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Even Gods May Die [RP] PG-13

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by SoulMuse, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing


    I would like to thank Avenger Angel for the amazing banner.​


    Even Gods may die.

    Whoever said those fateful words would never know exactly how right they were. In arrogance, however, the Gods ignored those words, and remained blissfully ignorant of what was coming for them.


    Ten years ago, the remains of every great criminal organization, Teams Rocket, Aqua, Magma, Galactic, Plasma, along with the dying remains of Cipher, joined together, the leadership finally seeming to realize that one single group could not win ,but united they were unstoppable, or at least that was the theory. This group did not take a different name, instead operating under their old monikers, and in secret, began to build up a following, with the horridly unoriginal goal of world domination.

    Now word of this could not help but reach the Pokémon League World Council, the body that governed the entire world, who immediately decided that action had to be taken to stop this new, massed organization from doing serious damage, and immediately assigned the top secret organization Section 51 to deal with the matter. Section 51 detailed two full strike teams to locate and destroy this group’s base before one of the insane scientists who worked for them could do something stupid.

    The commandos were too late. Even as more than fifty of the highest trained and most skilled killers in the World Councils employ stormed the base, the unified criminal Teams began one of the greatest endeavors in history. Having learned that the mysterious type plates found in the ruins near Undella Town in Unova, and underneath the Sinnoh region contained a small fragment of the power of Arceus Itself, these men sought to do the unthinkable; Kill Arceus.

    The plan was simple: By means of some unknown machine, the scientists planned to summon Arceus and then drain the Alpha Pokémon of its power, which would be placed inside of soldiers to create the ultimate super soldiers, allowing the group to overrun the people of the world with ease. At least was the theory. However while Section 51 didn’t factor in the appearance of half finished super soldiers in the base defenses, the combined scientists made a further mistake. While the summoning of Arceus was successful, when they attempted to strip it of power, something seemed to have malfunctioned in the system.

    In reality nothing went wrong. However sensing that Arceus was in peril, the other legendaries tried to defend the God of Pokémon in the only way possible. Some of them poured their powers into the commandos assaulting the building, hoping that if the soldiers could arrive in time, the process might be stopped. Others used their own powers to defend Arceus. Both efforts where partially successful, while Arceus was unaffected, the Legendaries trying to defend it where stripped of the powers they had, and died. Those who were attempting to aid the commandos were successful as well, and the strike team managed to reach the lab where the extraction was taking place. However, when the remaining soldiers entered that room, something unforeseen occurred. The machine being used to extract the power of the Legends was turned against the soldiers, who were mostly unaware that they were playing host to the power of Gods, and began to strip those legends aiding them of power as well.

    By this point, it seemed that the only Legends alive were either pushing power into the soldiers, unaware of the fate that awaited them, or Arceus itself, who, stripped of any more protectors, was slowly dying as well. As the strange machine stripped the remaining Legends of their power, Arceus, nearing death, used that last of its power to destroy the machine, just as the last bit of power was absorbed from the other Legendaries.

    The immediate result was incredible. The machine, not yet having transferred the power to the prearranged vessels, and working beyond what it was designed for, exploded with a force that could not be measure in conventional terms. The ball of energy could be seen for thousands of miles in all directions, destroying the chain of Islands that the group had used to hide, and began to expand outwards, threatening to engulf the nearby regions of Sinnoh and Hoenn.

    For in that instant the world might have ended. Every single Legendary Pokémon, Gods thought to be immortal, was dead. With nothing to contain the powers they once held; powers that held the Laws of the Universe intact, time ceased to flow, space became distorted, and the weather began to act in strange ways.

    Yet, the Universe would not be undone that quickly. Instead, the power that was once contained in each Legendary Pokémon rushed into new vessels. The dome of energy abruptly vanished, the explosion’s force lost. Mass panic threatened to ensue, and the World Council took action stepping in to state the explosion was the result of criminal activity, but that the criminals had been dealt with. The public bought the excuse for the most part and life went on.


    Section 51 however was not satisfied with the callous dismissal of such a massive blast (which required a new unit of energy to be created: The blast was rated at one Supernova by Section 51 analysts), and began to launch a covert investigation into what happened. Lead by the only survivor of the massive blast, a man known simply as Cartright, the entire organization began to search for an explanation of what had occurred that day.

    It took them nearly three months to track down a man who claimed to understand the events that had occurred. When they did, the man willingly explained that he had worked for the combined organization for a time, until they had started looking into the creation of super soldiers. He got as far as explaining that Legendaries where involved before someone shot him at long range with a sniper rifle. Section 51 had all the information they need to draw conclusion however. Armed with the knowledge that legendaries were involved, Section 51 began to search for the elusive Pokémon. Normally a needle in a haystack sort of search, the process was complicated by the fact that the leaders of Section 51 were working without government approval.

    However luck was behind them for a time, as almost before the search began, a reconnaissance scan of the area of the blast revealed something shocking. The island was not destroyed, but everything on it was. A through search turned up a single document however, which changed the course of the investigation.

    Laying in the dead center of what was later determined to be the building that kick started the entire affair, was a single sheet of paper, typed, single spaced. The paper was fairly simple, explaining in simplistic terms what had happened months earlier. However, it cut off before explaining the reason for the energy blast vanishing, leaving Section 51 empty handed, besides the knowledge that the legends were dead. However this left a question still unanswered.

    Why wasn’t the world ending?

    This question baffled the brightest minds of the hidden Section 51 for months; theories proposed growing wilder and wilder. Finally almost a full year after the incident, when the public had all but forgotten it, Section 51 found the answer they were seeking. The power of those Legends who had died was now stored in containers around the world. Still working without World Council authorization, Section 51 began to try and find these new containers of Legendary power.

    What began as a simple mission quickly changed however, when the remnants of the combined criminal teams, now calling themselves Team Eclipse, began searching as well.

    Even as Section 51s finest soldiers are scattered to the four winds, racing to find whatever it was that could contain the power of the Gods, Eclipse has given the world and ultimatum. “Surrender the Gods, or blood will rain from the heavens”. These words delivered by a man in a black cloak over world wide Television, carry a chilling message, showing just how far Eclipse is willing to go to obtain the powers of Gods.

    The clock is ticking, on both the search, and the fate of the world.


    Section 51:

    Section 51 is a top secret military group, formed by the World Council, after so many criminal organizations built up, and then got destroyed by singular 10 year old trainers. The objective of Section 51 is simple: to deal with large scale threats, such as Team Plasma, or the newly formed Team Eclipse. Armed to the teeth, and given the most rigorous training possible, a single one of these soldiers can, and often will, kill groups of opposing foot soldiers who outnumber then by as much as twenty or more. In some situations Section 51 operatives are tasked with undercover operations, to infiltrate and destroy groups from the inside out, but most often their plan of attack it to simply kill everything before that can react.

    In terms of equipment, Section 51 is on the cutting edge. Any soldier in Section 51 has access to any modern weapon you can imagine, and sophisticated body armor, which provides complete mobility, but also affords protection from most side arms, and shrapnel.

    Beyond their skill in combat, Section 51 soldiers are also highly skilled battlers, with each soldier having a chance of defeating an Elite Four member, although this would be unlikely.

    However, Section 51 is handicapped by the fact they must answer to the government, and cannot operate in force without the authorization of the World Council, which prevents them from bringing any serious amount of power to bear in countering the threat of Team Eclipse until it might be too late.

    Section 51 is trying to defend the Containers, and destroy Eclipse.


