orphan, and had been taken in by a Serperior who lived there. She had been well-cared for, and because Bean didn't remember her real parents (she had been abandoned in the streets as an egg), she considered the Serperior her mother. Then, Serperior and Bean went on vacation to the Southern Sector, which was very nice at the time.

    After staying there for a couple of days, Serperior let Bean go play outside on the day the war started. Bean got caught up in the chaos, and lost her way back to the house they stayed in. She cried like any little lost kid would do, and then realized how hungry she was. She didn't exactly notice any all-you-can-eat buffets, so she scrounged around and managed to find a couple of half- eaten berries that weren't very good, and a bone that she could suck on. Thus began the little Eevee's days of scavenging for food, of which she was skillful at. She never saw Serperior again, and has gotten into a fair few fights. When she began hearing the stories passed around by the other Pokémon about outside of PokeTopia, she became very curious and wondered if anyone else would like to know.

    Personality: Bean is an optimistic Eevee, despite what her past was like. She doesn't look at her separation from Serperior as a bad thing; but rather as something to prepare her for the harsh realities that life can throw at you. Bean is very mature for her rather young age, and can handle herself pretty well. Even though she's almost always alone and is not really bothered with being lonely, she often wonders what it would be like with the company of somebody she knew and liked, which has only ever been Serperior. She always walks forward with a high head, no matter how many times she trips and falls on her face. She is actually a rather clumsy Eevee, so it happens more often than you would think. But when she isn't tripping, she can be pretty speedy.

    Bean considers herself smart, but others would probably describe her as more cunning than smart. She also has poor leadership skills. But even though she appears weak, she is actually quite strong.

    Other: None

    Players List:

    Northern Sector- FULL! No more entries, please.
    1) Malorie the Sandile (SpyroxPikachu) Accepted
    2) Millie the Ralts (TheSketchQueen)- Accepted
    3) Una the Hoppip (TotalPotato)- Accepted

    Southern Sector- FULL! No more entries, please.
    1) Bean the Eevee (Keldminrachi91)-Accepted
    2) Damien the Venonat (wayjun)- Accepted
    3) Bah-Kuu the Drowzee (MugoUrth) Accepted

    Eastern Sector- FULL! No more entries, please.
    1) Snappy the Squirtle (ger9119)- Accepted
    2) Chio the Azurill (YDT) Accepted
    3) Taylon the Buizel (TheSketchQueen)- Accepted

    Western Sector- 2 spots left
    1) Chandler the Litwik (Aakash98)- Accepted
    2) Gracena the Solosis (wayjun)- Accepted
    3) (ger9119)- Reserved (for second character)​
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2013
  2. Aakash98

    Aakash98 Well-Known Member

    Name: Chandler

    Gender: Male
    Species: Litwick
    Ability: Shadow Tag

    Moves: Ember, Astonish, Minimize

    Sector of PokeTopia: Western

    Appearance: Chandler bears the normal body shape of a Litwick with the usual candle as well as the white body. He is the average size for his species nothing to unordinary However there is some traits unique to him. The flame on the top of his head is dark blue not purple which made him somewhat notable among his species. Also along with a blue flame he has eyes just as blue. Finally unlike most Litwick both his eyes are visible. As gifted by his father Chandler has a bell around his neck.

    History: Chandler was born in the Western Sector in which his mother was a Chandelure and his father being a Chimecho (yes they can breed). The reason his family inhabit the Western Sector is because due to all family members are capable of floating. Well in Chandler's case only if he does someday evolve, so he can hang with so many pokemon instead of living in a fort. Chandler's family has stayed in PokeTopia for Approximately a Year. Despite none being flying types Chandler family was accepted into the Western Sector. Chandler's parents are so protective for their son so they passed down the story about humans to ensure safety. In truth Chandler's parents know there are good people out there as well as bad ones since both of Chandler's parents used to belong to a certain trainer who was very nice, but has parted ways because of the act of N. Leading to Chandler parents being the few mature pokemon in Poketopia being the ones who trust humans. However they keep this a secret from most pokemon.Chandler is very concerned about the truths about the outside world, so he left Poketopia. His parents are unsure if it is the right thing since they are concerned for the safety of their child and how the rulers may think, but they want their son see the outside world, so they allowed him to leave.

