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Eternal Diversity Nullam

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credit to arceusvictini



1. Code of Arceus (The Rules)
2. Application
3. Currency
4. Rank System
5. Rock Sector
6. Flying Sector
7. Fighting Sector
8. Competitive Corner (War info/team, tournaments, and tutoring program)
9. Various Shops

Welcome to Eternal Diversity Nullam.

You may remember our old clan, EDR. Due to an unfortunate chain of events that had absolutely nothing to do with me, I swear, they collapsed. Faith in Arceus was all but gone. All but three of the plates were shattered. However, three faithful people kept the legend of Arceus alive, barely. They knew that to bring him back in all of his former glory, they had to band together, And thus, Eternal Diversity Nullam was born.

1. All regular SPPF and Clans rules apply here.
2. Sector switching can only be authorized by your current sector leader and the leader of the sector that you want to switch to.
3. Stay on topic. Part of the reason our faith all but collapsed was due to off-topicness. Look at the Clan rules to find out what's on and off-topic.
4. You do not need to use your sector's type in your team, but there may be challenges involving the type in the future.
5. When you earn Shards, tell your sector leader so that they can update the first post.
6. Put the phrase 'Rebirth of the Light' in your application to show that you read the rules.

Time Zone:
Favorite Pokemon:
How long are you on Serebii?:
Pokemon Online name (optional):
FC? (Specify which Gen, also optional):

When the plates of Arceus shattered, the bits and pieces were scattered. These shards are what we use as our currency. For the shards that you get for completing a task, check here:

Winning a clan battle against a

Higher rank: 3 shards
Same rank: 2 shards
Lower rank: 1 shard

Losing a battle: 1 shard

Winning a war battle: 4 shards

Losing a war battle: 2 shards

Performing trade services: 1-5 shards (recipient decides)

Making artwork for a clan member: 1-5 shards (recipient decides)

1. Starter (0 shards)
2. Learner (10 shards)
3. Defender (30 shards)
4. Warrior (60 shards)
5. Master (100 shards)
6. Myth (150 shards or co-leader)
7. Leader (reserved for the leader of the sector)
When you have enough shards to reach your next rank, PM your sector leader so you can buy your next rank!

The next three posts shall be the Rock, Flying, and Fighting sectors, respectively.​
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Welcome to the Rock sector. Here we are as sturdy as a Regirock, as mighty as a Tyranitar, and as agile as an Aerodactyl. Here we will test your ability to endure through many harrowing challenges, just like a rock. Can you live up to the expectations?


1. All general clan rules apply here.
2. Stay fairly active. If you say ahead of time if you'll be gone, it's fine, but if you aren't posting on the clan for a week, you lose your membership status.
3. Obey your leaders.
4. Have fun.



You're just starting out. Keep going forward.

- Firebreather (0)
- PikaPika677 (0)
- irock245 (0)


You're learning the ropes quickly, but you still have a long ways to go.

- - Darkness Master (2)


You're defending your respect and the clan.

- epicdrill (9)


You are a warrior in body and heart, you've persevered through much.



You are now a master at battling and art. You can systematically wipe out an opponent with ease.



My co-leaders sit atop this high perch, as well as those who have proven themselves to me with a vast horde of shards. Second only to me, you have most of the abilities of me.

- Shinykrookodile (co-leader) (1)


I am your leader. Obey me or face the sheer force of a rock.

- magikarprules (4)
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Has left serebii

Welcome to Eternal Diversity Nullam's Flying Sector. Only the bravest birds out to avenge the remaining arceus plates are welcome. Are you in?

Clan Rules
Sppf rules don't apply here yay! Just kidding. Know them.
Respect everyone. It's the only way you'll survive in EDN.
This isn't a flame clan, therefore, do not troll us. You aren't cute by doing so.

