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Essentials in your bag!

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Sarcastic Douchebag
The thing i love most in my bag is my yellow flute. I FREAKING HATE CONFUSION!.

I also have ALOT of maz repels and plenty of premier balls for my shiny hunting


Man of Mystery
I always carry plenty of Full Restores, Full Heals, and Max Repels.


Sparkling Star
Plenty of revives,hyper potions and Dusk balls.


Well, I personally never go anywhere without the following:

Items Pocket (Or the "Loot" pocket as I sometimes like to refer it too).
Max Repel x 30
Escape Rope x 30
Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Shards.
Honey x 10 (For when I can be bothered to smear some trees).
All of the other Useful Stuff/Valuable Items/Rubbish I've accumulated over throughout the game.

Medicine Pocket:
Hyper Potion x 30
Ethers, Max Ethers, Elixirs and Max Elixirs (Shame there aren't many of these in each game).
Antidotes, Parlyz Heal, Awakenings, Burn Heals and Ice Heals x 20 of each
Revive x 20

Ball Pocket:
30 x Ultra Balls
Every other kind of Poke Ball x 5 each.

Mail Pocket:
Every kind of mail x 1 Each. (Does anyone actually use these?)

So yeah, all of the usual stuff.


Laughs at thunder
Pokeballs, Greatballs, Ultraballs, and Quickballs. When I face the elite 4 I usually bring about 7 revives and some full heal along with some super potions.

7 tyranitars

Well-Known Member
max repels
escape ropes
heart scales
lot's of evo stones
20+ hyper potions
15+ full restores
20+ revives
every poke ball except greatball and ordinary pokeball 20+
and a master ball


Laughs at thunder
The thing i love most in my bag is my yellow flute. I FREAKING HATE CONFUSION!.

I also have ALOT of maz repels and plenty of premier balls for my shiny hunting
Flute are so useful. I love my Black and Red flutes. I'm playing through Sapphire again just so I can get the rest of the flutes and Pal Park them over to Diamond and Platinum.


Well-Known Member
Hmm... I usually keep

- About 50 Pokeballs, Great Balls and Ultra Balls for catching Pokemon... but the ones I really love, I always try to chuck out a Pokeball instead.
- 50 Max Potions, Full Restores and Hyper Potions since I usually spend my time at the E4
- 100 Max Repels cause wild Pokemon are annoying + chaining
- 10-15 Leppa Berries just in case of chaining

No. 1 Machop Fan

Well-Known Member
Dusk Balls, since I'm usually active at night.

I also carry Lum Berries, Sitrus Berries, Leppa Berries and the EV berries.


Prince of Ampora
Revives, Hyper Potions, Full Heals, stuff like that.


Hyper Potions (at least 20 or I"m not happy), Quick, Ultra, and Dusk Balls (Dusk for playing at night), and Max Repels. And I usually try too keep a couple of Revives there too.


lv 8 Shiny Hunter
For capture:
all kinds of pokeballs as well as a few masterball *unexpected shiny*

For training:
Full restores
Power items

Odds and ends:
Rare candies
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