    Team Eclipse: (Notes from the Archives of Section 51)

    Eclipse is a recent occurrence, rising up from nothing and quickly turning into the biggest threat we have faced in recent years. Formed from the remnants of the ragtag coalition made up of the remains of several notorious criminal organizations, Eclipse didn’t seem all that threatening, until we began to search for the Containers. Not long after the first teams where dispatched, Eclipse came on the World Television networks, and even radio, to proclaim the following.

    “To those who it may concern: No matter what happens your efforts will be in vain. Surrender the Gods, or blood shall rain from the Heaves.” When that transmission was complete, the programming returned to normal.

    In the ensuing time, terrorist attacks have happened in every major city, destroying infrastructure, and causing general civilian panic.

    Eclipse is trying to capture the Containers, and then use them to take over the world.


    Legendary Containers:

    The Containers are actually a series of crystals scattered around the globe.

    To gain the legendary's power; a human simply needs to physically touch the crystal. At that point, the crystal is absorbed into the human, and the human now has that legendary's power. This process has a few side effects however. As long as a person holds a crystal inside of them, they will slowly begin to take on the form of the Pokémon that the crystal is associated with. This process is slow, taking between three days and a week, however when complete, that person will in essence become a Legendary Pokémon.

    The process of transformation is slow, and happens in stages. If for instance someone was to acquire the crystal that contained Mew’s powers their transformation might happen something like this: The person’s skin tone would slowly change, becoming pinkish. After a day or two the person might acquire a tail, and ears like Mew. Over the course of another few days, this person would shrink and slowly take on the form of Mew. At any point a person may chose to give up their powers, reverting to a completely normal human once again. However if they chose to take up the crystal again, they will return to their previous state. If a person containing on of these crystals dies, the crystal can be found simply laying next to the corpse.


    Mew: Ana Heartwood played byRoseQuartz
    Mewtwo:Ian Blackwood Played by SoulMuseSuicune:
    Lugia: Kenneth Feilds Played by Avenger Angel
    Latios: Hedge Goldenwood Played by Chili
    Rayquaza: Jasper Raiden played by xX ZeR0 Xx
    Deoxys: Marleena Sonntag played by Chthonic Flames
    Dialga: Henry Reagan Played by Brawlfan1
    Palkia: Nathan Gratus played by Pokelegend
    Darkria: Mikaela "Mia" LeBalnc played by*Jean Grey*
    Victini:Ryder Ralph played by Slipomatic
    Keldeo: Wes Townsend played by Billy

    Ian Blackwood
    Mt. Cornet: Section 51 base

    “Alright people, orders have just come in from up top,” The base commander began without preamble, bringing the meeting to order. “We are moving to end these terrorist threats. In related news, you will be continuing the search for those Crystals, and research will still be working as ordered.” I blinked.

    The commander had always been a serve person, standing at only five eight; he made up for his lack of size with sheer presence. His stocky build and take no prisoners way of acting made sure that we listened to him.

    “Blackwood, I want to talk to you.” With that, the meeting was over. Each group commander already had their orders, to be carried out as they saw fit. I followed the commander into the hallway, letting him speak first.

    “Blackwood, I assume you have you life wrapped up for a while?” I nodded. The commander smiled grimly. “Good, since you are going out in the field. We have located bases in every region thus far, and people are being sent out to deal with them. Right now, your goal is to find and eliminate a pocket of terrorists in Castelia City. Our people there will assist you.” I nodded.

    “Yes sir.” The commander nodded to me, and left. I quickly checked to make sure I had all my things before pulling out a Pokéball, and calling out Gallade. “Castelia City.” I told the swordsman Pokémon, who glowed, and my vision flickered I and was gone.
  2. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Kenneth Fields - Lugia Container
    Section 51
    Castelia City, Unova

    I had been waiting at this old, run-down bus stop across from the blown-out Jirachibucks coffee shop that had been bombed only the night before. Police tape and investigators were searching everywhere, but the whole scenario was like some kind of sick joke. The rain only continued to further compromise the crime scene, meaning the only things that were meaningful had been flushed down the drains hours ago. From where I sat, Team Eclipse had gotten other free ride, and once again, it was Christmas for the bad guys. All the right things were happening to the wrong people.

    And Team Eclipse, the end result of the world's crime syndicates unifying together, had turned Castelia City into a paranoia freak show. Two nights ago, they had set off explosives in a local Pokémart, which killed six people and injured eleven others. And that was only just a taste of the mayhem. In most major cities across the world, there were similar incidents of terrorism and blackmail, giving the world the insane, cultist demand of "surrender the gods, or blood shall rain from the heavens." Most people had no clue what that meant and figured Team Eclipse was muttering gibberish and had gone insane. And others that tried to make sense of their demands knew it was a ransom that seemed impossible to pay. Either way, they were both in the same ditch and Team Eclipse pushed them on to keep shoveling deeper.

    Though they didn't know, Section 51 did. The whole situation was some kind of sick game, and to avoid public outcry and hysteria, Section 51 operatives kept silent and conducted investigations and missions instead, rather than just handing over what they wanted. The issue was that the World Council still held full authority over the organization's actions. And it was clear, those bureaucrats didn't know crap about making a plan of attack or how to initiate counterterrorist responses. We had to do that ourselves and then radio command for authorization only once we had visual on the objective. And very often, hard work and the lives of operatives went to waste if the request was rejected or not approved in time. Three cheers for bureaucracy, only this time, it was Team Eclipse with the pom-poms.

    The message of "give up the gods" was broadcasted worldwide by an anonymous, cloaked figure that Section 51 was simply referring to as "X" as a variable simply for a lack of a name, identity, or even traceable position. We had zero hits on X's broadcasting location and even less about how he managed to hack into worldwide broadcasts in the first place. There literally was nothing for a trail, and we knew with certainty it would happen again in the future. Those that were good at playing a certain game always welcomed the chance to play it again.

    I had gotten up from my seat and started heading down the wet sidewalk, trying to put the limited pieces together, but right now, we had only gotten a peek at the first hand and there were still gambits to be played. The rain was still saturating the dark city streets, and occasionally a car drove by to break the silence. But the city itself always seemed uneasy and anxious now. Everyone was preparing to have to duck and cover at any moment to dodge what could be another explosion about to blast out. Most people stayed home whenever they could, though that didn't guarantee their safety either. People were scared, and they had the right to be.

    The rest of us operatives were working around the clock, trying to locate these "Containers." Once a container crystal was absorbed into a person's body, it was hard to determine the host. I had already absorbed one myself after a run-in with a Team Eclipse operative, and I didn't notice a whole lot of changes, besides trying to piece together the strange, supernatural feeling of it at first. But in less than a minute, it was over, and nothing changed. I felt nothing, like it was just a booby prize.

    Right now, I was supposed to have the little that was left of Lugia's powers, but the whole thing seemed like a lie after I felt like I had inherited nothing. It lead me to believe Team Eclipse was chasing a dream of power that was definitely going to have disappointing results, only everyone else was going to pay for their frustration. I had already notified the active commander about the whole ordeal, and he told me to just hold onto it, leaving it on my lap like it was someone's kid I had to babysit. But I could still smell the plan from a mile off. Section 51 didn't want Team Eclipse to know they already had operatives as Containers. So everything about this had gone off the record and I was left holding this thing indefinitely. And great thing too, because if Team Eclipse found out, most of the hell was going to be shoveled in my face.

