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Ese's Sprite Gallery


Boulder Trainer
Edited on July 12,2009

Hello! I decided to return to this forum after a looong time.
In this thread ill be uploading my newest sprite works.Hope you like them =)

Constructive criticism is always welcome,of course.

Btw,you might notice I rarely use black on the outline of my sprites.I do this on purpose.I personally preffer to use darker variations of the skin of the sprite rather than black.

So,with that cleared up,ill start uploading:

Sprite Works

Argenia Region (My country as a region)
(Made for a future game:pokemon Argent Version)


(Torkoal Preevo)

(Torkoal Evo)
(Use Water Stone with Ancientpower learned)

Arceus Genesis form
Counterpart of Giratina's origin form.This is the form in which Arceus,with all the plates attached,molded the entire universe.

Skurrudge (Alternate evolution of Cubone)

I have a special feeling with this one,because of the story behind it.

Evolves from Cubone at lvl 28 with frustration maxed out.

Why this happens?:

"Sometimes,the sadness,anger and frustration of a Cubone for the loss of his mother is so strong that her spirit cant rest in peace,and stays in our realm.More precisely,in the skull the little one wears.

BUT if the bond between them was too strong and Cubone develops a strong depression,whether is because of the whole situation (and/or being in real danger),her spirit will end up returning to our realm through the skull,living within her son in mind,body and heart,to jump over the natural barriers of life and death,and be together in this realm till the end of Cubone's natural life."

To put it short:The mother spirit lives in the skull and within Cubone (Now a Marowak,but with the powers of ghosts).

(Muk Evo)
A walking waste factory

Grass (Becomes grass/fire on halloween)


Galaxys alternate form
As shown on the Art thread

The clone of Manaphy.I couldnt decide which one is better,so I kept both

Battle scene:Manatwo vs Mewtwo
Battle based on the picture of Manatwo vs Mewtwo I uploaded in the Art thread

Battle scene:Arceus Genesis

Ill be uploading future sprite works from now on.See ya later.​
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Chocolate Pokemon

I'm certainly impressed. You have mastered the style you are doing them in, creative concepts and just good all the way. Congrats! BTW 1st post!


Backstreet's back
There's only one problem I can see with the sprites themselves: Coalite's head looks a bit too rounded to be shaded like it is. Other than that, I am extremely envious of your scratch-spriting skills, especially with Manatwo and genesis!Arceus. Plus genesis!Arceus' battle stage is just... whoa. The glowing effects and shiny background really send the message: 'THIS BATTLE IS IMPORTANT.'

Keep up the great work!


Wielding Übersaw.
There is one big unifying problem I see with your sprites; the outline. The outline is always entirely in colour, and that looks extremely strange. Put some black on the parts where the main body has shadow.

Other than that, your sprites are very good.


Come at me bro
Esepibe! Good to see you again. It's Spriter, from Crater! Still loving your work, man, but Skurrudge's back sprite's fire looks...JPEG-ish. losta randomly placed pixels of different colors make for grainy fire, which, rather than acheiving the desired otherworldly look, just looks like a glitch on the computer screen.

Keep up teh good work, love the ideas and talkent behind the sprites!


Boulder Trainer
Chocolate Pokemon:
Thnx! and congrats on the 1st post.:D

Hyper Stan
You re right:I mixed sprites of different gens.I just thought it would be cool to see Red and Lucas on a final battle.

About the Poke-feeling:Its a personal style of mine.
When designing Pokemon,I tend to add more details than Pokemons use to have,but at the same time trying to avoid the "Digimon" style.We could say mine is located in the middle between Pokemon and Digimon.

In fact,there have been more than one designer for the Pokemon games,and all of them had their own style.See how different the 1st gen designs are from the 3rd one.Now on the 4th one they re somehow returning to their roots.

Other than that,thnx for the comment and critic =)

Agreed.Also,the head of Coalite looks slightly tilted to the front.I should fix that one of these days.
As for the Genesis Arceus battle,I always thought the DS has enough hardware power to add some "special effects" behind the opposing legendaries,to add dramatism to the battles,especially on this one,which would be the FINAL battle (I did the same with Manatwo,who has a blue aura around it)

As I explained before,I rarely use black on my sprites.I use darker variations of the skin instead.
However,I might try to add black outlines on my future works,in order to emulate the official sprites.
Thanks for commenting

Hey Spriter! I remember you! How you doing? :)

About Skurrudge:Yeah,I couldnt achieve the desired effect,and this effect was the one that approached the most to the idea I had in my head.


lower shiny ratio!
amazing stuff man! Id like to see an Ignalion sprite. ( Ignalion looked awesome in your infection series)


Come at me bro
Haha, Olemenun ftw!