    Personality: Chandler is a guy who wants to learn new things. Although he isn't sure if humans are really that nice he gives people a fair amount of chances showing how he gives mercy to others. He is an intelligent pokemon wise knowing certain pokemon mainly flying pokemon by their natural capabilities. This gives him large confidence when talking to flying pokemon thinking they are like him. This makes him comfortable to be around others. However Chandler's modesty can be his down point, he doesn't spend much time battling , so he normally would do ways to escape fight or prevent, he even at some times could compliment his opponents. Thus making him the guy who sits in the shadows, however he may step up when needed. Overall, Chandler is a confident pokemon hoping to find more about the world.

    Last edited: Feb 3, 2013
  3. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    (Aakash98) Chandler the Litwik- Pending
    *Your Appearance is somewhat vague. Does Chandler have any scars or markings that make him noticeable? Is he tall for his species? Short? Does he have a token of any kind?
    *Your History is a couple of sentences shorter than I would have liked, so if you would add some to make it at least 10-14 sentences, you'll be good. And just a minor note, wouldn't his parents (who seem to be pretty good parents) notice that he had gone? If you could explain that further, that would be great.
    *Also, your Personality is too short, so please add a few sentences to it. Does he like being around others, or does he like to be alone? Would he step up to take charge (if the need arose), or just sit in the shadows (no pun intended)? Try to weave things like that in, and you'll definitely be accepted.
    For now, I'll mark you as reserved.
  4. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member

    Name: Snappy

    Gender: Male

    Species: Squirtle

    Ability: Rain Dish

    Moves: Aqua Jet, Tail Whip , Tackle

    Sector of PokeTopia: Eastern

    Appearance: Snappy is undersized for a Squirtle just tall enough to reach 1'4 feet and weights just over 10 pounds. Instead of normal brownish kind of eyes Snappy has very light green almost teal eyes. He is a dark blue color very similar to the color of Blastoise. His shell is very beat up with alot of scratches on it and isn't really well kept or maintained at all which is the way Snappy prefers to keep it because it gives him the tough look he reaches for. On the right side of his face he has a visible scar from an accident when he was younger, Snappy isn't exactly strong but manages to hold his own when needed. One thing that is special to Snappy is a white scarf with light blue cloud designs that his father gave him he barely takes it off unless it needs cleaning you could tell that its been worn for a long time.

    History: Snappy has always lived in the eastern section of PokeTopia. He was raised by his father Blastoise his mother wasn't around for unknown reasons Snappy suspects it has something to do with the outside of PokeTopia which is the reason why his father is so overprotective of him. Snappy has idolized Keldeo since he can rememeber maybe cause of his powerful battling skills or because of his bravery, Snappy has seen him quite a few times due to his father helping out with security of the Eastern section of PokeTopia. Blastoise has shielded Snappy from just about everything and teached him everything he knew but also warned him that leaving the gates would mean certain death. Durning one training session between Snappy and Blastoise Snappy took a hard fall when trying to use Aqua Jet and did damage to his shell and since then Blastoise has stopped his training and told him to never battle again.

    After that Snappy spent alot of time at home and it forced him to think about what else is outside the gates of PokeTopia but was afraid to discuss it with his father. One day he ventured out of his home for he can explore parts of PokeTopia he never been too but was caught by his father when he tryed leaving the eastern section. Blastoise brought Snappy home and this is when Snappy brought up leaving. Blastoise was in shock for his son to bring up such a thing knowing the certain dangers his son would face outside of PokeTopia and warned him one last time about leaving and said he wouldn't want to lose him. That same night Snappy couldn't sleep and wondered if he should go through with leaving the next morning he waited for his father to leave and wrote a note saying goodbye and that he must leave to find out what else is going on in the world and that one day hopefully they could meet again. Snappy began to set out for the gates and hoped there was other pokemon with the same feelings.

    Personality: Snappy is a very brave pokemon and is strong willed just like his father. But at times he shows lack of leadership and social skills because of all the time he was shielded by his father. This also shows why he lacks confidence in himself quite often but still deep inside he knows one day he can overcome it and become just as powerful as his father is. He also hides his feelings and take awhile to get out of his shell. When he does it shows how much of a good friend he could be who will always be loyal. He shares the same beliefs as his father about humans that they are deadly until proven otherwise. Snappy will always protect the weak even though at times he falls victim but he keeps on fighting.
  5. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Ah, I don't have time to write something up now (I take hours. Literally.), so may I take a reserve in the Eastern part of Poketopia?
  6. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    (ger9119) Snappy the Squirtle- Accepted!
    *I like how you included the part about idolizing Keldeo; it shows that you read the Plot, etc and that you actually putt some thought into your sign up.