    In the meantime, I figured I should probably get out of the cold rain for a while. I saw my reflection in the window and I was starting to look a little pale.
  3. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Nathan Gratus
    Canalave River

    I just noticed a Crystal; a strange, pulsating Crystal which seems to emanate some kind of mythic power. I immediately began carrying my rifle and scanning for adversaries. I slowly headed towards the bizarre object. Space seemed warped as I moved; the distance from it seemed to be greater as I walked closer.

    This must be it. The Crystal doesn't look exactly like what I thought it would. Whatever; it's blatantly that of Palkia, the embodiment of space. Arceus, mythology's awesome.

    I reached out and touched it. It vanished into my hand, and I noticed movement from the woods shortly afterwards. I saw a few Trainers coming from about 15 meters away, and decided that I should escape before anyone takes notice. I quickly dove into the river.
  4. brawlfan1

    brawlfan1 Brawl

    Henry Reagan - Unknowing Dialga Container
    Residence just outside Lilycove, Hoenn

    Everything had gotten so strange since I'd found the crystal. At first I'd thought my watch had broken, or maybe that I'd gotten slower all of a sudden. I assumed it must have been strange little coincidences, but, when you realise there's a spot in the middle of your chest that's glowing light blue, you have to be a bit skeptical.

    My skepticism only had a short chance to be skepticism when it changed to a mix of worry and curiosity. It was when I saw the broadcast. "Surrender the gods or blood will rain down from the heavenss". Could the crystal I had found be part of what team Eclipse wanted? I didn't know. But I did know that there was probably more to the story. The word "gods" gave that away.

    Gods, plural. If I wasn't the only one, there surely must have been somebody else out there. My best bet was contacting the proper authorities. I grabbed my trio of pokéballs and my hammer. I then left the beige bungalo I called home. Hopefully the local officers in town would provide some aid.

    I could only pray to Arceus that whoever sent out the broadcast wouldn't find me.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2012
  5. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Wes Townsend - Keldeo Container
    Townsend Cafe, Dewford Town, Hoenn

    Wes woke up and checked his clock, noticing that it was 11:08 AM. He (or rather his sister) had set his alarm clock to 6:00 AM so he'd be ready to help when the Cafe, which was just under where he and his sister lived, opened at 7:30 AM. See, he and his sister (and also their father, when he wasn't out at sea) lived in a two story building. The first floor was the Cafe, which was run by Wes' sister, Alexis. The second floor was their actual house, which also had a staircase on the outside leading to it in the back, as well as one on the inside. Wes almost never used the inside one, rather tending to go out the back instead. They used to live in a small house nearby, until his sister, with the help of some of the money their father earned from his job and that Wes had gotten from winning tons of battles and had given to her as gift while he was gone, bought this building and then hired renovators to turn into what it was today.

    His sister couldn't be more happy running her own buisness, but Wes hardly was enthusiastic. After all, all he did was man the counter since he can't cook, and as his sister says is "way too clumsy to be put in charge of anything involving cleaning", so Wes didn't really have many options.

    And in the end, Wes couldn't help but feel unnessary. His sister didn't really need him after all at the Cafe; she's a pretty motivated person, so she can easily handle everything by herself. So he figured that he may as well do what he wants, since nothing else is actually required of him, at least at the presant. Eventually he thought that maybe he'd work on his father's fishing vessel, maybe even become captain of it when his father retires, but his father told Wes that he won't allow him to go out to sea with him until he's a full grown man. It's understandable, especially since his mother passed his father has been very protective of Wes and his sister Alexis.

    And that's how life went for Wes, just going out surfing or spending time with his Pokemon, doing what he enjoyed that would pass the time. That is, until a few days ago, when he found that strange crystal on the beach. From the moment he saw it he was sure there was something special about it, which he soon discovered to be true when after it absorbed into his skin, much to his confusion, he tried to run into the water and ended up running over it instead.

    At first he was worried. He was sure that it had something to do with that mysterious message that broadcasted over all the TVs of the world, telling people to "Surrender the Gods, or blood shall rain from the heavens." He'd also heard of some of the gruesome acts Team Eclipse performed, most notiblely the massacre at Fortree City that happened not too long ago. But Wes could feel the crystal's power, and somehow he knew it felt right. Like...this was his destiny, to be the bearer of this crystal; that fate itself placed the crystal on that beach for Wes to find.

    Wes, got out of his bed, and made his way over to the bathroom just across the hall from his bedroom. Closing and locking the door, Wes stripped off his clothes in order to take a early morning (or at least Wes considered 11 o' clock as being "morning") shower to fully wake himself up. As he took off his shirt and looked up in the mirror, he could tell something was definately wrong.

    His hair wasn't brown, it was red. Bright, crimson red.

    Wes stared at himself in the mirror for a couple seconds, astonished by what he saw, before simply uttering, "Oh sh!t."
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2012
  6. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Kenneth Fields - Lugia Container
    Section 51
    Undertow Bar, Castelia City, Unova

    Three hours later and I felt and looked awful. I had been at the bar called the "Undertow," trying to get any kind of lead on the situation. One of my sources, Antonio Rodriguez, was usually able to get me intel, but for a price.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the bar was the usual scene. Deadbeats, single guys trying to get the next score, the drifters, the scum, those that tried to drown the past, and everything in between. A dusty haze filled the air, flushing the room with the scent of alcohol and smoke. From the outside, we really weren't beautiful and unique snowflakes after all. We were all part of the same compost heap.

    In the meantime, I was a train wreck. I looked like I hadn't seen sunlight for months, and my mind was racing. I was always under stress, but it felt unusual tonight. Mission directions, bombings, Containers, Eclipse. It was a carousel of anarchy and I wasn't sure who was the operator that refused to shut it down and let everyone get the hell off this sick ride.

    "Damn, man, you look terrible," Antonio told me after I had met him in a worn-down, wooden booth. "Up all night?"

    "I haven't slept for the last three days," I told him, knowing a third beer couldn't possibly make things any worse than how they were already. "There's X, Eclipse, and I'm sure there's plenty of others. The whole thing is a jigsaw puzzle and I barely even have the first ten pieces."

    "These Eclipse guys have connections, Ken," He told me, and I wasn't sure whether that was a warning or not. "Probably in the police as well. Heck, I wouldn't put it past them to immerse themselves into the investigations. You know, to dick around with the evidence. But they're going even further than that."

    I found it hard to focus. Like everything in my head was just a bad bowl of vomit in my head and puking it out and starting over was the only way to go. Confusion... sometimes it was just the worst kind of weakness and pain that anyone could be hit with.

    "So what are they planning next?" I asked him, not sure if I really wanted a full answer to that question.

    "Mayor Rosenberg," He told me, looking around. "The funeral for those four dead cops killed in last week's bombing that's supposed to happen two days from now. Don't tell me you didn't think Eclipse wouldn't rub more salt into that open wound, and try to rip it even wider."

    "So what the hell are they planning?" I asked, thinking that was just too insane to be possible.

    "They're pulling strings," he replied. "You really didn't think something wouldn't happen there? Their plan is a well-oiled machine. Don't tell anyone, but I've heard there will be a bomb and three shooters. Laurence Rosenberg is one target, and CCPD police commissioner Arnold Davis is another. I don't know who the others are."

    Damn it, as if this couldn't get any worse. Still, I figured what he told me was enough. He was hard to read, and maybe my mind was playing tricks, but thinking about it just made it hurt. Assassins. And who were the moles? And who was X? So how much did Rodriguez actually know? I looked at him, trying to discern the signs in his face, and then all of a sudden, I got so much more than I bargained for.

    ...it's congressional all right he's totally unaware but damn he doesn't see it coming and even I don't know all the details but I'm totally sure there's at least one presidential leader in the World Council that isn't who he seems to be and it could take decades before they ever figure out who it is and I think...

