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Evanescense coming to a small theater near you(maybe?)


Est sularus oth mith
So I took my daughter to see Evanescence last night. We saw them as part of a quartet of up and coming bands a few years ago (Breaking Benjamin, Thee Days Grace, Evanescence & Seether[headliners]), This time they were the headliner with twin opening acts (Rival Sons & Pretty Reckless). The theater we were in was a smaller venue than the Amphitheater from the first time, but we were actually further from the stage since we had front row last time.

The crowd was small but alive, (and very pleasant). Anyway, the openers were surprisingly good (OK I never heard of them but a good portion of the crowd was singing along).

Amy's voice was, as always, hauntingly beautiful! The band was still a melodious mix of guitar crushing power cords and soul teasing piano pieces. The show was worth every penny (OK $35)! If you have the opportunity, go see 'em!!! You won't be disappointed.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
I'd like to go to an Evanescence concert, since I do love their music (the five year-hiatus was worth the wait), but I'm a bit iffy about it. I'm more worried about what the people do at the concerts than I am about the music. Of course, there are different individuals across the country, and people are unpredictable.

Well, at least you and your daughter had fun. My parents could care less for Evanescence (though Mom says she sounds like a cow, and she calls her a vampire, jokingly of course), but I do remember Dad telling me that if I wanted to, he could get tickets if they ever came to the Valley. So who knows. I'm personally just fine with listening to the music over and over on my laptop and just envisioning them instead of seeing them live.


Est sularus oth mith
Making fun of. Priceless is I assume used to this.
What a charming euphemism! Yeah I'd have figured everyone here would be used to that behavior by now, not just Priceless! *eyeroll*

Luxie... Going Under, Fallen, Bring Me To Life & Haunted to name a few.
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burning it down
I'm also going next month, glad to hear that The Pretty Reckless were also good. Did they play Your Star? I love that song a lot.


Est sularus oth mith
I'm also going next month, glad to hear that The Pretty Reckless were also good. Did they play Your Star? I love that song a lot.
I'll be honest, I'm not sure! I've only heard music from Fallen, and their new CD. Most of what they played was from the latest, and their hits from Fallen.


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Fallen is by far their greatest album in my opinion. The Open Door was good, but got kinda boring. I still haven't really gotten into their new album yet other than the song "What You Want" but that's because it was released and I listened to it more.

But Anyways, I think Evanescence would be great to see live. Not really sure when they're coming to Aus though, so I won't get too excited yet.

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