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Ese's Art Gallery


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Thanks a lot for commenting everyone =)


Because I have just too much to upload everything here.It would take me hours.

So anyway,right now im working on a colored croquis filled with expressions and poses based on the Gardevoir evo line.I hope to finish it soon.

Heres a preview of one of the drawings:Its a Kirlia in the half process of evolution.(This means its starting to change into a Gardevoir,just not inmediately like in the games.)

Notice how the pigmentation starts to change:Legs are becoming white,while arms are becoming green.Also,some appendages start to grow (chest) while others are dissapearing (Things on her head).

The coloring in this example is rushed,and its in no way complete.

And I just had fun with colors here:

EDIT:Added "Kirlade",a Kirlia evolving slowly into a Gallade.
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Rocking The World
I adore both of the kirlia half evolved ones as they are some of my favourite Pokemon.

You should make many more half evolved pokemon so may I suggest doing some sort of eevee one.


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Thanks for commenting.

New picture! a battle between a young,shiny Mewtwo against an experienced Lucario.

Why a shiny young Mewtwo? Why are they fighting? Who will win?

All this will be answered.This is the first of two pictures that tell a little story.I made this picture as a birthday gift for a friend.

Who wins? Place your bets!;107;

By the way,I tried Sugimori style for the first time,but I ended up mixing that style with mine. XD


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pkmaniac Nani:Really? Thnx! :D

shadows of darkrai:Out of this world? Nah,there are much better artists in this forum,but thnx anyway ^^

New FUSE Corp Picture!

Bigger version here:


Classification: Dragon Jet FUSEmon


Signature move:Mach 4
Type: Dragon

This attack breaks the sound barrier,and will always hit first.
(Even faster than extremespeed,bullet punch and such)
Protect and Detect are useless.
Barrier and Light Screen are destroyed.

Ah...Top secret!
A powerful government must be behind the creation of this FUSEmon.


be your own guru
Do you have a deviantART account, I must watch you and your glory!!!!



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Well,Im holding a contest on Deviantart regarding legendaries.

In this contest,you have to make a regular Pokemon "evolve" into a legendary Pokemon.

And I made this as an example:

(Thinking of a name for it...Machtlas? Machronus? Machnimus?)


Evolutive line:

As you can see,it didnt evolve from Machamp directly,but it had to go through several more evolutions before reaching the "Legend stage" and reach perfection.

Thousands of years ago,a Machamp tried to climb the highest mountain in the world,in order to prove his love towards his couple.
He wanted to demonstrate,not only his strenght,but also his will to survive for her.

He never returned.

It is said that he couldnt get down due to a neverending snowstorm,and had to survive with the little food he could find around the mountain,and inside its caves.
He also had to fight against the terrible creatures that lived up there.
The Machamp refused to die.
As he promissed,he would survive,to show his bride how much he loved her,and to return to her once more.

The years passed,and the bride finally died of old age,but he never found out.
He believes their love for each other keeps them alive,so that,when the storm finally subsides,they will meet again.

Eventually,he found peace through meditation and training,and became the strongest creature.
But the memories of his true love could not be erased.

The locals say that on full moon nights,if you pay attention,a roar can be heard coming from the mountain.Its the Machamp,mourning for his beloved one.

Thousands of years have passed,but the Snowstorm never subsided.