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Ese´s Pokemon fan Drawings...


.:Daisy Dancing:.
I adore that Shiny Ninetails one. I like the effect that you gave it.

You could make the lineart thicker to make them look cleaner on all of them.


Funga Fufu
*laughs at the first one* He ain't so tough now, is he? XD
And I would be scared too at the second one... XD

I just adore the Ninetails one. It's so pretty! ^^

Love your art, keep it goin' ^^


Perverted Ash fan
Hahaaa, the two first are so hilarious! XD

The Weavile vs Sceptile one is awesome. It's easy to tell that there's a lot of power used in the attack.

The last one is just beautiful.

The one thing I dislike about MS Paint, however, is how odd the lines seem. But nonetherless, you've got a great style going on and it's easy to see what you intended and created. Nice job!


Active Member
i like the most the first one, its so funny...the second one is my second favourite...the third one is awesome and the last one to me is nice..


The Shiny Espeon!
I liked the cute baby Mawile ^^. And I thought the 1st one was really funny. Your art is awsome! Keep it up!


Boulder Trainer
Thank you for your comments! :)

Yep,about the lineart...It cant be helped...I still couldnt find out a way to make it look smooth.

And yes,I take Suggestions...(Not requests!) If they re cool and creative enough. ;)

I Have more where those came from! I just dont want to post them all together,to keep suspense.:D.

Btw,I only draw these during wekends (I only have 3 hours per day during week,Since I have a job).


Well-Known Member
Ok...a suggestion. As you like doing pokemon in the wild how about a group of baby pokemon playing with a houndoom hiding in the undergrowth?


Ooh, maaaan!
Finally some real Paint talent! It's been a while since I've seen good Paint art... I think the last I've seen something good as this was when :.KuRo_StAr.: had his old thread up. And that was MONTHS ago, man, jeez!

Way to go. :)

Umi Mizuno

☠ one girl army
Wow once again Esepibe, you've done it again! I love the Mawile pic, it's so cute and funny at the same time. X3 Keep up the good work!

Umi Mizuno

☠ one girl army
Aww, how cute! ^^ The light effect on Pikachu sort of make it look like it's 'holy' or something. xD


Yuffentine Squee!!!!
I love the Ninetales she is B-E-A-utiful and Stupid Seviper trying to hurt the baby Mawile and the Moter is going to kick his *** hahahaha good one.