    His thoughts. Were those really his thoughts or was I just imagining it? He wasn't giving me the whole story. Fair enough, I could understand why, but then I was wasting my time here, and it proved I couldn't totally trust him. But what the hell with the thoughts? Was I really reading them, or was I just imagining it? As a strange test, I looked across the room, spotting a young, brunette female typing away on her computer. I then focused my mind on her.

    ...this photo of me is such bullcrap and I can't believe this thing was uploaded and now look this one guy's sharing it with his guy friends and I can't understand why they'd find something so stupid so funny and...

    And for a strange moment, I was able to see things from her eyes. In a hazy blur, there was this fuzzy, dreamlike trance, and I caught a glimpse of her social networking site, and the photo in question. It was her, passed out on a couch, probably unaware she was being photographed. But how... how did I suddenly know this?

    Another guy in the corner. Looked depressed, drowning his sorrows. His hair was a mess, his face could be due for a shave, and he looked drunk already.

    ...Damn damn damn I just can't understand why I'm here again and I know she's going to find out I've been here again all night and I'd rather not deal with her crap right now I guess it could wait until morning and damn at least I'm not that guy who seems to be throwing up in the bathroom and I wonder how old that guy is..."

    I swore, reading thoughts and minds was like a runaway car going in any direction it felt like that just didn't know how to stop. I couldn't understand how and why I was able to do this, but oddly enough, it was becoming more and more familiar as time went on.

    I felt like I was going to vomit.

    "You alright, man?" Rodriguez asked me, giving me a weird look.

    "...Not really," I told him, although it probably wasn't what he thought it was. "I think... I'd better get home early. Listen... was there anything else I should know?"

    "That's it for now," He told me, obviously covering up a lot that he seemed to want to kept hidden. "I'll let you know if anything comes up or find anything more."

    ...He's suspecting something but I've got to keep it under a tight cover since I know Ken likes asking around and getting into crap and if that crap comes back to me it'll be my head on a stick and damn it for once I'd like to keep my hands off this thing because it's only getting worse and I've got a wife and two girls I've got to feed and I'm not good to them dead...

    He had his reasons, and for that, I could forgive him. Even he was scared, and unlike the mobs, even Rodriguez didn't want to get deep into this, and for that, I couldn't even blame him. I got up from my seat, feeling woozy, and in the process of putting my hands on the table, I saw how white and pale my skin had gotten. I wasn't sure if this was a really bad sickness, and I wasn't sure if the nausea was from drinking, insomnia, confusion, or being out in the rain too long.

    Still, before long, I headed out of there, making my way through the crowd, and back into the rainy streets of Castelia. For now, I just needed to head back to my apartment, and wait for the next order. My source was not going to give me any leads at the moment, and I wasn't sure where to pick up from here. Meanwhile, it wasn't like I could tell Section 51 what happened here. I just had to take the little that I did hear and keep it in mind. Trust was not something I could easily afford to give in this mess.
  7. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Nathan Gratus
    Canalave River

    I felt everything around me become indiscernable as I fell into the river. I slowly started sinking. After about a minute or so, I reached the bottom, and the current had swept me out into the ocean. I decided to come up for air. As I started swimming, the distance from the surface was reduced dramatically and I shot up as, rather than having to swim up for several yards to take a fresh breath, the height decreased from several meters to just a few inches. I kept on drifting for a while.

    The shore of Canalave City was far off; it was about half a kilometer away. I had gone further than I thought. I found it to be a shame that I didn't need to kill anybody to obtain the Crystal, and quite trivial that the Pokémon League hadn't sought after it. Perhaps they didn't have satellites meant to scan for traces of Legendary energy like Team Eclipse does; perhaps they were simply too late. Whatever the case may have been, the power over space is now mine.

    They were meant to send a helicopter to recover me once I retrieved it. The extraction point was to be at Canalave Harbor. I searched the sky for the chopper. I found it a few hundred feet away. I began swimming back. After about 5 minutes, I was there. I climbed up onto the docks.

    They sent me and issued a silenced magnum in the case that someone got to it first; the Container would have been extremely conspicuous. I started looking at myself, and, of course, my skin has begun turning pallid and tough. My shoulders have a strange, slightly purple hue, and now I am capable of warping dimensions.

    Soon, the helicopter arrived. No one was here today; everyone was at the beach a few blocks away from here, and this dock is being renovated; the workers are on break today. I climbed up and got on. We left for headquarters. I looked around and waited for a few hours as we traveled southwest.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2012
  8. brawlfan1

    brawlfan1 Brawl

    Henry Reagan - Dialga Container
    Streets of Lilycove

    As I strolled quickly through the streets, people seemed to slow down around me. I could hear conversations slow down and get deeper in pitch, then return again as they left my radius. I looked down, and noticed suddenly that my skin had turned.. bluer. Not only that, but I noticed faintly glowing blue strips appeared to be going down my arms. Thankfully, my hoodie seemed to cover most of it up.

    I hurried myself along to the local precinct. The place was cold and bland. White floors, white walls, a bit of blue here and there. Nothing special. I approached the counter, and a woman greeted me. I told my story. It made the officer seemed like she was about to laugh. So I showed her the crystal that had developped on my chest. Her eyes bugged out like a Yanma. I then pointed to a clock and then to her watch. "Watch this" I told her; no pun intended.The clock began to tick very slowly, a second would show for what should have been 4 of them. Her watch was given an opposite effect: I sped it up, it was spinning.

    I focused, and put them back to regular time. The officer was shocked. She picked up a white phone beside her, fumbling. "He-hello? Sir, we... I..." She paused, a voice obviously returning to her. "Well, sir, there's a man here. He seems to be displaying qualities the like that broadcast was after". Another pause. "Temporal alterations sir. No sir. Yes sir." She looked up at me. "The chief wants to speak to you personally. His office is down the right hall, at the back, door marked 'Chief of Police'".

    I followed te directions down the bland hallway, but I came to a door that seemed a bit more... dented, well used. I knocked. "Enter." a deep, gruff voice resounded. I wasn't going to keep a man who sounded like that waiting, especially not if he was the Chief of Police. I entered.
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  9. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Kenneth Fields - Lugia Container
    Section 51
    Kenneth's Apartment, Castelia City, Unova

    I had gotten back to my apartment, and found the large, wooden crate by the door. The apartment itself was a mess, but it was only temporary. Or at least that's the lie I kept telling myself. The fact I hated this place and wanted to get out of here was much more of an honest reflection. I was only here until as long as they needed me to be. Simply waiting for activation.

    And that's just what I got.

    I had only settled in for about an hour before the phone call. They didn't use a hardwire either, they contacted me on my cell.

    "Fields, this is command," Someone I didn't recognize told me. "You're being called in to provide security detail for the memorial service that will be taking place two days from now."

    "My source informed me that Rosenberg and Davis are the potential targets," I told them, not surprised they were sending me on this. "He said to expect three shooters and an explosive charge."

    As I told him this and held the phone to my ear with my shoulder, I unwrapped the box. I found they had sent me a PSG1 sniper rifle in a metal crate, non-assembled, as well as camouflage chest and leg armor, along with a pair of boots and a radio headset.

    "We have reason to believe casualties may be in the hundreds if this operation fails," He told me in a gruff voice. "We cannot afford to screw this up."

    "If you ask me, I'd say call off the public service and make it go private," I told him, knowing that was the logical thing to do. "This isn't worth the risk."