Try in all your might to stay active! If gone for a week or more, fill in your "Pre-Arranged Absence" form.
Pre-Arranged Absence Form
How long will you be gone? (From when to when?):
Why? (If it is personal, we don't want to know i.e: family issues):

Have fun! This includes battling actively and participating!
Just so we know you read Flying Sector's rules, tell us your favorite thing to do outside of Pokemon.
We appreicate CONSTRUCTIVE critisisim. If there's anything you don't like in this clan (members excluded) PM the sectors' leader, or co-leader.
Don't try to swear like a sailor. Occasional damns and hells are okay. (Be creative! Try and replace the words, such as saying fudge. Haha.)
If someone has a question, contact magikarprules, lavaburst14, or robby-the-empoleon via PM or VM, depending if it is personal.
Everyone has to conduct themselves with honor when they hold the powerful Eternal Diversity Nullam userbar OR [EDN] tag in Pokemon Online.

Members and ranks

The lowest of the low, but hey everyone is here at some point!

(remove asterisk)
xxbaconxx 0 shards
eevee135 0 shards

You're learning! Congratz! Be sure to take in as much knowledge as possible.

(remove asterisk)
None at the moment!

You're defending the sector. The beginners' safety is in your hands.

(remove asterisk)
None at the moment!

You're the bravest warrior! You look danger in the eye and say "Get out of here or else" and danger goes running home to it's mommy.

(remove asterisk)
None at the moment!

A true master! You know this place inside and out. You make this sector proud!

(remove asterisk)
None at the moment!

You're a co leader now! Ruling by my side.

(remove asterisk)
YaDunGoofed (0 shards)

Your FEMALE leader who watches over you all.

Me. Duh. (0 shards)
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Joltik Queen <3
Welcome to EDN's Fighting Sector!!!! Our domain is sacred ground where one must train to be the best...like no one ever was! *pokemon season one theme plays* This takes courage, strength, willpower, COOKIES!!!(maybe not the cookies..darn)!!! Be the best and rank up above all others...

0.) Contact me if ur going to be gone like i will on Nov.25th-Dec.2nd...
1.) Follow overall clan rules and add the special magic words for entry...
2.) Be nice! NO flaming, double posting, trolling in anyway, and absolutly NOOO bullying!! I've had enough of bullying for one lifetime...
3.) Obey leaders orders *cough*that means YOU*cough*
4.) Rules can change for updates if needed...



You are the newest to our domain. Work hard and obey your leader and you'll be just fine...

-reddog95 - 0 shards
-Wadder2 - 0 shards
-Manaphy72 - 0 shards
-Cursedlee204 - 24 shards
-ShinyKrookodile - 0 shards



You just passed your first entry requirments. You are still being judged if you are loyal yet...



You've exelled in your previous rank. You are now going on to face more challanges...be a great defender..DEFEND OUR NAME!!! Come on get going and defend our name! D:<



You are getting alot better with time...look to the furture and find your destiny...be a true warrior...



You've found your rightful place among us. Now prove yourself more..be a true master...a legend above all...



Our Co-leader sits in this rank's throne. The throne has cup holders! :D You have exceeded all challanges to sit here as well...your now a true legend!!!! *angels come down and sing*

-Co-leader - arceusvictini - 1 shards



I am the alpha FEMALE!!!! *cough*Don't mix up my gender or your dead*cough* I will lead our sector to VICTORY!!! HAZZAH!!!!

-Leader - Lavaburst14 - 3 shards

P.S.: Leader of this sector only does wi-fi battles...i can only test you on wi-fi, and not on PO...PO is off limits for me because of my parent's over-ruling...sorry 4 the inconvinence...
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EDN Competitive Land

Welcome to the brawn of EDN. This is where our war team information, tournaments, and POTW will be stored.

War Team


- lavaburst14


- magikarprules
- Darkness Master

If you want to get on the war team, PM either me or lavaburst (PO or Wifi war teams respectively) and we will test you.


Often times, our clan will have special tournaments. These tournaments will often feature a unique gimmick, so pay close attention. Our current tournament is. . .