    TheSketchQueen- Reserved.
    *I will hold your reserve for exactly 1 week, so by this time and day next week, if your spot has not been filled with your submission, your reserve will be cancelled. I should probably add that into the first post.
  7. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Could I take a reserve for Northern Poketopia, m'dear? ouo/
  8. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    Alright, m'dear, you are reserved.

    Wow, this is filling up a lot faster than I expected!
  9. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Hey, do you mind if I switch the reserve to the Northern? I was going to use one character, but turns out I'm using another...
  10. Corrosion

    Corrosion Hello Kitty =/= Cat

    Name: Damien
    Gender: Male
    Species: Venonat
    Ability: Tinted Lens
    Moves: Giga Drain, Supersonic, and Tackle
    Sector of PokeTopia: Southern

    Appearance: Damien is unusually fuzzy for a Venonat. If it were not for his fur (hair?) he would weigh 40 or so pounds, two-thirds of the average weight of Venonats, but he is also naturally smaller than other Venonats. The Southern Sector has caused him to gather dirt, light trash, and small rocks in his fur coat, quite by accident. He can barely see out of his eyes because his fur obscures his vision and his claws and feet are hidden beneath his shaggy fur. His antennae, his main sensory organ, do make an appearance above his head, allowing him to locate objects. The accumulated dust entwined in his fur makes him seem darker in appearance than other Venonats, but he would be normally colored if he were to be cleaned. His eyes are nearly useless because of his fur, but malnutrition further worsened the problem.

    History: Damien was abandoned by his parents, along with his siblings, and was alone from the start. He, having started off with a disadvantage (being small), quickly fell behind his siblings, who could scrap for scraps of “food” better than he could. He tried to improve himself, but could only get food by tricking others. He preferred not to do this, but it was necessary for him to survive, so he did so. This trickery of his earned him enemies, but he quickly learned to avoid those he had previously fooled. Searching for his parents was not an item on his agenda for they had abandoned him and thus, correctly, he thought that they did not want him.

    He began to acquire information en masse, by lurking in the shadows, stashing books, and eavesdropping on those in what little authority the Southern Sector had. Eventually, he heard that “outside PokeTopia the humans still survive”. The other information he had gathered served no purpose other than to satisfy his curiosity, but soon information not related to “outside” was not regarded as having meaning. He thought that if his life was that bad in the Southern Sector, then outside could not possibly be worse. Even if he was taken captive by humans, the dreaded threat, it would be better than alternating between starving and conning for food.

    Personality: Damien, having to survive without size or strength to help him, has had to rely on his intelligence and resourcefulness only; therefore, he will regard any other Pokemon akin to him a rival to be wary of. He will always flee from battle if he cannot negotiate his way out of conflict. If cornered, he will use Supersonic to temporarily stun the opposition, and then Tackle it out of the way. If possible, he will use any underhanded tactics available, but only to flee. He considers any move fair game and will not blame someone if they do the same thing to him.

    The intelligence of Damien’s really shines when confronted with math. Where he discovered this “math” out in the Southern Sector is a secret, but it may have something to do with his habit of stockpiling books. He has a very dry sense of humor, which probably developed while reading books. Metaphors and similes, on the other hand, he tends to take literally and interpret in…original ways. He will consider things calmly before acting, a skill which had saved his meals and subsequently his life. Both lateral and un-lateral thinking he excels at, so "thinking outside of the box" is far more easy for him than for others.

    He cannot, absolutely cannot, grasp why someone would do something for another person without expecting a favor in return. Despite reading about it in books, he is unable to understand it. Growing up in the Southern Sector had warped him to not be able to understand kindness for kindness' sake. He is not upset about it, and regards it as a fact of life, and that he will never be able to understand it is something he believes. No. Something he knows.

    He has never been asked to be a leader, only a follower, so his leadership skills are lacking. He is willing to cooperate, but not to command, except if it involves tricking others for food or information.

    ...This looked better on Word.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2013
  11. TotalPotato

    TotalPotato Vegetable of Doom!

