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Ese's Sprite Gallery


Boulder Trainer
Something different this time!

I noticed how people made sprites of the Heart Gold And Soul Silver symbols.
Example(not mine of course):


So I wanted to try my own:

Mind Quartz (Mewtwo)

Yes,the Kanji says "quartz"

Now I want to do Shadow Agate (Darkrai) and Gene Amber (Deoxys) next =D

EDIT:Added Gene Amber version logos:

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hey i just saw these on your deviant art and i must say they are very good looking logos.
i like how in the second one for gene amber you put the 4 forms, really good idea there.


Yes, I'm still alive
thesea re pretty good,but the last screen shot is hard to understand because of the text mix,the new arceus forme is awesome and so is that marowak pokemon.