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Essentials in your bag!

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le quant-à-soi
We all have those items that are always in our bag, and we always use and we have them in bulk. What are your "essentials" that you always carry in bulk? (Does not include TMs, HMs, KeyItems)

Mine are a variety of PokeBalls (PokeBalls, Great Balls, Dusk Balls and some Ultra Balls), 10 or so Escape Ropes, Hyper Potions, Revives, Full Restores and various berries.


Paul's fan
mine would be hyper potions, pokeballs (all types) and max repels!
PokeBalls (all varieties), status healers (e.g., Full heal and such), and anything I'm too lazy to sell. ^_^"

Penguinist Trainer

Well-Known Member
Since we are not counting TMs/HMs, the majority of my bag contains hold items, various pokeballs, and berries. Anything else I just sell for the money and use the money for breeding and buying stat enhancing items.
I've got 2 Lucky Eggs which I always keep on hand...Other than that, it's mainly Ultra and Dusk balls, and Max Repel for chaining.


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There are always a few items I always have.

-Lucky Egg
-Luck Incense (when I need money)
-Max Repels (for PokéRadar use)
-Every Pokéball (legal, multiples)


Good boy.
My essentials usually consist of:
-Lucky egg for speed training.
-Power Items, or anything else for EV training.
-Max Repels so I can travel without interference and the PokeRadar
-I max out of Pokeballs just in case, and only pokeballs cause that's the only type of ball I want my pokemon in. :p
-And the usual VS Seeker, Bike, and Pokeradar for re battling certain people for money/good exp, fast traveling, and chaining.

It's rare I ever use healing items.


Belgian Waffles!!!
Full Restores, revives, lucky eggs, masterballs for the surprising shinies, the power items for EV training, repels to save time and an amulet coin for money.


Active Member
I normaly carry;
my 2 masterballs: that i won from the lottery
alot of quick/dark/ultra balls
alot of max repeals
a couple escape ropes.

The master balls i have for exploding shinies and quick/dark/ultra balls are for shinies that don't explode in your face


From Zero To Hero
I got a load of poke balls, repels, and loads of fossils/stones/shards from digging.


I carry my high quality M83 Barrett Longrange Rifle!

But seriously, I have a blue flute and a yellow flute I transfered, and those are really helpful. I also carry some full heals, hyper potions, escape ropes, great balls, and a lot of other balls from the Newspaper guy.
-Full Restores
-Max Potions
-Hyper Potions
-Full Heal
-PP Up/PP Max
-Luxary Balls
-Quick Balls
-Ultra Balls
-Repeat Balls
-Dusk Balls
-Master Balls
-Lucky Eggs
-Exp. Shares
-Max Repels
-Heart Scales
-Fossils and Evolution Stones
-Amulet Coin
-Macho Brace
-Adamant Orb
-Lustrous Orb
-Other held items like Leftovers and Scope Lens
-Poké Radar
-Super/Good Rod
-Leppa Berries
-EV Reducing Berries
-Engima Berries

Those are the ones I use the most, not including TM's/HM's. I'm probably missing some things...
Max repels, amulet coin, revives, full restores, dark/quick/ultra balls, and every single other peace of junk i'm to lazy to sell.


(ノ@皿@)ノ ~ lolwut?
Happiness berries
Amulet Coin
Lucky Egg
1000+ Pokeballs
Moo Moo Milk
Exp Share
Max Repel
"Items I never use but I keep it anyway because there are no more item storage" items
The only ones i really need are
50+ revives
lucky egg
exp share
500+ hyper potions
50+ quick balls
50+ dusk balls
Amulet Coin
100+ max repel


<-Newest Shiny!!!
I have alot of the items you pick up going through the game and they're just sitting there (why'd the take out the PC storage for items?). But I always have 999 Super Repels for when I go out chaining, I've got roughly 50 Premier and Luxury Balls (for the shinies. I decided which to use depending on the shiney form), around 100 Hyper Potions and 50 Revives, and my Lucky Eggs and EXP. Shares.
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