    "That's not your call," He told me, insisting I bear the grief of trying to avoid all hell from breaking loose. "I asked you for your cooperation, not your personal input. Is that clear?"

    "Affirmative," I told him, hanging up the phone.

    Damn, I didn't need this. As for the package, I figured they had pretty much made their minds up long before they had even decided to send it to me. The PSG1 wasn't a gun I was particularly familiar with, but even if I had objected, they would have told me to shut up and use it anyway. As for the armor, it was a laugh. I was betting they didn't even get the size right. Figured I might as well find out so I could tell them to send me another for that special moment when I started getting shot at.

    I had taken off my shirt, and in those few moments, I had gotten the full story. Just like that. At first I really did think the light gray and pale skin was because of sickness. That was until I noticed the skin on my chest had gone blue, of all colors. I had quickly run to the bathroom, because it was obvious not a damn thing was right here. I pushed the door aside and threw on the lights, expecting the worst.

    "What... the hell?" I spat, looked at myself in the mirror.

    I hated what I saw. I looked at my face and I knew my time at the bar was pretty much the last time I could appear in public. My nose was bent down, my eyes were shadowed in blue and I could feel a bump coming out of my head.

    I did the math and I realized what the hell was happening. It was like being in one of the worst kinds of nightmares, where there's something pricking you in the back only there's nothing you can do about it until you wake up. I looked awful, and I realized this definitely had something to do with the Container. It seemed there really was an effect, only it was slow. It explained why I was able to hijack into people's minds at the bar. I was slowly turning into Lugia. And it was like some bad dream where I kept chasing myself when it was a dead memory I was following all along. Damn it.

    I decided to just put on the armor and cover up as much of the mess as I could. I was wrong, it did seem to fit okay for now. After that, I figured I probably drank until I passed out on the bed. At least I made it that far.
  10. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Nathan Gratus
    Team Eclipse Headquarters

    I woke up. It's now the day after I retrieved the Crystal; I'm still the Container of Palkia. This can be easily perceived; I got ready for the day in my quarters and went to the bathroom to get dressed. I threw on a solid black t-shirt and some swim trunks, as I usually do. I'm looking at myself now. My skin is extremely pale now; anyone can notice that it's not my normal skin tone, or even ordinary at all. My shoulders are glowing now, and I can see their purple light scintillating through my shirt. My skin is turning tough and scaly.

    I'm going to get my weapons, now. I think I'll watch some TV. I'm heading over there now, to turn it on. It's already on what I wanted to watch: the international news.

    My tailbone is starting to itch.

    I'm going to the couch to sit down, now.

    "Among other news, the criminal syndicate which demanded for the League to surrender the Gods initiated another terrorist attack in Opelucid City."

    It's different looking at the world from being on the inside; it's entertaining to know some things which regular people have no idea is being planned out. It's awesome to know that all the world knows is how to react once the actions are carried out. It's satisfying to watch the world look in terror as it falls apart, without a single idea of what's going on and why things are happening like how they are.
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  11. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Kenneth Fields - Lugia Container
    Section 51
    Kenneth's Apartment, Castelia City, Unova

    Before I went to sleep, I told myself not to keep looking in the mirror every hour of the night. Mentally, I was exhausted, so it wasn't a surprise when I went to sleep and stayed asleep. The TV I must have left on all night was covering another bombing incident in Opelucid. The details were hazy, something about a car bomb outside a book store and at least ten dead, although it was unclear and just when I thought I'd get the full story, they put some live caller on the line and I could barely make out what the hell they were wailing about. Haze, reporters, the voices, it all churned into a migraine. It was even a struggle to grab the remote and just shut it up.

    I woke up feeling just freaking awful, and realized I had been sleeping in the armor they had given me all night long, forgetting to take it off, or was too damn drunk to even remember. I rolled on my stomach, and for the first time, I felt disgustingly fat and bloated. Moaning, I realized the chest armor I slept in didn't even completely cover my now bulging, blue gut, and after deciding not to lie on my stomach, I decided to lay on my back, only I discovered something new. At first I thought I sat on something thick and rod-shaped until I realized that something was coming out of my ass. I quickly sat up and realized overnight, I had grown a freaking Lugia tail and it had torn a hole out of the seat of my pants and was now dangling out at least two feet.

    Everything else felt swollen. My hands, my legs, my feet, everything. All this made for the absolute worst hangover anyone could ever go through. Last night, the armor was actually fine. Now it was tight and uncomfortable, and I figured it was only going to get worse throughout the day. I figured I could at least get my shoes on and after trying for a good ten minutes, I managed to painfully stuff both three-toed Lugia feet into a size twelve shoe, only it was horribly uncomfortable, and I knew within hours my feet would probably rip them to shreds as they grew bigger. Damn, and I hadn't even looked at my face yet. I was just about to go check when the freaking phone rang. Frustrated, I got back on my feet, stumbled around a bit from the hangover and feeling strange about walking, and made my way to the phone.

    "Fields," I spoke, feeling like total crap at that moment.

    "It's Commander Hanes, everything's set," the active commander told me. "Your post at tomorrow's ceremony will be the roof of the Triple Pearl Hotel, 0800 hours. Maintain radio contact unless directed otherwise. That is all."

    And that was it. Barely even a mission briefing. What the hell was wrong with these guys? I swore, nothing was making sense about these directives. They almost never kept me in the dark like this.

    From now on, I figured I had to lay low. Not even let myself be seen by the police or even other Section 51 operatives. I felt like calling him up and telling him about the Lugia changes, but he'd never believe it. Not until he saw it. And that would probably only happen when it was too late.
  12. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Nathan Gratus
    Team Eclipse Headquarters

    I was sitting down on the couch, watching the news when a couple of probationary officers on my team knocked on my door. I headed over there, unlocked it, and let them in. I picked up a glass and considered going to the sink to fill it with water when I remembered that Palkia was capable of manipulating water; I filled it on my own after a few seconds of deep concentration. I already notified my team of my status yesterday, so this was no surprise to them. The pair of troopers who came in are quite young; Kardia, a 17-year old brown-haired tan chick, and Dianoi, a 19-year-old blond dude. It's easy to work with people around your age. My back is starting to feel strange.

    "Sir: General Bohr issued a mission to us. He wants us to deliver it to the team, including you, sir. We're departing towards Sunyshore City at 1300. They want us to sabotage the local power grid. We're leaving via your helicopter." Kardia said.

    "Alright, then. I'll be on the rooftop at the heli-pad by 1230, probies. Do you want a drink? I've got about 20 different kinds of vodka and wine."

    "No; you should save it for your superior officers when you're trying to get promoted; but I would like some Kyurem Energy Drink." Dianoi replied.

    "Yeah; I'd just like some water." Kardia said.


    This is actually going to be their last mission working under me before being relocated. I considered that for a couple of minutes as I gave them their drinks. The small of my back feels odd.

    "Come on; sit down on the couch and watch some of the news."

    "Alright. It seems that the mission in Opelucid yesterday was a success." Kardia pointed out as she took a seat.

    The TV read "Business Magnate Dead" while the reporter was talking.

    "-was killed by shrapnel from the car bomb's explosion. His company, Bastiodon Steel, will be passed on to the other shareholders, who each owned 20% of the company's shares: the company president and former director, and his son-" the reporter said before being cut off.

    I changed the channel to Sevii Television. We already knew everything about how it's going to go from here. The people who are now in charge of the company work for us; the hit was ordered on the owner to put it in their control.

    "We're going to go back now and get ready; we've got to get our Pokémon and go to the armory, et cetera. By the way: your changes into Palkia are easily noticeable." Kardia said as she got up with Dianoi.

