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Eureka Seven

Discussion in 'Alternate Animé & Manga Discussion' started by Naruto Uzumaki, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki Cascade Trainer

    Hey does anyone here watch Eureka Seven a Mecha Anime on Adult Swim? Its a pretty good show!If you don't watch it you should give it a shot!
  2. Lickitung

    Lickitung Banned

    The last episode gave me way too much of an Eva feel. I'm not really a fan, but I watch it at night while playing Emerald so the time isn't completely wasted.

    Though you've got to admit the concept of surfing robots is incredibly lame.
  3. HK

    HK Radiance of Shadows

    It's probably better than that travesty of an ending that RahXephon. I'm not one of those fools who says that RahXephon is an Neon Genesis Evangelion rip-off, and I don't mind the ending being somewhat similar to the former as Evangelion pays homages to Space Runaway Ideon, but the ending to the rather uneventful anime by BONES makes me feel completely disgusted. Anybody who says that RahXephon has a good ending is the most pathetic example of an escapist who could never better himself -- that, or he's an idiot, which arguably goes hand-in-hand.

    Funny enough, BONES also did Eureka Seven... Are they full of Evangelion fans at that animation studio or something?

    But Eureka Seven does fine on its own, and I've enjoyed what has been shown on [adult swim] so far. Sure, it doesn't break any new ground, but aside from this one I haven't encountered any new anime that's premiered on [adult swim] this year that's actually good... and from the looks of things with Bleach and Trinity Blood, Eureka Seven might be the only new one holding it together.

    Eh, all in the manner of taste. I just think of it as being "sleek," though the oddity of it can make me crack a joke or two...
  4. SPIKE06

    SPIKE06 Well-Known Member

    over at another forum others have been getting that same feel but since they are seperate I treat them as such

    Maybe lame but at the time the most original thing i've seen in a while especially considering a mecha show

    needless to say i agree. though right now i have a taste for some Shadow Skill.
  5. Railith

    Railith Hero of Justice

    TRANSFORMING surfing robots!

    E7 is one of my favorite show ever. I suggest everyone watch it no matter what.
  6. akane_rose

    akane_rose winter rose

    rose: like the show!! it's different from all the other mecha animes I've watched. :)
  7. leafblader

    leafblader Marsh Trainer

    It us up there with one of the best animes I've ever watched. I watch the subbed version and am at Ep 43 of the total 50 episodes in the series. I still watch the English dub every week on Adult Swim and enjoy it very much. It sucks though since there wont be a new episode for 3 weeks because of the FLCL marathon and Inuyasha movie. I don't mind the FLCL marathon at all, in fact I look forward to it. But a new english premiere of Eureka Seven for an Inuyasha OVA, kills the mood.
  8. ♠Blood Bountou♠

    ♠Blood Bountou♠ Kakuna Matata

    I have to admit, when I first saw a commercial of it on Adult Swim, I said to myself, "Oh boy, another mecha series" and I decide to watch the first episode only to see how 'bad it was. I do this with a lot of shows, and after watching the first few episodes, I'm hooked. Last week I started watching subbed episodes and really enjoyed them. My computers being slow though, so I'm only on episode 33. I still watch the dub episodes too.

    There's a lot of emotion and mystery in this series, which is why I keep coming back for more, so to speak.
  9. Dogasu

    Dogasu Frustrated Elf

    Eureka Seven is getting pretty dismal ratings, last I heard, so that's probably why it's being pre-empted by stuff that gets better ratings.

    It's a shame, really, since Eureka Seven was pretty much the last hope for mecha anime on CN.
  10. akane_rose

    akane_rose winter rose

    rose: CN is still showing Big O.
  11. SPIKE06

    SPIKE06 Well-Known Member

    yes it has been that way for the past week
  12. Cipher

    Cipher Nothing to be done

    I somewhat enjoy this show. I really can't stand mecha animes, but this one seems alright so far. If nothing else, the characters are enjoyable. What bothers me, however, is how heavy they lay on the themes in this show. It'd be nice if the characters didn't shout out what they believe in, what's right, and what they saw in a crazy dream sequence in each episode, especially when the themes adressed are so remarkably shallow. ("Follow your beliefs"? Amazing.) I'd appreciate a little subtlety here and there. Though I still enjoy it for what it is, a bit of a light romp. I realize it may not exactly be what some people think of as "light", but really, it's hard to take it too seriously. Perhaps the only reason I enjoy it at all is because it's vaguely reminicent of Fooly Cooly, although the latter is infinitely better.
  13. Kakashi Sensei

    Kakashi Sensei Silent but Deadly

    i watch that show every Saturday, after Fullmetal Alchemist. Both good shows.
  14. akane_rose

    akane_rose winter rose

    rose: hehe... it started off different then all the other mecha animes. nothing falling from space.
  15. Ryo

    Ryo o rly?

    Eureka 7 is one of my now favorites.

    The dub, not so much...
    I love Rentons outfit in the last episode. Hes sho kuuute!

    And I love all the pairings that go on in there.
    DominicxAnemone (I loved episode 48)

    Subs are by Nanashi if anyone wants to check them out...

  16. akane_rose

    akane_rose winter rose

    rose: Talo x Halland (is that how you spell his name?). that couple in its own right can be funny and sometimes scary. Talo has one heck of a temper!
  17. Spanish Machop

    Spanish Machop Beginning Trainer

    Meh, the show's ok. I'll watch it every one in a while, maybe while I'm playing a game. I'm not really into that whole Mecha thing. Meh, it's just me.
  18. ♠Blood Bountou♠

    ♠Blood Bountou♠ Kakuna Matata

    Me either. This is one of the few exceptions

    @akane_rose - It's spelled 'Holland'
  19. akane_rose

    akane_rose winter rose

    rose: thank you!
  20. tyranofreak

    tyranofreak Tyranitar Trainer

    And akane_rose the name is Talho.

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