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Essentials in your bag!

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the things i make sure i always have with me are pokeball and sometimes great balls and repels. i can't be bothered with wild pokemon appearing all the time when i'm trying to walk through a cave so i buy loads of them.


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eh well >.>" i have all the items (not all key items) because i have actoin replay >.>"


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I have alot of the items you pick up going through the game and they're just sitting there (why'd the take out the PC storage for items?).

They took it out because there is now enough room in the bag for 999 of every item. Anyway, I also always keep a supply of Hyper Potions, Super Potions, Full Heals, and Revives in case I'm in a bad situation in Stark Mountain.


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Just a lot of repels, since that's all I really need. Oh, and a lot of pokeballs.


Well, I have at least one of everything...

I tend to keep around a lot of Full Restores, Revives and Ultra/Dusk/Repeat Balls.


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Revive, the potions, Max repels, Leftovers, Shell Bell, EXP share and smoke ball.

(Smoke ball for escaping in the Trophy Garden for my lv18 Finneon)
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My must-haves:

~40+ Max Repels
~40+ Revives
~5 Pokeballs
~2 Timer Balls
~10 Dusk Balls (I play mostly at night.)
~Exp. Share
~60+ Hyper Potions
~50+ Max Potions
~Any and all Stones for evolving.
max repels for chaining
ultra, fast, net balls
have tons of evolution stones from the underground
hp restoring items and revives
currently growing a bunch of berries in bulk


I always have some Superballs ready. Also I have repel. and escape rope.
in the medicine part I have Hyperhealer and few revivers.as well as full heal , although I dont use them much. I prefer goign to the pokécentre .


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I always have ultra/dusk/quick/luxury balls, full restores, full heals, max repels, revives, lucky eggs, and amulet coins.


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I hate that they took out the Item PC. Now I have to scroll through ALL MY PLATES, INCENSES AND HELD ITEMS just to sell a stupid Nugget.

But I have organised everything in alphabetical order, so it's not much of an ordeal.

Back on topic I try to keep twenty Dusk, Ultra, Quick, Timer, Nest and Net balls with me at all times.


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I have for use as necessities

Pokeballs of all types
Super Repels
Exp Shares
Lucky Eggs
Amulet Coins
Macho Braces
Power Anklet
Power Band
Power Weight
Power Belt
Power Lens
Soothe Bell
Soul Dew is I have Lati@s imported
Thick Club is I have Cubone/Marrowak imported


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Vitamins (Protein, Carbos, Zinc, etc)
Effort Berries (Kelpsy, Tamato, Grepa, etc)
Max Repels (only with the advent of Pokeradar)
Full Restore (lol, I never need to use them XD)
Quick, Dusk, Repeat, Ultra, and Luxury Balls
Power items (Brace, Belt, Anklet, etc)
Useful Battle items (Leftovers, Life Orb, Focus Sash, etc)
Lucky Egg
Amulet Coin and Luck Incense
Black and White Flute (when available)

Erm... Those are the significant ones.


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Power items, lucky egg, move boosters (in case of a battle), hyper, max potion , escape ropes, max repels, and other stuff.


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Max Repels, Exp Share, Amulet Coin, Revives, Escape Rope, Hyper Potion, Leppa berries, status healing medicines, and all kinds of Pokeballs.

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Max Repels, those Power items that boost the holder's EVs after a battle, and all manner of Pokeballs. It's a good habit to carry as many Pokeballs as you can. And if you can't get into that habit, all it takes is one encountered shiny with an empty Pokeball bag. You'll learn. Believe me, I speak from all-too-painful experience.


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Mainly my Lucky Eggs, but also every Pokeball I have in my Bag, and all the items I use for battles, like Life Orb, Leftovers, Etc.


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Hm. Well, in my Pearl, I always have Lucky Eggs, Master Balls, Berries I've accumulated over the past two years, Super Repels, Quick Balls, Various in battle items I've accumulated over the past two years, and Heart Scales.


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Lets see. I organized my bag by items I'm going to use most. Repels/Escape Ropes, followed by shards, stones, evolution items, type hold items, plates, fossils, then the "useless" battle items like destiny knot.
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