    "Yeah; I know."

    My tailbone is feeling weird now.

    I got up off the couch. I see that my hair is turning gray and rough. There is a bulge in the seat of my pants.

    They're noticing how different I look, but they are far from surprised. Dianoi is keeping on looking at my shoulders as I'm leading them out the door. I am turning around to go back and watch the show. Kardia is still staring at my rear.
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  13. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    Ryder Ralph – Victini Container
    Route 27, Kanto

    It wasn’t often that I walked down what used to hold trainers who were tough. Nowadays though, there seemed to be very few who travelled here, thanks the paranoia that started when Team Eclipse started with their demands to surrender the gods. I had laughed it off when I heard about it, but my amusement had ended shortly after I had absorbed the strange crystal that I was studying. What I could conclude though was that it never went inside me until I touched it with my bare hands. I didn’t feel anything strange when I absorbed but after I had left the following morning after I had absorbed it, I felt slightly sick. I had noticed that my skin was changing ever so slowly to a light cream color, which was hard to differentiate from my normal tan color. What I didn’t notice was that I was slowly shrinking as I continued walking down this quiet road.

    I did start picking up a strange sixth sense that I couldn’t quite figure out, but I felt like I was more aware of my surroundings. I wasn’t too sure as to what traits I was picking up, so I ignored my developments as I walked down this road. I was a bit lonely, but I didn’t want to trouble my beloved pokemon with the issue of simply walking. I could tough this out… On second thought I’ll be fine with just having Raila out. I took her pokeball from my belt and tossed it out and watched as she appeared from her pokeball. She is such a beautiful umbreon. The color of her rings, the silkiness of her fur, it was just exquisite. She looked around questioningly as there didn’t seem to be anything that required her to be out. I sighed dreamily before realizing that I had started to zone out with admiring my pokemon and said, “I just felt a little lonely. Out of our little group, you’re the only one I trust to not act mischievous.”

    She nodded and walked close to me, looking up occasionally. She seemed to be happy as we walked along in silence. There wasn’t really anything to talk about. If only there was someone to battle. I really wanted to battle. It was like I had this burning desire to battle, which is very strange for me. I never really had this strong of a desire to battle before.
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  14. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Wes Townsend - Keldeo Container
    Townsend Cafe, Dewford Town, Hoenn

    Just in case the whole thing was a practical joke from his friends, Wes immediately got into the shower to see if it would wash off. When he got out and wiped the foggy mirror though, his hair was still just as red as it was when he got in.

    "Maybe they used hair dye..." Wes tried to assure himself that this was just a prank on him, that this wasn't some side-effect of the crystal, but he knew that had to be why his hair was like this. He wasn't afraid of the side-effects in actuallity; he was afraid that his sister would find out about it now. He could hide it from her easily as long as he didn't use his powers around her, but she'd know something it up now that his hair is red. And he just knew she'd chew him out for accepting the crystal's power, despite the danger related to it.

    Afraid of his sister's wrath and not currently sure what he'd say to explain his hairs' change in color, Wes put on a new set of khaki shorts and a t-shirt, put on his sandals, and made his way out of the back door in the house, checking behind his back to make sure Alexis wasn't around. After getting a short distance away, he changed his pace to a full on sprint and ran out of town towards the beach before anyone noticed him.


    A couple hours later...

    Wes sat on the beach looking out towards sea, his three Pokemon resting by a nearby palm tree. Things hadn't gotten any better for Wes, as since then his hair somehow grew a sizeable amount in the past few hours, and he could've sworn the rest of his body was growing hair as well. He tried to think about how or why this would happen for the longest time, and after a few hours of thinking it over, he felt he knew the answer.

    When he visited his cousins in Unova, he'd heard about some of the local legends that were well known there; and one of said legendaries was a Pokemon named Keldeo. And he'd also heard about how all the legends, according to rumors, died about a year ago. Wes felt that somehow, the crystal he'd taken had the power of Keldeo, and for some reason was changing Wes into Keldeo's likeness. It made since when he thought about it, as Keldeo had the ability to run on water, and also had a red mane. One question remained in his mind however: how much of him is going to change? Was the hair the only thing? Would he grow a tail too or something? Or...maybe it wouldn't stop until...

    Wes pushed the thought out of his mind. Even if it would come to that, he didn't want to think about it. He'd made his decision to accept the crystal's power, and he was going to stick with it, no matter what.

    Realizing that it was getting late, he called his Pokemon back and began to make his way back to Dewford Town. He knew he'd have to tell his sister sooner or later, so he figured it'd be best to deal with it now. After all, he wasn't planning on being a hermit for the rest of his life. Wes just hoped she wouldn't be too pissed of...
  15. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Kenneth Fields - Lugia Container
    Section 51
    Kenneth's Apartment, Castelia City, Unova

    I had gotten well past that point where it might not be such a great idea to appear in public. Thankfully, I never got visitors, because if I did, they'd be horrified out of their god-forsaken minds at what I looked like.

    I had to search for my own facts about the memorial service. I dug a bit up on the Internet alone and found that security was going to be tight, and the appearance of some well known faces around town would be there for the memorial service that would travel from Amos Street to the Heartland Cemetery. Hundreds of police officers were expected to be there, along with security guards, but that was meaningless to me. Team Eclipse had already gotten themselves into the security staff. I was sure about that. And separating the real cops from the disguised Team Eclipse jackasses would be impossible.

    That was... unless I started reading minds, probing anyone's thoughts that looked suspicious. With flappy hands like this, there wasn't a chance in hell I'd get one of these fat fingers around the trigger of that PSG1 sniper rifle. Heck, with the way things were going, I'd be lucky if I was able to show up to this thing being able to wear pants.

    And my armor was already starting to rip in places. I was gaining a ridiculous amount of weight by the hour, I could barely type with these hands that I realized were trying to become wings. I could have laughed about my participation in the operation tomorrow. I couldn't provide sniper cover for the life of me like this. At best, I'd have to be a spotter and flag targets for other people to shoot at. And hell yes, I'd have to make sure I stayed out of sight, because I doubted the next 24 hours were going to do me any favors appearance wise.

    All the while I typed at the computer, seams in the uniform tore open, tears were ripped through, and more blue and light gray skin was exposed. I really didn't feel like looking at the mirror, but I felt with my hand that I was growing a central spike arched backward, and those blue spike formations were already forming around my eyes. I could also feel those plate spines emerging from my back. Meanwhile, I had been spitting out teeth all morning. My stomach was gurgling, my bones were shifting and locking into new places, and all the while, I was wishing this blasted process would just hurry up and get the misery over with.

    I stood up, suddenly stumbling out of my crappy desk chair as more tears were ripped into the uniform and it was becoming that much harder to stand upright and walk normally. After I stood up, I felt the Lugia tail was long enough to touch the ground now, and I could even wag and coil the damn thing around now totally on my own. I swore, in a few hours, this uniform would fall apart right off my body and I'd probably have to resort to cutting holes in the bedsheet and attempt to wear that as clothing, although that already felt pointless. Meanwhile, I was getting bigger and taller by the hour, enough to the point where tonight, I figured it might be a good idea to sleep somewhere outside, since with the way I was growing in size, I might not be able to make it through the door in the morning and then I'd be trapped in this apartment until my body even outgrew that. Wouldn't that make that fat, jackass of a landlord thrilled when half of the third floor fell apart.