    Name: Una

    Gender: Female

    Species: Hoppip

    Ability: Chlorophyll

    Moves: Splash, Synthesis, Aromatherapy, Encore

    Sector of PokéTopia: Northern

    Appearance: Tiny white things line the leaves on Una's head. At first glance, each one looks like some kind of mould or fungus, but Una will insist that they're really small flowers. She suspects that their appearance has something to do with how often she uses Synthesis (being the only half-useful move she knows), although she can't prove it. Still, she uses Synthesis regularly because she worries that they might disappear if she doesn't. She's also slightly larger and heavier than the average Hoppip, being 1'05" tall and weighing 1.2 lbs. Unless you were extremely familiar with the species, though, you wouldn't notice the difference in stature. Nothing else sets her apart from other Hoppip looks-wise.

    History: Along with hundreds of other Hoppip, Una germinated from a spore in Northern PokéTopia. Jumpluff generally spread their spores while drifting on the wind, so she has no idea who her parents are. She doesn't even know who her biological brothers and sisters are, but like other Hoppip, she doesn't worry about these sorts of things - groups of thirty or so bond and become clusters of "brothers and sisters".

    Having no parental figure, Una was not given a name at birth. She was just known as Hoppip, as is the custom for her species. As a child, she spent every day with her siblings - playing, eating and binding with them when the winds came along. It was a relationship of necessity - alone, the wind would buffet them around, and they could be blown miles away from their home. Despite the mechanical foundation on which their bond was built, Hoppip's childhood was fun and carefree. Yet as she grew older, Hoppip began to feel an emptiness in her soul that grew with each passing day. She wanted to change something, but she had no idea what. Other forest dwellers knew different, cool attacking moves, but Hoppip had no idea how she would go about learning one. So she just used Synthesis over and over, in the hope that she'd somehow learn something new from it. Instead, tiny flowers grew on her leaves, and Hoppip was immensely proud of her achievement. This was when she pinpointed the cause of her dissatisfaction with life.

    She was just one of many Hoppip. Her life was unchanging, and she felt that she wasn't making a lick of difference to the world. She listened to other forest Pokémon as her daily life went on, and the tales of other places excited her. Western, Eastern, Southern... the other sectors of PokéTopia all sounded so exotic. The tales that really captured her imagination, though, were those of the outside world. Sure, the parts about it being an inhospitable wasteland weren't that enticing, but the thing was, nobody really seemed to know the truth. She really wanted to see the outside world for herself. If it really was barren and unlivable, she could just come back and go somewhere else, right? The flowers, the very first tangible things that distinguished her from other Hoppip, were a start, but she wanted more. Much more. So she gave herself a name. A name which would give form to her wish to become a Hoppip unlike any other. Una.

    Personality: Una's decision to venture out into the outside world terrifies her. Until now, she's only done two small things to make herself different to other Hoppip, and she knows venturing outside of PokéTopia is on a totally different scale than either of these things. But she's single-minded and strong-willed about this, and won't be put off. She's a tad impatient, and would rather do things sooner rather than later, but she can curb this tendency for things that she considers really important if necessary. When she achieves something, however minor, she gets ridiculously happy and will probably rub it in other Pokémon's faces. She even swells with pride at the idea of mentioning her name to someone else!

    Another reason that she's scared of leaving is that she's never been alone before. She's anxious about how it would feel, and even more worried about her ability to survive the unpredictable winds on her own. She hates her susceptibility to wind, because it's a massive handicap to Una and her ambition. The prospect of interacting with unfamiliar Pokémon outside her species makes her feel a little nervous, but she has the spirit of an adventurer, and is excited by any new challenge. Her monotonous life has been poor preparation for thinking outside the box, though, and her ideas are often either overly idealistic or downright crazy. She's not very sympathetic to other people's situations, either, and this makes her difficult to compromise with.

    Other: She insists that the white things on her leaves are flowers, even though they kind of look like fungi. This is a sore spot for her.

    Please let me know if any parts of this need to be improved or expanded upon!
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2013
  12. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Name: Millie

    Gender: Female

    Species: Ralts

    Ability: Trace

    Moves: Growl, Shadow Sneak, Helping Hand

    Sector of PokeTopia: Northern (Sorry for my reserve being Eastern, I thought up of a different character for that, but decided to go with this one instead.)