This tournament will be a Standard Little Cup tournament. Smogon's banlist will be used here, which is

- Scyther
- Sneasel
- Misdreavus
- Murkrow
- Vulpix
- Yanma
- Berry Juice
- Sonicboom
- Dragon Rage

If you want to enter this tournament, use this form:

PO name:
Wifi FC:

The current participants are

PO name: [EDN] prakigam
Wifi FC: n/a

Pokémon of the Week

You may have seen the POTW of Serebii. This is our version. Each one will run until the Sunday of that week, where we will post the results of each one, and hide the others in spoiler tags. Our current Pokémon of the week is. . .

Zapdos. An excellent all around Pokémon, with good stats and movepool. Discuss him as you wish, for any tier he is allowed in.

Tutoring Program:

Do you ever feel like you need to improve? Don't understand how to play a certain playstyle but want to try it? Fear not, for we have the EDN Tutoring Program right here.

Tutor Head: magikarprules

Tutors: None yet

Tutees: None yet.​
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Joltik Queen <3
Shard prices are done!

31 shards - 10ANIV celebi lv.70 near-flawless ut bold
20 shards - shiny eevee lv.1 adament eggmoves: wish
31 shards - shiny dieno timid ut lv.1 eggmoves: fire fang, thunder fang, ice fang, dark pulse
31 shards - shiny DW ability Ninetales w/ Eggmoves: hyponsis EV'd in Speed and Sp.Atk MODEST
31 shards - shiny DW gilgar ut lv.1 impish eggmoves: poison tail, double edge, baton pass, agility
22 shards - shiny vaporeon DW ability lv.1 gentle ut
22 shards - shiny scyther DW ability lv.1 ut adament eggmoves: vacuum wave
22 shards - shiny DW ability lapras jp calm lv.1 ut
20 shards - shiny litwick lv.27 modest ut
21 shards - shiny gible lv.1 ut jolly eggmoves: outrage
23 shards - shiny zoura male lv.1 modest ut eggmoves: sucker punch, snarl
20 shards - shiny klink adament lv.25 ut
31 shards - shiny scraggy lv.1 ut eggmoves: dragon dance, counter, ice punch, drain punch
19 shards - shiny golett bold ut lv. 32
23 shards - shiny absol lv.1 ut eggmoves: superpower megahorn
21 shards - shiny ralts male lv.1 ut jolly
25 shards - shiny hippopotas brave ut eggmoves: superpower, and curse lv.1
25 shards - shiny shellos storm drain lv.1 modest eggmoves: earthpower and water pulse
26 shards - shiny skarmory lv.1 impish sturdy eggmoves: brave bird, whirlwind, stealth rocks, and roost
27 shards - shiny heatran lv.100 HP dark 70 naive male
34 shards - AromaFlora's Heatran(non-shiny) lv.50 calm steath rocks
22 shards - shiny dratini DW multiscale lv.1 modest ut em: extremespeed
28 shards - NON-shiny ditto jp lv.100
29 shards - shiny suicune bold lv.40 ut
26 shards - shiny cobalion lv.42 ut timid
32 shards - SHINY JAPANESE DITTO LV.100 TIMID T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26 shards - Iron Tyrant's shiny magnemite lv.1 magnet pull timid ut HP FIRE 70
26 shards - Iron Tyrant's shiny vullaby nn'd Regina lv.38 ut careful
26 shards - Iron Tyrant's shiny oshawott lv.1 ut em: night slash adament
26 shards - Iron Tyrant's shiny turtwig lv.1 adament em: superpower and seed bomb ut
26 shards - Iron Tyrant's shiny tepig lv.1 FEMALE ut adament
23 shards - Winter02's shiny durant lv.1 nn'd Bronzefang em: thunder fang and baton pass
23 shards - shiny skorupi lv.1 em: whirlwind and aquatail ut adament
26 shards - NON-shiny moltres lv.50 modest ut
23 shards - kaisor's NON-shiny bronzor relaxed heatproof
29 shards - shiny latios lv.40 ut non-redis