    Out of all the equipment they gave me, the only thing I'd actually be able to use was the headset. As I thought it over, that might be all I needed. I could flag the suspects, report it on the radio, and hopefully those idiots would be smart enough to apprehend them before something stupid happened. As for the bomb, one of those bastards would know where it was, and hopefully I could figure it out.

    And it didn't take long until the chest area of the armor had been stretched so far out that my blue-colored belly busted right out of it. Boy, did that make me feel like a total fatass. After that, I figured I'd get to work on that second set of clothing while I still had something for hands. I decided to rip off the rest of the armor, which barely took any effort at all as it was almost about to fall apart anyway. Working with the dark gray bedsheets and the dark gray comforter, I managed to cut holes in the comforter for the feet, although I kept the rest of the legs covered. I knew these knees would lock up eventually while my legs inflated and I'd have to waddle to get around on foot. There was plenty of slack in the makeshift clothing, and I knew I'd need it because even though I was about eight feet tall now, there was still plenty of height and weight that had to be slapped on before this was over with. Lastly, I covered my back and chest with the two gray sheets, covering my back, chest, and improvising a hood to shroud my face. It was extremely baggy for now, but at the current rate, there was no telling how long that'd last.

    Despite the new, improvised clothing, it was still crystal clear I wasn't human and still being seen in public like this wouldn't fool a soul. My white arms were sticking out and were now beginning to look like a Lugia's wings. Second, there wasn't a thing I could do about the tail, which was sticking out of the seat of my makeshift "pants." Lastly, there wasn't a pair of shoes on the planet that could fit my feet now, and they were only going to get bigger as time went on.

    I figured I'd spend the rest of the day on my stomach, watching TV, and avoid going outside for as long as possible. Half the channels were about all the crap Team Eclipse was doing, and I had gotten sick of that already. Everything else was home shopping crap, talk shows, a stupid realty TV show, cooking network, and a bunch of movies I've either already seen at least three times over or didn't give a damn about in the first place. All the while, treated to the pleasantries of hearing my insides undergo renovations and my neck grow longer. I kept switching channels until my hand had become too much of a Lugia wing to press the tiny damn buttons on the remote, and I kept overshooting the channel button to accidently press the stupid mute and input source button at least six times. I then figured out how to use telekinesis on the remote, which was actually a much simpler and easier way of changing these stupid channels.

    And I just loafed there, watching some stupid "Beyond the Music" thing or whatever. Sure wouldn't miss this boob tube when this was all over with.
  16. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Nathan Gratus
    Sunyshore City

    My team and I are waiting in the chopper; we're still a bit away from the city. We've been riding for just a few hours now. It didn't seem that we had to travel very far, actually; it's only 1600. My new ability to distort and control space makes things far more simple.

    We're off the southern coast of it. A couple of officers are preparing to dive off the helicopter into the water and plant some charges around the supporting pillars for the city's bridge. We're about 100 meters above sea level. The pilot slowly had the helicopter descend as they took the explosives and shoved them into their suits. We got down to about 50 meters when two of the cops' helicopters intercepted us.

    "We are the federal police of Sinnoh! This is unauthorized airspace and you are piloting an unidentified vehicle! We will have to ask you to leave! Failure to comply within 30 seconds will result in-ah; screw it! Just shoot them; they're not going anywhere!"

    Lieutenant Kardia had the left turret; she fired on the first helicopter. She hit it directly in the pilot's seat with about 50 bullets or so; with the pilot dead, it crashed down into the bridge. The scene exploded. It left a huge gash in the bridge, and the city's power flickered for a moment.

    I couldn't get a clear view of whoever was on the right turret, but when the other one started shooting at us, he shot up it's rotory blades and the people in the center. The helicopter spun out of control, and I got to see all the damage when it came around the left side. He shot and killed the turret man. It crashed into the water, and the police agents tried to get out. They opened the door and tried to swim up as their aircraft sank, but I caused the water level to rise just beyond each of their reaches, and drowned them. The two people who grabbed the explosives are reaching for the parachutes. We're now just about 20 meters above.

    "Don't worry about jumping; this will be easier. You might want to put in your air tanks. Now."

    They are following my orders now; I am warping them off the helicopter and into the water. They're swimming towards the first pillar.

    We're heading for the next ones. It's taking only about five minutes. Now that everyone with the explosives and the detonators has been off for a minute or so, I feel like doing some damage and wrecking this f*cking town.

    I'm charging up my energy; I saw the lighthouse, and now I am firing a colossal attack on it.

    I crushed and twisted space; I'm rending the building to particles of dirt and rubble. The top half of it is being torn to pieces; it's collapsing, and everyone in it is dying. I'm brutally murdering everyone who I see in it, altering space so that immense chunks of concrete and sheet metal are tearing up everyone in it, tearing their guts open and chopping their heads into slices of flesh like a meat grinder as the tower falls apart. I'm managing to electrocute a few people as well, with wires and Tesla coils, and they're screaming at me now.

    Shut the fvck up; that's not pain! You haven't even gotten a taste of pain! Today, everyone dies! So, what if your head is being torn open and your brains are spilling out while you're is on fire, your chest, leg, or arm is crushed beneath a quarter-ton boulder, and your insides are being chopped up into unrecognizable heaps? That's no pain! It serves you properly for all of the anguish and misery which you all have caused! Suffer.

    I'm splitting the bridge with unbelievable ire, and, consequentially, about half of the city is losing power.

    I am getting up and preparing to teleport myself to the city's power plant with some plastic explosives. The helicopter is coming within about 50 meters of it. It's easily perceptible that I am gradually tranforming into Palkia. My tailbone is feeling strange, pushing out against the back of my swim trunks, ramming up against the seat of my pants, and forming a bump about 25 centimeters long. It feels different getting up out of my seat. My shoulder blades are also sticking out a bit, becoming slightly more like fins. My hair is turning gray and rough while my reptilian skin is getting harder and scalier. My shoulders are now sparking a bright purple light.

    I see that they seem to have discovered what we are doing and positioned about 30 policemen around the front door; it's a clever decision to shock them by coming from the side.

    I'm walking off towards the edge to warp myself onto the ground. I am feeling something grabbing the base of my spine. Kardia is still in her turret seat, gripping and touching my new tail while I am trying to walk off.

    "Come back alive." Kardia said.

    I am flexing my bulging new appendage. She is taking notice of it and letting go. I am moving it up and down repeatedly against my taut shorts as she is loosening her grip on my new tail growth.

    She seems remarkably interested in how I am growing a tail.

    "I always do."

    I walked off and landed on the ground after about a minute.
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  17. brawlfan1

    brawlfan1 Brawl

    Henry Reagan - Dialga Container
    Lilycove Police Station

    I slowly stepped in, and looked up at the man at the desk. He was just slightly shorter than myself, and clearly had the sheer bulk that a man with his time on the force would require. He hadn't shaved in a couple days, it was showing, his brown eyes looked bleak. The man, "Dennis Peters", according to the plaque on his desk, had one hell of a situation, and it wasn' hard to tell what it was. He looked up at me, and in the same gruff voice that called me in, he ordered me to "Sit down". I did, but not without noticing it felt like I had sat on something. I repositioned myself, looking down. A short beginning of a tail was there.

    A tail?!

    I refocused, this was not the time for analysis of my recent appendage growth. The officer showed me a bit of a smile, "You're probably the only movement we've actually had around here to all the recent attacks," he sighed "Honestly, you've only got 2 options". He looked at me, stared right into my eyes, I saw something stronger than when I'd first seen them. "You can surrender, you can fight".

    "With all due respect, sir, I'm not one to give up." I told him.