    Appearance: Millie looks more or less like a normal ralts, with a few exceptions. Her green hair is a bit shorter in the front, so you can see the very edges of her unusual ice blue eyes. It's also a bit longer in the back. The train on her skirt is also longer than usual. She's smaller than usual, standing at exactly 1', unlike the usual 1' 4", and she weighs considerably less too, at about 10.2 lbs instead of 14.6 lbs. Millie also wears a midnight blue blow in her hair.

    History: Millie was born the youngest of Mary and Mark (a gardevoir and gallade). She had 9 older siblings (all named with M names). 8 of them had evolved into kirlia, and loved to tease and make fun of Millie whenever they could. The only sibling she felt she could actually trust was her eldest brother, a gallade named Michael. Years and years past, Millie's siblings mocking her and Michael comforting her. Michael taught her how to battle efficiently and how to use the move passed down from father to children - shadow sneak. When Millie turned seven years old, Michael gave her a midnight blue ribbon. The next day, when Millie woke up, Michael was no where to be found, and hasn't been found since. Rumors spread that Michael found a way past the gates, and lives there today. Now, despite her shyness, Millie is determined to get past the wall - and get back to Michael.

    Outside of her family life, she liked to keep a low profile. Not many pokemon knew her, and she didn't have many friends. She did have one, a taillow named Feathers. Feathers was brave, bold, and brash- and wasn't afraid to speak her mind, even when she shouldn't have. Even though the two have entirely different personalities, the two became best friends in an instant. Millie started act more like Feathers, but she would only show her more confident side when she was around Feathers of Michael.

    Personality: Millie is a scaredy pokemon. She's frightened easily, and will run away and hide if frightened. She dislikes interaction with most pokemon, preferring instead to be alone, but if she finds she likes you, she'll eventually warm up and be a bit more confident. She's usually silent, and if the need to talk arises she still talks very softly. Millie cries a lot, but it's a silent cry. She also hates fighting, but when she does fight, she fights with all the strength she's built up from training. If anyone asks her a personal question (like how are you), she will try to either avoid the question or give as little detail as possible. If she's nervous, she likes to play with her hair, or if she can't play with her hair, she'll play with her hands. She may also use shadow sneak to run away and hide.
  13. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    (wayjun) Damien the Venonat- Accepted!
    *Good job on your form!

    (TotalPotato) Una the Hoppip- Pending
    *Your Appearance is too vague. Please add more on things such as height, weight, eye color, special tokens, etc. Until then, you will be Pending.

    EDIT: Sorry I didn't include your post at first, SkechQueen; it must not have been refreshed when I posted this update.

    (TheSketchQueen) Millie the Ralts- Accepted
    *Just forget about the whole sign up thing; there were open spots, so it's no biggie. :)
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2013
  14. TotalPotato

    TotalPotato Vegetable of Doom!

    Una's appearance is intentionally quite ordinary. I've edited my post to make this clearer and add a little more detail.
  15. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    TotalPotato- Una the Hoppip- Accepted
    *Thank you for the few extra details on Una's Appearance. I probably should have made it more clear that even if your character was meant to be a pretty average Pokémon of their species, you need to include that, so I can get a good idea of what they look like; without that, (for all anyone but the Creator knows) Una could have been a yellow and red striped Hoppip with orange leaves and feet the size of a watermelon. Anyway, thanks for editing!
  16. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Name: Bah Kuu

    Gender: Male

    Species: Drowzee

    Ability: Insomnia

    Moves: Poison Gas, Psybeam, Hypnosis, Psych Up

    Sector of PokeTopia: As much as I'd like him to inhabit the Eastern or Western parts of PokeTopia, he would only make sense in Southern PokeTopia, so I choose that.

    Appearance: Bah-Kuu does not carry any special markings. He does, however, carry a special outfit. At all times, her wears a large, purple cloak that conceals all but his face. On his face, he wears thick Hypno-Swirl goggles. As well as this, he has attached a fake beard to his chin. He basically wears things he found in the city.

    History: Bah-Kuu is a rather mysterious creature. His parents were both Hypno, so it makes sense that he is a Drowzee. Bah-Kuu was never really social with his parents or anyone else. He would spend most of his days out in the city collecting trash. Normally he would collect trash to put in a pot filled with water. In other words, he always liked to pretend he was this dark warlock who could brew potions and cast spells. Often times, he would give out potions or use special moves on other Pokemon. This was relatively disliked by most of the Pokemon in Southern Poketopia.