26 shards - shiny croagunk lv.1 ut jolly em: thunderpunch, super fang, cross chop, ice punch
14 shards - shiny gothita lv.25 bold T
23 shards - shiny chimchar lv.1 adament em: fake out and blaze kick
24 shards - shiny snubbull brave lv.1 ut em: close combat, metronome, double-edge, heal bell
23 shards - shiny sninarak adament ut lv.1 em: night slash, and baton pass
16 shards - shiny aron brave T lv.7 {evs wiped} em: superpower, head smash, stealth rock
23 shards - shiny tepig jolly lv.1 ut em: superpower, curse, yawn
20 shards - shiny darumaka adament lv.1 ut
26 shards - shiny zorua lv.1 ut timid male em: extrassensory, and dark pulse
26 shards - shiny Jolly Mienfoo with Regenerator em: Knock Off lv.1 ut
27 shards - shiny Calm Sigilyph with Magic Guard em: Miracle Eye, Roost, Psycho Shift, Stored Power lv.1 ut
25 shards - 31/30/30/31/31/31 shiny Timid Larvesta em: Morning Sun HP Ice 70 lv.1 ut
25 shards - 31/31/31/17/31/31 shiny Jolly Venipede with Swarm em: Spikes, Toxic Spikes lv.1 ut
23 shards - 31/31/31/31/30/31 shiny Hasty Pansage lv.5 T by rare candy
25 shards - Flawless shiny Bold Solosis with Magic Guard em: Trick lv.1 ut
22 shards - 31/31/31/7/31/31 shiny Adamant Rufflet with Sheer Force lv.40 ut
23 shards - 31/23/30/30/30/30 shiny Modest Cofagrigous lv.34 ut
24 shards - Flawless shiny Timid Snorunt female em: spikes lv.1 ut
24 shards - Flawless shiny Bold DW Slowpoke lv.1 ut
20 shards - 31/30/31/30/31/30 shiny Timid DW Abra HP Fire 70 lv.1 ut
24 shards - Flawless shiny Adamant Larvitar em: Dragon Dance lv.1 ut
24 shards - Flawless shiny Jolly Sneasel em: Fake Out, Ice Punch lv.1 ut
26 shards - Flawless shiny Jolly Aerodactyl with Pressure em: Aqua Tail, Stealth Rock lv.1 ut
28 shards - Flawless shiny Calm Togetic with Serene Grace em: Encore, Heal Bell, Nasty Plot, Roost lv.38 T
20 shards - Flawless shiny Adamant DW Growlithe ut lv.1
24 shards - Flawless shiny Jolly Growlithe with Flash Fire em: Morning Sun, Close Combat ut lv.1
20 shards - 31/31/31/31/31/0 shiny Sassy Duskull em: Pain Split ut lv.1
24 shards - 31/31/31/1/31/31 shiny Jolly Treeko em: GrassWhistle ut lv.1 FEMALE
19 shards - Flawless shiny Jolly Trapinch ut lv.1
20 shards - Flawless shiny Bold Cottonee with Prankster em: Encore, Worry Seed, Memento ut lv.1
30 shards - Flawless shiny Timid Azelf ut lv.50
30 shards - 30/31/31/31/31/31 shiny Bold Uxie em: Stealth Rock lv.50 ut
23 shards - Flawless shiny Timid Gastly em: Disable ut lv.1
18 shards - 31/24/31/31/30/31 shiny Jolly Deerling with Chlorophyll ut lv.32
14 shards - Flawless shiny Impish Pineco {EVs wiped} lv.17 T
24 shards - Flawless shiny Adamant Elekid em: Magnet Rise, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Cross Chop, OT Mat lv.1 ut
24 shards - Flawless shiny Relaxed Mudkip em: Superpower, Curse, Yawn lv.1 ut
25 shards - Flawless shiny Adamant Spiritomb em: Shadow Sneak, Pain Split, OT Mat lv.1 ut
35 shards - Flawless Naive TRU Arceus lv.100 ut
34 shards - 31/31/31/31/30/31 Adamant Gamestop Jirachi lv.5
40 shards - GAMESTP EV'd careful Jirachi specal moves: stealth rock, wish, thunderpunch, and iron head!!!!!
24 shards - Shiny Karrablast lv.69 T adament swarm ability
20 shards - Shiny Latias lv.40 ut timid
26 shards - Shiny Adamant UT Scizor lv.1 techician special moves: superpower, roost, bullet punch, and bug bite!!!
24 shards - Shiny Adamant UT Magikarp lv.1 DW ability rattled
18 shards - Shiny Timid UT Staryu lv.1
15 shards - Shiny Naive UT Deino lv.1 em: dark pulse