    "So that leaves a fighter." He chuckeld. Just then a knocking came in at the door. "Yeah?" the chief asked. A younger voice came through the door "Sir, major attacks just came up over in Sunyshore."

    "It's Sinnoh, what's it got to do with us?"

    "They just sent out this report to everyone, it says that the lighthouse was 'rended apart by space itself'. It's bad, sir."

    The chief's eyes widened, he sent the man on the other side away, "I'll be out soon, just dealing with another part of this mess." He stared down, "We've only got one real option, I guess," He reached for the phone, "Look, I can't help you, but I'm sure of one thing, there's gotta be a plan upstairs by now."

    "I'm gonna make some calls, you can go back to the entrance. Let's hope I can find somebody with an idea of what's going on."

    I did as he asked.
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  18. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    Ryder Ralph – Victini Container
    Tohjo Falls, Johto

    Ah this famous place. It was once said that on a clear, full moon night, couples who dated around here were guaranteed a happy life in marriage. I didn’t really believe in such nonsense, but it was indeed a very beautiful place. The waterfall that hid a passage through the mountain would always create enough mist to have a constant rainbow when it was sunny. Unfortunately, Raila didn’t seem to enjoy it when she shook her fur and it poofed out slightly, causing me to smirk at her while she looked at me with annoyance. I returned her as I knew she would brood and snarl at everything in her current mood. I walked inside the cave, making sure I didn’t slip on the smooth, wet, rocks. It was a good thing I had a water type pokemon with me. Although I didn’t let him out often, he was good company to have.

    I released Rizar in the cave and he immediately was on alert. Normally, I’d have to coax him into walking with me in caves as there tended to be pokemon who exploited his weakness. Then again, he did look a bit larger than normal. I looked down at myself and almost screamed. I was definitely shorter than I was when I was walking down the road. I also felt something protruding from my lower leg and I looked at them. I felt myself go pale as I saw what looked to be small wings growing from my lower calves. I could have sworn I saw it twitch when I thought about them. I felt sicker than before as I walked in a sort of daze. I wasn’t really aware of my surroundings as I felt very nauseous. I didn’t know why my stomach churned. Rizar seemed to notice my condition and had led me back out of the cave and a little ways away from the road and away from the waterfall. I just felt horrible, not to mention I felt my waist shrinking and squeezing my insides. It was just too much for me. I had to vomit, so I gave in.

    I didn’t know how long I was out, but when I woke up, I was looking into a very worried pair of violet eyes. As soon as I recognized that I was looking into Rizar’s eyes, I saw as his eyes become watery as he nuzzled into my face, making happy noises as he saw that I was awake. I sat up slowly, still feeling nauseous and soon noticed that I was sitting up a lot shorter than I’m supposed to be. I sighed as I ran a hand through Rizar’s fur, and a hand through my hair, only to stop when I felt something that was definitely not my hair. I felt around what appeared to be a v-shaped hair, yet it felt more like it was my ears I was messing with. I gingerly touched where my ears were supposed to be and became pale when I noticed that my ears weren’t there. Those things that I was feeling on top of my head were my ears. The only thing I heard before I fainted from shock again was Rizar’s cry of shock as I passed out again.
  19. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Nathan Gratus
    Sunyshore City

    I stepped on the ground and the cops turned to the side. They kept talking about how they thought they heard something and should check it out. As they came around, I fired a blast of draconic energy and tore a huge opening in the side and the top of the building; you could say that I'm blowing the roof off this place.

    The policemen ran towards me and started firing in my direction. They're sending all sorts of Pokémon out at me; I'm shooting blasts of space-warping energy out at them, and shattering their town, their bullets, and their bones. I'm blasting a huge volume of water launched under great pressure at them. It's knocking them over; they're getting soaked and blown back several meters.

    I'm entering the Power Plant. Everybody is starting to turn and look at me. I'm launching colossal Dragon energy at them, killing a few people. I just noticed the power generator. I'm planting a package of C-4 by it and throwing a few semtex grenades at it now. I'm shooting all of the witnesses as I'm leaving the scene.

    "You can't do thi-" one resistant civilian said before I shot him.

    The explosives detonated as I headed off the cliff and into the water. My team should be detonating the charges which they planted on the pillars which hold up the walkway about now. I'm hearing an immense explosion and several inhabitants screaming as their city is being ruined.

    The extraction helicopter is coming down now to pick each of us up from the water. They spotted me and are picking me up after about 5 minutes of searching. Then they found everybody else after about half an hour.

    Now I'm waiting as the chopper heads back.
  20. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Wes Townsend - Keldeo Container
    Townsend Cafe, Dewford Town, Hoenn

    "What the hell were you thinking?!"

    Wes just shook his head at his sister's reaction. He'd just spend the last few minutes telling her what was happening, and of course the moment he was done she went straight to getting mad at him for his decision.

    "Do you realize how dangerous that thing is? That Team Eclipse group will kill anyone and destroy anything in their way to get their hands on that thing. Didn't you hear about what happened in Fortree? Or Castelia? Hell, there was a news report just on before you came in that said that they blew up Sunnyshore's lighthouse, bridge, AND power plant!"

    Wes stayed silent, knowing she was probably not done speaking and was taking a short break. When she got mad she'd talk really fast in loud, and have to take short pauses to catch her breath. Plus, she was cleaning up while she was talking. It was just past sunset now, and the Cafe was now closed. Wes sat by the front counter, as Alexis swept the floor. Her Pokemon, an Elektrike named Bolt, lad on the floor nearby, watching his master work.

    "If they came here, and they found you...you'd know what they do right? To you, me, and everyone else? They would kill all of us. Leave no one alive."

    Wes finally took his chance to speak. "That's why I have to do this."

    "Huh?" Alexis said with a shocked expression, not used to Wes actually standing up for himself when he did something stupid.

    "I have to stop them. Those bastards kill more and more people everyday, and no one, not even any form of police or military has been able to stop them. But, with the power of the crystals, we might have a chance."

    Alexis stayed silent for a moment, before speaking again. "But why you? Why do YOU need to stop them?"

    "Because the crystal chose me. That crystal was on the beach because I was supposed to find it. And I accepted it. I have to do this, for you, for dad, for the world, ...and for me."

    Alexis finished sweeping and put the broom away, then started at Wes for a couple seconds, getting a good look at his hair, then looking down at his eyes. She knew he was sincere, and that it was what he really believed. For once, he did something stupid that she could actually understand why he did it, even if she still thought it was stupid.

    Alexis sighed and said, "...You know why I'm mad at you, right? You're my little brother, and ever since mom passed away, and dad started to be gone for long periods of time, I've been the only one around to look after you. I just...don't want to see you get hurt."

    Wes walked up to her and hugged his sister, his now longer hair brushing against hers. "I know."

    "So...what are you going to do now?" Wes suddenly realized that he didn't really have a specific plan for the future, and he wasn't exactly sure how he'd plan out what to do.

    "I guess...I'll train for a while, get used to my powers. And also wait out this whole transformation thing."

    "You still don't know how much the crystal will change?" Alexis said with curiousity and worry.

    "No. I don't." Wes still hoped that the red hair was the only side effect, but he knew that he was going to stick with it either way, even if more changed.

    Wes looked at the clock, noticing it was nighttime now. "I'm going to bed for now. See you tomorrow sis." Wes started to make his way up the stairs to the second floor, looking back to see his sister watching him while Bolt yawned and got up.



    "No matter what happens, I still love you."

    "I love you too." Then Wes turned back around and walked the rest of the way to his room, closed his door, and crashed on his bed, falling alseep within a minute or two.

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