    One day, Bah-Kuu decided to try one of his own potions. A potion that ended up with a type of poison coming from an odd container he found in a trash heap one day. When he drank the potion with the poison, it altered his mind and caused him to become deluded. Instead of playing Warlock, he altered his mind to believe he truly was a powerful sorcerer. His wish to venture out of Poketopia stems more for his sudden search for power than anything else. He carries in his mind the idea of a secret gem that can heighten his *ahem* powers to the max.

    Personality: Bah-Kuu is antisocial, and not exactly mental. He talks often about things he spots. Usually he ends up mistaking a passing Tailow for a Dragonite. He also brags on an on about how super powerful he is as a warlock. No one takes him seriously.

    Around others he is not exactly mean, but he sure isn't pleasant. When he talks to other Pokemon, his words rarely make sense, unless they're about his magic abilities or the super secret gem he thinks exists. Sometimes it's hard to tell how much he values the accompaniment of others. There's no telling whether this guy won't try to kill anything if he ever finds the "gem of power." But for the most part he tolerates the company of others. At least it seems that anyway.

    Other: Did I mention this guy is bat-guano insane?
  17. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    (MugoUrth)- Bah-Kuu- Accepted
    *This ought to make the RP very interesting...
  18. YDT

    YDT Positively Ecstatic

    Name: Chio

    Gender: Male

    Species: Azurill

    Ability: Sap Sipper

    Moves: Soak, Splash, Bubble, Tail Whip

    Sector of PokeTopia: Eastern

    Appearance: Chio's features are for the most part close to average for a Azurill, although he wouldn't know it as he is usually by himself. He is 0'09" a bit taller than average, but that doesn't help when he is massively shorter than everything else. He weighs 4.6 lbs, making him basically average in weight. His round ears are a bit smaller than normal, and are slightly more ovular (upwards longer). His body and feet have rather typical sizes. His ball tail is much bigger than normal by a few inches in diameter, it tends to get in his way a lot, but is very comfortable to sit on. He has a few bright red marks on his tail, from getting to close to a heat vent once.

    History: Chio's mother died in childbirth and as a result, he was raised alone by his father, an Octillery. Chio has three older brothers that are all remoraids. Chio wishes he could be more like his brothers and father, so that his life could be easier. His father just wishes he could accept who he is, especially since he doesn't really fit in with his brothers activities. The bulk of these activities being shooting ink at targets, seeing as Chio's only form of projectiles are bubbles this is rather useless, especially when performed underwater. His brothers do tease him a lot because of how much smaller he is than them, they all seem rather similar like as if they were triplets. Since Chio can't breath underwater he lives on Gani island and he visits his family by holding his breath for a few minutes at a time, then resurfacing for air. His father comes to the surface sometimes, but usually can't stay for long since sitting on the sand in the shallow water irritates him a lot. His brothers rarely come up, but usually just to squirt ink on his face when he has fallen asleep.

    Chio normally hangs out with his two friends, Jent, the Krabby and, Lia, the Ducklett. The three of them normally stay on the island as it is much easier for them, so Chio spends most of his time with these two. Jent and Chio pull pranks with each other a lot, while Lia normally watches from behind, not wanting to get in trouble. Jent is rather mischievous and tends to come up with a lot pranks that Chio think are too rude to pull off. Jent usually ends up convincing him to join though, though not always being that useful (most pranks involve pinching people, and Chio has no hands). One of these pranks was tying two clamperls together using some seaweed. While they were swimming away from the Gorebyss chasing them, Chio's tail went over a heat vent and that is how he got the burns on his tail. Lia and Jent have known each other for a very long time and met Chio one day after his brothers bullied him. They quickly cheered him up and taught him some fun games. Chio is sure that Lia has a crush on Jent, and that's the only reason that they hang out with each other. Although Chio has a lot of people to be with, he really wishes he could find another Azurill to hang out with.

    Personality: Chio is a shy individual, who sometimes lacks confidence. He is rather intimidated of his brothers because they tease him so much, and have never really made him feel good, he's not even sure why they come up to visit him. Chio is very scared of his father because of how much bigger he is than Chio, his father does get a temper sometimes, but is usually very nice to Chio. When Chio is with Jent he usually gets very lacky like, just agreeing with everything he says. He has never actually had the confidence to say no to him, but he tends to make a least some kind of protest before agreeing to whatever crazy scheme Jent has come up with. Chio has absolutely nothing in common with Lia and their mutual quietness, whenever the two of them are alone nothing is said.