24 shards - Nintendo of Korea Regigigas
28 shards - Pika Cafe Tangrowth
28 shards - Pika Cafe Magmortar
28 shards - Pika Cafe Electivire
26 shards - Character Fair Pikachu
26 shards - Han Jiu Scraggy
28 shards - NoK rayquaza ut lv.70 rash
28 shards - US alamos darkrai lv.50 ut timid and FLAWLESS!!!!!
28 shards - JP POKESMASH MEWTWO UT LV.70!!!!!!!!!!
28 shards - US pokemon ranger deoxys jolly attack form ut lv.50 and NEAR FLAWLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26 shards - TRU USA SNARL ZOROARK FLAWLESS SP.ATK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
31 shards - SHINY WISHMKR JIRACHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29 shards - ANA FLYING PIKACHU MALE!!!!!!!!!!!!
28 shards - ANA FLYING PIKACHU FEMALE!!!!!!!!!!!!
28 shards - SATOSHI'S ZEKROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28 shards - SATOSHI'S RESHERAM!!!!!!!!!!!
30 shards - VER2010 Jirachi (only really good offers)
30 shards - EULALIE Phione
25 shards - TRU event regigias lv.100 timid ut
28 shards - Mitsurin Celebi
20 shards - GAMESTP deoxys ut
28 shards - Saikyou Milotic
28 shards - saikyou dragonite
28 shards - Saikyou Electivire
29 shards - GCEA Mawile
27 shards - 10 ANIV Tyranitar
27 shards - 10 ANIV Espeon
28 shards - 10 ANIV Ho-oh
26 shards - Palcity Lucario
20 shards - shiny raikou UT event unused
20 shards - shiny entei UT event unused
20 shards - shiny suicune UT event unused
16 shards - TRU Darkrai 10th movie event-special rend and roar of time lv.50 (BT little bit of exp but no lv.up)
21 shards - GameSTP pikachu colored pichu UT lv.30 SPRING2010
18 shards - pikachu color pichu T lv.31 GAMESTP
20 shards - Toys R Us Shaymin UT lv.50 (first event)
20 shards - oaks letter shaymin lv.30 BT
25 shards - Jirachi event draco metor lv.5 UT
20 shards - Pokemon ranch Hayleys Phoine lv.56 T
22 shards - Toys R us arceus event lv.100 judgment, roar of time, special rend, shadow force
19 in 5th gen and 23 in 4th gen shards - Poketopia surfing pikachu lv.10 UT(surf only in 4th gen)
24 shards - MYSTRY Mew lv.10 UT
19 shards - FAL2010 Mew lv.5 UT or lv.34
12 shards and a good home; i got it myself - XD gale of darkness lugia(BT only a little exp. no lv. up)Pychco boost, feather dance, earthquake, and hydro pump nn'd Deep Blue
28 shards - JP Arceus movie 13 event lv.100 judgment, roar of time, special rend, shadow force
26 shards - b-day audino toyko ut
24 shards - TRU manaphy ut
29 shards - SHINY ranger manaphy ut
29 shards - pokepark SHINY mew ut
25 shards - Ranch finneon ut
25 shards - Ranch shroomish ut
24 shards - WORLD09 weavile ut
24 shards - WORLD08 lucario ut
27 shards - TRADE 4 evolution karrablast SMR2011 ut
27 shards - TRADE 4 evolution shelmet SMR2011 ut
25 shards - Faraway island emerald mew ut
24 shards - ashes pikachu ut
20 shards - ashes pidove ut
20 shards - cilian's pansage ut
20 shards - pokesmash! jp zoroark trained slightly
24 shards - 10ANV celebii ut
20 shards - WIN2011 celebii ut and unused
9 shards per non-shiny legend - all non shiny legends ut or lv.100
5 shards - random non-shiny legend buy one get one free
22 shards - hayleys yanma ut
22 shards - hayleys areodactyl ut
26 shards - DUKING's lavitiar ut
26 shards - DUKING's shuckle ut
26 shards - DUKING's meditite ut
26 shards - DUKING's plusle ut
26 shards - HORDEL's ZAPRONG the elekid ut
28 shards - mount battle XD tododile w/ hydro cannon ut GOT IT MYSELF!!!
24 shards - Event Mc'd shiny golurk ut
24 shards - Event Mc'd shiny hydreigon ut
24 shards - jp movie Victini w/ V create ut
24 shards - JP event wi-fi shiny golurk got myself
24 shards - JP event wi-fi shiny hydreigon got myself
24 shards 5th gen and 4th gen 29 shards - TCGWC pikachu with surf!!!(surf 4th gen only)

