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EV Trained Trading Thread

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Looking for a trained FEB2012 Mewtwo, EV trained (6 HP/252 Spat/ 252 Speed). Please pm if you have him. Timid nature if possible.


Pokegyms steel gym
I can breed any breedable pokemon with any egg moves, any nature, and any ability (hidden abilities are limited to the dwfs in my signature). I am looking for a dwf seedot, dw ditto, or evd pokemon.
Done, thanks.
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Justice Forever
Need an ev trainer to ev train the following pokemon for me:
-Flawless Jolly Jirachi
-Flawless timid Magnemite with Hidden Power Fire
-Flawless Timid Shiny Larvesta.
-Flawless Adamant Shiny Larvitar with stealth rock, curse and pursuit. (Originally had a ev trainer for this, but he has left serebii so I need a new ev trainer for this pokemon).

In return, I can offer clones of all four pokemon to whoever is interested. Message me if you can help me out.
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Offering EV training in exchange for club nintendo codes, event pokemon, or breeding service(I only need one pokemon breeded). PM me if interested.


Pokegyms steel gym
I can breed any breedable pokemon with any egg moves, any nature, and any ability (hidden abilities are limited to the dwfs in my signature). I am looking for a dw ditto or evd pokemon.


Howls of Loneliness
I can ev train for anyone who needs it just send me a vm or pm


Random Master
I need an ev trainer...
Msg me if you would like to ev train for me

In return I can give
Flawless shines
Subway Items


Well-Known Member
Hello! I am looking for someone to EV train for me this Pokemon:

Rotom (Heat) Lv. 1

Ev's (Currently): None
Ev's (Would like it to have): 212 Sp. Atk./252 Spd./8 HP/36 Def.
Nature: Timid
IV's: Unknown
Moves: Thunderbolt; Hidden Power (Grass); Overheat; Confuse Ray (Would like to replace with Trick if I earn enough shards)


Pokegyms steel gym
Offering all 6 year of the dragon shiny pokemon (horsea, bagon, trapinch, swablu, druddigon, and deino) for evd pokemon.


Pokemon Breeder
Willing to EV train pokemon for RNG requests, 1 EV trained poke per request. PM me and we can work something out :)
Offering some Flawless / Near-Flawless EV'd Shinies from my sig. All are legit/cloned.
Looking for other similar Pokemon or someone who can EV Train 1 or 2 of my Pokemon fast.

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PokeGyms Creator
I am looking for an EV trained Brelloom, Togakiss, Landerous, Starmie, Terrakeon, and Hydragon.

Some things I can offer include an Eevee with the egg moves Wish, Curse, and Yawn, as well as DWF Kangaskhan and Slowpoke.

If you have any of these, please give me a PM.
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PKMN Trainer Tee

Ice Pokemon Fan
I have an EV trained Luxray, Adamant Nature. 4 HP/252 ATk/252 Spe

It doesn't know any egg moves, which is why I'm trading it away.


New Member
Looking for a EV TRAINED kingdra will give aanythiing for it


Event Hunter
if anyone has some ev trained pokemons please pm me i just want something thats good for battle


Dragons are beast
I can ev train really fast looking for rare items and such I can also breed most Pokemon with 1-3 ivs at 31


Just A Breeder
So Competitive Battling just isnt really my thing right now... despite how much I tried, I just cant get into it.

So... I have a few EVd Pokemon I did myself.

Naive Mienshao with Regenerator 4 HP / 252 Att / 252 Speed at Level 54
Adamant Rampardos with Mold Breaker 252 Att / 252 Speed at Level 54
Jolly Weavile with Pressure 4 HP / 252 Att / 252 Speed at Level 54
Jolly Garchomp with Rough Skin 4 HP/ 252 Att/ 252 Speed at Level 50

And a failed Timid Wash Rotom with Levitate 134 Att / 252 Speed... you will have to get rid of those Attack EVs...

All have PokeRus, if that matters.

Anyway, im not looking for much. DWF 2:1 for each or a 1:2 for a Shiny maybe even 1:1 with Rare Items.


Grumpy Drizzle

Well-Known Member
I'm offering a fully EV (SpA + Spe) trained Gardevoir.
Timid nature. Synchronize ability. Average IVs. No egg moves.
She was replaced by a shiny one and I don't want her to rot in the box so I'm trading her away. She may not be a competetive pick but I hope that someone will find some use for her.

I'm after any Dialga or Giratina. Their natures and IVs are irrelevant to me. They don't need to be UT either.
Other offers will also be considered so feel free to PM me anyway if you are interested.
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