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No, because there's no night and day time in Diamond and Pearl.

...That was sarcasm, by the way. :p

Ed Phoenix

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Absolutely, have fun trying to guess which one will come out when you evolve it during the game's sunrise and sunset. ;)

;196; ;197;


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If you were looking for a clear, truthful answer, which most of the posts so far are not:

Yes, you can evolve Eevee into Umbreon or and Espeon in D/P. Eevee evolves into Umbreon at night time when he levels up at night-time, with a high happiness level. And it evolves into Espeon during the day, when he levels up with a high happiness level.

Night-time and day-time are just general though, I'm not sure of the exact times :)


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Getting an Eevee into the game before the national dex is the hard part, and the reason I'd say some people in this thread have said "no".

You can get one if you have a friend who has the national dex and the ability to breed Eevees, you do a friend code trade to get them into the game then you just train them up and in the process getting their happiness up and they'll evolve (Umbreon at night and Espeon in the day).
Just watch it if you're training in the forest where the Moss Rock is located, cause within that forest the only eeveelution you can get is Leafeon. I don't know if that's the case with the area around the Ice Rock but you might want to be careful there too.

Lord Bowser

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I did it like two days ago, so yes you can. Otherwise it's something that's not right with my game. :p

Night is the darkest period of time, and dayis the opposite. I'm sure you knew that (xD), but since people seem to think it's hard to tell difference between them (?), just evolve them at a time you are certain is day, respectively night. :p
You can get all the evolutions of Eevee in D/P. The only thing is that you need the National Dex to catch Eevee in the game. (Bebe gives you one after you get the Nat. Dex, though, so you can breed! You can find Bebe in the house next to the Hearthrome Pokemon Center. ^_^).

Flareon --> Fire Stone, found Underground.
Vaporeon --> Water Stone, found Underground.
Jolteon --> Thunder Stone, found Underground.
Espeon --> Max Happiness, then evolve at daytime (my guess is 5:00am to 6:59pm, though I'm not sure.)
Umbreon --> Max happiness, then evolve at nighttime (my guess is 7:00pm to 4:59am, though I'm not sure.)
Leafeon --> Level up at Moss Rock, found in Eterna Forest.
Glaceon --> Level up at Ice Rock, found in Route 217 (south of Snowpoint City).