some examples: shadow moltres, shadow articuno, shadow zapdos, shadow dragonite, shadow togepi, shadow snorlax, shadow lapras, etc.

40 shards - EV'd Machamp lv.100 special moves: thunderpunch adament
40 shards - EV'd DW Charizard JP lv.100 [premier ball] timid
40 shards - EV'd DW Blastoise JP lv.100 [quick ball] modest
40 shards - EV'd Shiny Breloom lv.100 jolly
40 shards - EV'd Shiny metagross lv.100 adament
40 shards - EV'd Ninjask nn'd Yin lv.100 jolly
40 shards - EV'd Shiny Archeops lv.100 jolly
40 shards - EV'd Shiny Chandelure JP lv.100 quiet
40 shards - EV'd Gyarados lv.100 adament
40 shards - EV'd Shiny Jellicent lv.100 calm
40 shards - EV'd Shiny Ferrothorn nn'd Mace lv.100 careful special moves: leech seed
40 shards - EV'd Shiny Gigalith nn'd Azura adament
40 shards - EV'd Shiny Starmie lv.100 bashful
40 shards - EV'd Shiny Zoroark lv.100 timid
40 shards - EV'd Shiny Darmanitan nn'd Maka lv.100 adament
40 shards - EV'd Shiny Excadrill lv.100 jolly
40 shards - EV'd Honchkrow nn'd ZORO lv.100 adament em: brave bird, heat wave, and superpower
40 shards - EV'd 10ANIV Zapdos lv.100 active pkrus timid
40 shards - EV'd Shiny Scolipede lv.100 jolly em: toxic spikes and spikes
40 shards - EV'd Shiny Electivire lv.100 adament em: elemental punches and cross chop
40 shards - EV'd Shiny Ninetales DW ability lv.100 modest em: hyponsis
40 shards - EV'd Shiny Heatran lv.100 naive
40 shards - EV'd Shiny Gastrodon lv.100 modest
40 shards - EV'd Wailord nn'd Fishie lv.100 brave
40 shards - GAMESTP EV'd careful Jirachi specal moves: stealth rock, wish, thunderpunch, and iron head!!!!!
40 shards - EV'd Shiny Alakazam lv.100 DW ability timid
40 shards - EV'd Shiny Lucario lv.100 adament steadfast special moves: ice punch
40 shards - EV'd Shiny Empoleon lv.100 modest special moves: agility
40 shards - EV'd Rhyperior nn'd ALEX lightingrod adament special moves: avalanche, aqua tail

