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Ese's Art Gallery


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Holy Sh*t That is amazing


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Oh, it's you! I watch you an deviantART. I still really love your Galladeon.


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I've seen your stuff on DeviantArt! Put your Darkrown pic on here, please.

Ok =)


The "Satan" of the Pkmn world.

Darkrown is also known as the fallen Asterald.
After being degraded on power and sent to exile by Arceus because of its evil intentions,Darkrown started to wander through different planes,until he arrived to a planet full of life:Earth.
His plan was to grow in power so he could get revenge of Arceus.He would store power by absorbing the evil aura emanating from most humans and Pokemons.Some have very little emanations,while others are filled with evil thoughts and intentions.

Darkrown needed a "watcher",someone who could keep an eye on the situation,who could be Darkrown's "eyes" on our planet.For this,Darkrai was born.
While his master feeds with evil,Darkrai would grow in power through people's dreams and nightmares.
However,it was through this dreams that Darkrai started to learn about humans and their feelings.He even started to develop something close to "love" for a young girl named Alice.

A particular incident almost put an end to Darkrown's plans.The fight between the gods of time and space got dragged to Earth.He knew that this battle could destroy the entire planet,leaving it with no life,and therefore,no food.
Darkrai was in the place,and got the order to stop the battle,but his powers were no match for both gods.
Seeing as how things were out of control,Darkrown was about to appear before the gods to engage battle,defeat them and send them back to their respective dimensions.
Fortunately for him and his plans,two young humans managed to put an end to the clash.
The Evil master then noticed the feelings Darkrai had for Alice.Despite this,he forgived his serveant and resurrected him.However,there was a condition:He would never get close to Alice or any human again.
Darkrai continued then to work for his master,but he could never erase Alice fron his heart.

Over the time the evil acts and thoughts grew on the planet,making Darkrown's powers and influence increase.

Arceus is well aware of Darkrown's plans!,and it has the power to change people's hearts!!.
Unfortunately,Darkrown's influence on Earth grew too strong even for The almighty God,making it difficult for it to do any critical change on the living beings.

The only way to destroy Darkrown is to make him to "starve".This means,to get rid of his food source.

Since Arceus cant do anything,its up to us to change our way to think and act,and get rid of evil of our hearts.Only then Darkrown will be weakened enough for Arceus to get the control of the planet back,destroy the Demon,and bring peace once again (seems that this is not happening soon enough -_-)

To this day,the "Fallen Angel" continues storing more and more power with one goal:To get revenge and destroy Arceus once and for all.

I dont do requests.Instead,you can suggest a FUSE fusion.If its original enough,then it will be done. =)


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I'd like to see the original story for him, as an evo of Darkrai. Just to see how it sounded.


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Wholey shiz! These are freakin' awesome!


what do you use to color your art?

Northern Lights

I liked the presentation of the Fuse Corp experiments - it was well comprised, not to mention the creativity of the fuse-mons themselves.

And you take very good care in your backgrounds too - i can never quite deal with background -_-


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Oh. My. Arceus.
these are fantastic! Even your old pic with the Sceptile and Weavile looks almost exactly like the anime!
My favourite splice is Galladeon because he looks hot! like he's in a tux!


heyy great pics i like to draw i would just like 2 no what u use for makin the pics look computer generator


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THAT'S AWESOME! You really did a really nice job, dude! Really nice! If i can rate, i'd give it 100000 stars


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Awesome really good 10/10. Keep up the good work!


I like Minun ;)
wow. the last two fusions are the most awesome drawings I have ever seen. I want one in diamond! Mantwo is cool as well.


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Those are so awesome

My favourite is Galladeon and I am at a loss of words these are that good


Darkness is Rising
Beautiful drawings! Especailly that new Deoxys form is awesome.