    Chio isn't very happy with his life right now, and doesn't know that he is sad. He doesn't really have many good things in his life and he is rather bored. He doesn't have to worry about food or safety though, since his dad and Jent take care of him, so he has nothing to worry about. He just hasn't felt to strongly emotions for anything. He doesn't fit in anywhere, but its not like he knows because he has been stuck in this situation his whole life.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2013
  19. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    (YDT) Chio the Horsea- Denied
    *Everything is great except for the fact that you used Horsea; before you posted (I check post times), I clearly stated in an important note that Pokémon who cannot travel on or over land successfully will be denied, because it will be hard to get around (as some areas will have little to no water, so Pokémon that need to be in water to be alive are not allowed. And it wouldn't be fair to make another Pokémon carry Chio throughout the times when we aren't right next to a river. So, I will deny you. You don't have to redo the entire form, though; just change the following:
    >Ability (if new Pokémon has the same ability, don't change this)
    >Moves (these will almost definitely change)
    >Alter your History slightly (Pokémon Species of family, etc)
    And feel free to change the name, although personally I think Chio could work with a lot of Pokémon.
    *In your history, your second or third sentence states that Chio wants to be just like his brothers, but later on in the same paragraph, you said that they tease him frequently. So he looks up to the ones that tease him? Please explain this.
    *In Appearance, you state he has red marks from touching a heat vent. Wouldn't something like that be included in your History? It seems to be his most un-average feature, and such a small Pokémon touching something like a heat vent underwater doesn't make very much sense to me.

    **If you can prove to me that Horsea can function perfectly fine on land, then I will happily let you in as Horsea. And please don't say "Well, in this episode of this season, Misty caught Horsea and carried it around with her" That would mean another Pokémon has to carry you.**

    (YDT) Chio the Azurill- Accepted
    *Thank you for editing your sign up.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2013
  20. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Name: Malorie

    Gender: Female

    Species: Sandile

    Ability: Moxie

    Moves: Leer, Rage, Bite, Fire Fang (Egg Move)

    Sector of PokeTopia: Northern

    Appearance: Malorie is slightly smaller from other Sandile, her small size is just a common trait amongst her family tree and there’s really nothing she can do to help it. Also, instead of the usual black eyes that most Sandile possess, Malorie has two large green eyes, they usually show her emotions quite well. The only other noticeable difference; is the fact that one of Malorie’s teeth are chipped, but it’s only visible when she opens her mouth to attack. She also wears a plaid red, handkerchief around her neck.

    History: Malorie was born to a rather large family, a family that was made smaller due to a small accident involving a fallen tree. Malorie was born to Sandy and Vincent, a Krokorok and Krookodile, respectively. She had five other siblings; her being a middle child (The fourth born.). She had a relatively normal life, living with her family in a small burrow. That was, however until she turned 8. This was when her life really spun upside down. Due to an outbreak of awful wind storms, her family had been inside the den for days, not wanting to leave the burrow at fear of something awful happening. Her three older siblings (Marcus, Ben, and Eric) thought it would be interesting to go out in the storm without telling their parents. Malorie tried to pursuade them not to, but they didn’t listen.

    Malorie heard cries of pain after a loud thunk from outside, she was rather scared, and alerted her father of the noise she had heard. Her father rushed outside to find his three eldest sons, crushed under a large tree that had always stood in front of their home. He alerted the rest of the family, who held a small ceremony for the fallen boys.

    Her life continued normally after this, but she has always lived with a sort of guilt. A guilt that she probably could’ve saved her brothers if she had been louder and more persuasive. She’s determined to leave Poketopia, not just for her, but to see the world, and not suffer some sort of awful fate like her brother’s had.

    Personality: Malorie is very shy, although it isn’t exactly fear of talking to people; it’s the fear that her true views about others will come out if she speaks. Malorie hates other Pokemon with a passion, she just hates being in contact with other individuals, finding it an absolute waste of time and not in her best interests. However, if you find a common interest and manage to express it in the most intelligent way possible; Malorie might just let you become friends with her and let you see her more compassionate, loving side that very few Pokemon have seen.

    She’s also extremely introverted of course, hating to say her feelings at the best of times, and never really wanting to sound pushy, or naggy. Which is a trait she’s really trying to work on.

    Other: Huge dork. Really.

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