DW Events
10 shards - DW Flareon JP ut lv.10 [OT: MAT in all caps]
23 shards - DW Espeon USA nn'd Espi ut lv.10 got myself
23 shards - DW Leafeon USA nn'd Koata ut lv.10 my friend got it
23 shards - DW Poliwhirl JP ut lv.25
9 shards - DW Charmander JP T though daycare lv.19 {near flawless} [OT: Mat]
23 shards - DW Bulbasaur JP nn'd SAURZ ut lv.10 {near flawless}
23 shards - DW Torchic JP ut lv.10 {near flawless}
23 shards - DW Crogunk JP ut lv.10
23 shards - DW Birthday Togekiss JP ut lv.10
23 shards - DW mamoswine JP lv.34 ut
23 shards - DW treecko lv.10 ut JP
23 shards - DW chimchar JP ut lv.10
23 shards - DW banette impish lv.37 ut nn'd DOLLY got myself
23 shards - DW squirtle lv.10 ut bold JP
23 shards - DW piplup lv.10 ut modest JP
23 shards - DW mudkip lv.10 ut adament JP
29 shards - DW rayquaza JP gentle lv.50 BT
23 shards - DW US croagunk lv.10 ut
29 shards - DW altaria JP Nicknamed: Lava bold lv.35 UT OBTAINED BY ME!!!

All eggmove pokemon are 6 shards!
axew w/ night slash and swagger
snivy w/ mean look
seedot w/ beat up
cottonee w/ beat up
poocheyena w/ dw ability and poision fang and swagger
osshawott w/ air slash and attract
sewaddle w/ air slash, camoflage, and silver wind
buneary w/ ice punch fire punch thunder punch and sky uppercut
druddigon w/ thunder fang and fire fang
growlithe dw ability or regular ability w/ flare blitz and close combat
chimchar w/ fire and thunder punch
snivy w/ timid nature and twister and iron tail
osshawott w/ trump card
torchic w/ counter and crush claw
pichu w/ volt tackle
larviatar w/ dragon dance, outrage, and rockslide
murkrow w/ drill peck
shelder w/ rock blast
chimchar w/ blaze kick, bulk up, and double kick
murkrow w/ brave bird, and roost
skarmory w/ roost, brave bird, and stealth rocks
pichu w/ volt tackle and dw ability
munchlax w/ zen headbutt
dieno w/ earth power
dieno w/ dark pulse
vulpix w/ hypnosis and dw ability
eevee w/ curse, stored power, wish, and yawn w/ dw ability
ferroseed w/ sassy nature and leech seed
ferroseed w/ relaxed nature and stealth rocks
bagon w/ hydro pump
joltik w/ cross poison
horsea w/ outrage
durant w/ thunderfang
gible w/ outrage and adament nature
totodile w/ dragon dance and hydro pump
bagon w/ DW ability sheer force w/ dragon pulse, dragon dance, and hydro pump

We take requests of eggmoves on certain pokemon too!
Lavaburst14 is ALWAYS open for eggmove requests!
All eggmove requests are 9 shards!

All items are 3 shards each! We have all the items including battle subway, rare candies, etc.


Leaders :
{No pay 4 u >:3}
1.) magikarprulez - rock sector
2.) Robby-the-empoleon - flying sector
3.) lavaburst14 - fighting sector
Not hiring leaders atm ;3

{No pay 4 u >:3}
1.) Darkness master - rock sector
2.) YaDunGoofed - flying sector
3.) arceusvictini - fighting sector
Not hiring leaders atm ;3

XAT mods:
{5 shards a week}

Cloners :
{2 shards per clone}
1.) lavaburst14
2.) Darkness master

Artists :
{1-5 shards depending on requester's decision}
1.) arceusvictini
2.) lavaburst14
3.) Darkness master