Did you ever sprite Celetwo and Jiratwo?


Boulder Trainer
A Fake Evo for Starmie:


Alien Star Pokemon


A Pokemon that has been observed and studied for years thanks to powerful telescopes and satelites.This Pokemon travels through space at an amazing speed,leaving brilliant steel dust behind.

Staroids,like humans,seem to be intelligent and organized.
It appears they can communicate through psychic signals emited from their jewel.When this happens,the jewels change into several colors.
By observing the camera recordings,scientists have noticed sequences of colors,separated by the color black (That is when the jewel shows no color at all).Some sequences are short,and are repeated several times! (Red-blue is their most used sequence)
This amazing discovery suggests that each sequence perhaps could be translated into actual words!.
This means they possess a developed language...or maybe more than one,like humans!

To this day,there are no reports of these creatures entering our planet and/or trying to establish contact with humans.
However,it is said that a trainer made contact with one of these creatures on the top of Urit Hill,located in Argenia Region.
As soon as the trainer told the local news about this episode,Alien fans around the world have traveled to Urit hill with their equipment,in hope to make contact or communicate with this Pokemon.
To this day,it seems that nobody else could make contact with a Staroid.
However,according to these Alien observers,a strange event occurs once a month:
A flock of Staryus and Starmies gather at the top of the hill,and start to emit brilliant colors from their jewels,in a beautiful show of well organized color sequence.

Are they trying to communicate with the Staroid race? Why this hill in particular,when there are higher mountains around the world?
There is no doubt about it:Staryu and Starmie are somehow related to this Creature.
So,the electric waves they send to space are to make contact with these creatures!
Perhaps Staryu and Starmie came from outer space,as some locals suspect?

Game stuff:

Evolves from Starmie at level 60 when trained in Urit Hill,while holding Cosmic Dust.


Base Stats:

HP: 70
attk: 75
def: 90
Sp.attk: 125
Sp.Def: 90
Speed: 150



So,Why I put different colors?

On one hand we have Staroid,but we also have Space Staroid

Yes,it is super rare,but you may encounter a Space Staroid on top of the hill.It is an event which triggers once a week,giving you the chance to find one,but the odds are way too low.

S.Staroid's base stats are +10 on each stat.So consider this as a rare-semi-legendary pokemon.
(You can get only one though)

Ill use this Fakemon for the future game,Argent Version,If I ever get to do it,that is.

"Urit hill" Is based on the Uritorco hill from Argentina,a place with many stories about UFO contacts.
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Hoenn Obsession
very cool! i like the arceus-like pokemon! i also like manatwo and the deoxys guy. i think he looks kinda like samus aran!


Wielding Übersaw.
The only small quibble I have about Staroid is that it would probably be much, much faster, judging by it's description; at least 160 base. But that could just be me. Otherwise, fantastic idea, I really do like it, especially the 'language' part.

Also, what colour is a shiny space Staroid?


Boulder Trainer
Trainmaster718:Thanks! And we both agree that a real pumpkin pokemon is needed in the official games ;107;

Toucan96: Samus aran?.Actually,when I saw Galaxys finished,I thought about another character,and his famous phrase:


The only small quibble I have about Staroid is that it would probably be much, much faster, judging by it's description; at least 160 base. But that could just be me. Otherwise, fantastic idea, I really do like it, especially the 'language' part.

Also, what colour is a shiny space Staroid?
Wow,thnx! I see you noticed the language part too! ^^

You re right.Ill add stats to speed to reach 600 total base stats.Now,its on the same level as Garchomp,Tyranitar,and such.
Also,I added the shiny S.Staroid as well.
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Woof, meow, moo!
Beautiful work on the sprites. Now THERE is originality right there. Raw talent, unlike some people we have seen where its just copy-paste-enlarge-steroids-omg-bbq-fake-ugly stuff.


This is a title.
Nice! i Love your sprites! They're so cool!
Btw if you wanna make a game ask mod first.