Masuda methoders :
{10 shards per shiny mm'd pokemon}

Shiny Chainers :
{10-15 points per shiny}
1.) lavaburst14

RNGers :
{10-15 shards depending on difficulty}

Clan member recruiters :
{2 shards per recruition}
1.) lavaburst14
2.) eevee135
3.) everyone else in teh clan that can recruit members ;3

Eggmove and iv breeders:
{1-6 shards depending on difficulty}
1.) lavaburst14 - eggmove breeder

Job entry form:

Job you want:
Other details:

Job Completion Fill-out Form:

Job you did:
Pay for job:

That's all I can think of for now ;3 feel free to share some job ideas w/ lavaburst14!
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King of Beets
Username: Vali
Time Zone: EST
Favorite Pokemon: Meganium
How long are you on Serebii?: 2-3 hours a day
Pokemon Online name (optional): N/A
FC? (Specify which Gen, also optional): It's in my sig
Sector: Fighting

Rebirth of the Light.


Joltik Queen <3
Username: Vali
Time Zone: EST
Favorite Pokemon: Meganium
How long are you on Serebii?: 2-3 hours a day
Pokemon Online name (optional): N/A
FC? (Specify which Gen, also optional): It's in my sig
Sector: Fighting

Rebirth of the Light.
accepted here's a welcome turkey shaped cookie *hands cookie*


Well-Known Member
Time Zone:GMT-7
Favorite Pokemon:Haxorus
How long are you on Serebii?:30 min per day
Pokemon Online name (optional):[epicdrill, soon to be [EDN]epicdrill
FC? (Specify which Gen, also optional):N/A
Time Zone:GMT-7
Favorite Pokemon:Haxorus
How long are you on Serebii?:30 min per day
Pokemon Online name (optional):[epicdrill, soon to be [EDN]epicdrill
FC? (Specify which Gen, also optional):N/A
Accepted with another turkey-shaped cookie on top.

I can test you two right now, if you wish.


to see you smile
Time Zone:EST
Favorite Pokemon: Victini
How long are you on Serebii?: 2-3 hours a day
Pokemon Online name (optional):N/A
FC? (Specify which Gen, also optional): 2279-9569-8214
Sector: Fighting


From one of the original leaders, good luck, guys. I hope ED will have another great run. It's nice to see that members loved the clan enough to continue on with it. May EDN go far.
-Keldeo 647​
Time Zone:EST
Favorite Pokemon: Victini
How long are you on Serebii?: 2-3 hours a day
Pokemon Online name (optional):N/A
FC? (Specify which Gen, also optional): 2279-9569-8214
Sector: Fighting
I can't accept you officially, but I think you're forgetting something.

EDIT: I beat epicdrill for his test battle 1-0. He was an excellent opponent, and I'm awarding him Graveler.
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Kinda reminiscing
Username: reddog95
Time Zone:GMT
Favorite Pokemon: Charizard
How long are you on Serebii?: on most of the day
Pokemon Online name (optional): Reddog95
FC? (Specify which Gen, also optional): 5th gen: 1893 3199 1539
Sector: Fighting Sector
Rebirth of the light
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Well-Known Member
Time Zone:EST
Favorite Pokemon:Flareon
How long are you on Serebii?:Everyday for an hour or two. However, I'm not always available to battle.
Pokemon Online name (optional):[EDN]Firebreather
FC? (Specify which Gen, also optional):White, in sig.

magikaRprulEs is my Bro. he Is going to be the gReaTest leader tHere ever was. rOck sector is For sure THE grandest of aLl the sectors in eternal dIversity nullam. Great job witH The clan, leaders!
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Time Zone:EST
Favorite Pokemon:Flareon
How long are you on Serebii?:Everyday for an hour or two. However, I'm not always available to battle.
Pokemon Online name (optional):[EDN]Firebreather
FC? (Specify which Gen, also optional):White, in sig.
You appear to be forgetting something. Reread the rules and see.

EDIT: Accepted. How interesting of a way to incorporate the phrase.
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